Summer University 2023 — 6th-28th August 2023’s here.

Three weeks in one programme. No theme. No discipline.

With multiple interventions running at any one time and ongoing labs, SU programme works as the framework for an expansive university, to which participants are welcome to add to on site.

Check out this year’s programme:

prices to attend the SU23 are as follows:
ฅ stay: 18€ per night, per person, if you stay more than 5 nights; otherwise 20€ per night
ฅ food: 14€ per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
ฅ event fee: 10€, regardless of length of stay
ฅ PAF Membership: 12€ per year

there will be an excellent team of cooks who will coordinate the kitchen, but they will need help from all of us ● we can only accept payments in cash or French cheques, so bring it along (there is an ATM in the village) ● If you would like to come but your resources are limited, send us a heads-up and we will try to find a solution ● write to with the dates you would like to attend.