E&O 6 is on the horizon and with it a whole new set of angles, lenses, challenges, excitement and experiments to continue the conversation around the erotic and all the modes of knowing powered by collective care.

Once a year we live together, this year we want to begin questioning the obvious, the given-for-granted, automated ways in which we come together and share. Especially we would like to pay attention and insist on the connection between the “what” and the “how”, between the content of our meeting and practices and their concrete conditions of possibility, emergence and maintenance.

E&O 6 will be structured spatially rather than temporally, with different stations set up through the building which can in principle run 24/7. There will be a Food/Love/Reproductive Labor Station in the kitchen, a Bitter Bar/Herb Kitchen in the hangar, a Healing/Care Space in the chapel, The Big Outdoors in the garden, a Kids Station/Como Clubinho in the external courtyard, a Time station of 24h for Being Together.

The proposal here is to create a space where each can follow one’s own rhythm and explore things alone and together and in different constellations. Participants this year are encouraged to feel, find and be in to their own rhythm rather than reproducing a “workday”. The central organ of a schedule will be dissolved, to create chaos, slowness and a queering of time together.

Nevertheless, we propose to have a time-based station in the middle of the meeting, a 24h slot of Being Together, in which we commit to be together and where things, practices, thoughts, knowledge and proposals can be shared with the whole group.

The stations can be seen as different parts of an organism that contains all of us and all our activities, rhythms, movements, energies, thoughts and emotions. The different stations enable to look at a certain part of this organism that can have its own temporality and we look forwards to see how these different temporalities will interact with each other.

The Kitchen will also be a station in itself, where proposals, readings and experiments can take place. We will buy food collectively and the only meals that will be organized and coordinated are the dinners which will follow the cooking together scores. During the day, anyone can come and cook from the ingredients which are available. The idea is that people can cook whatever they want and in a quantity that is larger than for themselves but that still feels comfortable and easy to them, so that there is potentially always food on the table.

The Kids station will also be opened for collective childcare and welcomes activities to be organized daily. If you plan to bring kids please let us know in advance so we can organize the best conditions possible given the limitations of the building.

We can foresee exciting as well as challenging elements to this organizational experiment, yet we have nothing to lose and we take this challenge as an opportunity to question some of the very basic modes of production of the meeting, the kind of things that seem so obvious that they become invisible, like our reliance on scheduled time and reproductive labor.

Queering Time invites all the participants to think their practices in relational time and to contribute to this collective care-making where different modes of being and making, pro-actively doing and wandering can easily shift or even collapse into each other.

If you have proposals or ideas or special attraction for any station and you would like to get involved as a care-taker of any of the stations, we will put you in touch with each other in case you want to discuss, imagine or organize something in/as the station. Or you can just think along these lines when preparing something you want to share.

To resume, our proposal is:

Day 1- 5 Stations
Day 6-7 Being Together (24h or more)
Day 8 nothing/blank day - integration time
Day 9 Round up – whatever is needed
Day 10 Cleanup

Elsewhere & Otherwise 6 will take place from July 11-21 at PAF (Performing Arts Forum). PAF costs 18€ per person per night (20€ if less than 5 nights) plus a 12€ membership fee valid for one year. Food will be organized with cooking together scores to keep the costs as low as possible (ca 10€ pp/pd). We ask people to commit to the entire meeting; if this is not possible for you please let us know and we can see if we can still make your participation possible.

If you are able to apply for a grant we are happy to help with invitation letters. Also, we would appreciate it very much if you could apply for more than needed for your single participation (according to the kind of application you are able to submit) so to help others in different financial conditions to also participate (suggested: 350 € per person).

To reserve please email: contactpaf@gmail.com

Daniela Bershan & Valentina Desideri

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