PAF is based in St Erme, 150km north-east of Paris, France, between Reims and Laon.

PAF (=PerformingArtsForum) is a place for professional and not-yet professional practitioners and activists in the field of performing arts, visual art, literature, music, new media and internet, theory and cultural production, and scientists who seek to research and determine their own conditions of work. PAF is for people who can motorize their own artistic production and knowledge production not only responding to the opportunities given by the institutional market.

Initiated and run by artists, theoreticians, and practitioners themselves, PAF is a user-created, user-innovative informal institution. Neither a production-house and venue nor a research center, it is a platform for everyone who wants to expand possibilities and interests in his/her own working practice.

PAF is

- a forum for producing knowledge in critical exchange and ongoing discursive practice
- a place for temporary autonomy and full concentration on work
- a tool-machine where one can work on developing methods, tools and procedures, not necessarily driven toward a product
- a place for experimenting with other than known modes of production and organization of work, e.g. open-source production

Most importantly, PAF offers all these possibilities without imposing them. In other words, PAF depends on how you affect and are affected by taking an active part in shaping your own activity in your workplace.

PAF is an open and relatively free site (and)
PAF is a nomadic space
PAF tries to stay cheap
PAF has almost no staff
(When PAF would have a staff, the prices would be much higher and the highly appreciated autonomy offered to the participants now would be strongly limited. PAF would no longer make a difference but would become a normal well-organised artist's residency, where space and material belong to the staff's responsibility.)

Sliding scale prices in 2024

This is a new experiment as part of a wider effort to make PAF more accessible. We encourage you to pay as much as you can so that we can start addressing structural asymmetries among PAF users, and all contributions above 18€ per night will go to The Mattress.

* The minimum price is 18€ per night if you stay more than 5 nights; 20€ for less than 5 nights and 16€ if you stay more than 30 nights. Combined with the volunteer efforts of all PAF users, it has enabled PAF, as a project, to stay afloat for the last few years. You can keep paying these prices if your financial situation is fragile and a higher nightly price would prevent you from coming to PAF.
* 20€ is the advised base price for more than 5 nights; 22€ for less than 5 nights, 18€ for more than 30 nights.
* 22 - 25€ (or more) for any duration if you have stable income, institutional funding, property or family wealth.
+ 20€ membership fee for all, valid 12 months and a form to sign that PAF is not liable for any damage done to you.

PAF will not ask you about your financial situation, you will evaluate the price to pay by yourself.

Payment is only in cash or french chèque. There is an ATM machine in the Supermarket.

As we have no staff anymore we can't pick you up at the train station, that means that you have to order a taxi.
The taxi brings you for 6 euros to paf from St Erme station and for 35 euros from Laon. The same price for a 3/4 person taxi as for a 7/8 person one. Before 7h and after 19h and the weekends 7 euro and 42 euros. They only speak french. Call them on beforehand as they have to come from St. Erme. Inform them when you have a lot of luggage. Taxi Leblanc (St Erme) tel +33(0)323226909

PAF is a place for production; it is also produced and maintained daily by the people who stay here. PAF tries not to exclude, instead, it wants to encourage all sorts of differences in resources, capacities, interests, backgrounds and knowledge. To avoid policing and hierarchical structures, PAF tries to create safety and care from within – this is an ongoing practice to be carried by all.

Whatever project you’re working on, PAF can only make it possible for you, if you make it possible for PAF too. The things in PAF are there for you and you are there for the things as well ( i.e. PAF or the coffee machine, a lecture, or a corridor is there for you as much as you are there for PAF or the coffee machine, the lecture or the corridor).

PAF wants to be an easily accessible and self-organised space. It has no selection, it is relatively cheap, its doors are open, it has no staff and is guided by four rules:

- Don't leave traces
Clean behind you in order to leave every square centimeter, that is not your private room, all the time available for everybody when you are not using it. Traces are unwanted or uninvited marks (material or immaterial) left in the space or in others.

- Make it possible for others
Think of this as an opportunity to open up space(s) by showing a rehearsal or a movie, giving a lecture, starting a discussion, cleaning a corridor, or helping somebody.

- The do-er decides
But not alone! Things are decided by the ones who do, more than the ones who talk. However, the opportunity to do is not without limits and action should be taken in consideration with others.

- Mind asymmetries
PAF is made of asymmetries. People come from different places, inhabit different bodies, have different experiences, are situated differently in power structures and have different boundaries. Take this into account, challenge your own position and let it be challenged, while respecting other people’s boundaries.

Think of those rules as interrelated.

PAF aspires to be a space where intersectional, anti-racist and trans*feminist analysis inform practice. Sexism, racism, classism, LGBTQ+phobia, ableism, ageism and any other form of discrimination or aggression are not tolerated. PAF fosters a practice of collective accountability and considers it everybody’s responsibility. More info available here.
Please contact if you experience any incident which you feel needs a mediation process, or speak to the mediation volunteers (their names will be on a board in the hallway). The email address can also be used to share feedback around accessibility issues—any experience that has made you feel vulnerable or made the space more difficult to navigate on a physical or psychological plane. The email address is confidential, and read only by Lyor and Corin who are responsible for mediation this year.

PAF is a place for production and concentration. For this reason it is not an ideal place to bring your children or pets. Please inquire with us to see if an exception can be made.

PAF's relationship with the village is fragile. Paf is in a way semi-legal. Careful and positive relations with the villagers are necessary for its existence. PAF organises concerts, English conversation, and a knitting group for the villagers. Please refrain from arty interventions or site-specific events in the village and avoid loud noises in the night in the garden or the building.

New! PAF classifieds is a site for apartment swaps, ride-sharing, and object exchange. It’s aimed to enable people to travel for less and/or not to pay two rents when coming to PAF. Give it a spin!

How to get to PAF, by car, train, taxi or foot

Performing Arts Forum
15 Rue Haute
02820 St Erme Outre et Ramecourt, France
To ask for a stay, simply write us an email with your desired dates and we will let you know if there is space for you. We can only allow visitors who received a confirmation from us via email.

PAF is in the small village of St. Erme, in the northernmost region of France called Hauts-de-France, 160km from Paris and 200km from Brussels. The closest larger towns are Laon (20km) & Reims (35km). You can ask anyone in St. Erme for help finding the old Couvent (convent), rue Haute 15.

You can ask anyone in St. Erme for help finding the old Couvent (convent), rue Haute 15. Note for GPS users: Rue Haute 15 is sometimes called rue des Charretiers 2.

PAF classifieds is a site for apartment swaps, ride-sharing, and object exchange. It’s aimed to enable people to travel for less and/or not to pay two rents when coming to PAF.
Facebook group for travel between Paris & PAF
Facebook group for travel between Amsterdam or Brussels & PAF

BlaBlaCar (drivers usually publish their ride 2-3 days before departure)

Car Rental
Others we could check out in Laon:
Many more options in Reims, including the one next to the TGV station:

To park at PAF: you can enter with the car in the entrance courtyard of the building. If the parking is full you can park along the road on the side of the building wall. There is no parking fee.

PAF is in St. Erme, a very small town with a train station that’s 2.3km from PAF (35 min walk gradually uphill, or a short taxi ride). Each of the itineraries below end at St. Erme station—skip to the “by foot” and “taxi” sections for more info from there.

Trainline (Europe train & bus)
This can be useful for booking trips that cross national borders, because it searches trains & buses across multiple sites. However, it doesn’t always find all the routes, especially the regional trains. And it may be more expensive than booking on the national rail sites. We recommend using this to find routes from other countries to PAF and then cross-searching on the individual national rail sites to see if you can get a cheaper ticket.
SNCF Connect (France train & bus; can also book regional trains here)
TER Hauts de France (Regional/local trains; can’t access the high-speed TGV; this website is in french but you can use google translate; sometimes you can find a cheaper ticket here using instructions below)
On the TER website, sometimes reduced "prix cassés" can be found if booked in advance for certain connections. To find “prix cassés”, click Bon Plans in the menu tool bar of the website

Paris Metro Trip Planner (also google maps can work)
Flixbus - cheap bus tickets all over Europe.
Amsterdam (multiple stations) — Paris (Bercy Seine) 8hr
Brussels (multiple stations) — Paris (Bercy Seine) 5hr

BlaBlaCar Bus - cheap bus and carpools all over Europe.
Amsterdam Sloterdijk — Paris (Bercy Seine) 8hr
Bruxelles-Midi — Paris (Bercy Seine) 5hr

Routes: from Nearby

Most of the longer routes from Paris, Brussels, etc. will end in one of these places, here’s how to finish the journey. These trains don’t sell out and the prices are pretty stable so you can buy the ticket at the station, or even on the train (for an extra charge).

Route 1: from Reims Main Station (Gare Centre)
Reims is 35km from PAF. If you miss the train below, see “taxi” section.

Regional Train: Reims Main Station – Saint-Erme (32 min, 8€) (July 2023 timetable)

Route 2: from Reims/Bezannes TGV Champagne-Ardenne
Many bus & train routes will take you to this station on the far side of Reims, which is 51km from PAF. If you miss the train below, see “taxi” section.

Regional Train: Champagne-Ardenne TGV — Reims Main Station (15min, 3€)
(July 2023 timetable)
Then follow Route 1 above.

Route 3: from Laon
Laon is 20km from PAF. If you miss the train below, see “taxi” section.

Regional Train: Laon – Saint-Erme (train toward Reims) (12 min, 4€)

Routes: from Paris

Route 4: from Paris Nord (Gare du Nord)
Regional Train: Paris Gare du Nord – Laon 95 min, 24€
Then follow Route 3.

Route 5: from Paris Est (Gare de L'Est)
High Speed Train (TGV): Paris Gare de L'Est – Reims (Gare Centre) 50min, 20-60€
Then follow Route 1.

Route 6: from Paris Bercy-Seine Bus Station
2 bus options from Bercy-Seine:

BlaBlaCar Bus:
Gare Bercy-Seine — Reims/Bezannes TGV Champagne-Ardenne (2hr, 7€)
Then follow Route 2.

Paris (Bercy Seine) — Reims/Bezannes TGV Champagne-Ardenne (2hr, 9€)
Then follow Route 2.

Route 7: from Paris Charles De Gaulle (CDG) Airport
There are many train routes from CDG to Saint-Erme.

The most direct/cheapest/fastest route is actually this local bus + train route, which won’t come up when you search the national rail site:

Airport Inter-terminal Train (CDGVAL) to Terminal 3 bus station (Roissypôle)
Bus 691 (platform E3): Roissypôle – Crepy-en-Valois (45 min, 1€)
(March 1, 2023 timetable) You can buy the ticket on the bus (cash or credit card), which sometimes has WIFI & air conditioning
Regional Train: Crepy-en-Valois — Laon (1 hr, 15€)
Then follow Route 3 from Laon.

Route 8: from Paris ORLY Airport
Orly hosts mostly small airlines from select cities, including:
FrenchBee from Newark, Miami, LA, SF
EasyJet from Berlin, Venice
WizzAir from Rome, Warsaw
Transavia from Lisbon, Athens
Vueling from Dublin, Milan, Valencia, Florence, Barcelona
Lufthansa from Munich

2 transit options from ORLY:

BlaBlaCar Bus
Orly Airport (from Parking P5) — TGV Champagne-Ardenne (Reims)
(2.5 hrs, 10€)
Then follow Route 2.

Metro (station ‘Antony’) to…
Gare du Nord (35 min, 4€) Then follow Route 4.
Gare de l'Est (35 min, 4€) Then follow Route 5.
CDG Airport (60 min, 20€) Then follow Route 7.

Route 9: from Beauvais Airport
Ryan Air airport to UK, Helsinki, Portugal, Spain and more

Airport bus shuttle: Beauvais — Paris (Porte Maillot) (75min,17€)
Metro: Porte Maillot — Chatelet — Gare du Nord (30min, 2€)

Then follow Route 4.

Routes: from Brussels

There are many train/bus routes from Brussels.

High Speed Train (TGV):
Bruxelles Midi Brussel Zuid — Reims/Bezannes TGV Champagne-Ardenne (2h 40min, 60-100€)
Once per day, there’s a direct high speed TGV train (that doesn’t go through Paris so it’s more direct, and may be cheaper than Thalys) to Champagne-Ardenne TGV station.

Flixbus: Brussels (multiple stations) — Reims/Bezannes TGV Champagne-Ardenne
7hr, 50€
Then follow Route 2.

BlaBlaCar Bus: Bruxelles-Midi — Reims/Bezannes TGV Champagne-Ardenne
7hr, 25€
Then follow Route 2.

Routes: from Amsterdam

There are many train/bus routes from Brussels. Thalys is the fastest/most expensive.

Flixbus: Amsterdam (multiple stations) — Reims/Bezannes TGV Champagne-Ardenne
10hr, 60€
Then follow Route 2.

BlaBlaCar Bus: Amsterdam Sloterdijk — Reims/Bezannes TGV Champagne-Ardenne
10hr, 30€
Then follow Route 2.

Routes: from Berlin

There are many train/bus routes from Berlin, expect at least 9hr, 150€ for trains.

Flixbus: Berlin (multiple locations) — Reims/Bezannes TGV Champagne-Ardenne
15hr, 40-80€ Then follow Route 2.
There is a direct flixbus from Berlin Brandenburg Airport to Reims and one from Berlin Hbf (Central Station) to Reims. There’s many more that follow this route with a transfer in Leipzig, Frankfurt, Prague, etc.

Uber is not very active in the region. Consider taking taxis instead.
TAXI Leblanc +33(0)323226909
Call them beforehand as they have to come from St Erme: “Bonjour je voudrais un taxi pour aller de la gare de St Erme/Laon/Reims au PAF à (hour) heure(s) (minutes), s’il vous plaît.”

It is the same price for a 3/4 person taxi as for a 7/8 person one (price is based on distance). Inform them when you have a lot of luggage.

Taxi from Saint-Erme Station, 7€
Taxi from Laon, 50€
Taxi from Reims Main Station, 100€
Taxi from Reims/Bezannes TGV Champagne-Ardenne Station, 90-100€

The walk from St. Erme station to PAF is 2.3km, gradually uphill. Take the road opposite the train station between the Pharmacie and the Tabac Cap Vert and follow the line in the middle of the road, until you see the big building. Keep walking up the hill until you find the entrance through the parking lot.

Services in St. Erme

Supermarket: Intermarché (immediately behind St. Erme train station)
ATM Machine: inside Intermarché
Hardware Store: Bricopro Masterpro, next to supermarket
Bakery: Jofrin Julien on your way from St. Erme train station to PAF
Pharmacy: Pharmacie de Saint-Erme on your way from St. Erme train station to PAF
Hospital: There is no hospital in town. The closest 24-hour ER is in Laon.

Practical Informations

In PAF there is no staff; your stay is not organised by others. PAF has no funding and is based on self-organization.
There are only four rules in PAF:
- make things possible for others
- don't leave traces
- the do-er decides
- mind asymmetries

Prices include a simple room with nice countryside views containing a single or double bed and a sink with hot water, plus table, chair, lamp, cupboard, the use of kitchen, bathrooms, common spaces and working spaces. Payment is due on the day of arrival. You will be refunded if you leave earlier.
Price per person per night: 1–5 days: 20 €
Price per person per night for more than 5 days:18 €
Price per person per month: 475 €

A membership to the association PAF is necessary for everybody who stays at paf. For security reasons everybody has to sign a paper declairing that PAF is not liable in case of any loss, material damage or personal injury occurred to current members and to non-members even in case of gross negligence.
The membership fee is 12 euro, for one full year.

Legal status
For the time being the legal status of PAF is not that of an official institution but that of a private initiative. A cultural association (law 1901) called PAF was founded on 30/12/2006.
President is Valentina Desideri, Treasurer is Xavier Le Roy, Director is Jan Ritsema.
Each guest is fully responsible for his/her own actions. PAF is not responsible for any damages or injuries to person or property and shall not be held liable in case of accident.

Media facilities
- wireless internet in most of the building and parts of the garden
- VHS players & recorders (media space)
- DVD players & recorders (media space)
- video-beamers (media space)
- VHS and DVD library (media space).
- professional sound system (mixing desk, amplifier, 4 loudspeakers)
- Paf Cinema more than 3000 quality movies, hundreds of performances, documentaries.
The PAF library is built with the contribution of everybody, so if you would like to share your videos,films, documentaries or performances please copy them from your laptop to the harddisks.
Please ask me or Valentina how to do this.

Food & Shopping
- meals are self-organized, according to the users (individuals or groups.) Please keep the kitchen and other communal spaces clean. This means clean immediately after making the food and also after eating. We will be very grateful for this.
- the supermarket “Intermarché” is in Saint-Erme, behind the railway station; opening hours: Monday to Friday 9.00 to 12.30 and 14.30 to 19.00, Saturday 9.00 – 19.00, Sunday 9.00 to 11.30.
- in the village you can find a very good bakery near the rail passage at 2km from Paf, closed on mondays) a second bakery is closer in Ramecourt at 1km (closed on tuesdays), pharmacy and tobacco store(closed on wednesdays) (opposite the station), and beauty salon, dry cleaning in Intermarché, car school, electric shop, burgerking, kebab restaurant (opposite train station) , pizza stand, car repair, gasoline station (Intermarché, same opening hours) and a big tools shop (Baudoux).
ATM machine, inside Intermarché, in the entrance hall.
Postoffice in Ramecourt, 1200m from Paf. Open 9-12 and 14-16. Post is send at 16h.
Bank, Credit Agricole, in Sissonne, at 7km from PAF
The train station is rarely open but you can buy a ticket at the slot machine with your creditcard. When this does not work you warn the train conducteur and he gives you a ticket without fine. It does not take Visa cards.

In the hall there is a blackboard where you can announce activities you want to open to possibly interested people. This is also the place to discover what others have planned and to see whatever general announcements there may be.

Two electric bicycles and 5 normal bikes are in the bikes barn and are available for use. Please be considerate in returning them to the garage when you are finished. See for how to use them under -Communal Spaces-.

A taxi service exists in St Erme. To go to the supermarket or to the station, you can call Taxi Leblanc (+0033 323 22 69 09). Please plan your trip, don't call at last minute.

Communal Spaces
This is not a complete list of every available space at PAF, only a list of the most commonly-used spaces for meetings, work and other purposes.

Big Dance Hall
Old Kitchen
Darkroom for photo-development

On the Ground Floor:
Smoking Room
2 Dining Rooms (one hosts PAF-radio)
2 Kitchens (each kitchen has one or two stoves with oven, dishwasher, utensils, coffeemachines, waterboilers, toasters, etc)
Pantry (food and cleaning products storage, etc.)
Laundry Room (2 washing machines, 2 dryers, sheets and towel storage)
Tools Room (lightbulbs, electric cables,electric and petrol heaters etc)
Cleaning Room (with cleaning materials, etc)
Peacock Studio
New Studio
Bluish Green Studio
Music Room
Piano Room

1st Floor:
Media Space
Small Working Space
Big Studio

2nd Floor:
Studio St. Louise
Studio St. Therese
Studio St.Lucie
2 painters studios
Attic Drying Room (used in the summer for drying clothes)
Attic Chapel

Outdoor Spaces
Three inner court yards
Little Mountain
Fruit Garden
Hangar (for parking the cars and for Open Air cinema when bad weather)
and then from left to right:
garden tools barn
wood for stove barn
Paint and Petrol barn
Wood barn
Metal barn (entrance to attic)
Plumber barn (metal door)
Electric bikes (2) and normal bikes (5) barn.
(Electric bikes, the keys are on the inside of the door, plug key, no violence please, look if it is loaded, red lights, if not load it, plug in corner, with charger, entrance for plug on right top side of the battery-pack, loading takes one night, keep it loaded, that others have a full battery, when you return with an almost empty battery, as driving without electric support is very heavy. Use the bike as a normal bike, that means, use the gear as normal, when climbing on the fast one, when going down on the slow one. When you want the electric push work you have to turn the pedals around: when you don't work the bike does not work either. Is fair isn't it?) This barn has stairs to the attic.
Electric material barn
Future Sauna and Cool-down barn
Eric's place.

There are numerous paths through the woods in the area, also places to sit or walk or work on nice days. When you leave the terrain, cross the road, climb 150m, take the road 200m and go left, straight on or to the right into woods, where you will meet, wild pigs, deers, rabbits, phaesants, and such.
The farm on your left is called Bibrax, from the time of Asterix and Obelix. Further on the left where you see the pine trees, is the socalled Camp Romain, the roman camp, where Julius Ceasar won the final battle against 120.000 Gaulois. In De Bello Galico he writes about this battle of Bibrax, a penguin edition.
You can also walk to the right, when leaving the building, after the church go immediately to the right and then climb the road behind to the Church. You will find the tiny beginnings of sources that feed the river Aisne, there.

Hope you enjoy your stay and that you work well.
Be more than welcome.


PAF aspires to be a space where intersectional, anti-racist and trans*feminist analysis inform practice. PAF does not tolerate any form of sexism, racism, classism, LGBTQI+phobia, ableism, ageism or any other form of discrimination. If you experience any aggression, harassment or harm during your time at PAF, know that PAF will listen to you and offer support. Hereunder you can find guidelines about what to do and/or who to talk to.

PAF invokes a practice of accountability; a shared responsibility with whomever is temporarily shaping the residency. PAF does not apply selection procedures and its doors are literally open: everyone who is in the space at any given time is therefore responsible for the wellbeing of everyone else. Accountability is a way of addressing each other as responsible for our acts and encouraging openness toward potentially changing our behavior. This takes time and patience.

In order to make this into a practice, a 4th rule has been introduced at PAF to further the functioning of the already existing 3 rules:

- Mind asymmetries

PAF is made of asymmetries. People come from different places, inhabit different bodies, have different experiences, are situated differently in power structures and have different boundaries. Take this into account, challenge your own position and let it be challenged, while respecting other people’s boundaries.

Everybody, to a certain extent, partakes in multiple systems of inequality by inhabiting different positions, roles and narratives. PAF wants to be a space where this can be actively addressed, and where learning and change can happen.

Blind spots and biases are real. The fact that one does not see them doesn’t mean they do not affect or harm others. Everyone is accountable for their lack of awareness as much as for their conscious acts, and thus is responsible to educate themselves, especially when their unawareness is made visible to them.

In creating a culture of awareness, listening and speaking up, the hope is to destroy the grounds on which violence, abuse or harm can happen. This means that listening, offering support and holding people to account in a compassionate way is favored over shunning people without offering resources to learn and change.
This said, if you engage in any form of sexual assault or harassment, abuse of power or discriminatory acts, know that you can be asked to leave.



If you experience discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, offensive or abusive treatment, please reach out to an available accountability volunteer at PAF. The names and contacts of the volunteers are published on the entrance board. During larger meetings these names will also be announced at dinners and welcoming speeches.
Together with an accountability volunteer (or on your own, if you feel you have the capacity and you feel safe) you may want to:
- directly address the individual who committed the aggression. You can inform that person that their behavior is disagreeable or unwanted. Reaching out to a person to let them know that they have crossed your boundaries, starting a dialogue about the reasons why they have done that and reminding them to be mindful about their behavior, might be the only necessary intervention.
- send an email, if you don’t want to confront the person directly but still want to address the situation yourself. Make sure to keep a copy of your exchanges.
- ask the responsible accountability volunteer to address the situation for or with you. If you don’t want to confront the person directly, you can ask one of the volunteers (or someone else whom you trust and chose) to mediate a conversation with the person, or to intervene on your behalf.


If you are witnessing physical, sexual or psychological violence, please intervene!
If the aggression or harassment is a more veiled one or you are unsure about what the situation is, find a sensitive and discreet way to check in with the person you perceive as being harmed to see if they are ok with the situation or if they need support. For example, introduce yourself and explain your role as an accountability volunteer; engage them in a casual conversation; send an email.


PAF runs on collective responsibility. If you are approached because your behaviour has caused harm or has become a concern, please take the time to listen. Everyone experiences PAF differently so take it as an opportunity to learn from these diversity of experiences.

If you feel you are being ‘called out’ unfairly discuss this with an accountability volunteer. The person who feels they have been harmed may not want to speak to you directly. Misunderstandings can occur especially when those involved feel insecure or threatened even if you had good intentions.
Attempt to de-escalate the situation.


As PAF has (almost) no staff and people’s presence in the building varies constantly, the role of accountability volunteer is taken on by different people. As of now, there is a group of regular PAF users who have been working on this document and can take on the role. Yet this role can and should be taken on by more people, thus we publish hereunder the general guidelines which we outlined and are currently following. Anyone who is willing to invest time to educate themselves and follow these guidelines can become a volunteer. If you are interested in taking on this role while you are at PAF, please check with the people who are already listed as volunteers.
(Note that these guidelines are a constant work in process. Experience and exchange will be needed to improve them)


During meetings or other peak gatherings at PAF, accountability volunteers should meet on the first day and review these guidelines. It is advisable that meeting organisers also attend this first accountability meeting to make sure everyone is familiar with this document and the accountability procedures, and also with each other.
The big PAF meetings can be busy and exhausting, nevertheless attempt to check-in with other volunteers daily. If possible hold a daily debrief, eg organise to breakfast together.
Please bear in mind the accountability document and procedures are a work in progress. If you have any suggestions or modifications email:


- provide immediate safety
- prioritize their needs. Ask literally: how can I support you? Try to provide for their needs but be communicative about your own limits (avoid the savior-role)
- don’t judge their experience nor contest their position. It is not your role to investigate the situation.
- be a committed listener, be a listening ear and not just an ear (in order to enable the person to talk about something uncomfortable)
- be ready to give them all the time needed
- listen and ask questions with patience. The aim is to understand their needs rather than to judge who is right and who is wrong
- offer options of dealing with the situation: this could be a mediated conversation between them and the person who caused harm, a conversation between a third person and the one who caused harm, a group conversation, or something else that the person who is affected needs. If it seems hard to make any decision on the spot, decide together to meet again soon (in a few hours, tomorrow, …) in order to decide on the appropriate response. Keep in mind that the needs and wishes of the person affected are at the center. They might not want to speak to the person whose behavior harmed them or might not want this to be a group conversation. Respect their needs always and foremost
- don't share any information you have been told without the consent of the person who was affected. This breaking of the trust could create even more distress
- avoid a quick fix. It’s not about efficiency
- if the experience they share with you triggers your own trauma, check with yourself whether you are capable of giving care to this person. If you are not, help them find somebody else.
- refrain from talking about the incident even in roundabout ways with others. If this is the wish of the person concerned. Their needs are more important than notions of transparency
- don’t pressure them into doing anything they do not feel comfortable with (whether this is a conversation, a statement in the group, or a confrontation with the person that harmed them). Even if they just want to let you know about an issue and don’t want any consequences for the person who’s causing harm: respect this, validate them and offer to be there if they change their mind.

(How this conversation will happen, if it happens, depends on what has been agreed with the person affected - yet these here are general indications that might be useful when raising any issue with someone)

- if you don’t know the person, give your name and ask theirs first
- be clear and refer to specific situations, don’t generalize, don’t identify the person with their behavior. e.g. “What you said at the dinner table was …” instead try to ask questions about their awareness about the situation in question (e.g.” Are you aware of how that comment was perceived?”)
- be warm and open to the confusion or embarrassment someone may feel as a result of this chat. Yet hold your ground in communicating what you need to
- don't assume that what is meant by "sexist", “racist” (or whatever term you use) means the same for both. This could be the beginning of a conversation - or not, depending on your willingness to engage in one
- the person who caused harm might want to justify their behavior. Remind them you are not there to judge, but rather to let them know someone has been harmed (and whatever else might need to be said)
- remind the person who has caused harm to try to perceive this as an opportunity for learning. Also give them a list of other people who are available to continue the conversation with them if needed, or if for whatever reason they feel uncomfortable to have this conversation with you and would rather talk to another volunteer. Check first with the affected person if they are also ok with it.
- be explicit about the confidentiality of this conversation. Make it clear to them that not everybody involved with accountability at PAF is necessarily informed about the incident nor the conversation, so that the person can review their own behavior without feeling that they are already marked or judged by people. If you have the resources and willingness it might also be good to check in with the person that has caused harm after a day or two if they are still at PAF


DIY Space for London accountability handbook:

In this handbook you can find a lot of practical tools for talking to someone who has experienced harm, different options of actions to take, and talking to someone who has done harm.

Whistle While You Work:

Their zine:

See also their online list of resources:



Glossary with lots of links to articles, books, movies,... (scroll towards the end of the brochure)

Guidelines for writing out testimonies:

How to Respond to Code of Conduct Reports
Valerie Aurora and Mary Gardiner. Edited by Annalee Flower Horne.
A comprehensive resource of how to manage and implement Code of Conduct.

(Short) Kimberlé Crenshaw: “What is Intersectionality?”:

(Longer) Kimberlé Crenshaw – “On Intersectionality”:

Undoing Patriarchy - A Syllabus

Podcast series:
(some basics on understanding racism as a white person and some info on ‘patriarchy’)

Seeing White


This is a work in progress, and we learn together as we go. If you have any resources, or references to add, please do so by emailing

List of guests PAF in 2006

Manon Santkin and Leslie Manes, Brussels, March 16-30
Roosien Van Alphen, Amsterdam, March 17-24
Florian Schneider, Munich, March 19-20
Andrea Maurer, Vienna, March 30 – April 25
Elke Van Campenhout/Nadine, Brussels + 5 people, April 3-11
Alexander, Antwerp April 4-11
Fran, Antwerp, April 4-
Frederic Schrankenmuller,April 10-14
Alexandra Beaudelot, April 12
Marina Palovaara, Sweden, April 10- May 9
Hans-Petter Dahl, Amsterdam, April 15
Anneke Bonnema, Amsterdam, April 15
Bruno Faucon and Catherine, Lyon, April 16-19
Berno Odo Polzer , Vienna, April 12-29
Kr66t Juurak, Tallinn, April 12-29
Bojana Cvejic, Brussels, April 23-30
Hugo De Greef, April 27/28
Theo van Rompay, April 28
Xavier Le Roy, April 28
Mathilde Monnier, April 28
Catherine Hasler, April 28
DD Dorvillier, New York, April 30 – May 15
Paz Rojo, Madrid, May 9-15
Aissa Nairmi, Paris, May 9-15
Alice Chauchat, France, May 13-15
Geraldine Gourbe, Paris, May 13-15
Barbara Fourmis, Paris, May 13-15
Florian Malzacher +3,Graz, Unfriendly Takeover and Merve Verlag, May 13-15
Ferdinand du Bois, Brussels, May 17-24
Anne Juren, Vienna, May 19-26
Antoine Desvigne, Brussels, May 22-26
Kajsa Sandstrom, Schweden, May 18 – 31
Alexis Destoop, Brusssels, May 24-31
Jonathan Burrows, London, 3/4 days in period May 22-25
Kr66t Juurak, Tallinn, July 4 - August 29 SU
Berno Odo Polzer, Vienna, July 4- august 29 SU
Aude Lachaise, Paris, July 5-12
Etcetera, Van Campenhout, Brussels +6-8 people, July 6-13
David Bergé, Brussels, July 6-13
Elke Van Campenhout, Brussels June 30- July 16
Bojana Cvejic, Brussels, July 5-7
DDDorvillier, New York, July 3-8 and 16-19
Joa Hug, Amsterdam, July 10-16
Andrea Eschwein, July 13-
Kristine Karala Øren, Norway July 16-29
Jan Obbeek, Milco, Belgium, July 17-23
Reunion EDDC-Arnhem, 8-10pers, July 17-24
Loes Goedbloed, Amsterdam, July 21-23
Danny Verstegen +, Zwevelgem, July 24-August 5
Dany Daccache +, Beirout, July 26- August 5
Ida Lykken, Oslo, July 27-29
Eric Arn and Vanessa, Vienna, July 31st-August 4
Dimitrije Tadic + Maja, Milka,Nikola, Belgrade, July 31-August 9
DDDorvillier, New York, July 31st-August 3
Nicolas Siepen, Berlin, August 11-22 SU
Petra Sabisch, Berlin, august 7-27 SU
Helena Remeijers + 6 people, Amsterdam, August 7-15
Sergej and Nikolina Pristas (BADco), Zagreb + 7 people, August 8-21 SU
Mette Edvardsen, Brussels, August 12-16
DDorvillier, New York, August 14-21 SU
Annie Dorsen, New York, August 14-27 SU
Xavier Le Roy, Berlin/Paris, August 17-23 SU
Eszter Salamon, Berlin, August 17-23 SU
Mette Ingvartsen, Brussels, August 14-21 SU
Bojana Cvejic, Brussels, August 8-31 SU
Petra Sabisch, Berlin, August 16-27 SU
Ragna Aurich, Amsterdam, August 17-24 SU
Sandra Iché, Paris, August 17-24 SU
Christine Gaigg, Vienna, August 17-27 SU
Pietro Romani, Lisbon, August 16-28 SU
Aurore Depres, Besancon, August 17-24 SU
Alice Chauchat, Paris, August 17-24 SU
Geof, Paris, August 18-21
Goran Fercec, Zagreb, August 17-27 SU
Kajsa Sandstrom, Stockholm, August 17-27 SU
Ana Vujanovic, Belgrade, August 17-27 SU
Marta Popivoda, Belgrade, August 17-27 SU
Carla Bottiglieri, Thomas Greil, Paris, August 17-27 SU
Jennifer Kelly, New York, 17-27 SU
Oliver Frjlic, Zagreb, 17-27 SU
Martina Hochmuth, Vienna, August 18-21SU
Florian Malzacher, Graz, August 19-26 SU
Felicia Atkinson, Paris, August 25-30
Elise, Paris, August 25-30
Andrea Eschwein, Wiesbaden, August 29-September 19
Sophie Kienhuis, Amsterdam, September 11-30
Florent Delval, Paris, September 13-20
Kim-Lien Desault, Paris, September 13-20
Dany Daccache, Lebanon, September 18- Oktober 18
Inge Duytschaever, Brussels, September 23-24
Tristero 4pers, Brussels, September 25- 28
DDDorvillier, New York, Oktober 8-14 and 28-31
Irina Mueller, Matthias Meier, Berlin, Oktober 5-15
Ferdinand du Bois, Brussels, Oktober 16-21
Trudo Engels, Brussels, Oktober 16-21
Helena Remeijer, Amsterdam,october 23- november 12
Roosien Van Alphen, Amsterdam, october 27- november 4
Sandra Iché, Paris, November 19-29
Seo Seonja, S.Korea, November 12-21
ART/WORK conference and workshop, 17 people, November24 - december10
Nathalie Rias, France, November 23-29
Malin Schiller, November 24-27
Gaëlle Bourges, France, November 26-29
KINO, filmmakers,europe 40 people, December 10-17
Nick Quin, New York, december 11-13
Adam Olha, Slovakia, december 9-13
Ivan Castineiras, Galicia, december 9-13
Alix Eynaudi, 2 weeks in december
Stéphanie K-Echeinberg, France, december
Sanneke van Hassel, Rotterdam, 20-24 december
Ditta, Utrecht, 20-24 december
kim-lien Desault, Paris, 24/12-7/1 WU
Florent Delval, Paris, 22/12-7/1 WU
Bojana Cvejic, Brussels, 26-3 january WU
Berno Odo Polzer, Vienna, 27-7 january WU
Kroot Juurak, Tallinn, 27-7 january WU
Annie Dorsen, New York, 27-4 january WU
Marina Grzinic, Vienna, plus 27 students, december 26-30 WU
Marta Popivoda, Belgrade, 26-30 WU
Ana Vujanovic, Belgrade, 26-30 WU
Gerhard Gleich, Vienna, 26-30 WU
Kai Stoger, Vienna, december 26-31 WU
Thomas Greil, Paris, 26/12-7/1 WU
Carla Bottiglieri, Paris, 26/12-7/1 WU
Christine De Smet, Gent, 27/12-2/1 WU
Sandra Iché, Paris, 27/12- 3/1 WU
Florian Malzacher, Graz, 27/12-3/1 WU
Xavier Le Roy, Berlin, 28/12-2/1 WU
Manuela Zechner, London, 28/12 - 3/1 WU
Christophe Wavelet, Paris, 28/12 - 30/12 WU
Pietro Romani, Lisbon, 29/12-3/1 WU
Petra Sabisch, London, 29/30-12 - 2/3-1 WU
Ines Jacques, France, 29/12-3/1 WU
Noé Soulier, Australia, 29/12-4/1 WU
Altyn Chiang, New York, 30/12-4/1 WU
Mette Ingvartsen, Denmark, 30/12-2/1 WU
Peter Lenaerts, Brussels, 30/12-2/1 WU
Randy Carreno, Spain, 30/12-3/1 WU
Sujata Goel, New Delhi, 31/12-2/1 WU


SummerUniversity, 40, August 17-27
The Summit of the non-aligned academies, 10, Oktober, 22-29
Conferences and residencies about 'Work', 15, November 24- December10
KINO kabaret, filmmaking filmers,30-60pers. 10/12-17/12-2006
Winter University,40, December 24/2006-January 6/2007

Presentations of PAF:

Vienna, Tanzquartier, 18/02/06, Berno Odo Polzer, Bojana Cvejic, Jan Ritsema
Dortmund, 22/04/06, Bojana Cvejic
Londres, 5-7/5/06 Gasworks, Jan Ritsema, Bojana Cvejic
Belgrade, 15-20/09/06, Ana Vujanovic, Berno Odo Polzer, Jan Ritsema, Nicolas Siepen,
Varsovie, 2-9/09/06, Mobile Academy, Bojana Cvejic, Jan Ritsema
Montpellier, 14/09/06, Ex.c.erce, Xavier Le Roy, Jan Ritsema
Graz, Steirische Herbst, 28/09/06, Jan Ritsema
Berlin, Ausland, 29/09/06, Alice Chauchat, Petra Sabisch, Nicolas Siepen
Zagreb, 6-8/10/06, Sergej Pristas, Nikolina Pristas, Bojana Cvejic, Jan Ritsema

List of guests PAF in 2007

Maiko Ota, Japan, from february
Manuela Zechner, London, 11/2-20/2
Maria Zendrera, Barcelona, 12/2-20/2
Paz Rojo, Madrid, 11/2-20/2
Seo Seonja, South Korea, 12/2-20/2
Frederic Schrankenmuller, 15/2-20/2
Pierre Lequillon, Paris, 15/2
Ulrike Freser, Berlin, 16/2-5/4
Cora Josting, Berlin, 16/2-22/2
Erik Bindervoet, Amsterdam, 17/2-25/2
Tjitske Jansen, Amsterdam, 17/2-25/2
Walter Hus, Brussels, 15/2-21/2-28/2
David Wampach, Paris, 23/2-28/2
Maeva Cunci, Paris, 23/2-28/2
Lucie Eidenbenz, Berlin, 26/2-10/3
Stephane Moreaux, Paris, 28/2-3/3
Alexander Brom, Vienna, 28/2-15/4
Frederic Schrankenmuller,Paris, 5/3-10/3
Ecole de beaux-arts Rueil-Malmaison, 10 pers. 9/3-11/3
Valentina Desideri, Rome, 18/3-
Inge Duytschaever, Brussels 18/3-19/3
Joannes Vandermeulen,Namahn, Brussels, 17 pers. 19/3-23/3
Cris Duarte, Sao Paulo, 20/3-14/4
Thelma Bonavita, Sao Paulo, 20/3-30/4
Nicolas Siepen, Berlin, 25/3-5/4
Tim Stüttgen, Berlin, 25/3-5/4
Inka Arlt, Berlin, 25/3-2/4
Caroline Breton, Paris, 28-30/3 and 2-6/4
Tommy Noonan, New York, 26/3-2/4
Sammi Landweer, Amsterdam, 31/3-5/5
Frank Albers, Den Haag 1/4-13/4
Alice Chauchat, Paris, 1/4-5/4
Natascha Moschini, London, 1/4-1/10
Lucy Conochie, London, Slade + 4, April 2-15
Justin Garrick, Chicago, 3/4-
Lia Rodriques + 4 dancers, Rio de Janeiro, April 13-22
Paz Rojo, Madrid, plus 4 performers, 15/4-29/4
Clea Wallis and Paul, Schotland, 15/4-25/4
Jim, Schotland, 23/4-25/4
Encens, Fashion magazine, 5 pers, 24-26/4
Boris Nitikin, Giessen, 27-30/4
Lotte Van Dijck, Amsterdam, 29/4-4/5
Gerrit Valckenaers, Antwerp, 29/4-4/5
Rio Rutzinger, Vienna, 1/5-7/5
Ecole de beaux-arts Rueil-Malmaison, 10 pers. 11-13/5
Ditta Pelgrom. Amsterdam, 6/5-19/5
Oeke Hoogendijk, Amsterdam, 6/5-13/5
Caroline Breton, paris, 12/5-17/5
David, Paris, 12/5-13/5
Guido Reimitz, Vienna 12-18/5
Nadine, Brussels, 10 pers. computer works, 13-19/5
Katelijne Pompe, Rotterdam, 14-19/5
Petra van Diest, Antwerpen, 14-19/5
Jerome Bel, Paris, 18-21/5 Busch, exchange self education students,Montpellier-Brussels-Berlin 28pers., May 20st-June 1st
Xavier Leroy, Paris, 20/5-2/6
Berno Odo Polzer, Vienna, 20/5-31/5
Steven de Belder, Brussels 20/5 and 1/6
Jean-Felix Marecaux, Lille, 21/5-
Bojana Cvejic, Belgrade, 22/5-31/5
Mette Ingvartsen, Copenhagen, 22/5-31/5
Eszter Salamon, Berlin, 22/5-31/5
Maarten Roels, Brussel, 24/5
Catherine Hasler, Montpellier, 24/25/5
Bea Kiesslinger, Stuttgart, 25/5-1/6
Theo van Rompay, Brussels 28/29/5
Julie Josserand, Montpellier, 31/5-1/6
Ruhr University Bochum, 27 pers, 7-10/6
Kim YunJung, Seoul, 12-15/6
Valentina Desideri, 26/6-
Andrea Parkins, New York, 28/6-23/7
Marike op den Akker, Arnhem, 30/6-7/7
Iris Viviana Perez, Santo Domingo Domenican Rep, 1-20/7
Regina Polenz, Brooklyn NY, 30/6-15/8 SU
Gillie Kleiman, Guildford,UK, 2/7-16/8 SU
Friederike Adlung, New York, 2-9/7
Sylvia Schultes, New York 2/7-23/7
Angela Linssen, Amsterdam, 2-29/7
Tony Thatcher, Laban Center, London, 12 pers. 6-12/7
Trinity College, Conservatory, London, 12 people, 6-12/7
Marie Braconnier, 12 chambres doubles, 7-8/7
Jerome Bel, Paris, 7-9/7
Mike Hornblow, Wellington, 8-10/7
Gaelle Bourges, New York, 10-14/7
Matty Ostrowski. New York 13/7-23/7
Badco, Zagreb, Sergeij, Nikolina Pristas, David Fischer, 14/7-22/7
Stephanie Auth, Mainz, 15/7-15/8 SU
Kim Yunjung, Seoul, 15/7-28/8 SU
German-french, cycling Paris-Berlin, camping, 30 pers. 15/7
Thom Plischke, Dresden, 16-29/7
Kattrin Deufert, Dresden, 16-29/7
Henrik Hedinge, 16/7-18/7
Berno Odo Polzer, Vienna, 18/7-12/8 SU
Bojana Cvejic, Belgrade, 18/7-22/7
Thea Cohen plus friend, Amsterdam (d) 19/7
DDorvillier, New York, 20-26/7
Erni Kask, plus 11 colleagues, Tallinn, 22/7-31/7
Sandra +Felix, (d) 23-29/7
Francoise Walot, plus (d), 23-28/7
Bojana Cvejic, Belgrade 29/7-8/8 SU
Noe Soulier, Paris, 1-5/8 SU
Annie Dorsen, New York, 1-10/8 SU
Alice Chauchat, Paris, 1/8-15/8 SU
Nicolas Couturier, Paris, 1/8-15/8 SU
Joris Lacoste, Paris, 1/8-15/8 SU
Lito Walkey, Paris, 1/8-15/8 SU
Ingrid Cogne, 2-14/8 SU
Tom Kasebar, 2-7/8 SU
Waltraud Brauner, 2-7/8 SU
Natalie Koger, 2-12/8 SU
Susanna Pfeil plus friend, Mallorca, 2/8-12/13/8 SU
Julia Arbey, 2-13/8 SU
Manuela Zechner, London, 1/8-10/8 SU
Hagedus Dora, Budapest, 2-14/8 SU

SUMMERUNIVERSITY, 3/8-12/8, with possibility to come earlier and/or to stay longer.

Luigi Coppola, Taipei, 3-15/8 SU
Paula Caspao, Lisbon 3-6/8 SU
Isabel de Narevan, Lisbon, 3-6/8 SU
Jelena+Paul, Belgrade, 4-5/8 SU
Misa+Mila, Belgrade, 4-5/8 SU
Sandra Iché, Paris, SU
Xavier Leroy, Paris, SU
Pietro Romani, Lisbon, SU
Eszter Salamon, Berlin, SU
Petra Sabisch, Berlin, SU
Megan Byrne, New York, SU
Kr66t Juurak, Vienna, SU
Hannah Hurtzig, Berlin, 2-9/8 SU
Florian Malzacher, Graz, 5-12/8 SU
Mette Ingvartsen, Copenhagen 5-9/8 SU
Jefta van Dinther, Amsterdam, 5-9/8 SU
Rebecca Lee Miller, Kansas City, 7/8-28/10 SU
Nati Tencer Faivovich Buenos Aires, 7-12/8 SU
Joannes Vandermeulen, Brussels, 7/8-12/8 SU
Maia Jancovici, Bukarest, 7-15/8 SU
Bettina Foldesi, Vienna, 7-15/8 SU
Sophie Gosselin, David Guignebert,Tours 8-12/8 SU (d)
Christoph Lalanne, Tours, 8-12/8 SU
Jacob Peter-Kovner, New York, 10-17/8 SU
Glenn Balouza, London, 10-15/8 SU
Jasmine Soori-Arachi, London, 10-15/8 SU

Anette Frey, Hamburg, 14-22/8
Sweet&Tender Collaborations/Skite 2007, 40 people, 15/8-15/9
Monica Gillette + partner, New York, 15-31/8
Stephane Pichard, Paris, 15-22/8
Amie architecte, Paris, 15-22/8
Effi Rabsilber, (D) berlin, 15-30/8
Marold Langer-Philipsen,berlin 15-30/8
Franca Treur, Thomas Blondeau, Amsterdam. 16-25/8 (d)
Simone Aughterlony, Wellington NZ, 19/8-31/8
Sean Macdonald,Auckland NZ 19/8-31/8
Ex.e.r.ce, auditions, 25 pers, 31/8-3/9
CNDC, Angers, Essais, Loic Touzé/Jan Kopp, 13p, 4/9-14/9
Rio Rutzinger, Vienna, 6-9/9
Victoire Dubruel, Paris, 9-10/9
Mike Hornblow plus, Melbourne, 11-16/9
Juha Valkeapaa, Tallinn, 11-23/9
Kaja Kann, Tallinn, 11-23/9
Hannes Gellner, 14/9-3/10
Ecole de Paysages, Versailles, 45 pers. 17/9-22/9
Cris Duarte, Sao Paulo, 17/9-1/10 - 8-30/10
Thelma Bonavita, Sao Paulo, 17/9-30/10
DDDorvillier, New York, 16-30/9
Elizabeth Ward, New York, 16-30/9
Hannes Gellner, Vienna, 17/9-5/10
Joaquim Pujol, Barcelona, 20-30/9
Ecole des beaux-arts Rueil-Malmaison, 17 (15+2) pers.21-23/9
Florian Schneider plus 4 pers. Munich, 23-28/9
Britta Wirthmuller, Hamburg, 1-14/10 (d)
Adrien Facheux, Paris, 1-12/10
Andree Wenzel, Hamburg, 1-14/10
Peter Wagenaar, Amsterdam, 1-28/10
Dan Lee, Kansas City, 6/10-28/10
SNDO, Maria, Amsterdam, 8 persons, 7-13/10
Maria Ines Villasmil, Amsterdam, 8-11/10
Tim Sampson, London, 9/10-23/11
Sam Larsseson, London, 9/10-22/10, 19-23/11
Ditta Pelgrom, Amsterdam,13-20/10
Angela Linssen, Amsterdam, 13-19/10
Jan Sakko + friend, Utrecht, 18-21/10
Simonelouise Eisler, Australia, 21-25/10
Clement Layes, Paris, 24-29/10
Hannes Gellner, Vienna, 25/10- ..
Margot Dorleans, Paris, 31/10-2/11
Perrine Bailleux, {aris, 31/10-6/11
Ecole des beaux-arts Rueil-Malmaison, Paris, 15 pers.31/10-4/11
Fabuleus, Veerle van Schoelant, Belgium, 13 pers, repetitions music prod. 31/10-3/11
Emilie Combet, Paris, 5-15/11
Fabio Bello, Paris, 5-15/11
Dacchi Dang, Sydney, 5/11-22/11
Sam Bogaerts + 14 pers, Ecole de theatre, Gent, 15-17/11
Johanneke Heijting, Amsterdam, 19/11-15/12
DDDorvillier, New York, 21-27/11
Artskool, Paris, London, Europe, 26 pers 23-25/11
Mish Grigor and Jof, Sydney, 28/11-10/12 (d)
Elke van Campenhout, Brussels, 28-30/11
Ecole des beaux-arts Rueil-Malmaison, Paris, 16 pers 30/11-2/12
Florent Delval, Paris, 30/11-3/12
Kim-Lien Desault, Paris, 1-7/12
Daniel Teige, Paris, 1-7/12
Sungeun Kim, Seoul, 3-10/12
Andree, Berlin, 3-14/12
Susanne Lang +, 6-7/12
Petra Sabisch, Berlin, 14-23/12
Mette Ingvartsen, Copenhagen, 14-23/12
Frederic Gies, Berlin, 14-23/12
Alice Chauchat, Paris, 14-23/12
Audrey Aubert, Paris, 14-23/12
Mickaël Phelippeau, Madrid, 14-23/12
Gillie Kleiman, London, 18-31/12 WUM (v)
Gerald Kurdian, Montpellier, 19-23/12

WINTER UPDATE MEETING, 24/12-5/1 40 persons

Hannah Hurtzig, Berlin, 27/12-3/1 WUM
Florian Malzacher, Graz, 27/12-4/1 WUM
Jefta van Dinther, Amsterdam, 31/12-6/1 WUM
Mette Ingvartsen, Brussels, 31/12-6/1 WUM
Joris Lacoste, Paris, 31/12-5/1 WUM
Nathalie Koger, Paris, 26/12-4/1 WUM
Bojana Cvejic, Brussels,23-25/12 WUM
Bojana Cvejic and Vladimir, 31/12-6/1 WUM
Alice Chauchat,Yves Mettler, Paris, 30/12-6/1 WUM (d)
Xavier Leroy, Berlin,29/12-6/1 WUM
Eszter Salomon, Berlin,29/12-6/1 WUM
Nicolas Siepen, Berlin, 27/12-3/1 WUM
Petra Sabisch, Berlin, 29/12-2/1 WUM
Kroot Juurak, Vienna, 30/12-7/1 WUM
Nicole Rutrecht, Vienna, 23/12-4/1 WUM
Iris Dittler,Vienna, 27/12-4/1 WUM
Joannes Vandermeulen, Brussels, 2-4/1 WUM
Mila Bakic and Ivan, Belgrade, 27/12-2/1 WUM (d)
Annie Dorsen, New York, 27/12-3/1 WUM
Joanna Bailie, Brussels, 28/1202/1 WUM
Noyale Colin, London, 26-30/12 WUM
Karen Lambeak, Oslo, 23/12-5/1 WUM (fv)
Antoine Fraval, Edinburgh, 29/12-4/1 WUM
Min Kyoung Lee, Seoul, 24/12-4/1 WUM
Alex Roccoli, New York, 29/12-2/1 WUM
Sandra Iché, Paris, 1-6/1 WUM
Helene, Paris, cook, 24/12-6/1 WUM
Aude, Paris, cook, 24/12-4/1 WUM
Berno Odo Polzer, Vienna, 30/12-6/1 WUM
Aparna Prakash, New Dehli, 25/12-28/2/08 WUM
Inga Showarek, Prague, 1/1-4/1 WUM
Lenio Kaklea, Stuttgart, 30/12-4/1 WUM
Walter Hus, Brussels, 2-4/1 WUM
Ana Dzokic and Marc Neelen, Belgrade, 31/12-3/1 WUM (d)
Skite/S&T, Paris, 3/1
Chistine de Smedt, Gent, 29/3-3/1 WUM
Jenny Beyer and Ben Pointeker, Hamburg, 29/12-4/1 WUM (d)

Presentations of PAF:

Berlin, March 07. Dachverband Zeigenossischer Kunst, Alice Chauchat, Petra Sabisch
Paris, Fondation Kadist/Bétonsalon, 21/22/April 07, Jan Ritsema
Berlin, Summit for non-aligned initiatives in education culture, Berlin 25/26 May 07, Nicolas Siepen, Ana Vujanovic, Marta Popidova, Jan Ritsema
New York, DDorvillier, Jan Ritsema, 11/10/07

List of guests PAF in 2008

Aparna Prakash, New Dehli, 1/1-4/1
Alice Chauchat, 1-7/1
Kroot Juurak, 1-11/1
Berno Odo Polzer, 1-8/1
Bojana Cvejic, 1-9/1
Tommy Noonan, Freiburg, 3-4/1
Perrine Bailleux, Paris, 3-4/1
Koen van den Driessche, Brussels 3-4/1
Marianne Baillot, Paris, 3-4/1
Beby Razafimamdimby, Paris, 3-4/1
Eleanor Bauer, Brussels, 3-6/1
Xavier Le Roy, Paris, 3-6/1
Mette Ingvartsen, Copenhagen,3-6/1
Jefta van Dinther, Amsterdam, 3-6/1
Eszter Salamon, Berlin, 3-6/1
Juan Dominquez, Madrid, 4-6/1
Gerald Kurdian, Montpellier, 4-6/1
Chrysa Parkinson, New York, 4-6/1
Perrine Bailleux, Paris, 5-17/1
Remy Heritier, Paris, 5-15/1
Aleksi Jalonen, Helsinki, 7-18/1
Lucie Eidendenz, Zurich, 7-28/1
Todd Tremeer, Ontario, 8/1-5/4
Florent Delval,Paris, 20-28/1
Pieter Ampe,Brussels, 21-26/1
Simon von Mayer, Berlin, 21-26/1
Sarah Trouche, Londres, plus 4 personnes, 8-10/2
Muriel Bourdeau, Paris, 4-17/2
Abdelhak Terroufi,Paris, 10-17/2
Vincent Thomasset, Paris, 21-26/2
Caroline Bijl, Amsterdam, 21-27/2
Helena Stenkvist, Oslo, 22-24/2
Nick Quinn, London, 22-24/2
Karen Lambaek, Stockholm, 24/2-17/3
Joris Lacoste, Paris, 24/2-7/3
Jeanne Revel, Paris, 24/2-7/3
Marike op den Akker, Amsterdam, 25/2-1/3
Magne van den Berg, Amsterdam, 25/2-1/3
Thibault Cabanis, Paris, 25/2-2/3
Maria Hasabi, New York, 27/2-9/3
Remy Heritier, Paris, 25/2-7/3
Frederic Danos, Paris, 1-2/3
Kristine Karale Oren, Stockholm, 3/4 personnes, 14-17/3+17-24/3
Abdelhak Terroufi, Paris, 18-27/3
Muriel Bourdeau, Paris, 20-27/3
Minze Tummerscheit, Berlin, 22-24/3
Arne, Berlin, 22-24/3
Frederique Dumini +2, Paris, 22-24/3
Thibault Cabanis, Paris, 23/3-6/4
Kattrin Essenson, Tallinn,23/3-14/4
Jane Saks, Tallinn, 23/3-7/4
Monia Montali, Rome, 24-30/3
Alessia Contu, Mons, 25-30/3
Christopher Engdahl, London, 30/3-7/4
Magne van den Berg, Amsterdam, 1/4-4/4
Dion Doulis, Paris, 3-13/4
Collectif Arabesques d'Artois, 10 personnes 12-13/4
Elke van Campenhout, Antwerpen, 11-22/4
Advanced Performance Training, Antwerp, 10 personnes, 13-18/4
Nor Toma, Stockholm, 16-18/4
x med k, Brussels, 30 personnes 19/20-26/4
Madeleine Fournier/Jonas Chéreau, Angers,20-27/4
Belica Koumpareli, Athens, 21/4-9/5
Hamburg University, Deufert/Plischke, 9 persons 25/4-2/5
Joris Lacoste, Paris, 27/4-8/5
Jerome Bel, Paris, 1-4/5
Angela Linssen, Amsterdam, 2-4/5
Ditte Pelgrom, Amsterdam, 2-11/5
Magne van den Berg, Amsterdam, 5-11/5
Réunion, anciens pensionnaires Couvent, 8/5
Rafael Campos Rocha, Sao Paulo, 9-17/5
Olivier Normand, Paris, 14-18/5
Ngozi Ezenwoye, Nigeria, 17/5-31/5
Cynthia Camlin and Douglas Loewen, Pittsburg, 17-31/5
Kristina Alexsandrovska, Macedonia, 20/5-20/10
Martina Hochmuth, Vienna, 30-31/5
Georg Schöllhammer, Vienna, 30-31/5
Deborah Hay, New York, 20 personnes, 1-7/6
Roos Ouwehand, Amsterdam, 7-8/6
Monique Snoeijen, Amsterdam, 7-8/6
Emma Fitzgerald, Dublin, 7-30/6
Aine Stapleton,Dublin, 7-30/6
Annemarie Slotboom, Amsterdam, 10/6-6/7
Juliette Bineau, Paris, 12/6 (d)
Marjolein van Heemstra, Amsterdam, 13/6-6/7
Lorena Rivero de Beer, Santiago, 13-15/6
Lucy Guerin, Melbourne, 13-21/6
Frederic Danos, Paris, 17-29/6
Brian Gleeson, Dublin, 23-30/6
Paz Rojo, Madrid, 24/6-1/7
Manuela Zechner,London, 24/6-1/7
DD Dorvillier, New York, 24-29/6
Daria Martin, New York, 24-27/6
Joe Moran, New York, 24-26/6
Connie Nijman, 28-30/6
Amili Gelbman, Tel Aviv, 26/6-7/7
Russ Josephs, New York, 30/6-31/8 SU (d)
Jennifer Lewis, New York, 30/6-31/8 SU (d)
Kosi Hidama, Brussels, 30/6-13/7 and 21-31/7
Magne van den Berg, Amsterdam, 4-6/6
Kimie SHINGYOJI, Tokio, 21-31/7
Juliette Bineau, 4pers, Paris, 7-10/7
Tony Thatcher, London, 9-13/7
Marie Bardet, Paris, 10-20/7
Bas Kohler, Amsterdam,15-31/7
Icelandic Corporation of Kinetic Development,4 personnes, 16-31/7
Benjamin Dousselaere, Bruxelles, 17-23/7
Chantal levie, Bruxelles, 18-25/7
Walter, Marie, Sammylou,Jacob Hus, 18-21/7
Esthel Vogrig, Mexico, 19/7-12/8 SU
Advanced Performance Training, Antwerp, 11 pers. 20-28/7
Tea Tupajic,Zagreb, 22/7-21/8 SU
Maria Walser +, Oldenburg, 20-25/7 (d)
Thomas Plischke, Hamburg, 21-31/7
Kattrin Deufert, Hamburg, 21-31/7
Jeroen, Berlin, 21-31/7
Marco Demian Vitanza, Roma, 23/7-8/8 SU (d)
Edy Poppy, Oslo, 23/7-8/8 SU (d)
Choir/Concert, Bruxelles, 15 pers. 25-27/7
Florent Delval, Paris, 25/7-5/8 SU
Joannes Vandermeulen, Brussels, 29/7-1/8
Cinema en Plein Air, PAF, 26/7
Philippa Thomas, London, 30/7-10/8 SU
Gregory Castera, Madrid, 31/7-10/8 SU
SARA DI SALVO, Rome, 31/7-6/8, SU (d)
NOEMI VALENTE, Rome, 31/7-6/8, SU (d)
SIMONA CAROLEO, Rome, 31/7-6/8, SU (d)
VALERIA PEDIGLIERI, Rome, 31/7-6/8, SU (d)
ROSADA ZANGRI, Rome, 31/7-6/8, SU'(d)
Florian Malzacher, Graz, 1-5/8 SU
Inga Skowranek, Frankfurt, 1-10/8 SU
Nathalie Koger, Vienna, 1-10/8 SU
Hermann Heisig, Berlin, 1-10/8 SU
Emanuela Vitale, Rome, 1-9/8 SU
Marta Izquierdo, Buenos Aires, 1-10 SU (d)
Nicolas Cadet, Bordeaux, 1-10 SU (d)
Marta Ziółek, Warsaw, 1-10/8 SU
Maria Kozłowska,Warsaw, 1-10/8 SU
Fenia Kotsopoulou, Thessaloniki, 1-10/8 SU
Fabian Faltin, Vienna, 1-11/8 SU
Manuel Shvartzberg,Hedieh Anvari,Bueonos Airos/Teheran, 1-11/8 SU
Ambra Pittoni, Vienna, 1-5/8 SU
Joao Fernando Cabral, Barcelona, 1-7/8 SU
Begum Erciyas, Istanbul, 1-10 SU
Daniel Kötter, Berlin, 1-10 SU
Katarzyna Szu Szugajew, Milanowek, 1-10 SU
Alice Chauchat, Paris, 1-10/8 SU
Berno Odo Polzer, Vienna, 1-10/8 SU
Jo Zahn, berlin, 1-10/8 SU
Ana Vujanovic, Belgrade, 1-6/8 SU (d)
Marta Popivoda, Belgrade, 1-6/8 SU
Sinisa Ilic, Belgrade, 1-4/8 SU
Bojan Djordjev, Belgrade, 1-5/8 SU
Sandra Iché, Paris, 3-8/10 SU
Min Kyoung Lee, Seoul, 2-12/8 SU
Paul-Flavien Enriquez-Sarano, Valencia, 3-5/8
Kim Yunyung, Seoul, 4-10/8 SU
Alvaro Martinez Leon, Madrid, 3-16/8 SU
Kroot Juurak, Tallinn, 5-10/8 SU
Jennie Lindstrom, Stockholm, 6-10/8 SU 12.54 E
Malin Elgan, Stockholm, 6-10/8 SU 12.54 E
Danny Verstegen, Gent, 11-22/8
Lutz Grossmann, Berlin, 11-31/8
Jonas Knecht, Berlin, 11-31/8
Susanne Claus, Berlin, 11-31/8 +S
Joaquim Pujol, Barcelona, 11-24/8 (d)
Edu Villanuea, Barcelona, 11-24/8 (d)
Gary Joe Wise, New York, 11/8-10/9
Cia Lucier, Madrid, 17/8-17/9
Susanne Kennedy, Amsterdam, 24-29/8
Marit Grimstad Eggen, Amsterdam, 24-29/8
Pi Steffo Kanduymski, +3 pers Antwerp,25-29/8
Les Laboratoires, Aubervilliers, 'tGasthuis, Amsterdam, Brut Vienne,expedition, 1-19/9
Remy Heritier, paris, 1-19/9
Joris Lacoste, Paris, 1-19/9
Guillaume Robert, Lyon, 1-19/9
Thomas Frank,Vienna, 31/8-6/9
Cezary Tomaszewski, Vienna, 1-19/9
João Sousa Cardoso, Paris, 1-19/9
Mikolaj Karczewski, Warsaw, 3-19/9
Johanna Kirsch, Vienna, 3-19/9
David Weber-Krebs, Amsterdam, 3-13/9
Achim Lengerer, Vienna, 3-6/9
Laura Karréman, Amsterdam, 4-8/9
Yvane Chapuis,Paris, 1-19/9
Joachim Robbrecht, Rotterdam, 5-7/9
Agata Wiczienska,Varsovie, 5-7/9
Jan Philipp Possman,Vienna, 6-13/9
Katrin Plavcak, Varsovie, 7-14/9
Djana et Nicolas, Asd-Zagreb, 7-16
Andréa Bozic & Julia Wolms , Zagreb-Berlin, 7-18/9
Paul Hendrikse, Amsterdam 7-19/9
Bettina Kogler, Vienna, 12-19/9
Achim Lengerer, Vienna, 3-6/9
Agata Wiczienska, Warsaw, 5-7/9
Laurent Pichaud, x.sud,Nimes, 7/8pers, 1-12/9
Barbara Eliask, Nimes, 2-12/9
Fanni Futterknecht, Paris, 5-10/9
Agnieszka +, Paris, 6-8/9
Joa Hug, Amsterdam, 10/9-8/10
Freya Olafson, Winnipeg 8-29/9
Pierre Andrieux, Winnipeg 8-29/9
Olivier Normand, Paris, 10-15/9
Judith, Paris, 10-15/9
Danielle Vandeven, Amsterdam, 15-26/9
Gienke Deuten, Amsterdam, 15-21/9
Annesofie Norn, Copenhagen, 17/9-14/10
Signe Lidén, Oslo, 17/9-14/10
Samara Couci, London, 22-29/9
Stephanie Auberville, Angers, 25-29/9
Astrid Waleta, Vienne, 28/9-6/10
Katrin Wölger, Vienne, 28/9-6/10
DDDorvillier, New York, 28/9-1/10
Alicia Dhyana House, New York, 5-11/10
Rachel, New York, 5-11/10
Sabine Macher, Paris, +5-8pers, 6-10/10
Valentina Desideri, Roma, 6/10-31/11
Marion Uguen, Paris, 7-13/10
Lorenzo De Angelis, Paris, 7-13/10
Peter Wagenaar, Amsterdam, 7-24/10
Todd Tremeer, Canada, 11/10-11/12
Stephanie Auberville, Paris, 11-13/10
Elizabeth Ward, New York 13-30/10
University College of Dance, Stockholm 15-25/10:
Halla Olafsdottir
Amada Apatrea
Mårten Spångberg
Inga Sterner
Sidney Leoni
Sebastian Lingserius
Johan Thelander
Allison Ahl
Magne van den Berg, Amsterdam 17-26/10
Ditte Pelgrom, Amsterdam 17-26/10
Giselle Vegter, Amsterdam, 19-23/10
DDDorvillier Company, New York, 19-30/10
Heather Kravas (USA/FR) 20-29 October
Amanda Piña (Chile/AU) 20-29 October
Joaquim Pujol (Spain) 24-29 October
Noha Ramadan (NL) 20-30 October
Alice Osborne, Sydney, 27/10-6/11
Halcyon Macleod, Sydney, 27/10-6/11
Caroline Bijl, Amsterdam 29/10-2/11
Joost Overbeek, Amsterdam, 29/10-2/11
Hugues Sanchez, Mexico, 2-8/11
Marion Uguen, Paris, 6-12/11
Lorenzo De Angelis, Paris, 6-12/11
Lia Rodrigues, Rio de Janeiro, 9 pers 9-19/11
APT,Advanced Performance Training, Antwerp,7 pers, 24-30/11
Artskool, Ecole des Beaux Arts, Science Po, Paris, Londres, 15 pers 28-30/11
SNDO, School for New Dance,Amsterdam, 15pers, 30/11-6/12
Paz Rojo, Madrid, 30/11-6/12
Manuela Zechner, London, 30/11-6/12
Joa Hug, Amsterdam, 30/11-6/12
Shireen Strooker, Amsterdam. 6/7-12
Gaspard Guilbert, Paris, 9-21/12
Silvia DI RIENZO, Paris, 9-21/12
Florent Delval, Paris, 11-24/12
Touze Lénaïg, Paris, 12-14/12
Sabine Macher, Paris, 8pers, 14-17/12
Kim-Lien Desault, Paris, 16-23/12 (d)
Ernst van der Pasch, Amsterdam, 17-24/12
Gillie Kleiman, London, 18/12- 9/1 WUM
Iris Chan, London, 18/12-9/1 WUM
Tea Tupajic, Zagreb, 18/12/-15/1/2009 WUM
Berno Odo Polzer, Vienna, 19/12-22/12
Wolfgang Fiel, Vienna, 19-22/12
Ariane Loze, Bruxelle, 18/12-24/12
Inge Duytschaever, Bruxelles, 19-21/12
Friend Inge, Brussels, 19-21/12
Kroot Juurak, Tallinn, 22/12-30/12 WUM
Naomi Maldonado, Madrid, 23/12-1/1 WUM
Adele Adzert, Amsterdam, 23/12-3/1 WUM
WUM 2008, 27/12-6/1
Marianne Baillot, Paris, 26-30/12 WUM
Christina Muellenmeister, Berlin, 27/12-6/1WUM
Jennifer Kelly, New York, 27/12-6/1 WUM
Benjamin Schoppmann, Vienna, 28/12-4/1 WUM(d)
Sabile Rasiti, Vienna, 28/12-4/1 WUM (d)
Berno Odo Polzer, Vienna, 28/12-4/1 WUM
Aine Stapleton, Dublin, 28/12-17/1 WUM
Alice Chauchat, Berlin, 27/12-1/1 WUM (d)
Yves, Zurich, 27/12-1/1 WUM (d)
Augusto Corrieri, Bristol, 27/12-6/1 WUM
Abdelhak Terroufi, Paris, 31/12-3/1 WUM
Muriel Bourdeau, Paris, 31/12-3/1 WUM
Joannes Vandermeulen, Brussels, 1-4/1 WUM
Aine Stapleton,Dublin, 28/12-17/1 WUM
Emma Fitzgerald, Dublin, 28/12-17/1 WUM
Mary Frances Stamp,Dublin, 28/12- 5/1 WUM
S. Varna Rist, Paris, 29/12 - 31/1 WUM

Presentations of PAF in 2008:

Gothenborg, Jan Ritsema, 20/4/08
Istanbul, Independent Network, 27/4/08 Jan Ritsema
Ljublana, IETM conference, 16/05/08, Jan Ritsema
Hamburg, Plischke&Deufert, 08/06/08 Jan Ritsema
Polverigi, Inteatro Festival, 29/06/08 Jan Ritsema

List of guests PAF in 2009

Margot Dorleans, Paris, 2-12/1 WUM
Atlanta Eke, New York, 5-12/1
Tea Tupajić, Zagreb, 15/12/2008-18/1/2009 WUM
Aine Stapleton,Dublin, 28/12-17/1 WUM
Emma Fitzgerald, Dublin, 28/12-17/1 WUM
Joan Alexander, Belfast, 28/12-31/1 (cc) WUM
Stephanie Luhn, Amsterdam, 8-15/1
Enst van der Pasch, Amsterdam, 13-19/1
Vancllea Segtowich, Rio de janeiro, 3-7/2
Elizabeth Ward, New York, 5-28/2
Mathieu Bouvier, Lille, 6-13/2
Daniel Turing, Berlijn, 6-9/2
Daniel Turing 2, Berlin, 6-9/2
Jean-Marc Adolphe, Paris, 6-9/2
Véronique Albert, Paris,6-9/2
Stéphanie Auberville, Paris, 6-9/2
Françoise Féraud (asso In Corpore), Paris, 6-9/2
Ariane Loze, Brussels, 7-10/2
Tahni Holt, New York, 9-27/2
Sarah Vanhee, Brussels, 8-13/2
Xavier Le Roy, Montpellier,plus 7pers 14-15/2
Bojana Cvejic, Mette Ingvartsen, Eszter Salamon, Gerald Kurdian,Juan Dominquez, Isabel de Naveran.
Maarten Soete, Bruxelles, 15 pers, 13-15/2
Perrine Bailleux, Paris, 13-16/2
Stephane, sound, Oaris, 13-16/2
Rosa Apablaza, Barcelona, 16-26/2
Marco Demian Vitanza,Italy/Norway, 18/2-30/3
Edy Poppy,Norway, 18/2-30-3
Veronika Bökelman,Germany, 19/2-30/3
Severin Urwyler,Switzerland, 19/2-30/3
Marine Bikard, Paris, 21-22/2
Caroline Bijl, Amsterdam, 22-28/2
Ditte Pelgrom, Amsterdam, 21-28/2
Magne van den Berg, Amsterdam, 21-28/2
Marieken, Amsterdam, 20-25/2
Donald Abad, Paris, 21/2-2/3
Alvaro Martinez Leon, Spain, 20/2-27/2
Alice Chauchat, Paris, 23/2-8/3
Yves Mettler, Zurich, 24/2-8/3
Romanee Rodriques, Amsterdam, 24/2-1/3
Lotte Van Dijck, Antwerpen, 24/2-1/3
Anisia Uzeyman, Paris, 25/2-1/3
Francois Coquerel, Paris, 25/2-27/2
Caroline Breton, paris, 25-27/2
Francois Coquerel2, paris,25/26/2
Iris Touliatou, Paris 26/2-2/3
Annesophie Juvenal, Paris 1-4/3
Annesophie Juvenal, Paris 1-4/3
Annesophie Juvenal, Paris 1-4/3
Alma Soderberg, Stockholm, 4/3-5/4
Marion Uguen, Paris, 5-8/3
Thomas Plischke, Hamburg, 8-28/3
Kattrin Deufert, Hamburg, 8-28/3
Ariane Loze, Brussels, 8-11/3
Jeroen Peeters, Berlin, 9-28/3
Magne van den Berg, Amsterdam, 10/12=19/3
Marcel Osterop, Eindhoven, 10/12=19/3
Marcus Steinweg, Berlin, 18-25/3
Barbara Greiner, Berlin, 18-28/3
Lorenzo de Brabandere, plus 2 personnes, 18/3-9/4
Sammi Landweer, Amsterdam, 22/4-8/4
Tea Tupajić, Zagreb, 2-15/4 (sm)
Carlo Locatelli, Paris, 3-7/4
David Timmons, Dublin, 4-19/4 (sm)
Jean-Pierre Girault, Paris, 4-10/4
Anne Lenglet, Paris, 4-10/4
Gerard Vidal, plus 6 personnes, Paris, 4-5/4
Heather Kravas, New York, 5/4-7/5 (sm)(d)
Jason Kravas, New York, 5/4-7/5 (sm)(d)
Gregory Castera, Paris, 5-8/4
Frederic Danos, Paris, 5-9/4
Joris Lacoste, Paris, 5-11/4 (sm)(l)
Emmanuel Leroux, Paris, 6-9/4
Julien, Paris, 6-9/4
University College of Dance, Stockholm, 6-18/4
Marten Spangberg, Stockholm, 6-18/4 (sm)(l)
Johan Thelander, Stockholm, 6-18/4 (sm)
Halla Olafsdottir, Stockholm, 6-18/4(sm)
Sidney Leoni, Stockholm, 6-18/4 (sm)
Amanda Apetrea, Vienna, 6-18/4 (sm)
Elizabeth Ward, New York, 6-18/4 (sm)
Maria Hasabi, New York, 6-29/4 (sm)
Eliisa Erävalo, Stockholm, 7-18/4(sm)
Annie Dorsen, New York, 8-15/4 (sm)(l)
Jonathan Philippe Levi, Brussels, 8-11 (sm)(l)
Cecilia Bengolea, Buenos Aires, 9-12/4 (sm)(p)
Stephan Thompson, Canada,plus 2 persons 9-26/4
Teresa Mayer, Berlin, 9-15/4 (sm)
Atlanta Eke, Merlbourne, 9-15/4 (sm)
Berno Odo Polzer, Vienna 9-15/4 (sm)
Nicolas Siepen, Berlin, 9-16/4 (sm)(l)
Francois Chaignaud, Paris,10-12 (sm)(p)
Wolfgang, Vienna, (sm)(l)
Sylvine Boissy-Choussy 2, Paris 10-12/4(sm)
Prue Lang, Paris, 11-15/4
Joannes Vandermeulen, Brussels, 11-15/4 (sm)(l)
Ramsey Burt, Glasgow, 11-14/4 (sm)(l)
Karine Claeren, Paris, 11-13/4 (sm)
Chrystel Jubien, Paris, 12-13/4 (sm)
Kim Lien Desault, Paris, 14-19/4 (sm)
Olivier Toulemonde, Paris, 14-19/4 (sm)
Aude Lachaise, Paris, 15-18/4
Princess Ayelotan, Ozoir-la-Ferrière, 15-28/4
Sarah Ahmad, Lahore, 18/4-20/4
Elke van Campenhout, Brussels,
Academy of fine art, vienna, 14 persons 20-27/4
Katharina Aigner, Vienna, 20-27/4
Helen Cerina, Toulouse, 20-25/4
Paule Gioffredi, Paris, 21-27/4 (d)
Paule Gioffredi, Paris, 21-22/4 (d)
Carolien Bijl, Amsterdam, 22-29/4
Sammi Landweer, Amsterdam, 22/4-16/5
Elizabeth Ward, NY, 26/4-2/5
Remy Heritier, Paris, 4-13/5
Guillaume Robert,Paris, 4-13/5
Pascale Richet, Randon, 12 pers. 8-10/5
Sandra Iché, Lyon, 8-10/5
Fiona James, Berlin, 10-21/5
Cecilia Lisa Eliceche, Buenos Aires, 11-18/5
Anneleen Keppens, Brussels, 11-18/5
Peter Savel, Brussels, 11-18/5
Krystof Lemmens, Gent, 12-17/5
Caroline Bijl, Amsterdam, 13-16/5
Joan Alexander, Belfast, 16/5-16/6
Heather Kravas, New York, 17/5-2/6
Xavier Le Roy, Montpellier, "6M1L's Extensions", 18/5-13/6
Juan Dominguez, Madrid, "6M1L's Extensions", 18/5-6/6
Bojana Cvejic, Belgrade, "6M1L's Extensions", 18/5-13/6
Eszter Salamon, Budapest, "6M1L's Extension", 18/5-13/6
Mette Ingvartsen, Kopenhagen, "6M1L's Extensions", 18/5-13/6
Jefta Van Dinther, Amsterdam, "6M1L's Extensions", 18/5-13/6
Gerald Kurdian, Paris, "6M1L's Extensions", 18/5-13/6
Sasa Asentic, Novi Sad, "6M1L's Extensions", 18/5-13/6
Maria Jerez, project Juan Dominguez,17/5-1/6
Emilio Tome, project Juan Dominguez, 17/5-1/6
Arantxa Martinez, project Juan Dominguez 17/5-1/6
Alexander Dominguez, project Juan Dominguez, 17/5-1/6
Lorena Rivero de Beer, Madrid, 20-27/5
Luis Miguel Felix,project Juan Dominquez &"6M1L's Extensions"18/5-14/6
Paula Caspao, Parijs, 19-26/5
David-Alexandre Guéniot, Lisbon, 22-24/5
Berno Odo Polzer, Vienna, 23-25/5
Veronika Boekelmann, Stavanger, 25/5-3/6
Lionel Quantin, Paris, 27/5-30/5
Isabel de Naveran, Bilbao,Extensions, 31/5-15/6
Kelly bond, "6M1L's Extensions" 31/5-13/6
Younes Atbane,"6M1L's Extensions" 31/5-13/6
Neto Machado, "6M1L's Extensions" 31/5-13/6
Tiago Silva, "6M1L's Extensions" 31/5-13/6
Ines Lopez, "6M1L's Extensions" 31/5-13/6
Nicholas Quinn,e"6M1L's Extensions", 31/5-13/6
Antony Hamilton, Australia, 31/5-7/6
Jacob Perkins, Oregon, 1/6-1/7
Hana Miller, Indonesia/New Zealand, 1/6-1/7
Lucy Guerin, Australia, 3-7/6
Kirstie McCracken,Australia, 3-7/6 (d)
Byron Perry,Australia, 3-7/6 (d)
Lina Limosani, Australia, 3-7/6
Harriet Ritchie, Australia, 3-7/6
Kyle Kremerskothen, Australia, 3-7/6
Silvia di Rienzo, Paris, 6/6-15/6
Gaspard Guilbert, Paris, 6/6-15/6
Marie Muracciole, Paris, 13/14/6
Remy Heritier, Paris, 16-23/6
Guillaume Robert, Lyon, 16-23/6
Sofiatou Kosoko, Niger, 21-27/6
Latifa Laâbissi, Paris, 21-27/6
Karolien Derwael, Amsterdam, 22/6 -27/6
Vonneke Beeker, Amsterdam, 22/6 -27/6
Ditte Pelgrom, Amsterdam, 22/6 -27/6
Erica Cardwell, New York, 22/6-22/7
Johan Thelander, Stockholm, 22-28/6
Anders Jacobson, Stockholm, 22-28/6
Gideon Obarzanek, Melbourne, 23-28/6
Geert Opsomer, Amsterdam, 24/6-25/6
Don Verboven, Amsterdam, 24/6-25/6
Tahni Holt, Portland, 25/6-4/7
Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt, Berlin, 25/6-9/7
Andreas Liebmann, Berlin, 27/6-2/7
Georgia Vardarou,Athens, 25/6-2/7
Michael Whaites, Link Dance Company, Australia, 10 pers. 28/6-3/7 (+s)
Atlanta Eke,Melbourne ,30/6-19/7
Sofie Volquartz Lebech, Copenhagen, 1/7-9/7
Federica Fratagnoli, Paris, 2-31/7
Tony Thatcher, London, 10p, 2-9/7
Tony Thatcher, London, 17p, 10-15/7
Laetitia LeClere,Buenos Aires, 5 pers. 4-5/7
Ikue Nakagawa, Tokyo, 7-11/7
Brune Campos, Brussels, 7-11/7
Jacob Perkins, Oregon, 7-24/7
Hana Miller, Indonesia/New Zealand, 7-24/7
Lisa Schmidt, Vienna, 11-14/7
DD Dorvillier, New York, 11-27/7 (d)
Sébastien Roux, Paris, 11-27/7 (d)
Anne Juren and Roland, Vienna, 11-26/7 (d)
Annie Dorsen, New York, 11-27/7
Cobie Orger, Australia, 14-27/7
Maj Riis, Copenhagen, Copenhagen, 13-19/7 (s)
Janne Tarpgaard, 13-19/7
Tina Tarpgaard, Copenhagen, 13-19/7
Ole Kristen, Copenhagen, 13-19/7
Jonas Jongejan,Copenhagen, 13-19/7
Veronika Bökelmann, Berlin, 13-20/7
Thomas Bartherote, Bordeaux, 15/7-10/8 (SU)
Celine Davenas, Paris, 15/7-10/8 (SU)
Marion Boudier, Paris, 15-17/7
Chloé Déchery, Paris, 15-17/7
Guillermo Pisani, Paris, 15-17/7
Olivier Normand, Paris, 15-17/7
Lucy Grauman, Bruxelles, 17-19/7 (c)
Chantal Levie, Bruxelles, 17-23/7 (cc)
Claudia Bosse, Vienna, 8 pers, 17-22/7
Marten Spangberg Stockholm, 17/7-12/8 SU
Elizabeth Ward, New York, 17/7-12/8 SU
Margrete Kvalbein, Oslo, 18-24/7
Roland Seidel, Vienna, 19-26/7 (d)
Mathieu Simonet, Paris, plus 7 personnes, 20/7-10/8 (SU)8s
Melanie Jung,Berlin, 21/7-9/8 (SU)
Christina Muellenmeister, Berlin, 21/7-9/8 (SU)
Johan Thelander, Stockholm, 23/7-4/8 (SU)
Sarah Lehmker, Berlin, 24-25/7
Ingrid Cogne, Stockholm, 24/7-3/8 (SU)
Advanced Performance Training, Antwerp, 10 pers. 24-31/7
Joris Lacoste, Paris, 26/7-5/8 (SU)
Atlanta Eke,Melbourne, 26/7-10/8
Anne Sophie Juvénal, Paris, 28-31/7
Clyde Chabot, Paris, 28-31/7
Gillie Kleiman, London, 30/7-27/8 (SU) ds
Harriet Plewis, london, 30/7-7/8 (SU)
Elke van Campenhout, Antwerp, 31/7-9/8 (d)
Michiel Reynaert, Brussels, 31/7-2/8 (SU)
Deanne Butterworth, Melbourne, 31/7-7/8 (SU)
Zoe Poluch, Montreal, 31/7-9/8 (SU)
Ana Monteiro, Paris, 31/7-9/8 SU
Paul Sixta, Rotterdam, 31/7-9/8 (SU)
Hedwig Saxenhuber, Vienna, 31/7-9/8(SU)(d)
Juliana Atuesta, Arnhem, 31/7-9/8 (SU)
Sandy Williams, Williamsburg, 31/7-8/9 (d) (SU)
Ilse Gekhiere, Brussels, 31/7-8/9 (d) (SU)
Marcus Doverud, Stockholm, 31/7-9/8 (SU)
Emma Tolander, Stockholm, 31/7-9/8 (SU)
Ariadna Estalella, Barcelona, 31/7-9/8 (SU)
Sara Soumah, Stockholm, 31/7-9/8 (SU)
Emelie Jonsson, Stockholm, 31/7-9/8 (SU)
Carmen Popuviciu, Sarajewo, 31/7-9/8 (SU)
Jesse Darling, Djakarta, 31/7-9/8 (SU)
Pontus Pettersson, Stockholm, 31/7-9/8 (SU)
Grégory Castera, Paris, 1-8/8 (SU) d
Maya Boquet, Paris, 1-8/8 (SU) d
Princess Ayelotan, Columbia, 1-9/8 (SU)
Jule Eicke,Hamburg, 1/8-30/9 (SU)
Iris Chan, London, 1/8-9/8 (SU)ds
Lucy Teed, London, 1/8-9/8 (SU)ds
Roland Schmidt, Berlin, 1/8-10/8 (SU) ac
Perrine Bailleux, Paris, 1-4/8 (SU)
Frederic Danos, Paris, 1-4/8 (SU)
Lou Foster, Paris, 1-9/8(SU)
Lou Foster + 1, Paris, 2-9/8 (SU)
Tea Tupaic, Zagreb, 2-22/8 (SU)
Kroot Juurak, Tallinn, 2/8-15/8 (SU)
Joannes Vandermeulen, Brussels, 3-7/8 (SU)
Berno Odo Polzer, 3/8-9/8 (SU)
Arnaud Guy, Paris, 3-31/8(SU)
Xavier LeRoy, Berlin, 3-8/8(SU)
Christoph Wirth, Berlin, 5-20/8 (SU)d
Christoph Wirth, Berlin, 5-20/8 (SU)d
Perrine Bailleux, Paris, 8-12/8 (SU)
Christoph Wirth, Berlin, 7-13/8 (SU)
Kristien Bosmans, Anvers, 9/8-3/9
Christine Loiseau, Paris, 9-23/8
Jasna Zmak, Zagreb, 9-16/8 (SU-X)
Emma Fitzgerald, Dublin, 9/8-6/9
Aine Stapleton, Dublin, 9/8-6/9
Julia Dover, New Orleans, 9/8-9/9
Adrien Paternak, Paris, 10-12/8
Boy F&S, Dublin, 10-31/8
Ikue Nakagawa, Tokyo, 10-22/8
Brune Campos, Brussels, 10-22/8
Thibault Cabanis, Paris, 12-16/8
Paule Gioffredi, Paris, 13/8-13/6-2010 (d)
Pierre-Marie Gioffredi, Paris, 13/8-17/8 (d)
Adriana Cubides, Vienna, 20-23/8
Seba Hendrickx, Gent, 20-23/8
Marion Uguen, Paris, 20/8-27/8
Georgios Papadopoulos, Athens, 25-31/8
Liz Santoro, Paraquay, 28/8-2/9
Teja Reba, Ljublana, 28/8-9/9 (d)
Teja Reba, Ljublana, 28/8-9/9 (d)
Leja Jurisic, Ljublana, 28/8-9/9 (d)
Leja Jurisic, Ljublana, 28/8-9/9 (d)
Liz Santoro, New York, 30/8-5/9 (d)
Pierre Godard, Paris, 30/8-5/9 (d)
Simon Tanguy, Rennes, 30/8-5/9 (s)
Simon Tanguy, Rennes, 31/8-5/9
Betty Tchomanga, Paris, 31/8-10/9(d)
Romain Mercier,Paris, 31/8-10/9(d)
Gretchen Gammell, Washington, 2/9-14/11
Ekoseri, Gent, 3/9-14/10
Cally Spooner, Melbourne, 7-14/9
Nadine, Brussels, Photovoltaic workshop, 15 pers. 13-19/9
Karen Lambaek, Stockholm, 17/9-1/10
Marcus, Stockholm, 17-18/9
Stinna, Stockholm, 17/9-1/10
Eve Dupont, Florida, 18/9-5/10
Paula van Beek, Melbourne, 21-25/9
Yurie Umamoto, Tokyo, 20/9-11/10
Emma Wilson, Amsterdam, 20/9-11/10
Liisa Pentti, Helsinki, 22/9-1/10
Tam Pontopidan, Oslo, 22/9-22/10
Hugues Sanchez,Paris, 24-28/9
Margot Dorleans + 1, 25-30/9
Ava Carrère, Paris, 28/9-14/10
Fabrice Lambert, Paris, 29/9-2/10
Alice Chauchat, Paris, 30/9-7/10
Bonno, Amsterdam, 4-8/10
Mike, Amsterdam, 4-8/10
Michaela Pegum, Melbourne, 6-14/10
Lynda Rahal, New Dehli, 6-12/10
Lynda Rahal, New Dehli, 6-12/10
Fabrice Lambert, Paris, 6-9/10
Claire Buisson, Nice, 7-9/10
Olivier Labbé, Paris, 8-9/10
Abdelhak Terroufi, Paris, 9-12/10
Marie Brayer, Paris 10-11/10 (d)
Alise Ponséro, Paris 10-11/10 (d)
Lina Maria Venegas, Colombia, 11-16/10
Silvia di Rienzo, Paris, 14/10-16/10
Gaspard Guilbert, Paris, 14/10-16/10
Caroline Bijl, Amsterdam, 15-20/10
Ben Evans, Los Angeles, 16-19/10
Magne van den Berg, Amsterdam, 17-25/10
Thiago, Rio de Janeiro, 17-25/10
Fabrícia,Rio de Janeiro, 17-25/10
Marcela Donato, Rio de Janeiro, 17-24/10
Sybille Walter, Paris, 18/10
Peter Wagenaar, Amsterdam, 18/10- 5/11
Fabrice Lambert, Paris, 18-23/10
Bonno and Sophie, Amsterdam, 18-22/10
Rijndert van Woudenberg, Amsterdam, 19-23/10
Marian Boyer, Amsterdam, 21-25/10 (d)
Gerard Kogelman, Amsterdam, 21-25/10 (d)
Oscar Wyers, Nijmegen, 21-25/10
Anne Budgen, Amsterdam, 21-25/10
Radna Diels, Amsterdam, 21-25/10
Tina Indvall, Tromso, 21/10-12/11
St.Lukas Art Institute, Gent, 33 persons, 21-24/10
William Bilwa Costa, Boston, 24/10-9/11
Ariane Martinez, Paris, 25/10-1/11
Marion Uguen, Paris, 25/10-2/11
Delphine, paris, 25/10-2/11
Amelia McQueen, Melbourne, 27/10-6/11
Ingrid Greijn, Amsterdam, 28/10-5/11
Magazine Encens, Paris, 7 personnes, 31/10-2/11
Ana Monteiro, Roma, 2-12/11
Solo Conversations, Brussels, 6 persons 3-6/11
Ariane Loze, Brussels, 3-12/11
Helena Remeijers, Amsterdam, 4-10/11
Roosien Verlaan, Amsterdam, 4-10/11
Armelle Verrips, Amsterdam, 4-10/11
Monia Montali, Torino, 4-11/11
Cecilia Lisa Eliceche, Buenos Aires, 4-8/11
Elisa Yvelin, Paris, 4-8/11
Marco Demian Vitanza, Oslo, 4/11-10/12
Edy Poppy, Oslo, 14/11-10/12
Daniela Alvarez, Buenos Aires, 6-9/11
Daniela Alvarez, Buenos Aires, 6-9/11
Daniela Alvarez, Buenos Aires, 7/8/11
La zone opaque-artist books, Paris, 4 pers 12-15/11
Caroline Bijl, Amsterdam, 12-19/11
Sammi Landweer, Amsterdam, 12-19/11
Sandra Iché, Lyon, 14-16/11
Julia Giertz, Copenhagen, 21-28/11 (s)
Emma-Julia Ajanki,Copenhagen, 21-28/11 (s)
Academy of Fine Art Trondheim, Florian Schneider, 10 students, 21-26/11
Carole Colombani, Paris, 21/11 (d)
Carole Colombani, Paris, 21/11 (d)
APT,Advanced performance Training,Antwerp, 10-14 pers 23-29/11
Elisabeth Ward, New York, 23-29/11
Berno Odo Polzer, Vienna, 26-29/11
Ben Evans, Paris, 27-30/11
Guillaume Ollendorf, Berlin, 30/11-21/12
Francois Sardi, Paris, 1-4/12
Merdi Fadj,Paris, 1-4/12
Bettina Atala, Paris, 2-7/12
Tomate Van Monte, Firenza, 3/4-10/11 -12 (d)
Veronika Zott, Firenza, 3/4-10/11 -12 (d)
Inge, 4-11/12
Benjamin Schoppmann, Rome, 5-10/12
Magdalena Chowaniec, Warsaw, 4-10/12
Liisa Penti, Helsinki, 4/5 pers, 4-10-14/12(s)
Jasmin Ihrac, Berlin, 5-16/12
Juliana Piquero, Berlin, 5-16/12
Catalina Fernández, Berlin, 5-16/12
Jasmin Ihrac, Berlin, 5-16/12
School New Dance Development(SNDO), Amsterdam, 9 pers, 6-12/12
Magne Van den Berg, 8-17/12
Maria Hasabi, New York, 9-13/12
Robert Steijn, Amsterdam, 9-13/12
Thomas Plischke, Berlin, 13-25/12 (s)
Kattrin Deufert, Berlin,13-25/12 (s)
DDDorvillier, New York,13-22/12 (d)(s)
Thomas Chaumont, Paris, 14/12-14/1
Marcus Steinweg, Malaysia,17-21/12 (s)
Bettina Atala, Paris, 14-17/12
Annesofie Norn, Copenhagen, 14/12-4/1(WUM)
Ole Kristensen, Stockholm, 21/12-3/1(WUM)
Duppati Kumar, Dunedin, 16-27/12 (WUM)
Tea Tupajic, Zagreb, 15/12-5/1 (WUM)
Anne Gehring, Amsterdam, 16-23/12
Annefleur, Amsterdam, 16-23/12
Julia Dover, Dover, 19/12-5/1 (WUM)
Gillie Kleiman, London, 21/12-5/1(WUM)
Radna Diels,Berlin, 25-30/12 (WUM)
Joram Tornij, Berlin, 25-30/12 (WUM)
Nicole Archangel, Berlin, 25-30/12 (WUM)
Aine Stapleton,Dublin, 26/12-3/1 (WUM)
Emma Fitzgerald, Dublin, 26/12-3/1 (WUM)
Justine Cooper, Dublin, 26/12-3/1 (WUM)
Ian Galloway, Dublin, 26/12-3/1 (WUM)
Marcus Doverud, Stockholm, 25/12-4/1 (WUM)
Daniel Israelsson, Stockholm, 25/12-4/1 (WUM)(d)
Maline Casta, Stockholm, 25/12-4/1 (WUM) (d)
Dmitry, Moscou, 26/12-3/1 (WUM)
Katalin Lengyel Budapest, 27/12-3/1 (WUM)
Xavier Le Roy, Montpellier, 26/12-2/1 (WUM)(d)
Eszter Salamon, Montpellier, 26/12-2/1 (WUM)(d)
Marten Spangberg, Stockholm, 26/12-2/1 (WUM)
Jean-Felix Marecaux, Bethune, 26/12-3/1 (WUM)(d)
Madeleine, Bethune, 31/12-3/1 (WUM)(d)
Christine De Smedt, 26/12-2/1 (WUM)
Sebastien Hendrickx, Brussels, 26-30/12 (WUM)
Joannes Vandermeulen, Brussels 26-30/12 (WUM)
Sarah Vanhee, Brussels, 26-3/1 (WUM) (d)
Cristina Rizzo, Florence, 26/12-3/1 (WUM)
Bojana Cvejic, Belgrade, 27/12-2/12 (WUM)
Lenio Kaklea, Helsinki, 27/12-2/1 (WUM)
Petra Sabisch, Berlin, 27/12-2/1 (WUM)
Tobias Ginsborg, Copenhagen, 27/12-3/1 (WUM)
Berno Odo Polzer, Vienna, 28/12-3/1 (WUM)(d)
Deborah Vlaeymans, Copenhagen, 28/12-4/1 (WUM)
Alice Chauchat, Paris, 28/12-4/1 (WUM)
Yves Mettler, Bern, 28/12-4/1 (WUM)
Grégory Castéra, Paris, 28/12-3/1 (WUM) (d)
Maya, Paris, 28/12-3/1 (WUM) (d)
Florian Malzacher, Graz, 29/12-4/1 (WUM) (d)
Petra Zanki, Zagreb, 29/12-4/1(WUM) (d)
Karen Lambaek, Copenhagen, 29/12-4/1 (WUM)
Kroot Juurak, Tallinn, 29/12-4/1 (WUM)
Christian Topfner, London, 29/12-5/1(WUM)
Barbara Formis, Paris, 29/12-2/1 (WUM)(d)
Oliver Feltham, Paris,29/12-2/1 (WUM)(d)
Alma, Paris,29/12-2/1 (WUM)(d)
Rasmus Olme, Copenhagen, 29/30-2/3-1 (WUM)
Agnes Henry, Paris, 30/12-1/1 (WUM
Karen Lambeak, Stockholm, 30/12-5/1 (WUM)
DDorvillier, New York, 1-3/1 (WUM)

Presentations of PAF in 2009.

Paris, CND, 8/6 Jan Ritsema
Belgrade, TKH, 15/6 Jan Ritsema
Tokyo, Japan, 20/6 Jan Ritsema
Mannheim, Germany, 25/6 Jan Ritsema
Oaxaca, Mexico, 30/6 Jan Ritsema
Mexico City, Mexico, 8/7 Jan Ritsema
Bucharest, Rumania, 10/10 Jan Ritsema
Limerick, Ireland, 16/10 Jan Ritsema

List of guests PAF in 2010

Thomas Chaumont, Paris, 1/1-14/1
Gwen Mc Hale, Limerick, plus 5 pers 3-10/1
Ditte Pelgrom, Amsterdam, 16-24/1
Tam Potopidan, Berlin, 17/1-31/1
Veronika Bökelmann, Berlin, 18-25/1
Anett Vietzke, Berlin, 18-25/1
Annesofie Norn, Berlin, 18-25/1
Kerstin Ergenzinger, Berlin, 21-25/1
Timo Kreuser, Berlin, 21-25/1
Tamara Saphir, Berlin, 21-25/1
Juliana Piquara, Berlin, 21-25/1
Begum Erciyas, Istanbul, 22/1-31/1
Ruth Mellaerts, Brussels, 23-28/1
Ruth Mellaerts, Brussels, 23-28/1
Magne van den Berg, Amsterdam, 23-25/1
Matthieu Bouvier, Paris, 25-29/1
Anatoli Vlassov, Paris, 25-29/1
Bas Kohler, Amsterdam, 27/1-6/2
Paulina Rucarba, Mexico City, 2-7/2
Duncan Graham, Melbourne, 1/2-10/3
Elayne O Connor,Limerick, 1/2-31/3
Nadine, Brussels, 18 pers, 4-7/2
Maija Ojanen, Helsinki, 9-22/2
Maiko Ota, Tokyo, 10-17/2
Marie Wårell Öhman, Stockholm, 14-21/2
Delphine Lorenzo, Paris, 14/2-2/3
Denis Savary, Paris,14/2-2/3
Chantal Levie, Bruxelles, 15-20/2
Daniel Stockart, Bruxelles, 15-20/2
Marie Wårell Öhman, Stockholm, 15-21/2
Maria Hassabi, New York, 15-27/2
Tomate Van Monte, Vienna, 16-24/2
Tomate Van Monte, Vienna, 16-24/2
Robert Steijn, Vienna, 20-24/2
Francis Hunger,Brussels, 22-28/2
Maryan Nikandish, Stockholm 1-28/3 (p)
Sophie Augot, Hagersten, 1-28/3 (p)
Annesophie Juvenal, Paris, 1-4/3
Annesophie Juvenal, Paris, 1-4/3
Annesophie Juvenal, Paris, 1-6/3
Olivia Cassereau, Liège 1-15/3
Dolorès Marcélis, Bruxelles 1-15/3
Stina Nilsson, Trondheim, 1-7/3
Almut Kühne, Berlin, 1-7/3
Hanna Gjermundrød, Oslo 1-7/3
Celine Dauvergne, , 2-7/3
Academy of Fine Art Tromso, Nicolas Siepen, 14 students 3-13/3
Helena Webb, London, 3-9/3
Fiona James, Berlin,4-16/3
Andrew Kerton, Berlin, 2-11/3
Jessica Wiesner,Oxford, 4-12/3
OBJECTS WITHOUT PROPERTY,world launching day, 13/3
Karine Claeren, Bruxelles, 13/3
Delphine Lorenzo, Paris, 14-19/3 (d)
Denis Savary, Paris, 14-19/3 (d)
Ben Evans, Los Angeles, 15/3-28/5(SM)
Bas Kohler, Amsterdam, 16-25/3(d)
Boukje Schweigman, Amsterdam, 21-25/3 (d)
Sarah Field, Melbourne, 23/3-9/4 (d)
Kate, Sydney, 22/3-9/4 (d)
Madeleine Hodge, Melbourne, 22/3-16/4(SM)
Maria Hassabi, New York,21-28/3
Robert Steijn, Amsterdam,21-25/3
Jennifer Lacey, Paris, 23-24/3
barbara manzetti, Paris, 23-24/3
audrey gaisan, Paris, 23-24/3
APASS, Post Master Performance and Scenography,22 pers. Antwerp, 26/3-1/4
Maggie Bennett, Melbourne,25-29/3
Marie Topp, Copenhagen, 27/3-2/4
Todd McQuade, Berlin, 26/3-3/4
Brynjar bandlien, Mombai, 29/3-1/4
nabil Yahia aissa,Mombai, 29/3-1/4
Sybille Walter, Encens,6 pers. Paris, 31-3/4
Jeroen Coppens, Gent, 2-9/4
Kroot Juurak, Vienna, 4-17/4(SM)
Marten Spangberg, Stockholm, 4-17/4 (SM)
Juli Spangberg, Stockholm, 5-17/4 (SM)
Zoe Poluch, Stockholm, 5-17/4 (SM)
Stina Spangberg,Stockholm, 5-17/4 (SM)
Clemens Torggler, Vienna, 5-13/4 (SM)
Philipp, Vienna, 5-13/4 (SM)
Olivier Toulemonde, Bruxelles, 6-9/4
Nathalie Chazeau, Bruxelles, 6-9/4
Angela Jursevics, Belgrade, 7-8/4 (d)
Angela Jursevics2, Belgrade, 7-8/4 (d)
Nadja Spangberg, Stockholm, 7-17/4 (SM)
SPRINGMEETING, 9-15/4-2010 (SM)
Marcus Doverud, Stockholm, 6-19/4 (SM)(c)
Stella Doverud, Stockholm, 8-15/4 (SM)(c)
Berno Odo Polzer, Brussels, 8-15/4 (SM)
Emma Kim-Hagdahl, Stockholm, 9-15/4 (SM)(c)
Nicolas Couturier. Paris, 9-11/4 (SM)
Ulrika Berg, Stockholm, 9-15/4 (SM)
Stina Nyström, Stockholm, 9-15/4 (SM)
Ion Dumitrescu, Bucarest, 9-15/4 (SM)
Florin Flueras, Bucarest, 9-15/4 (SM)
Manuel Pelmus,Bucarest, 9-15/4 (SM)
Dans Hogskolan, Choreography dep, 5 pers, 9-16/4 (SM)
Joannes Vandermeulen, Brussels, 9-16/4 (SM)
Perrine Bailleux, Paris, 9-16/4 (SM)
Manon Santkin, Brussels, 9-13/4 (SM)
Dmitry Paranyushkin, Moscou, 9-15/4 (SM)
Diego Agullo, Berlin, 9-15/4 (SM)
Leslie Mannes, Brussel, 9-15/4 (SM)
Uri Turkenich, Giessen, 9-15/4 (SM)
Enad Marouf, Giessen, 9-15 (SM)
Ariel Leventhal, Tel Aviv,9-15 (SM)
Eliisa Erävalo, Helsinki, 9-15/4 (SM)
Josefine Larson Olin, Helsinki, 9-15/4 (SM)
Virginie Bobin, Paris, 10-13/4 (SM)
Julia Klaring, Vienna, 10-12/4 (SM)
Akseli Virtanen, Helsinki, 10-15/4 (SM)
Johan Thelander, Stockholm, 10-17/4 (SM)
Anders Jacobson, Stockholm, 10-17/4 (SM)
Sigrid Gareis, Munich, 11-16/4 (SM)
Christian Topfner, Berlin, 11-19/4 (SM)
Marine Bikard, Paris, 12-15/4 (SM)
Laurent D-G, Paris, 13-18/4 (SM)
Antonia Baehr, Berlin 15-23/4 (s)
Antonia Baehr,Berlin 15-23/4
Sabine Ercklentz,Berlin 15-23/4
Andrea Neumann,Berlin 15-23/4
Arantxa Martinez,Berlin 15-23/4
William Wheeler,Berlin 15-23/4
Susana Bloch, Berlin, 15-28/4
Anne-Lise Gabold, Berlin, 20-28/4
Peter McAllister, London,15-22/4
Marita Amorgianou, Madrid,15-28/4
Peter Zollman, Berlin, 15-23/25/4
Alice Heras,Paris, 16-25/4
Cornelis van den Berg, Amsterdam,16-30/4
Dan Lucas Estero, La Paz, 17/4-17/5
Erna Omarsdottir, Reykjavic, 17/4-1/5(d)
Valdimar Johannsson, Reykjavic, 17/4-1/5(d)
Sigridur Soffia Nielsdottir, Reykjavic, 19/4-1/5
Marika Hedemyr,Goteborg, 19/4-2/5 (p)
Sigbjørn Skåden, Tromso, 20/4-20/5
Karin Modigh, Älvsjö 25/4-1/5 (p)
Cornelis Vandenberg, Amsterdam, 22-31/5
Alicia House, Sidney, 23/5-1/6
Elizabeth Svarstad Lauritsen, Stockholm 25/4-1/5 (p)
Antonija Livingstone, Montreal, 27/4-1/5
Lucy Conochie, Manchester, 27/4-23/7
Monika Behrens, Sydney, 2/5-1/6
Ditte pelgrom, Amsterdam, 2-16/5
Magne Vandenberg, Amsterdam, 2-16/5
Paul Sixta, Rotterdam, 5-13/5
Delphine Lorenzo, Paris, 9-23/5 (d)
Denis Savary, Paris, 9-23/5 (d)
Alvaro Martinez Leon, Madrid, 9-13/5 (d)
Alvaro Martinez Leon, Madrid, 9-13/5 (d)
Min Kyoung Lee, Seoul, 10-23/5
Ecole d'Art, Rueil-Malmaison, 13 pers, dont 2 prof 10-18/5
Ed Clive, Berlin, 11-25/5
Maria Naidu, Malmo, 14-18/5, (p)
Christel Molin, Malmo, 14-28/5 (p)
Emma Ribbing, Malmo, 14-28/5 (p)
Annou Nilsson, Malmo, 14-28/5 (p)
Marito Olsson Forsberg, Rio de Janeiro, 14-28/5 (p)
Miguel Cortés , Malmo, 14-28/5 (p)(d)
Malin Skoglund, Malmo, 14-28/5 (p)(d)
SNDO,Katerina Bakatsaki, 9 pers. 15-22/5 (s)
Florent Hamon, Paris, 17-23/5
Cornelis Vandenberg, 22-30/5
Alicia House, New York, 23/5-1/6
Silas Bieri, Bienne, 24-30/5
Lina Maria Lissia,Rome, 28-31/5
Karen Lambaek, Copenhagen, 30/5-5/6
Hanna Barfod, Oslo, 31/5-7/6
Anne Storberget,Oslo, 31/5-7/6
Ditteke Waidelich, Oslo, 31/5-7/6
Itonje Søimer,Oslo, 31/5-7/6
Megan Ehrhart, New York, 1-30/6
Amanda Almon, Nicaragua, 1-30/6
Jenn Koiter, Chicago, 1-4/6
Melati Pandji, Australia, 1/6-31/7
Kevin Vaughn, Melbourne, 1/6-30/6
Monika Behrens, Melbourne, 2-8/6 (d)
Rochelle Haley, Melbourne, 2-8/6 (d)
Hanna Wieslander, Stockholm, 2-14/6
Blanchard, St.Erme, 20 pers 3/6
Maya Bouquet, Paris, 4-5/6
Gregory Castera, Paris, 4-5/6
Josefine Larson Olin, Saltsjobaden, 7/6-20/6(p)
Helena Stenqvist, Svedala, 7/6-20/6 (p)
Stina Nyberg, Stockholm, 7/6-20/6 (p)
Marcela Donato, Berlin, 7-13/6
Kristian Husted , Copenhagen, 7-13/6
Kristian Husted , Copenhagen, 7-13/6
Kristian Husted , Copenhagen, 7-13/6
Kristian Husted , Copenhagen, 7-13/6
Kristian Husted , Copenhagen, 7-13/6
Kristian Husted , Copenhagen, 9-13/6
Bart Roman,Madrid, 7-20/6
Dorothé Depeauw, Brussels, 7-11/6
Rachel Dean,London, 8-17/6
Peter Svenzon, Goteborg, 9/6-17/6(p)(d)
Ulrika Fernqvist,Stockholm 9/6-17/6(p)(d)
Barbara Garaci, Bruxelles, 10-13/6
Barbara Garaci, Bruxelles, 10-13/6
Min Kyoung Lee, Seoul,12-18/6
Pontus Berghe, Berlin, 12/6(d)
Susanne Mayer, Berlin, 13-20/6
Maya Bouquet, Rio de Janeiro, 14-16/6
Dorothé Depeauw, Brussels,14-17/6
Anna Westberg, Goteborg, 14-27/6(p)
Joel Brindefalk, Goteborg, 14-27/6(p)
Denis Savary,Paris, 14-29/6 (d)
Delphine Lorenzo, Paris, 14-29/6 (d)
De Balie,Ellen Walraven, Amsterdam, 9 pers. 16-18/6
Florin Flueras, Bucarest, 16-24/6 (dv)
Nicholas Bussmann, Berlin, 24/6-3/7
Tony Thatcher, Laban London, Utrecht Conservatoire, 8-12 persons, 27/6-13/7, between 7-10/7, 30 pers.
Perrine Bailleux, Paris,28/6-11/7
Mischa Cohen, Amsterdam, 28/6-1/7
David Cohen, Amsterdam, 28/6-1/7
Cris Simon, Paris, 30/6-30/7
Clement Layes, Berlin 1/7-4/7
Blanchard, St.Erme, 40 pers 3/7
Liz Claire, Paris, 4-14/7(d)
Marcos Pujol, Paris, 4-14/7(d)
Laura Ann Samuelson, Paris, 4-14/7(d)
Maya Orchin, Paris, 4-14/7(d)
Marianne Stranger, Oslo, 4-18/7 (d)
Thomas Østgaard, Oslo, 4-18/7 (d)
Carlijn Metselaar, Amsterdam, 4-29/7
Rochelle Haley, Paris, 1-30/7(d)
Monika, Paris, 1-30/7 (d)
Marion Ruchti,Paris, 5-11/7
Sarath Amarasingam, Paris, 5-11/7
Lucy Conochie, Cambridge, 5-22/7
Delphine Lorenzo, Paris, 6-25/7(d)
Denis Savary,Paris, 6-25/7(d)
Marion Aubert, Paris, 8-11/7
Virginie Barreteau, Paris, 8-11/7
Gael Chaillat, Strassbourg, 8-18/7
Ariel Cypel, Strassbourg, 8-18/7
Leonie Kuipers, Amsterdam, 10-21/7
Helena Högberg,Slite, 12-18/7(p)
Maud Karlsson, Uppsala, 12-18/7(p)
Florian Kiniques, Bruxelles, 15-27/7
Antoine Israel, Bruxelles, 15-27/7
Ariane Loze, Brussels, 15-23/7
Jeroen Coppens, Brussels, 15-23/7
Batya Wolff, Amsterdam, 17-25/7
Brooke Stamp, Melbourne, 19/7-30/9 (SU)
Clemens de Olde, Amsterdam, 19-30/7
Heikelien van den Herik,Amsterdam, 19-30/7
Bettina MASSON, Paris, 22-28/7
Cyril LECLERC, Paris, 22-28/7
Hessel Stuut, Amsterdam, 23-30/31/7
Floris Deerenberg, 23-30/31/7
Lise Romagny, Marseille, 23-30/7
Apass, Antwerp, 24 pers, 23-30/7
Bojana Cvejic, Brussel, 23/7-19/8 (SU)
Eszter Salamon, Berlin, 23/7-19/8 (SU)(d)
Ana Monteiro, Lisbon, 28/7-28/9 (SU)
Perrine Bailleux, Paris, 28/7-10/8 (SU)
Marcus Doverud, Stockholm, 29/7-9/8 (SU)
Emma Kim-Hagdahl, Stockholm, 29/7-9/8 (SU)
Eszter Salamon, Berlin, 25/7-19/8 (SU)(d)
Esthel Vogrig, Mexico City, 29/7-7/8 (SU)
Gillie Kleiman, london, 29/7-10/8 (SU)
Anna Dwight, Berlin, 29/7-9/8 (SU)
Catherine Forsayeth, Melbourne, 29/7-29/8
Xavier Le Roy, Montpellier, 30/7-7/8 (SU)(d)
Berno Odo Polzer, Bruxelles, 30/7-8/8 (SU)
Batard Festival, Sara,Bruxelles 12 pers. 30/7-1/2
Dmitry Paranyushkin, Moscou,30/7-8/8 (SU)
Deanne Butterworth, Sydney, 30/7-8/8 (SU)
Wojtek Ziemilski, Warschau, 30/7-8/8 (SU)
Ilse Ghekiere, Brussels, 30/7-8/8 (SU)
Diego Agullo, Berlin, 30/7-8/8 (SU)
Sara Lindström, Stockholm,29/7-9/8 (SU)(p)
Klara Lee Lundberg,Stockholm,30/7-8/8 (SU)(p)
Samuel Forsythe, Manilla, 30/7-8/8 (SU)
Zoe Salmon, Paris, 30/7-7/7 (SU)
Clement Layes, Berlin, 30/7-1/8 (SU)(d)
Jasna,Berlin, 30/7-1/8 (SU)(d)
Marten Spangberg, Stockholm, 31/7-8/8 (SU)(d)
Kroot Juurak, Tallinn, 31/7-8/8 (SU)(d)
Christian Töpfner, Berlin, 31/7-8/8 (SU)
Dagna Jakubowska, Warsaw, 31/7-8/8 (SU)
Andrew Hardwidge, Glasgow, 31/7-8/8 (SU)
Catherine Forsayeth, Melbourne,2/8-2/9 (SU)
Laurence Wagner, Bordeaux, 2-6/8 (SU)(d)
Guillaume Guilherme, Geneva, 2-6/8 (SU)(d)
Marie Louise Stentebjerg, Bruxelles, 2-16/8 (SU)
Amélie Marnefe, Bruxelles,2-16/8 (SU)
Ingrid Cogne, Berlin, 2-8/8(d)(SU)
Minna Kiper, Gothenborg, 2-5/8 (SU)
Maya Boquet, Paris, 2-12/8 (SU)
Marina Wainer, Paris, 2-8/8 (SU)
Valerie de la Chapelle, 2-8/8 (SU)
Eva Maria Küpfer, Berlin, 2-8/8(SU)
Owen Hoskins, Paramaribo, 3-8/8 (SU)
Catherine Forsayeth, Melbourne, 3/8-
Laurent DG, Paris, 4-9/8 (SU)
Joel, Paris,4-9/8 (SU)
Jessica Lewis, Melbourne, 4-8/8 (SU)
Saara Hannula, Helsinki, 5-18/8 (SU)
Julien Ochala,Berlin, 6-8/8(d)(SU)
Flora Detraz, Paris, plus 6 personnes, 8/8-22/8 (c)
Alice Cummins, Melbourne, 8-17/8
Sarita Beraha, Paris, 8-17/8
Marinke Eijgenraam, Amsterdam, 8-17/8
Paulien Truijen,Amsterdam, 8-17/8
Manon Avermaete, Brussels, 8-17/8
Geoff Gilson, Wellington, 8-17/8
Josh Rutter, Wellington 8-17/8
Jeff Henderson, Wellington, 8-17/8
Stephen Bain, Wellington, 8-17/8(d)
Nisha Madhan,Wellington, 8-17/8(d)
Lenka Luptakova, Bratislawa, 8-12/8
Danny Verstegen, Gent, 9-17/8
Malin Nagel, Berlin,9-21/8
Artemis Kitsios, Melbourne, 9-22/8
Francis Guilbert, Paris, 11-25/8
Constant Guilbert, Paris, 11-25/8
Eva Medin, paris, 13-20/8
Xavier Le Roy, Berlin, 14-17/8
Christiane Lazarowski, Krakow, 15-28/8
Marcela Santander, Paris, 16-20/8
Naomie Angus, Paris, 16-18/8
Lucy Conochie, Cambridge, 16-28/8
Hilarius Hofstede, Amsterdam, 16/8-16/9
Cecilia Downing, Bordeaux,17-25/8
Felicity Downing, Bordeaux,17-25/8
Sara McNulthy, London, 17-19/8
Hilarius Hofstede, Breda, 17-19/8
Annika Hyvärinen,Hagerstern, 18-29/8(p)
Johanna Klint,Stockholm, 18-29/8(p)
Maaike Warnaar, Amsterdam, 18/8-1/9 (d)
Tjerk-Jan, Amsterdam, 18/8-1/9 (d)
Atlanta Eke, Melbourne, 18/8-17/1/10 (WUM)
Liam Downing, Bordeaux,17-25/8
Jade Dewi Tyas Tunggal, Melbourne, 22-27/8
Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt, Berlin, 23-31/8
Lucie Tuma, Berlin, 23-31/8
Giuliana Prucca, 25/8-1/9
Anne Sophie Juvenal, Copenhagen, 26-29/8
Clyde Chabot, Paris, 26-29/8
Giuliana Prucca, Palermo, 26/8-2/9
Jan Kopp, Paris, 27/8-2/9
Erik de Vries,Bruxelles, 30/8-10/9
Marnix Rummens,Bruxelles, 1-8/9
Benjamin Vandewalle, Bruxelles, 30/8-10/9
Kurt, Bruxelles, 30/8-6/9
Adriano Wilfert Jensen, Amsterdam, 1/9-30/9
Lisa Hintereithner, Vienna, 2-6/9
Johanna Baldar +Vincent, Paris, 4-6/9 (d)
Peter Enroth, Helsinki, 4-22/9(d)
Sandra Lolax, Berlin, 4-22/9(d)
Adeline Mismerizer + 3 pers, Paris,6-9/9 (1d,2s)
Madeleine Fournier, Paris, 6-12/9
Jonas Chereau, Paris, 6-12/9
Lisa Groenhof, Amsterdam, 6-11/9
Mieke Hendrikse, Amsterdam,6-11/9
James Brennan, Melbourne, 6-13/9
Marinke Eijgenraam, Amsterdam, 8-14/9
Paulien Truijen,Amsterdam, 8-14/9
Manon Avermaete, Brussels, 8-14/9
Marion Uguen, Paris, 11-16/9
Eurydice Vial, Montevideo, 12-17/9
Marcus Doverud, Stockholm, 13-23/9
Henriette von Muenchausen, The Hague, 17-20/9
Alice Pons, Paris, 21-28/9
Jerika Brito, Lisbon, 22/9-3/10
Min Kyoung Lee, Seoul, 23/9-25/9
Gael Chaillat, Paris,23-28/9
Ariel Cypel, Paris,23-28/9
Sandra Iché, Paris, 25-29/9
Cecilia Downing, Melbourne, 26/9-2/10
Liam Downing, Melbourne, 26/9-2/10
Judith Duquemin, Sydney, 28/9=2/11 (c)
Frederieke Hijink, Almelo, 29/9-10/10
Hessel Stuut, Amsterdam, 3-7/10
Perrine Bailleux, Paris, 3-7/10
Laura Dannequin, Santiago, 5-11/10
Rosalind Goldberg, New York, 7-30/10(d)
Melina Faka, Montevideo, 8-12/10
Wanja Slavin, Moscou, 7-18/10(d)
Kelly Alexander, Melbourne, 10-15/10
Gael Chaillat, Paris,21-26/10
Ariel Cypel, Paris,21-26/10
Allison Bell, London, 15/10-25/10
Gerrie de Vries, Amsterdam, 20-28/10 (d)
Klaas de Vries,Amsterdam, 20-28/10 (d)
Francis Guilbert, Paris, 20/10-1/11
Gael Chaillat, Paris,21-26/10
Ariel Cypel, Paris,21-26/10
Clyde Chabot, Paris, +7 personnes, 23-26/10
Margaux Amoros,Paris, 24-27/10
Cécile Brousse, Paris, 24-27/10
University of the Arts,Trondheim,13 pers, 24-31/10
Abdelhak Terroufi, Paris, 31/10-4/11
Jens Sethzman,Stockholm, 1-28/11(p)
Kristine Slettevold,Stockholm, 1-28/11(p)
Virginie Bobin, Paris, 5-7/11 (d)
Bachir Soussi-Chiadmi,Paris, 5-7/11 (d)
Nicolas Couturier, Strassbourg, 5-7/11
Julien Gargot,Paris, 5-7/11
Marion Uguen, Paris, 8-23/11
Tam Pontopidan, Berlin, 9-18/11(d)
Natassa, Berlin,9-13/11(d)
Various Artists, 12 pers, Brussels 10-14/11
Caroline Bijl, Amsterdam, 11-16/11
Carina Reich,Stockholm, 13-20/11(p)
Bogdan Szyber,Arsta, 13-20/11(p)
Nohemy Adrian, Amsterdam, 14-17/11
Laura, Paris, 15-23/11
Maria Lucia Apass, Antwerp, 18-23/11
APASS, masters, Antwerp, 22 pers. 23-30/11
Vincent le Roy,Paris, 28/11-5/12
Khondo video, 5 pers.Paris, 29/11-1/12 (1d)
Eddy Pallaro, Bordeaux, 1-9/12
Isabel Cuesta, Madrid, 2-12/12
Frederic Danos, Paris, 3-6/12
Cédric Scandella,Paris, 3-6/12
Damien Schultz, Paris, 6-13/12
Yves Chevalier, Paris, 6-13/12
Daniel Kötter, Hannover, 8-12/12
Hamburg University, Performance studies, 23 pers 8-15/12
Marco Demian Vitanza, Oslo, 11/12-10/1 (WUM)
Mollecular/Virtanen, Helsinki, 13pers, 12-19/12
Mollecular/Brazil, 2pers,1d, 12-19/12
Mollecular/Paris, 3 pers, 1 d, 14-17/12
Mollecular Paris, Carla, Violetta, Delphine 16/12
Florin Flueras, Bucharest, 13/12-13/01 (WUM)d
Violetta, Delphine, Carla, Paris, 16-17/12
Marcus Doverud, Stockholm, 17/12-17/1(WUM)
Hallie R Lahuta, Chicago, 18/12-16/1(WUM)
Xavier Le Roy, Montpellier, 20/12-17/1 (WUM)
Marten Spangberg, Stockholm, 20/12-17/1(WUM)
Kroot Juurak, Tallinn, 20/12-17/1(WUM)
Christine De Smedt,Gent, 20/12-17/1(WUM)
Perrine Bailleux, Paris, 20/12-17/1(WUM)
Maria Hassabi, New York, 20/12-17/1(WUM)
Tea Tupajic, Zagreb, 20/12-17/1(WUM)(d)
Danjel Andersson, Stockholm, 29/12-2/1(WUM)(d)
Luis Miquel Felix, Lisbon, 20/12-17/1(WUM)
Neto Machado, Rio de Janeiro, 20/12-17/1(WUM)
Emma Kim Hagdahl, Stockholm, 20/12-17/1(WUM)
Berno Odo Polzer, Brussels, 20/12-17/1(WUM)
Atlanta Eke, Melbourne, 20/12-17/1(WUM)
Lenio Kaklea, Paris, 21/12-29/12 (WUM)
Joel Grip, Berlin, 22/12-4/1 (WUM)
Eszter Salamon, Budapest, 25/12-3/1 (WUM) (d)
Daniel Israelsson, Stockholm, 26/12-3/1 (WUM)d
Maline Casta, Stockholm, 26/12-3/1 (WUM)d
Johan Bergqvist, Stockholm, 26/12-3/1 (WUM)
Dmitry Paranyushkin, Moscou, 26/12-2/1 (WUM)
Johannes Wengel, Berlin, 26/12-2/1 (WUM)
Christian Topfner, Berlin, 26/12-3/1(WUM)
Daniel Jenatsch, Berlin, 26/12-2/1(WUM)
Joannes Vandermeulen, Brussels, 26/12-31/1(WUM)
Jean-Felix Marecaux, Lille, 26/12-2/1(WUM)
Eric Green, London,26/12-2/1(WUM)
Nina Kurtela, Madrid, 26/12-2/1 (WUM)
Ben Evans, Paris, 26-30/12(WUM)
Cicilia Östholm, Athens, 26/12-3/1(WUM)
Dragana Bulut, 26/12-2/1(WUM)
Petra Sabisch, Berlin, 27/12-7/1(WUM)
Ian William Galloway,London,27/12-3/1(WUM)
Kaspar Aus, Zagreb, 27/12-5/1 (WUM)
George Mallory, Olivia Fairweather, London,27/12-2/1(WUM)
Andrew Hardwidge, London, 27/12-2/1(WUM)(d)
Laurent-D Garnier et Joel, Cambridge, 27/12-2/1(WUM)
Mireia Lopez-Cortinas, Barcelona, 28/12-3/1 (WUM)
Lucie Eidenbenz, Geneva, 28/12-2/1 (WUM)
Ulrika Berg, Stockholm, 28/12-4/1 (WUM)
Johanna, Paris, 28/12-2/1(WUM)
Diana Reddington, Zagreb, 28/12-5/1 (WUM)
Lina Palmgren, Paris, 28/12-4/1
Kajsa Sandstrom, Brussels, 29/12-4/1 (WUM)(d)
Remy, Brussels, 29/12-4/1 (WUM)(d)
Frederic Danos, Paris, 30/12-3/1(WUM)
Bojana Cvejic, Bruxelles, 30/12-3/1(WUM)(d)
Vladimir, Paris,30/12-3/1(WUM)(d)
Love Kalmann,Paris, 30/12-5/1(WUM)(d)
Petra,Paris, 30/12-5/1(WUM)(d)

Presentations of PAF in 2010
Moscou, Stanislawski Teatre, 2/2 Jan Ritsema
Stockholm, Conference TTT, 5/3 Jan Ritsema
Reykjavik, National Theatre, 19/9 Jan Ritsema
Novi Sad, 26/11 Bojana Cvejic, Ana Vujanovic, Marta Popivoda

List of guests PAF in 2011

Kroot Juurak, Tallinn, 21/12-8/1
Marten Spangberg, Stockholm, 21/12-8/1
Uri Turkenich, Stockholm, 21/12-8/1
Olivia Lioret, Paris, 26/12-15/1
Beate Baron, Berlin, 26/12-6/1
Christian Topfner, Graz, 26/12-9/1
Ana Monteiro, Lisbon, 28/12-15/1
Marcus Doverud, Stockholm, 28/12-9/1
Oystein Stene, Kopenhagen, 31/12-14/1
Jean-Felix Marecaux, Lille 2-8/1
Magne van den Berg, Amsterdam, 3/1-2/2
Claudia Muller, Rio de Janeiro, 3-6/1
Ana Mazzei, Sao Paulo, 3-30/1(br)
Petra Sabisch, Berlin, 5-7/1
Francois Pichaud, Paris, 7/8/1
Céline Cartillier, Paris, 9-19(d)
Mathieu Bouvier, Paris, 14-19(d)
Benjamin Bouchet, Lyon, 3 pers. 12-18/1
Coco Solid, Sydney, 11-14/1
Cornelis van den Berg, Amsterdam, 11-18/1
Gael Chaillat, Strasbourg, 12-22/1
Ariel Cypiel, Paris, 12-22/1
Ditte Pelgrom, Amsterdam, 14-21/1
Nicolas Hoffman, Stockholm, 16-22/1(p)
Salka Ardal Rosengren,Stockholm, 16-22/1(p)
Lotus Edde-Khouri, Paris, 16-21/1
Lotus Edde-Khouri, Paris, 16-21/1
Paola Pisciottano, Toulouse, 17-22/1
Marien Jongewaard, Amsterdam, 17-21/1
Lotus Edde-Khouri, Paris, 20-21/1
Virginie Mira, Paris, 20-26/1
Eric Burtschy, Paris, 20-26/1
Nicole Canto, Paris, 20-29/1
Tam Pontopidan, Berlin, 24/1-19/2(d)
Natassa, Berlin, 24/1-19/2(d)
Marten Spangberg, Stockholm, 24/1-14/2
Fiona James, London, 25/1-1/2(d)
Ed Clive, London, 25/1-1/2(d)
Tim Edkins, London, 25/1-1/2
Bob Lucas, San Francisco, 30/1-7/2
Dasha Shleyeva,New Dehli, 2-29/2
Gaëlle Faure, Paris, 3-7/2
Edy Poppy, Oslo, 15-29/2(d)
Damian Vitanza, 15-29/2(d)
Thomas Ryckewaert, Brussels, 17-25/2(jcb)
Manuela Zechner, Rio de janeiro, 19-22/2(d)
Bue Hansen, Kuala Lumper, 19-22/2(d)
Michel Assenmaker, 10/12 pers, 20-23/2
Ana Dimitrio, Madrid, 20-25/2
Riccardo Matlakas, Tadjikistan, 21-23/2
Ingrid Boe, Tromso, 21-26/2
Clyde Chabot, Paris, 21-24/2
Clyde Chabot, Paris, 21-24/2
Francis Hunger, Leipzig, 22-28/2
Adriano Jensen, Amsterdam, 5 pers 23-28/2
Donald Abad, Paris, 24-28/2 (d)
Tea, Paris, 24-28/2 (d)
Gael Chaillat, Strassbourg, 25/2-4/3
Ariel Cypiel, Paris, 25/2-4/3
Masha Rudnaya, Amsterdam, 24/2-1/3
Caroline Bijl, Amsterdam, 24/2-1/3
Yann Planchenault, Paris, 26/2-1/3
Art Academy Tromso, 10 pers, 26/2-7/3
8s +1d 2p 26/2-4/3 8p 26/2-7/3
Robert M Ochshorn, Maastricht, 26-28/2
Daf Harries, Maastricht, 26-28/2
Beldan Sezen,NoviGrad, 27/2-3/3
Catharina Teijema, Amsterdam, 29/2-6/3
Céline Auclair, Paris, 1-4/3(d)
Vincent, Paris, 1-4/3(d)
Richard Comte et Flora Gaudin, Paris, 2-4/3
Bojana Cvejic, Brussels, 2-16/3
Francois Coquerel, Paris,4 pers, 6/7/3
Choir, Brussels, 20 pers, 11-19/3
Boris Schmelzer, Brussels,11-19/3
Wim Scheyltjens, Brussels,11-19/3
Koen Broos, Brussels,11-19/3
Tomas Hendriks, Brussels,11-19/3
Alice Vandeputte, Brussels,11-19/3
Jurgen Slootmaeckers, Brussels,11-19/3
Roel Baesjou, grip, Brussels,11-19/3
Mirella Ruggiero, Brussels,11-19/3
Miquel Angel Alcaraz, Brussels,11-19/3
Seraina De Block, Brussels,11-19/3
Els Mostien,Brussels,11-19/3
Anna Teresa de Keersmaeker, Brussels, 11-19/3
Hannes Bruyneel, Brussels,11-19/3
Julien Monty, Brussels,11-19/3
Philippe Genet, Brussels,11-19/3
Thomas, Brussels,11-19/3
Jurgen Geevels, Brussels,11-19/3
Martin Lanz, Mexico City,12-19/3
Martin Lanz, Mexico City,12-19/3
Christian Topfner, Graz, 12/3-16/4(sm)
Marten Spangberg, Stockholm, 16-20/3
Kroot Juurak, Amsterdam, 16-20/3
Dan Lucas Estero, Los Angeles, 19/3-13/4(sm)
Rémy Héritier, Paris 19-21/3
Laurent Pichaud, Paris 19-21/3
Özlem Alkis, Paris 19-21/3
Nilo Gallego, Paris 19-21/3
Alice Chauchat, Paris 19-21/3
Claire Harsany, Paris 19-21/3
Virginie Bobin, Paris 19-21/3
Grégory Castéra, Paris 19-21/3
Ion Munduate, Paris 19-22/3(d)
Blanca Calvo, Paris 19-22/3(d)
Marijana Cvetkovic, Paris 19-22/3
Dalija Acin, Paris 19-22/3
Crissman Taylor, Utrecht, 5/6pers. 23-25/3
Natalie Cubides Brady, Sao Paulo, 23-31/3
A.Pass, Advanced Studies, Antwerp, 21 pers, 26/3-1/4
Siri Hjorton Wagner, Stockholm, 31/3-12/4(sm)
Thomas Ryckewaert, Antwerpen, 31/3-11/4
Pavlos Kountouriotis, Manchester, 31/3-16/4 (sm)
Marten Spangberg, St.Erme, 1-12/4(sm)
Ana Dubljevic, Sarajewo, 1-11/4 (sm)
Kroot Juurak, Tallinn, 1-12/4(sm)
Rebecka Stillman, Stockholm, 1-11/4(sm)
Eliisa Erävalo, Stockholm, 4-11/4(sm)
Uri Turkenich, Stockholm, 1-11/4(sm)
Alejandra Pompo, Lima, 1-11/4 (sm)
Yoan Durant, Paris, 1-11/4 (sm) (d)
Margot Dorleans, Paris,7-11/4(sm) (d)
Larraitz Torres, Santiago, 2-11/4(sm)
Markus Doverud, Stockholm,1-12/4(sm)
Annie Dorsen, New York, 2-11/4(sm)
Ilse Ghekiere, Brussels, 2-8/4(sm)
Petra Sabisch, Berlin, 1-15/4 (sm)
Tom Engels, Giessen, 1-15/5(sm)
Caroline Byström, Giessen, 1-12/4(sm)
Bettina Földesi, Giessen, 1-12/4(sm)
Stefan Hölscher, Giessen, 1-12/4(sm)
Ajda Tomazin, Giessen,Giessen, 1-12/4
Seung hee Lee, Giessen, 1-12/4(sm)
Rosalind Goldberg, berlin, 1-11/4(sm)(p)
Lucy Conochie, London, 1-10/4(sm)(d)
Ben Conochie, London, 1-10/4(d)
Tümay Kilinkel, Giessen, 1-8/4(sm)
Hanako Hoshimi, Tokyo, 2-8/4(sm)
Valeria Graziano, Turin, 3-9/4(sm)
Sandberg Institute MA Fine Arts, Amsterdam, 2-9/4 11pers (sm)
Roi Alter, Tel Aviv
Yosuke Amemiya, Tokyo
David Bernstein, New York
Valentina Desideri, Rome
Sergei Inja, Rotterdam
Aapo Nikkanen, Helsinki
Jurgis Paskevicius, Vilnius
Raimundas Malašauskas, Brussels
Aaron Schuster, Berlin
Robert Steyn, Vienna,1-4
Maria Hassabi, New York, 1-8/4(sm)
Aron Schuster, New York, 2-19/4(sms)
Katalin Lengyel,Budapest, 2-11/4(sm)
Dmitry Paranyushkin, Moscou, 2-11/4(sm)
Tanja Deman, Londres, 2-11/4(sm)
Zoe Poluch, Stockholm, 2-11/4(sm)
Stina Nyberg,Stockholm, 2-11/4(sm)
Linnea Martinsson,Stockholm, 2-11/4(sm)
Amanda Prince-Lubawy, Manchester, 2-7(sm)(d)
Christopher Hutchings, Liverpool, 2-7(sm)(d)
Jungyun Bae, Giessen, 2-5.4(sm)
Janessa Clark, Honolulu, 3-6/4(sm)
Georg Doecker, Frankfurt, 3-8/4(sm)
Randy Martin, New York, 4-7/4(sm)
Gerald Siegmund, Giessen, 4-7/4(sm)
Fiona James, Rotterdam, 4-12/4(sm)
Emma Kim Hagdahl, Stockholm, 4-11/4(sm)(d)
Nina Vallon, Berlin, 3-8/4(sm)(d)
Norbert Pape,Berlin, 3-8/4(sm)(d)
Ulrike Berg, Stockholm,2-9/4 (sm) (d)
Stefanie Knobel, Giessen, 3-19/4(sm)
Randy Martin, New York, 5-8/4(sm)
Yoann Durant, Paris, 5-11/4 (sm) (d)
Margot Dorleans, Paris,6-11/4(sm) (d)
Luciana Parisi, London, 7-11/4(sm)
Kiriakos Hadjiioannou, 5-10/4(sm)(d)
Boris Brüderlin: 5-9/4(sm)(d)
Alan Twitchell, Birsfelden, 5-9/4(sm)(d)
Kristine Preuss, Birsfelden, 5-9/4(sm)(d)
Sigridur soffia Nielsdóttir, Reykjavik, 6-13(sm)
Sigridur soffia Nielsdóttir, Reykjavik, 6-13(sm)
Liisa Pentti, Helsinki, 6-11/4(sm)
Kayla Dogan-Bowtell, Manchester, 6-12/4 (sm)
Tessa Theisen, Giessen, 8-15/4(sm)
MA Choreography, University of Lincoln:
Gemma Jones, Manchester, 8-12/4(sm)
Nikki Mclucky, Manchester, 8-12/4(sm)
Katherine Anderson, Manchester, 8-12/4(sm)
Iva Sveshtarova, Giessen, 10-15/4(sm)
Luciana Mariano, Sao Paulo, 11/4-11/5
Kirsty Bell, Los Angelos, 12-8/4
Céline Auclair, Paris, 13-15/4
Laurence, Paris, 13-15/4
Marion,Paris, 13-15/4
Benjamin Bouchet, Paris, 13-15/4(d)
Benjamin Bouchet, Paris, 13-15/4(d)
Flora Gaudin, Paris, 19-22/4
Richard Comte, Paris, 19-22/4
Lana Hansen, Greenland, 20/4-5/5
Carla Bottiglieri, Paris, 21-28/4
Liisa Pentti, Helsinki, 21-28/4
Johanna Ikola, Helsinki, 23-27/4
Lightdesigner Liisa, helsinkim 22-25/4
Sanna van Hek, Amsterdam, 25-3/5
Caroline Darchen, Amiens, 6 pers, 26-28/4
Christelle Evita, Rio de Janeiro, 29/4-1/5
Malinca Verwiel, 4 pers, 1-6/5
Jules Herrmann, Berlin, 6-16/5
k.g.Guttman, Montreal, 6-19/5
Yasin Aliraza, Teheran, 8-14/5
Ingrid Cogne, Stockholm, 8-17/5(p)
Maya Bouquet, Paris, 8-17/5(p)
Marina Rozenman, Paris, 7-13/5
Xuan Li, Peking, 8-11/5
Olivier Normand, Paris, 8-21/5
Theresa M.Diamond, New York, 10-31/5
Fleur Elise Noble, Melbourne, 11-15/5
Theresa Diamond, Paris, 11-30/5
Alexandre Santos, Amiens, 13-22/5
Nicolas-Pierre Réveillard, Paris, 13-23/5
Sanne van Hek, Amsterdam 13-19/5
Gerard Snels, Amsterdam, 13-22/5
Gerard Snels, Amsterdam, 13-22/5
Sara Henning, Vancouver, 13-28/5
Milka Djordjevich, San Francisco, 17-24/5
Chris Peck, San Francisco, 17-24/5
Christelle Evita, Madrid, 17-20/5
Jenny Lauro Mariani, Paris, 6 pers. 17-20/5
Geneviève Smith-Courtois, Montreal, 20/5-20/8(su)
Queen Mary University, London, 7pers:
Stefano Harney, London, 21-25/5
Matteo Mandarini 21-23/523rd)
Gerard Hanlon, 21-24/5
Valeria Graziano, 21-24/5
Tim Edkins, 21-25/5
Amit Rai, 21-24/5
Marina Vishmidt, 21-24/5
Stephen Shukaitis, 21-24/5
Stephen Dunne, 21-24/5(tbc)
Lucy Conochie, London 22-28/5(d)
Ben,London 22-28/5(d)
Jack Killick,London 22-28/5
Nicolas-Pierre Réveillard, Montreal, 23/5-1/6
Cecilie Levy, Amsterdam, 24-28/5
Phos, Paris, 24-28/5
Elisa Webcat, Dresden, 25/5-5/6
Laura Dannequin, Bristol, 30/5-5/6
Stefan Baeir, Brussels, 30/5-5/6
Uri Turkenich, Stockholm, 1-4/6
Tessa, Wellington, 1-14/6
Noel Meek, Wellington, 1-23/6
Jukka Korpi, Stockholm, 2-8/6(p)
Pieter Hendrikx, Antwerpen, 3-7/6
Brecht Hermans, Antwerpen, 3-7/6
Pieterjan Hermans, Antwerpen, 3-7/6
Kai Eng, Singapore, 4-16/6,
Sviatlana Viarbitskaya, Belarus, 4-16/6
Gina Moss, Wellington, 4-16/6
Gina Moss, Wellington, 4-16/6
Quindell Orton, Los Angeles, 4 pers 4-11/12/6
Gabrielle Rose, Berlin, 7-14/6
Rob McCredie, Berlin, 7-14/6
Esra Saglik,Reykjavik, 10-20/6
Annie Dorsen, New York, 10-14/6
Michael Coja, Paris, 11-16/6
Muriel Habrard, Paris, 13-16/6
Marina Rozenman, Paris, 14-16/6
Crisman Taylor, Amsterdam, 4 pers, 15-18/6 (2d)
Lenio Kaklea, Paris, 17/6-15/7
Renae Shadler, Melbourne, 18-25/6
Vincent Beaubois, Paris, 18-22/6(d)
Celine Auclair, Paris,19-20/6(d)
Lucie Tuma, Zûrich, 8 pers 18-29/6
Max Haas,20-27/6
Carla Bottiglieri, Paris, 21-26/6
Andreas Liebmann, 22-27/6
Julie Laporte, 22-28/6
Ewelina Guzik, 23-27/6
Sophia Ribeiro, 23-27/6
Muriel Habrard, Paris,20-23/7
Anneleen Louwes, Amsterdam 22/6-1/7
Claudia Hill, Berlin, 24-30/6
Kirsty Bell,Berlin, 24-30/6
Annie Dorsen, New york, 24-30/6
Sophie Hamacher, Berlin, 24-29/6
Anna Westberg, Stockholm, 25/6-15/7(p)
Roeland Hofman, Amsterdam, 3 pers 25-30/6
Nicolas Siepen, Berlin, 25-30/6(d)
Caroline Bijl, Amsterdam, 28/7-4/6
Richard Comte, Paris, 29/6-3/7
Etienne Candela, Paris, 29/6-3/7
Helen Yung, Canada, 30/6-4/7
Burkhard Stangl, Vienna, 3-10/7
Guillaume Ruelland, Paris, 5pers,1-2/7
(katia, alexis, benoît, guillaume et hélène)
Frank Albers, Brussels, 1-14/7
Bernard Dewulf, Brussels, 1-8/7
Nadine, Brussels, 15 pers. 2-9/7
Carine Merlino, Paris, 2/7-2/8 (su)
Jasper Engel, Amsterdam, 9-24/7
Caroline Kramer, Amsterdam, 9-22/7
Johanna Ikola, Helsinki, 9-15/7
Melanie Jung, Berlin, 9-29/7(su)
Mieke Hendrikse, Arnhem,10-15/7
Claudia Schouten, Arnhem,10-15/7
Olga Lozeman, Arnhem,10-15/7
Sammi Landweer, Amsterdam 10-21/7
Itonje Søimer Guttormsen, Oslo, 12-25/7
Dan Lucas, Los Angelos, 12/7-15/8(su)
Sharmaine Browne, Silverlake,USA, 13/7-13/8 (d)(su)
Tamara Browne, Madrid, 13/7-13/8 (d)(su)
Malinca Verwiel, Weesp, 13-27/7
Caroline Bijl, Amsterdam, 14-22/7
Ruth Mellaerts, Anvers, 15-22/7(d)
Ruth Mellaerts, Anvers, 15-22/7(d)
Bojana Cvejic, Brussels, 15-18/7
Heike Bröckerhoff, Hamburg, 16-23/7
Ann-Katrin Quednau, Hamburg, 16-23/7
Jonas Woltemate, Hamburg, 16-23/7
Alice Peragine, Hamburg, 16-23/7
Edda Sickinger, Hamburg, 16-23/7
Christine Grosche, Hamburg, 16-23/7
Pepa Ubera,Hamburg, 17-24/7
Ive Leemans, Antwerp, 17-23/7(a.pass)
Jan Op de Beeck, Brussels, 19-26/7
Tony Currie, Melbourne, 4 pers 18-24/7
Tony Currie, Melbourne, 21-24/7
Amy Wiseman, Perth, 22-27/7
Jules Herrmann, Berlin, 22-28/7
Holly Durant, Melbourne, 23-27/7
Holly Durant, Melbourne, 23-31/7(su)
Holly Durant, Melbourne, 23-31/7(su)
George Hughes,Philadelphia, 23-28/7 (cc)
Nathan Vecht, Amsterdam, 23-28/7
A.Pass, Advanced Studies, Antwerp, 19 pers,23-29/7 (17 p 28/29)
George Hughes, New York, 23-28/7
Sophie Kienhuis, Amsterdam, 23-28/7
Perrine Bailleux, Paris, 23/7-8/8(su)
Stephanie Barbier, Paris, 24-27/7
Annabelle, Paris, 24-27/7
Christian Topfner, Vienna, 24/7-13/8 (su)
Lotus Ede-Khouri, Istanbul, 25-31/7(d)
Lotus Ede-Khouri, Istanbul, 25-31/7(d)
Lotus Ede-Khouri, Istanbul, 25/7-1/8
Lotus Ede-Khouri, Istanbul, 28/7-1/8
Montgomery Knott, Brooklyn NY, 27/7-16/8(su)
Jan Philipp Stange, Frankfurt, 27/7-8/8(su)
Agnès Vannouvong, Paris,28/7-8/8(su)
Yoann Durant, Paris, 28/7-5/8(su)
Julien Desprez, Paris, 28/7-2/8(su)
Siri Hjorton Wagner, Stockholm, 28/7-8/8(su)
Dorna Aslanzadeh, London, 28/7-8/8(su)
Norbert Pape, Berlin, 28/7-7/8(su)
Christian Filips, Berlin, 28/7-7/8(su)
Julia Giertz, Paris, 28/7-8/8(su)
Michelle Outram, Paris, 28/7-8/8(su)
Adva Zakai, Brussels, 28/7-8/8 (su)(d)
Adva Zakai, Brussels, 28/7-8/8 (su)(d)
Gerrie de Vries, Amsterdam, 28/7-8/8 (su)(d)
Klaas de Vries, Amsterdam, 28/7-8/8 (su)(d)
Verena Steiner, Berlin, 28/7-8/8(su)
Nia Damerell, Oslo, 28/7-4/8(su)
Anna Gaïotti, Angers, 28/7-8/8(su)
Christina Vantzou, Santiago de Chili, 28/7-1/8(su)
Philipp Bergmann, Frankfurt, 28/7-8/8(su)
Simone Marie Mortensen, Copenhagen,28/7-8/8(su)
Maja Hammarén, Goteborg, 28/7-2/8
Sarah Aiken, Melbourne, 29/7-5/8(su)
Svetlana Grishina, Wladiwostok, 29/7-7/8(su)
Lea Petersen, Copenhagen, 30/7-8/8(su)
Irina Raskin, 30/7-5/8(su)
Sviatlana Viarbitskaya, Minsk, 30/7-8/8(su)
Lenio Kaklea, Paris, 30/7-5/8 (su)(d)
Lou Kaklea, Paris, 30/7-5/8 (su)(d)
Stef Meul, Gent, 30/7-6/8(su)
Marie Topp, Copenhagen, 31/7-7/8 (su)
Chrysi Papaioannou, Leeds, 31/7-7/8 (su)
Lonneke van Heugten, Amsterdam, 1-8/8(su)
Joannes Vandermeulen, Brussels, 2-8/8 (su)
Tyler Matthew Oyer, Los Angelos, 2-8/8(su)
Marten Spangberg, Stockholm, 2-7/8(su)
Clyde Chabot, Paris, 5-10/8(su)
Lucy Conochie, London, 6/8-10/9(su)(d)
Ben Conochie, London, 6/8-10/9(su)(d)
Jack Conochie, London, 6/8-10/9(su)
Helen Conochie, London, 6/8-10/9(su)
Saskia Oidtmann, London, 7-14/8
Steven Thelen, London, 7-14/8
Xuang Le, Shanghai, 7-9/8
Michael Schmid, Brussels, 10-18/8
Danny Verstegen, Antwerp, 9-17/8
Susan Allen, Valencia,CA/USA, 9-25/8
Joy Curtis Urlik, Torrence, CA/USA, 9-22/8
Prisca Lobjoy, Paris, 10-16/8
Marten Spangberg, Stockholm, 12-19/8
Carla Bottiglieri, Paris, 12/8-9/12
Kroot Juurak, Tallinn, 12-21/8
Astrid Menze, Berlin, 13-18/8
David Bergé, Brussels, 13/8-13/9
Bembo Davies, Bergen, 14-28/8
Sabrina Giampetrone, Marseillle, 14-28/8
Luna Paese, Roma, 15-20/8
Hamed Taheri, Berlin, 16-23/8 (d)
Elisa Rössler, Berlin, 16-23/8(d)
Stefan Baier, Graty, 16-20/8
Annabelle Pirlot, Paris, 18-23/8
DD Dorvillier, New York, 17-24/8
Ruth Mellaerts, Utrecht, 20-24/8(d)
Boris Mellaerts, Utrecht, 20-24/8(d)
Gabriel Widing, Stockholm, 23/8-5/9(p)
Ebba Petrén, Stockholm, 23/8-2/9(p)
Rob McCredie, Melbourne, 25-31/8
Master d'Expérimentation Arts et Politique de Sciences Po, Paris, 13 pers,(2d),29/8-1/9
Emilie Hermant, Singapore, 28/8-1/9(d)
Fabien Siouffi, Singapore,28/8-1/9(d)
Isabelle Stengers, Bruxelles, 29/8-1/9
Valerie Pihet, Paris, 29/8-1/9
Vinciane Despret, Liege, 29/8-1/9
Emilie Hache
Katrin Soldhju
Alexandra Compan-Tissier
Vincent Bergerat
Stéphanie Soudrain
Anne Collod
Cassiopée Guitteny
Fabrizio Terranova
Paola Pisciottano, Roma, 29/8-3/9
Carla Bottiglieri, Paris, 31/8-2/9(d)
Thomas Greil,Paris, 31/8-2/9(d)
Silvia Maglioni, Paris, 31/8-2/9(d)
Graeme Thomson, Paris, 31/8-2/9(d)
Brent Waterhouse, Paris, 29/8-2/9
Violeta Salvatierra,Paris, 30/8-2/9
Olivier Apprill, Paris, 31/8-2/9
Lette-Verein, Design School, Berlin, 23 pers, 1-6/9 (4d)
Pieterjan Schraepen, Anvers, 1-7/9
Kim Hortnoy, Oslo, 3-9/9
Lisa, Oslo, 3-9/9
Aron Schuster, Berlin, 4-18/9
Florian Japp, Berlin, 4-18/9
Gillian Hawkins, Portsmouth, 4/9-4/10
Iván López Cabello, Paris, 5-16/9
Brynn McNab, Vancouver, 5/9-20/10
Steven Thelen, Berlin, 5-30/9
Henk Blanken, Groningen, 6-19/9
Anne Lauroz, Paris, 6-9/9
Margot Simonney, Paris, 7-10/9
Luce Goutelle, Brussels, 6-9/9
Alice Williams, Sydney, 10-24/9
Olivia Webb, Auckland, 11/9=10/10
Ruth Margraff, Chicago, 14-30/9(d)
Ruth Margraff, Chicago, 14-30/9(d)
Joshua Lowe, Launceston, 15-22/9
Annaleen Louwes, Amsterdam, 15-23/9
David Hendrickx, Brussels, 15-29/9
Laura Gwynne, London, 16/9-17/10
Grazyna Roguski, Karlsruhe, 16-21/9(d)
Isabel Mehl, Karlsruhe, 16-22/9(d)
Clyde Chabot, Paris, 17-20/9
Laurence De La Fuente,Bordeaux,17-25/9
Cécile Saint Paul,Paris, 17-20/9
Eric Létourneau, Quebec,17-20/9
Rani Lavie, Tel Aviv, 19-26/9
Júlia Rocha, Rio de Janeiro, 19-22/9
Júlia Rocha, Rio de Janeiro, 19-22/9
Marten Spangberg, St.Erme, 19-27/9
Séverine Batier, Bordeaux, 20-25/9
EDDC reunion, Satya, 10 pers. 21-24/9 (2d,6s)
Kristina O'Donnell, Dublin, 22-26/9
Prue Lang, New York, 25/9-5/10 (+bs)
Douglas Bateman, New York, 25/9-5/10
Nina Vallon, Frankfurt,25/9-5/10
Nobert Pape, Frankfurt, 25/9-5/10
Asha Thomas, Teheran,25/9-5/10
Magnhild Fossum,Oslo, 27/9=8/10
Jeroen Visser,Zurich, 27/9=8/10
Simone Ivkovic, Sydney, 28/9-1/10(d)
Tayo Wilson, Sydney, 28/9-1/10(d)
Pieter-Jan van Campenhout, Brussels, 28/9-28/10
Anthony Pateras, Melbourne, 29/9-6/10
Marco Villari, Paris, 1-7/10
Henry Hütt, Tallinn, 9/10/12-1/2/13(wum)
Christian Toepfner, Graz, 2-30/10
Forrest Gillespie, Brooklyn, 2-20/10
Malinca Verwiel, Utrecht, 4-7/10
Mats Sivertsen, Oslo, 5-7/10
Lene Beck, Oslo, 5-7/10
Hamburg University, Performing Arts Studies, 23 pers, 5-11/10
Forrest Gillespie, Brroklyn, 5-25/10
Gabriele Klein, Hamburg, 6-11/10
Melanie Jung, Berlin, 8-12/10
Tam Pontopidan, Copenhagen, 12-22/10
Karel van der Sanden, Amsterdam, 12-26/10
Caroline Bijl, Amsterdam, 12-14/10
Evelyne Bijl, Amsterdam, 12-14/10
Sammi Landweer, Amsterdam, 12-24/10
Gregory Castera, Paris, 13-15/10
Sara Dufour,Paris, 13-15/10
Remy Scheelings, 3p, 13-19/10
Coline Soubieux,Paris, 14-15/10
Margot Dorleans, Paris, 15-19/10
Maxime Guillon-Roi-Sans-Sac, Paris, 15-19/10
Frank Gunning, Amsterdam, 17-24/10
Bonno Lange, Amsterdam, 17-22/10
Noortje Kohne, Amsterdam, 17-22/10
Pavle Heidler, Zagreb, 21/10-4/11(p)
Lisa Raedler, Stockholm,21/10-4/11(p)
Terence Diamond, New York, 25/10-1/12
Malena Beer, Paris, 26-29/10
Jean Michel, Paris, 26-29/10
Amy Plum, Paris, 29/10=4/11
Prisca Lobjoy, Paris, 1-5/11
Geoffrey Whitehall,Wolfville, Can, 1-30/11
Anne-Sophie Juvenal, Paris, 6-9/11
Anthony Roullier, Paris, 6-9/11
Dan Lucas, Cape Town, 7/11-7/1/13 (wum)
Marina Rozenman, Paris, 7-12/11
Perrine Bailleux, Paris, 12-21/11
Stephanie Barbier, Paris, 12-14/11
Julien, Paris, 13-14/11
Anne Pajunen, Helsinki, 14-21/11
Yoann Durant, Paris 15-17/11
Petra Zanki, Zagreb, 19/11-9/2
a.pass Masters, Bruxelles, 20 pers 26/11-2/12
Lucie Rifad, Frankfurt, 27/11-14/12
Laura Gwynne, Glasgow, 27/11-4/12
Gyung Moo Kim, Seoul, 28/11-4/12
Stephanie Barbier, Paris, 2-8/12
Isabelle Demarcy, Reims, 6 pers 2-4/12 (1d,3s)
Sara Kaustinen, Copenhagen, 3-19/12
Taryn McGovern, Copenhagen, 3-21/12
Laars&CO, Vincent Thomasset, 5 pers, 3-8/12
Perrine Bailleux, Amsterdam, 4-5/12
Margot Dorleans, Paris, 5-8/12
Maja Roel, Oslo, 5-21/12
Pieter-Jan van Campenhout, Antwerpen, 6-22/12
Martino Ferro, Roma, 6-14/12
Yumiko Hoshi, Tokyo, 7/12-7/1(wum)
SNDO, Amsterdam,9 pers, 9-22/12
Bojana Cvejic, Brussels, 9-22/12
Jan Ritsema, St.Erme, 9-22/12
Carla Bottiglieri, Paris, 9-11/12
Silvie and Graeme, Paris, 9-10/12(d)
Brent, Paris, 9-10/12
Danish National School for Performing Arts,Sara Gebran, 4-6 pers, 10-20/12
Paula Caspao, Paris, 10-20/12
Tine Oestergaard, Copenhagen, 11-21/12
Lucie Laricq, Paris, 11-15/12
CNDC, Angers, 13 pers, 12-18/12
Marluze da Cruz, Santiago, 13-19/12
Julie Rasmussen,Copenhagen, 13-18/12
DD Dorvillier, Paris, 13-19/12
Sabine Macher, Paris, 13-14/12
Isabelle Launay, Paris, 13-14/12
Carola Bärtschiger, Geneva, 13-21/12
Gemma Peramiquel Borjas, Copenhagen, 14-21/12
Maren Fidji Bjørneseth, Copenhagen, 16-18/12
Sara Gebran, Copenhagen, 15-20/12
Xavier Le Roy, Paris, 15-17/12
Chrystophe Wavelet,Paris, 15-18/12
Hilde I Sandvold,Copenhagen, 16-22/12
Barbara Foldesi, Copenhagen, 16-22/12
Christian Topfner, Graz, 18/12-8/1(wum)
Sviatlana Viarbitskaya, Minsk,19-29/12(wum)
Kai Eng, Singapore, 19-25/12
Marten Spangberg, St.Erme, 22/12-4/1(wum)
Alexander Jackson Wyatt, Sydney, 24/12-10/2/13(wum)(d)
Sophie Wolfson Keeling,Sydney,24/12-10/2/13(wum)(d)
Laurent-David Garnier, Cambridge, 26/12-3/1(wum)
Perrine Bailleux, Amsterdam, 26/12-3/1(wum)
Valentina Desideri, Amsterdam, 23/24/12-6/1(wum)
Dmitry Paranyushkin, Moscou, 24/12-11/1(wum)(3)
Begum Erciyas, Strassbourg, 25/12-3/1(wum)
Margot Dorleans, Paris, 26/12-3/1(wum)
Zoe Poluch, Stockholm, 26/12-7/1(wum)
Iris Julian, Vienna, 26/12-5/1(wum)
Ash Bulayev, New York, 26/12-4/1(wum)
Michiel Reynaert, Brussels, 26/12-3/1(wum)
Dorna Aslanzadeh, Teheran, 26/12-3/1(wum)
Jean-Félix Marécaux, Lille, 26/12-3/1(wum)
Marjana Krajac, Zagreb,26/12-3/1(wum)
Maja Hammarén, Stockholm, 26/12-3/1(wum)
Silvia Bottiroli, Santarcangelo, 26/12-3/1(wum)
Paola Granato,Santarcangelo, 26/12-2/1(wum)
Cecilia Palmer, Stockholm, 26/12-4/1(wum)
Cadine Navarro, Paris, 27/12-1/1(wum)
Uri Turkenich, Frankfurt, 26/12-5/1(wum)
Siri Hjorton Wagner, Stockholm, 26/12-3/1(wum)
Annick Kleizen, Amsterdam, 26/12-3/1(wum)
Verena Steiner, Frankfurt, 26/12-4/1(wum)
Caroline Kramer, Amsterdam, 27/12-3/1(wum)
Lies Lantinga, Leiden, 27/12-3/1(wum)
Michael Schmid, Bruxelles, 27/12-4/1(wum)
Inga Erdmane, Riga, 27/12-3/1(wum)
Ana Rocha, Porto, 27/12-1/2/1(wum)
David Bergé, Brussels, 27/12-3/1(wum)
Annie Dorsen, New York, 28/12-3/1(wum)
Maria Hassabi, New York, 28/12-2/1(wum)
Emma Kim Hagdahl, Stockholm, 28/12-3/1(wum)(d)
Maria Mushtrieva, Moscou, 28/12-3/1(wum) (3)
Yoann Durant, Paris, 28/12-3/1(wum)(d)
Stefan Tiron, Bucarest, 28/12-6/01(wum)
Mikaela Assolent, Paris, 28-29/12(wum)
Flora Katz, Paris, 28-29/12(wum)
Adriano Jensen, Amsterdam, 28/12-3/1(wum)(d)
Emma Daniel, Amsterdam, 28/12-3/1(wum)(d)
Jessica Sligter, Tanger, 28/12-4/1(wum)
Daniela Bershan, Teheran, 28/12-6/1(wum)
Kroot Juurak, Tallinn, 28/12-3/4/1(wum)
Sophie Hamacher, Berlin, 28/12-2/1(wum)
Iris Touliatou, Paris, 2/12-2/1(wum)(d)
Laurent Laughlin, Paris, 30/12-2/3(wum)(d)
Sasa Asentic, Novi Sad, 29/12-4/1(wum)(d)
Alexandre Achour, Berlin, 29/12-4/1(wum)(d)
Diego Agullo, Valencia, 29/12-10/1 (wum)(3)
Agata Agata, Berlin, 29/12-2/1 (wum)(3)
Raimundas Malasauskas, Paris, 29/12=2/1 (wum)
Emilie Baltz, New York, 30/12-4/1(wum)
Marten Spangberg 2, Stockholm,30/12-3/1(wum)
Stefano Harney, Singapore,30/12-4/1(wum)

List of guests PAF in 2013

Harry Hütt, Tallinn, 1/1-31/1(wum)
Dmitry Paranyuskin, Moscou, 1-9/1
Diego Agullo, Madrid, 1-9/1
Audrey LeBlanc, Paris, 2-5/1
Paula Caspao, Paris, 3-6/01(wum)
Stephanie Barbier, Paris,3-6/1
Sophie Wolfson Keeling, Sydney, 3/1-10/2(d)
Alex Jackson Wyatt, Sydney, 3/1-7/1(d)
Roos Pollman, Amsterdam, 3-27/1
Betty Tchomanga, Paris,7-11/1
Muriette Nuquet, Paris,7-8/1
Oriane Déchery , 7-11/1
Terry Diamond, New York, 10/1-23/1
Amelia Stokes, Perth, 12-18/1
Isabelle Demarcy, Reims, 6 pers 12-15/1 (1d,3s)
DDDorvillier, Paris, 12-18/1
Elizabeth Ward, Paris, 12-19/1
Katerina Andreou, Paris, 12-18/1
Nibia Pastrana, Buenos Aires, 12-18/1
Amelia Stokes, Perthr, 13-18/1
Julien Deprez, Paris, 15-20/1
Julien Deprez, Paris, 15-20/1
Julien Deprez, Paris, 15-20/1
Robert M Ochshorn, Maastricht, 18-27/1
Joshua Horowitz, Boston, 17-27/1
Nicolas Joliat, Boston, 17-27/1
Nicolas Couturier, Paris, 18-20/1
Bachir, Julien, Benoit, Angeline, Paris,18-20/1
Peter Gorissen, Oostende, 24-27/1
Mieke Hendrikse, Claudia Schouten, Mathijs Lieshout, Arnhem, 24-29/1
Margot Dorleans, Paris, 27/1-3/2
Olivia Lioret, Paris, 27-29/1
Violette, Paris, 27-29/1
Maxime Guillon-Roi-Sans-Sac, 28/1-4/2
Richard Comte, Paris, 3 pers, 29-31/1
Iris Julian, Vienna, 4-14/2
Petr Ochvat, Vienna, 4-14/2
Anna Prokopová, Vienna, 4-14/2
Perrine Bailleux, Paris, 4-8/2
Guillaume Ollendorff, Berlin, 5-23/2
Sarah Hedegaard, Copenhagen,6-11/2
Ele Viskus, Viljandi, 8/2-6/5 (sm)
Rachel Heller-Wagner,Melbourne, 10-17/2
Arnaud Laprêt, Berlin, 11/2-27/3
Kathrin Tiedemann, Duesseldorf, 11-13/2
Frank Raddatz, Berlin,11-13/2
Thomas Ryckewaert, Brussels, 12-18/2
Matthias De Groof, Brussels, 12-18/2
Matthias De Groof, Brussels, 12-18/2
Tam Pontopidan, Berlin, 14/2-2/3(d)
Natasa, Berlin, 14/2-2/3(d)
Thomas Chaumont, Le Havre,14-22/2
Margot Dorleans, Paris, 24-28/2
Marion Uguen, Paris, 23-28/2
Anne Barnier, Paris, 28/2-6/3
Clyde Chabot, Paris, 3pers, 1-3/3
Riika Theresa Innanen, Stockholm, 1-7/3
Allison Peacock,Melbourne,2-9/3
Pernille Holden,Sydney,2-9/3
Emily Royall, Austin,USA, 4-26/3
Ingrid Berger Myhre, Oslo, 4-10/3(d)
Tatiana Yastrbova, St.Petersbourg, 4-27/3
Ann-Christin Berg Kongsness,Oslo, 4-10/3(d)
DasArts, Bojan Djordjev, Amsterdam, 10 pers. 4-9/3
Nina Santes, Paris, 4-8/3
Audrey Leblanc, Paris, 4-11/3
Nicolas Siepen, Berlin 9/3-7/4(sm)(d)
ArtAcademy Tromso, 9 pers, 12-22/3
Olivier Normand, Paris, 12-17/3
Chloe Dechery, Paris,15-17/3
Sandra Lolax, Berlin, 16/3-7/4(smd)
Julian Reid, Berlin, 16/3-26/3(d)
Carolin Christa, Hamburg, 18-27/3
Sophia Guttenhöfer, Hamburg, 18-27/3
Bas Kohler, Amsterdam, 19-25/3
Annaleen Louwes, Amsterdam, 19-23/3
Isabelle Demarcy, Reims, 6 pers 21-24/3 (2d,2s)
Thelma Bonavita, Sao Paulo, 22/3-8/4(sm)(d)
Caroline Bijl, Amsterdam, 21-26/3
Christian Topfner, Graz, 22/3-10/4
Marie Topp, Copenhagen, 24/3-5/4(sm)(d)(q)
Marie-Louise Stentebjerg,Frederikshavn,24/3-5/4(sm)(d)(q)
Gry Raabe, Copenhagen, 24/3-5/4(sm)(d)(q)
Ida Larsen, Copenhagen,24/3-3/4(sm)(d)(q)
Billy Bultheel, Frankfurt, 25/3-7/4(sm)(d)
Enad Marouf, Frankfurt,25/3-7/4(sm)(d)
Franziska Aigner, Frankfurt, 27/3-7/4(sm)(dc)
Samuel Forsythe,Frankfurt, 27/3-7/4(sm)(dc)
Siri Hjorton Wagner, Stockholm, 26/3-8/4 (sm)
Pontus, Stockholm, 27/3-7/4(sm)
Dan Lucas, Los Angeles, 27/3-8/4 (sm)
Florin Flueras, Bucarest, 27/3-12/4 (sm)(dc)
Alina Popa, Bucarest, 27/3-12/4 (sm)(dc)
Irina Gheorghe,Bucarest, 27/3-7/4 (sm)(d)
Ana Dupas, Moravia, 28/3-12/4(sm)(d)
Agnes Rosenberg, Stockholm, 27/3-7/4
Marten Spangberg, St.Erme, 26/3-7/4(sm)(dc)
Linda Blomqvist, Stockholm, 31/3-7/4(sm)(dc)
Uri Turkenich, Berlin, 27/3-7/4(sm)
Stina Nyberg, Stockholm,31/3-8/4(sm)(dc)
Jens Strandberg,Stockholm,3/4-7/4(sm)(dc)
Zoe Poluch, Stockholm,31/3-8/4(sm)(d)
Katie Ward, Montreal,28/3-7/4(sm)(d)
Alice Chaucat, Berlin, 31/3-3/4(smd)
Ben Woodard, Vancouver, 28/3-7/4(sm)
Perrine Bailleux, Paris, 28/3-7/4(sm)
University Giessen, MA@CUP, 17 pers, 28/3-14/4(sm)
Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam, 12 pers, 28/3-7/4
Inga Erdmane, Riga, 28/3-7/4(sm)
Emma Kim Hagdahl, Stockholm,28/3-7/4(sm)(dc)
Yoann Durant, Paris,28/3-7/4(sm)(dc)
Valentina Desideri, Rome, 28/3-7/4(sm)
Annick Kleizen, Amsterdam,28/3-7/4(sm)
Nadja Hjorton, Stockholm,28/3-7/4(smd)
Maja Hammarén, Stockholm,29/3-7/4(smd)
Linnéa Martinsson, Stockholm,28/3-7/4(smd)
Halla Olafsdottir,Stockholm,30/3-8/4(smd)
Amanda Apetrea, Enskede,28/3-7/4(smd)
Rebecka Stillmann, Stockholm,28/3-7/4(smd)
Eliisa Erävalo, Stockholm,28/3-7/4(sm)(d)
Adriano Jensen, Amsterdam, 28/3-8/4 (sm)(d)
Silvia Bottiroli, Cesena, 28/3-3/4(sm)(t)
Paola Granato,Santarcangelo,28/3-3/4(sm)(t)
Livia Andrea Piazza, Milano, 28/3-3/4(sm)(t)
Stefanie Knobel, Berlin, 28/3-7/4(smd)
Janina Arendt, Giessen,28/3-14/4(sm)
Tom Engels,Giessen,28/3-14/4(sm)(d)
Philipp Bergmann, Frankfurt, 4/4-14/4(sm)(d)
Inge Gappmaier,Giessen,28/3-14/4(sm)
Stefan Hölscher,Giessen,28/3-14/4(sm)
Hyunsin Liv Kim,Giessen,28/3-14/4(sm)
Norbert Pape,Giessen,28/3-14/4(sm)
Janna Pinsker,Giessen,28/3-14/4(sm)(d)
Bettina Foldesi, Giessen, 28/3-14/4(sm)(d)
Maria Tsitroudi,Giessen,28/3-14/4(sm)(d)
Tessa Theisen,Giessen,27/3-9/4(sm)(t)
Matthias Schönijahn, Gießen,4/4-14/4(sm)(t)
Carina Premer, Giessen, 27/3-9/4(sm)(t)
Frank-Max Müller, Giessen,3/4-14/4(sm)(d)
Aron Blom, Bruxelles, 28/3-3/4(sm) (d)
Ingeleiv Berstad, Oslo, 27/3-3/4 (smdd)
João dos Santos Martins, Giessen, 4/4-14/4(sm)
Rose Beermann, Frankfurt, 4/4-14/4(smd)
Marialena Marouda, Giessen, 28/3-7/4(smd)
Zen Jefferson, New York, 28/3-7/4(sm)(d)
Margot Dorleans, Paris, 28/3-7/4(sm)(d)
Monika Behrens,Toronto,25/3-8/4 (sm)(dc)
Rochelle Haley,Toronto,25/3-8/4 (sm)(dc)
Fiona James, Cambridge, 28/3-7/4(sm)(dc)
Ed Clive, Oxford, 3-7/4(sm)(dc)
Daniela Bershan, Amsterdam, 28/3-4/4
Zinzi Buchanan, Berlin, 28/3-7/4(sm)(dc)
Aaron Goldstein, Tunis, 28/3-7/4(sm)(dc)
Laurent-David Garnier, Sao Paulo, 30/3-7/4 (smdd)
Nicolas Andrieu, Paris, 27-30/3(smdd)(dt)
Anna Gaïotti, Paris, 30/3-8/4 (smdd)(dt)
Elizabeth Ward, New York, 31/3-9/4(sm)(dt)
Mikko Hyvonen, helsinki, 28/3-1/4(smt)
Berno Odo Polzer, Brussels, 28/3-3/4 (sm)
Min Kyoung Lee, Seoul, 27/3-3/4 (smdd)
Aino Emilia Korvensyrja, 31/3-6/4 (smd)
Lucie Rifad, Stockholm, 8-14/4
Thomas Ryckewaert, Antwerp, 8-17/4
Prisca Lobjoy, Paris, 10-13/4
Luna Cohen Solal, Paris, 10-13/4
Pau Bosch Santos, Barcelona, 10-20/4
Annie Dorsen, New York, 11-14/4
Marnix Rummens, Gent,14-17/4
Bert Gillet, Antwerpen,14-17/4
Simon Ascensio, Madrid, 15-28/4
Adriano Jensen, Amsterdam,15-28/4
Karina, Amsterdam,15-28/4
Thomas Chaumont, Paris, 15-18/4
Ana Dupas, Sao Paulo, 18-24/4
Anna Talasniemi, Helsinki, 21-22/4 (!)
Jules Hermann, Berlin, 21/4-11/5
Christine Champneuf, Paris, 23/4-8/5
Mathilde Vermer, Paris, 24/4-7/5
Stéphanie Barbier, Paris,27/4-11/5
Julie Menut, Paris, 29/4-6/5
Bastien Mignot, Paris, 29/4-6/5
Isabelle Yafil, Paris, 29/4-4/5
Stefano Harney, Singapore, 3-10/5
School for Study,Queen Mary University London, University of California, St.Barbara, Singapore management University, Singapore 8pers, 4-10/5
School for Study, London, 25 pers, 6-10/5
Mayaan Danoch, Singapore, 5-11/5 (sfs)
Claire Barabé, Paris, 7-12/5
Natasha Lowe Swingler, London, 6-17/5
Geoffrey Whitehall, Vancouver, 10/5-17/6
Caroline Bijl, Amsterdam, 18-26/5
Christine Champneuf, Paris, 18/5-25/5
Matthias De Groof, Bruxelles, 18/5-3/6
Mekhar Azari Kyoso, Bruxelles, 18/5-3/6
Jaakko Nousiainen, Helsinki, 19/5- 28/5
David Hendricks, Brussels, 21/5-4/6
Anwar Taha, Beirout, 4pers. 24/5-3/6
Christine Champneuf, Paris, 24/5-10/6
Frank Albers, Antwerpen, 26-30/5
Sammi Landweer, Amsterdam, 26-30/5
Lilian Steiner, Sydney, 27/5-10/6
Dan Lucas, Los Angelos, 29/5-9/6
Ceinwen Langley, Perth, 1-6/6
Mia Makela,Sao Paulo, 1-16/6
Dean Cross, Melbourne, 2-28/6
Sébastien Hendrickx, Brussels, 2-12/6
Tony Currie, Melbourne, 2-21/6
Tess Feldmann, Buenos Aires, 3-10/6
Muriel Bourdeau, Paris, 4-6/6
Martino Ferro, Madrid, 6-8pers, 5-9/6
Lucy laricq, Paris, 5-8/6
Perry Jones, Santa Cruz, 7-10/6
Ash Keating, Melbourne, 8-10/6(d)
Miranda Markgraf, Bucarest, 4-18/6
Ash Keating, Melbourne, 8-10/6(d)
Caroline Lionnet, Lyon, 10-16/6
Dor Garbash, 9 pers. 10-12/6
Sharmaine Browne, Los Angeles, 12/6-15/8 (SU)
Lisa Hinterreither, Vienna, 15-28/6
Mathilde Vermer, Paris, 20-22/6
Wouter Messchendorp,Amsterdam, 23-28/6
Michiel Alberts, Amsterdam, 24-28/6
Laure Ferraris, Paris, 24-27/6
Amy Plum, Paris, 24-30/6
Nicholas Montgomery, Philadelphia, 25/6-
Stéphane Barroux, Paris, 26-28/6
Crissman Taylor, Utrecht, 18/12 pers,27/6-7/7
Sandri'ne, Berlin, 28-30/6(d)
Klaus Speidel, Berlin, 28-30/6(d)
Emilie Pelgrims, Berlin, 29-30/6
Nicolas Bussmann, Berlin, 29-30/6
Elizabeth McSurdy,New York, 30/6-1/7
Macklin Kowal, New York, 1-9/7
Andrew Champlin,New York, 1-7/7
Clyde Chabot,Paris, 5pers. 2-6/7 1d,3s
Jean Paul Thibeau,Paris, 2-6/7
Celine Domenge,Paris, 2-6/7
Annabel Vergne,Paris, 2-6/7
Diane Scott,Paris, 2-6/7
Ingrid Cogne, Stockholm, 3-9/7
Maya Boquet, Zagreb, 3-9/7
Natasha Lowe Schwingler, Melbourne, 4-25/7
Bojana Cvejic, Brussels, 5-8/7
Mieke Hendrikse, Arnhem, 6-15/7
Itonje Søimer Guttormsen, Copenhagen, 6-21/7
Elke van Campenhout, Bruxelles, 6-10/7
Robin Creswell, Bruxelles, 6-10/7
Caroline Bijl, Amsterdam, 6-13/7
Iris Kleinschmidt, Braunschweig, 7-13/7
Marten Spangberg, St.Erme, 7-12/7
Simon Henocq, Paris, 8-11/7
Julien Chamla, Paris, 8-11/7
Marialena Marouda, Berlin, 9/7-4/8
Veridiana Zurita, Zaragossa, 10-17/7(d)
Steven Jouwersma, Antwerpen, 10-17/7(d)
Iffy Tillieu, Liege, 10-15/7
Iffy Tillieu, Liege, 10-15/7
Niña Weijers, Rotterdam, 10/7-5/8
Valentina Desideri, St.Erme, 10-12/7
Daniela Bershan, Amsterdam, 10-20/7
Elisa Murawska, Helsinki, 12-23/7
Annett, Dresden, 12-15/7
Fabrizio Terranova, Milano, 12-17/7(d)
Fabrizio Terranova, Milano, 12-17/7(d)
Nina Polak, Amsterdam, 15/7-5/8
Simone van den Akker, Arnhem, 15-20/7
Frederic Gijsel, Arnhem, 15-20/7
Ivo Kuppens, Arnhem, 15-18/7
Birgitte Larsen, Bergen, 16-24/7
Maria Moseng, Copenhagen, 16-25/7
Kafui Kpodéhoun, Paris, 17-22/7
Claire Barabé, Paris, 17-24/7
Marieke Lansdaal, Maastricht, 17/7-1/8
Laure Ferraris, Paris, 17/7-1/8
Julien Deprez, Paris 17-20/7
Julien Deprez, Paris 17-20/7
Katrien Reist, Gent, 18/7-4/8
Tamara Browne, San Francisco, 18-27/7
Susanne Renard, Paris, 19-23/7
Petra Zanki, Zagreb, 20/7-12/8(SU)
Amir Dagan, London, 24-30/7
Yumiko Hoshi, Tokyo, 24/7-14/8(SU)
David Bergé, Brussels, 25/7-2/8
Stéphane Barroux, Paris, 26-28/7
Marenne Mei Jansen, Maastricht, 26/7-4/8
Joey Ruigrok van der Werven, Sydney, 28/7-1/8(d)
Simone O'Brien, Sydney, 28/7-1/8(d)
A.Pass,advanced performance and scenography studies,17 pers, Brussels, 29/7-4/8 (1d)
Marialena Marouda, Berlin, 29/7-11/8(SU)
Asia Bas, Krakow, 30/7-15/8(SU)
Genevieve Cron, Paris, 31/7-2/8
Stephane Bouchet Paris, 31/7-2/8
Linda Suy, Groningen, 31/7-4/8
Hans Maarten van den Brink, Amsterdam, 1-17/8(SU)
Christian Tôpfner, Graz,1-19/8(SU)
Maria Hassabi, New York, 1-17/8(SU)
Biba Bell,New York, 1-17/8(SU)
Ania Nowak, Warsaw, 2-15/8(SU)
Olga Savchenko, Kiev, 5-15/8(SU)
Larysa Venediktova, Kiev, 5-15/8(SU)
Oleksandr Lebediev, Kiev, 5-15/8(SU)
Christian Filips,Berlin, 4-10/8(SU)
Paul Gröbel, Berlin, 4-10/8(SU)
Siri Hjorton Wagner, Stockholm, 5-15/8(SU)
Dan Lucas, Los Angeles, 5-15/8 (SU)
Maria Hassabi, New York, 3 pers 4-18/8(SU)
Maria Vatenina, Greenland, 5-15/8 (SU)
Perrine Bailleux, Paris, 5-15/8 SU)
Elise Goldstein, New York, 5-15/8 SU)
Marc Yuchieh Chan, Beijing, 5-15/8 (SU)
Vincent Bijllaardt, Antwerpen, 5-15/8(SU)
Yaari Shalem, Jeruzalem, 5-15/8(SU)
Jean-Félix Marecaux, Lille, 5-16/8(SU)
Gabriel Widing, Koln, 5-15/8(SU)
Linda Blomqvist, Stockholm, 5-12/8(SU)
Isabelle Grimal Balsa,Paris, 6-13/8(SU)
Antoine Tanguy,Paris, 6-13/8(SU)
Kai Eng, Singapore, 6-26/8 (SU)
Sviatlana Viarbitskaya, Toulouse, 6-26/8 (SU)
Christine Champneuf, Paris, 7-13/8(SU)
Adriano Jensen, Stockholm, 7-15/8(SU)(d)
Emma Daniel, Stockholm,7-15/8(SU)(d)
Karina Sarkissova, Stockholm, 7-14/8(SU)
Siegmar Zacharias, Berlin, 7-14/8(SU)
Ele Viskus, Viljandi, 8-18/8(SU)
Yoann Durant, Paris, 9-13/8(SU)(d)
Emma Kim Hagdahl, Stockholm,9-13/8(SU)(d)
Bastien Mignot, Paris, 9-18/8(SU)
Julie Menut,Paris, 9-18/8(SU)
Ula Sickle, Toronto, 10-15/8(SU)
Marten Spangberg, St.Erme, 11-15/8(SU)
Amir Dagan, New York, 11-15(SU)
Nikki Tomlinson, London, 12-16/8(SU)
Florence Peake, London,12-16/8(SU)
Stephany Belluart, Paris, 13-17/8(SU)
Stephanie Barbier, Paris, 13-15/8(SU)
Isabelle Yafil, Paris, 14-17/8
Julien Desprez, Paris, 15-23/8
Yann Joussein,Paris, 15-23/8
Benjamin Dousteyssier,Paris, 15-23/8
Marenne Mei Jansen, Amsterdam, 16/8-1/9
Florent Barat, Anvers, 16-31/8
Einat Tuchman, Brussels, 18-25/8
Gosie Vervlossem,Brussels, 18-25/8
Sabrina Giampetrone, Marseille, 18-26/8
Julia Male, Toronto, 18-29/8
Christopher Willes, Toronto,18-29/8
Genevieve Cron,Paris, 18-21/8
Antoine Nowo, Paris, 18-21/8
Anna Gaïotti, Paris, 18/8-31/9
Gita Romano, New Mexico, 19/8-6/10
Amy Plum, Paris, 20-23/8
Virginie Barreteau,21-27/8
Scali Delpeyrat, Paris, 21-27/8
Valentina Desideri,St.Erme, 22-27/8(d)
Raimundas Malasauskas,Brussels,22-27/8(d)
Einat Tuchman 2, Brussels, 24/8 (d)
Isabelle Demarcey, Reims, 4 pers.24-31/8
Christine Champneuf, Paris, 25-27/8
Marion Uguen, Paris, 25/8-4/9
Pavlos Kountouriotis,Lincoln, 26/8-10/9
Eirini Atmatzidi,Lincoln, 26/8-10/9
Katerina Giannoula,Lincoln, 26/8-10/9
Vaya Kapousidou, Lincoln, 26/8-10/9
Fenia Kotsopoulou,Lincoln, 26/8-10/9
Prisca Lobjoy, Paris 28/8-3/9
Luna Cohen Solal, Paris 28/8-3/9
Collectif DingDingDong, 15pers,30/8-1/2/9:
Vincent Bergerat,(d) Alexandra Compain Tissier,(d) Vinciane Despret, Anne Collod, Cassiopée Guitteny, Emilie Hache, Emilie Hermant, Jocelyn Jeandel, Valérie Pihet, Fabien Siouffi , Katrin Solhdju, Stéphanie Soudrain, Isabelle Stengers, Fabrizio Terranova, Katia Youssov.
Frederic Gijsel, Bussels, 1-6/9
Kanwal Zafar, Lahore, 1-30/9
Julie Menut, Paris, 1-9/9
Charlotte Azan, Paris, 1-9/9
Victoria Stevenson, Sydney, 3-17/9
Guillaume Ollendorff, Paris, 3-10/9
Lou Cantor,Marseille, 4-5/9
Jerome Vienne, Angers, 4-5/9
Jan Vysocky, Warsaw, 10-25/9
Arden Day, Paris, 10-11/9
Clara Saito, Amsterdam, 11-14/9
Iffy Tillieu, Brussels, 14-21/9
Julie Menut, Paris, 15-20/9
Arnaud Bourgoin, Paris, 15-20/9
Eric Warmerdam, Amsterdam, 15-19/9
Bonno Lange, Amsterdam, 16-29/9
Martijn van Tol, Amsterdam, 16-22/9
Lucy Conochie, London, 17-22/9(d)
Ben Dogerty,London, 17-22/9(d)
Lucy Conochie, London, 17-22/9
Linda Blomqvist, Stockholm, 18/9-3/10
Marco Demian Vitanza, Stockholm, 18/9-14/10
Dennis Molendijk, Utrecht, 18-25/9
Christine Champneuf, Paris, 19-23/9
Judith de Rijke, Amsterdam, 20-21/9
Andrus Kallestu, Tallinn, 20/9-30/10
Jan Vysocky, Vienna, 4 pers. 21-27/9 2Xd
Iffy Tillieu, Brussels, 22-27/9
Sophie Dufouleur, Paris, 23-26/9
Jade McInally, Los Angeles, 24/9-7/10
Asia bas, Wroclaw, 28/9-10/10
Rhiannon Spratling, Sydney, 29/9-14/10
Ahmed Khaled, Antwerpen, 1-14/10
Alexander Nieuwenhuis, Antwerpen, 1-15/10
Sophie Dufouleur, Paris, 2-6/10
Agnes Gayraud, Paris, 2-4/10
Alexandre Guirkinger, Paris, 2-4/10
Olivier Garouste, Paris, 2-4/10
Yann Joussein, Paris, 4-7/10
Anna Gaiotti, Paris, 4-10/10
Oliver Mai, Sydney, 7-20/10
Kali Rose, Melbourne, 7-14/10
Christine Champneuf, Paris, 7-10/10
Stéphanie Barbier, Paris, 7-9/10
Lora, Paris, 7-9/10
Antoine de la Roche, Paris, 5 pers. 8-12/10
Tümay Kilincel, Frankfurt, 9-26/10
Valentina Desideri, St.Erme, 10-14/10
St Erme, Tandem, 4-12pers 11-13/10 2d
Sebastien Roux, Paris, 3(11)-8(12) pers. 11-13/10
Caroline Bijl, Amsterdam, 11-16/10
Florian Japp, Berlin, 13-24/10
Asia Bas, Wroclaw, 14-24/10
Michiel Vandevelde, Brussels, 14-20/10
Stéphanie Barbier, Paris, 14-18/10
Valentina Desideri, St.Erme, 20-25/10
Roderik van der Meulen, Antwerpen, 21-25/10
Nina Santes, Paris, 22-25/10
George Alexander van Dam, Brussels, 23-26/10
Benjamin Bouchet, Paris, 4pers, 25-28/10 (2d)
Manon Parent, Paris, 27/10-1/11
Margot Dorleans,Paris, 28/10-1/11
Bérenice Benedetto,Paris, 28/10-1/11(d)
Marine,Paris, 28/10-1/11(d)
Marten Spangberg, St.Erme, 29/10-6/11
Tam Pontopidan, Oslo, 30/10-7/11
Benjamin Bodi, Paris, 30/10-3/11
Eladi Bonastre-Marsal, Paris, 30/10-3/11
Ashlee Bye, Melbourne, 31/10-10/11
Joannes Vandermeulen, Brussels, 30/10-3/11
Tristan Garcia, Paris, 31/10-7/11(d)
Agnes Gayraud, Paris, 31/10-7/11(d)
Contemporary Dance Studies, Copenhagen,8 pers.3-16/17/11
Sara Gebran, Copenhagen, 3-16/17/11
Juan Dominguez, Madrid, 3-16/17/11
Olivier Correia, Besançon, 4-7/11
Virginie Durand,Besançon, 4-9/11
Stéphanie Barbier, Paris, 7-10/11
Jasmina Sijercic, 6pers, 8-9/11
Frank Albers, Brussels, 9-15/11
Richard Comte, Paris, 9-16/11
Joachim Badenhorst,Paris,9-11/11
Wannes De Porre, Rotterdam, 10-24/11(d)
Noemi Wagner, Rotterdam, 10-24/11(d)
Antoine Viard, Paris, 12-16/11
Julien Chamla, Paris, 12-16/11
Mathieu Bouvier, Paris, 13-24/11
Christian Topfner, St.Erme, 13/11-5/2(WUM)
Stéphanie Barbier, Paris, 15-19/11
Sarah Mattens, Amsterdam, 15-23/11
Petra Ponte, Amsterdam, 15-23/11
Jules Herrmann, Berlin, 18-29/11
Silja Espolin, Oslo, 21-28/11
Camilla Figenshou,Oslo, 21-28/11
Isa Demarcey, Reims, 3/5 pers, 21-25/11
Nicolas Siepen, Berlin, 21-29/11
Thelma Bonavita, Sao Paulo, 21-29/11
Amilcar Packer, Sao Paulo, 22-24/11
Valérie Pihet, Paris, 22-25/11
Emilie Hermant, Paris, 22-25/11
Jocelyn Jeandel, Paris, 22-25/11
Charlotte Dhaenens, Gent, 22-24/11(d)
Anthony Schatteman, Gent, 22-24/11(d)
Annie Dorsen, NewYork, 24-29/11
Aaron Shuster, Berlin, 24/11-4/12
a.pass, Bruxelles, 20 pers. 25/11-1/12
Black Mountain College, 10 pers. 24/11-1/12:
Kai Johnsen, Oslo
Marit Grimstad Eggen, Oslo
Ingri Fiksdal, Oslo
Ann-Christin Berg Kongsness, Oslo
Marte Reithaug Sterud,Oslo
Charlotte Bik Bandlien, Oslo
Jassem Hindi, Berlin
Brynjar Åbel Bandlien, Oslo
Thelma Bonavita, Sao Paulo(d)
Valentina Desideri, St-Erme
Nicolas Siepen, Berlin, 24/11-1/12 (d)
Liv Bugge, Oslo, 24-28/11
Jesper Alvær, Oslo, 24-28/11
Marco Demian Vitanza, Oslo, 24/11-1/12
La Féline, Paris, 3 personnes, 27-29/11
Emna Mrabet, Paris, 30/11-15/12
Anna Gaïotti, Paris, 30/11-4/12
Science-PO-EAP, Valérie Pihet, 20+5 pers 1-4/12
Dmitry Paryanushkin, Moscou, 1-4/12 (d)
Dmitry Paryanushkin, Moscou, 1-4/12 (d)
Stéphanie Barbier, Paris, 1-6/12
Christine Champneuf, Paris, 1-5/12
David Hendrickx, Amsterdam, 1-9/12
Andrus Kallastu, Tallinn,2/12-5/1/2014(WUM)
Raphaël Hénard, Paris, 2-13/12
Jesper Engels, Amsterdam, 7-13/12
Thomas Lambert, Paris, 8-9/12
Sabrina Granatelli,Paris, 8-9/12
Fahim Amir, Vienna, 9-23/12
Bonno Lange, Amsterdam, 19-24/12
Marcus Doverud, Stockholm, 20/12-15/1(WUM)
Lucy Conochie, London, 21-27/12(d)
Benjamin Doherty, London, 21-27/12(d)
Helen Killick,London, 21-27/12
Elizabeth Ward, New York, 23-30/12(WUM)
Juliana Borinski, Paris, 23-26/11
Natalie Deewan, Vienna, 23/12-3/1(WUM)
Verena Steiner, Berlin, 25/12-4/1(WUM)
Siri Hjorton Wagner, Stockholm, 26/12-3/1(WUM)
Sviatlana Viarbitskaya, Dijon, 26/12-2/1(WUM)(d)
Mathieu Viarbitskaya, Dijon, 26/12-2/1(WUM)
Michael Schmid, Brussels, 26/12-2/1(WUM)
Daniela Bershan, St-Erme, 26/12-2/1(WUM)(d)
Fernando Cabral, Madrid, 26-29/12 (WUM)
Emma Daniel, Amsterdam, 26/12-2/1(WUM)(d)
Adriano Jensen, Amsterdam, 26/12-2/1(WUM)(d)
Kadri Noormets, Viljandi, 26/12-2/1(WUM)
Asia Bas, St-Erme, 26/12-2/1(WUM)
Marion Uguen, Paris, 26/12-2/1(WUM)
Jean-Félix Marécaux, Lille, 26/12-2/1(WUM)
Jan Lietaert, Evergem, 26/12-2/1(WUM)
Virginie Durand, Paris, 26/12-2/1 (WUM)
Stéphanie Barbier, Paris, 27/12-3/1 (WUM)
Perrine Bailleux, Amsterdam, 27/12-7/1(WUM)(d)
Raphael Vanioli, Amsterdam, 28/12-7/1(WUM)(d)
Benjamin Schopmann, Vienna, 27/12-3/1 (WUM)
Virginie Bobin, Rotterdam, 27-29/12
Fabian Faltin, Vienna, 27/12-2/1(WUM)
Louise Trueheart, Santiago de Chili, 28/12-3/1(WUM)
Michael Coja, Paris, 28/12-2/1(WUM)
Anne-Sophie Moriau, Paris, 28/12-2/1(WUM)
Philippe, Brussels, 29/12-2/1(WUM)
Amy Ball, Vienne, 29/12-3/1(WUM)(d)
Jol Thomson,Paris, 30/12-2/1(d)
Aurélia Defrance,Paris, 30/12-2/1(d)
Andrew de Freitas, Vienna, 31/12-7/1(WUM)(d)
Melanie Matthieu,Frankfurt, 30/12-3/1(WUM)

List of guests PAF in 2014

Céline Cartellier, Berlin, 3-10/1
Aaron Schuster, Berlin, 3-29/1
Olivia Webb, Melbourne, 6-10/1
Mylène Benoit, Paris, 7-11/1
Stéphanie Barbier, Paris, 11-29/1
Julie Menut,Paris, 11-17/1
Charlotte Azan, Paris, 11-17/1
Clarissa Sacchelli, Rome, 18-22/1
Anna Gaiotti, Lyon, 18-23/1
Emma Daniel, Paris, 24-30/1(d)
Satya Roossens, Brussels, 24-26/1
Riina Huhtanen,Brussels, 24-26/1
Adriano Jensen, Amsterdam, 26-29/1(d)
Geert Opsomer, Bruxelles, 26-30/1
Malinca Verwiel, Weesp, 10 pers. 31/1-2/2
Julie Menut, Paris, 1/2-3/3
Akseli Virtanen, Helsinki, 2/2-5/2
Peter Pal Pelbart, Sao Paulo, 2/2-6/2
Guus Diepenmaat, Bruxelles, 3-7/2
Anouk Friedli, Bruxelles, 3-7/2
Pim Cornelussen,Bruxelles, 3-7/2
Lena Ivros,Bruxelles, 3-7/2
Demarcey, Reims, 6-9/2 (d)
Uguen Marion, Paris, 11-17/2
Fiona James, London, 12-20/2
Yvo Greweldinger, Rotterdam, 16-23/2
Maru Mushtrieva, Moscow, 16/2-2/3
Diego Governatori, Paris, 16-20/2
Anna Gaiotti, Paris, 18-25/2
Anima Project, Juliette Mosconi, Paris 3pers 19/2-24/2
Renée van Marissing, Amsterdam, 19-27/2
Clara Saito, Amsterdam, 20-25/2
Julien Chamla, 3 pers, Paris, 22-25/2(c)
Susanne Grau, Cologne, 23/2-1/3
Vincent Thomasset, Lille, 23-28/2
Mayaan Danoch, Tel-Aviv, 23/2-7/3
Vera Mota, Porto, 24/2-8/3
Veronike Hinsberg, Berlin, 24/2-15/3
Annie Dorsen, New York, 24-28/2
Guillaume-Harry Francoise, Paris,3 pers. 25-27/2
Santiago Francoise, Paris, 25/2-25/3
Charlotte Azan, Paris, 25/2-1/3
Eleonore Pascolini, Paris, 25-28/2
Susan Ploetz, Berlin, 1-15/3
Ive J.K. Leemans, Antwerpen, 2-8/3
Lisa Hinterreithner, Vienna, 3-12/3
Guillaume-Harry Francoise, Paris,3 pers.4-6/3
Adrien Monfleur, Paris, 5-15/3
Vincenzo Carta,Paris, 5-15/3
Wendy Van Wynsberghe, Brussels, 9-15/3(d)
Wauter Mannaert, Brussels, 9-15/3(d)
Kévin Noguès Paris, 10-14/3
Guillaume-Harry Francoise, Paris,3 pers.11-13/3
Liisa Pentti, Helsinki, 12-22/3
Liisa Risu, Helsinki, 12-22/3
Xavier Le Roy,Paris, 12-16/3
Dan Lucas, San Francisco, 13/3-10/4(sm)
Anwar Taha, Gothenborg, 13-20/3
Maria Taha, Gothenborg, 13-20/3
Anna Colin, Londres,13-16/3
Laurence Taylor, Londres,13-16/3
Andrea Francke, Londres,13-16/3
Charlie George, Londres,13-16/3
Eva Rowson, Londres,13-16/3
Graham Reid, Londres,13-16/3
Jonathan Hoskins, Londres,13-16/3
Lisa Skuret, Londres,13-16/3
Lucy Beech, Londres,13-16/3
Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau
Ross Jardine, Londres,13-16/3
Tommy Ting, Londres,13-16/3
Yemi Awosile, Londres,13-16/3
Esther Salmona, Londres,14-16/3
Guillaume Fayard,Londres,14-16/3
Virginie Bobin, Rotterdam, 14-16/3
Anmar Taha, Iraqi Bodies, Gotheborg, 13-20/3
Anmar, Iraqi Bodies, Gotheborg, 13-20/3
Fiona James, Ramsgate, 17-29/3
Marjana Krajac, Zagreb, 17-7/4(SM)
Alma Toaspern, Bruxelles, 17-20/3
Bryana Fritz, Bruxelles, 17-20/3
Ben van Buren, Bruxelles, 17-20/3
James McGinn, Bruselles, 18-20/3
Sonja Pregrad, Zagreb, 18-27/3
Guillaume-Harry Francoise, Paris,3 pers.18-20/3
Gillian Hawkins, Portsmouth, 19-26/3
Perrine Bailleux, Amsterdam, 20/3-10/4(SM)(d)
Atlanta Eke, Sidney, 21/3 -7/4(SM)
a.pass, Brussels, 20 pers. 22-28/3
Linda Blomquist, Stockholm, 22-24/3
Guillaume-Harry Francoise, Paris,3 pers.25-27/3
Raphael Vanioli, Amsterdam 27/3-5/4(SM)(d)
Amy Ireland, Sidney, 27/3-7/4(SM)
Tom Engels, Giessen, 28/3-8/4(SM)
Assunta Ruocco, Milan, 28/3-8/4(SM)
Yves Mettler, Berlin, 28/3-2/4(SM)(d)
Alice Chauchat, Berlin, 2-7/4(SM)(d)
Nicolas Siepen, Berlin, 28/3-11/4 (SM)(d)
Thelma Bonavita, Sao Paulo, 28/3-11/4 (SM)(d)
University of Tromsø, Academy of contemporary art 28/3-11/4, 9 pers (SM)
Valentina Desideri, St-Erme, 29/3-7/4(SM)(d)
Raimundas Malašauskas, Vilnius, 29/3-7/4(SM)(d)
Katie Ward, Montreal, 29/3-5/4(SM)
Xinlin Song, Sjanghai,29/3-7/4(SM)
Sviatlana Viarbitskaya, Dijon, 29/3-7/4(SM)(d)
Mathieu Alexis, Dijon, 29/3-7/4(SM)(d)
Sam Forsythe, Frankfurt, 29/3-7/4(SM)(d)
Franziska Aigner, 29/3-7/4(SM)(d)
Annie Dorsen, 29/3-7/4(SM)
Linnea Martinsson, Stockholm,29/3-7/4(SM)
Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam, 12 pers. 29/3-7/4(SM)
Fiona James, London, 29/3-7/4(d)(SM)
Ed Clive, London, 29/3-7/4(d)(SM)
Anna Gaiotti, Paris, 29/3-7/4(SM)
Liv Strand, Stockholm, 29/3-7/4(SM)(d)
Emelie Johansson, Stockholm, 29/3-7/4(SM)(d)
Carina Premer, Frankfurt, 29/3-7/4(SM)
Katrina Burch Joosten, London,29/3-7/4(SM) (d)
Lendl Barcelos, London, 29/3 - 7/4 (SM) (d)
Yaari Shalem, Tel Aviv, 29/3-7/4(SM)
Jia-Yu Corti, London,29/3-7/4(SM)
Elias Akesson, Stockholm, 29/3-26/4 (SM)
Siri Hjorton Wagner, Stockholm, 29/3-7/4(SM)
Siegmar Zacharias, Berlin, 29/3-7/4(SM)
Katja Čičigoj, Ljubljana,29/3-7/4(SM)
Irina Gheorghe, Bucharest, 29/3-7/4(SM)
Alina Popa, Bucharest, 29/3-7/4(SM)(d)
Florin Flueras, Bucharest, 29/3-7/4(SM)(d)
Guillaume Ollendorff, Berlin, 29/3-7/4(SM)
Eliisa Eravalo, Stockholm, 29/3-7/4 (SM)
Pedro Moraes, Rio de Janeiro, 29/3-7/4 (SM)
Berno Odo Polzer, Bruxelles, 29/3-7/4 (SM)
Sofia Ceasar, Amsterdam, 29/3-7/4 (SM)
Pontus Petterson, Stockholm, 29/3-7/4 (SM)
Eliisa Eravola, Stockholm, 29/3-7/4 (SM)
Enad Marouf, Damascus, 29/-7/4 (SM)
k.g.Guttman, Moscou, 29/3-7/4 (SM)
Dmitry Paranyushkin, Moscou, 29/3-7/4 (SM)(i)
Rebecka Stillman, Stockholm,29/3-7/4 (SM) (d)
Sandra Lolax, Stockholm, 29/3-7/4(SM)(d)
Ivar Furre Aam, Baiku, 29/3-7/4 (SM)
Pedro Moraes, La Paz, 29/3-7/4 (SM)
Lendl Barcelos, London, 29/3-7/4(SM)
Katja Čičigoj, Lubljana, 29/3-7/4(SM)
Diana Khamis, Beirout,29/3-7/4(SM)
Siegmar Zacharias, Berlin, 29/3-7/4(SM)
Emma Kim Hagdahl, Stockholm, 29/3-7/4(SM)(d)
Yoann Durant, Paris, 29/3-7/4(SM)(d)
Billy Bultheel, Frankfurt, 29/3-7/4(SM)
Roland Siegwald, Giessen, 29/3-7/4(SM)(ds)
Ana Berkenhoff, Giessen, 29/3-7/4(SM)(ds)
Kadri Noormets, Viljandi, 31/3-8/4(SM)(d)
Asia Bas, Warsaw, 29/3-7/4(SM)(d)
Christine Champneuf, Paris,29/3-7/4(SM)
Vivian Ziherl, Amsterdam, 29/3-7/4(SM)
Jesper Alvaer, Oslo, 29/3-7/4(SM)
Karina Sarkissova, Moscow, 29/3-7/4(SM)
Nestor Garcia Diaz, Madrid, 29/3-7/4(SM)
Simen Musæus, Frankfurt, 29/3-7/4(SM)
Stefan Apostolou-Hölscher, Frankfurt,29/3-7/4(SM)(d)
Maximilian Haas, Berlin, 30/3-7/4(SM)(d)
Marcus Doverud, Stockholm,
Isabelle Stengers, Brussels,(SM)
Eleanor Bauer, Brussels, 30/3-7/4(SM)
Daniela Bershan, Amsterdam/St Erme (SM)(d)
Michael Schmid, Bruxelles, 30/3-7/4(SM)(d)
Thomas Ryckewaert, Bruxelles, 7-12/4
Sibran Sampers, Bruxelles, 7-12/4
Loek de Bakker, Maastricht, 7-10/4
Claire Bender, Maastricht, 7-10/4
Tam Pontopidan, Berlin, 9-24/4(d)
Natassa, Berlin, 9-16/4(d)
Prisca Lobjoy, Paris, 11-17/4
Safia Benhaim, Bordeaux, 12-16/4
Jeanne Dreyfus Daboussy, Paris, 13-17/4
David Hendricks, Brussels, 13-25/4(d)
Sophie Hendricks, Brussels, 16-20/4(d)
Aaron Schuster, Berlin, 15/4-2/5
Veridiana Zurita, Bruxelles, 14-18/4
Bart van den Eynde,Bruxelles, 14-18/4
Julie Gouju, Montpellier, 14-22/4
Guillaume-Harry Francoise, Paris,3 pers.15-17/4
Grégoire Paultre, Paris 15-27/4
Marcel Osterop, Eindhoven, 15-22/4
Michiel Lieuwma, Eindoven, 15-22/4
Laure Ferraris, Paris, 18-21/4
Caroline Bijl, Amsterdam, 19-25/4
Amy Plum, Paris, 19-24/4
Melanie Jung, Frankfurt, 19-24/4
Nancy de Freitas, Chicago, 23/4-5/5
Julien Chamla, Paris, 21-25/4(c)
Bérénice Desnots, Paris, 21-24/4
Katalin Schaak, Vienna, 26/4-5/5
Isabelle Yafil, Beirut, 27/4-3/5
Laure Ferraris, Paris, 27-29/4
Hélène Bozzi, Paris, 5 pers, 29-30/5
Thomas Ryckewaert, Antwerp, 29/5-6/5
Katrina Burch Joosten, London,1-31/5
Frank Albers, Brussels, 1-5/5
Bernarde Dewulf, Antwerpen, 1-5/5
Carine Merlino, Paris, 1-5/5
Jean-Félix Marecaux, Bethune, 1-10/5
Reunion Het Heengaan, Pays-Bas, 10 pers. 2-5/5
Raga, Nienke, Natascha, Doenja, Marlijn, Floris, Michiel, Elisabeth, Lotte, Madeleine.
Alice Heyward, Melbourne, 2-16/5
Isabel Pinto, Lisbon, 5-14/5
Philippe Prouff,Paris, 5-15/5
Thomas Chaumont, Berlin, 5-15/5
Alice Heyward, Melbourne, 6-19/5
Isabel Pinto, Lisbon, 6-14/5
Scali DELPEYRAT, Paris, 9-12/5
Ysabelle Yafil, Paris, 9-12/5
Michaël Grébil, Paris, 12-17/5
Olivier Correia, Paris, 12-15/5
Stefano Harney, School for Study, 4 pers. 13-17/5
Matteo Mandarini, Amit Rai, and Ger Hanlon
Jules Herrmann, Berlin, 13-18/5
Jocelyn Jeandel, Paris, 15-19/5
Emilie Hermant, Paris, 15-19/5(d)
Emilie Hermant, Paris, 15-19/5(d)
Valerie Pihet, Paris,15-19/5
Maria Sideri, London, 16-22/5
Carrie Sha, Boston, 20/5-20/6
Dingdingdong, Valerie Pihet(d), 11 pers; 22-25/5
Isabelle Stengers, Vinciane Despret, Katrin Solhdju, Fabrizio Terranova, Vincent Bergerat(d), Fabien Siouffi, Alexandra Compain Tissier(d), Stéphanie Soudrain, Emilie Hache(d), Emilie Hermant, Jocelyn Jeandel.
Anne Collod, Paris, 24-25/5
Maarten Buyl, Antwerp, 25/5-2/6
David Hendricks, Brussels, 25-29/5
Jules Hermann, Brussels,27/5-22/6
Hélène Bozzi,Paris, 28-29/6
Olivia Csikytrnka,Paris, 28-29/6
Stephanie coudert,Paris, 28-29/6
Yves,Paris, 28-29/6
un maquilleur, Paris, 28-29/6
Malena Beer, Paris, 29/5-2/6
Astrid Menze, Budapest, 29/5-8/6 (E&0)
Elsewhere&Otherwise: 31/5-7/6:
with Red Vaughan Tremmel, Sadie Plant and
Daniela Bershan, Amsterdam/St Erme, (E&O)
Valentina Desideri, St. Erme, (E&O)
Raimundas Malasauskas (E&O)
Annick Kleizen, Amsterdam, (E&O)
Alice Tatge, London, (E&O)
Therese Steele (E&O)
Amanda Apetrea, Stockholm, (E&O)
Donatella Bernardi, Stockholm, (E&O)
Zoe Poluch, Stockholm, (E&O)
Katrina Burch Joosten, London, 31/5-7/7(E&O)
Chistoph Meierhans, Brussels (E&O)
Anna Rispoli, Brussels (E&O)
Pedro Moraes, Rio de Janeiro (E&O)
Isabelle Pauwelyn, Brussels (E&O)
Adva Zakai, Brussels (E&O)
Liv Bugge,Oslo (E&O)
Simon Speiser, Stuttgart, (E&O)
Jesper Alvaer, Oslo (E&O)
Aurélia Defrance, Berlin, (E&O)
Saara Hannula, Helsinki (E&O)
Haydée Marin-Lopez (E&O)
Anna Gaiotti, Paris, (E&O)
Rieke Vos (E&O)
Marcus Lindner(E&O)
Astrid Menze (E&O)
Nicolas Siepen (E&O)
Berno Polzer (E&O)
Marten Spanberg (E&O)
Fiona James, London (E&O)
Ed Clive, London (E&O)
Anne Juren, Vienna (E&O)
Arnaud Laprêt, Paris (E&O)
Reni Hofmüller, Graz (E&O)
Maria Kefirova, Montreal (E&O)
Josefin Arnell, Stockholm, (E&O)
Emma Tolander, Stockholm, (E&O)
Anders Jacobson, Stockholm, (E&O)
Ofelia Jarl Ortega, Stochkholm, (E&O)
Johnny Herbert, London (E&O)
Angus Buchanan-smith (E&O)
Yoann Durant (E&O)
Rūtenė Merkliopaitė (E&O)
Linda Priha (E&O)
Lisen Ellard (E&O)
Alexandra Tveit (E&O)
Anna Gaiotti, Paris, (E&O) -14/6
Godehard Giese, Berlin, 5-22/6
Sebastian Egert, Berlin, 5-22/6
Nicola Minssen, Berlin, 5-22/6
Jules Hermann sound, Berlin, 5-22/6
Brahim Fritah, Paris, 7-12/6
Askia Abdoulaye Traoré, Paris 7-13/6
Bojana Cvejic, Brussels, 9-12/6
Hana Erdman, San Francisco, 9-15/6
Alex Bishop-Thorpe, Adelaide, 10-15/6
Simon Jourdan, Paris 9-13/6
Denise Ferreira da Silva, London, 8-11/6
Sebastien Hendrickx, Brussels, 7-16/6
Isabelle Yafil, Berlin, 7-15/6
Ashley Mclellan, Sydney, 8/6-21/6
Simon Jourdan, Paris, 9-13/6
SPEAP, Paris, 15people, 10-12/6
Alex Bishop-Thorpe, Adelaide, 10-15/6
Bojana Cvejic, Brussels, 10-14/6
Franck Fernandez, Paris, 13-18/6
Xavier Le Roy, Paris, 14-25/6(d)
Scarlet Yu, Hong Kong, 14-25/6(d)
Richard Comte, Paris, 15-20/6
Jean Brice Godet,Paris, 15-20/6
Jean Philippe Feiss,Paris, 15-20/6
Mathilda Franzen, Stockholm, 16-22/6
Hélène Rocheteau, Paris, 16-26/6
Clyde Chabot, Paris, 16-19/6
Michael Grébil, Paris, 16-19/6
Laurence De la Fuente,Paris, 16-19/6
Muriel Habrard, Paris, 16-19/6
Melanie Jung, Essen, 19-23/6
Anna Dimpfl, Cologne, 19-23/6
Christophe Ly, Paris, 20-23/6
Cathérine Plée, Paris, 20-26/6
Milena Kartowski, Paris, 22-30/6
Emily Robinson, Melbourne, 23-27/6
Annaleen Louwes, Amsterdam, 23-28/6
Yael Tama, Paris, 26-30/6
Nienke Scholts, Amsterdam, 26-29/6
Emke Idema, Amsterdam, 26-29/6
Antonia Wright, Miami, 26/6-1/7(d)
Rubin Millares, Miami, 26/6-1/7(d)
Sarah Blum, Paris, 28-30/6
Erwan Boulay, Paris, 28-30/6
Claire Lavernhe, Paris, 28-30/6
Rafaela Sahyoun, Brussels, 28-29/6
Bojana Cvejic, Brussels, 28/6-2/7
Annie Dorsen, New York, 29/6-30/7
Nina Santes, Paris, 30/6-3/7
Nina Santes, Paris, 30/6-3/7
Vicki Johnston, Perth, 2/7-2/8
Maarten Buyl, Antwerp, 3-18/7
Yannick Morvan, Paris, 5-12/7
Martijn van Tol, Amsterdam, 5-9/7
Christiaan, Amsterdam, 5-9/7
Jasper Engel, Amsterdam, 6-10/7
Anne Kertudo, Paris, 7-10/7
Bertrand MORIZUR, Paris, 7-10/7
Scali DELPEYRAT, Paris, 7-13/7
Véronique Bekaert, Paris, 10-17/7
Isabelle Demarcey, St Erme, 3 pers., 12-19/7(p)
Raeez Lorgat, Massachusetts, 12-15/7
Itonje Søimer Guttormsen, Oslo, 12-27/7
Lea Posager, Paris, 13-16/7
Faye Mullen, Toronto, 13-20/7
Nicholas Pye, Toronto, 13-20/7
Jane Meredith, Melbourne, 13-21/7
Simone van Saarloos, Amsterdam, 13-20/7
Chloe Chignell, Melbourne, 14-19/7
Lore Smolders, Belgium, 14-24/7
Emma Kin Hagdahl +3, Stockholm, 15/7
Mai Sööt, Tallinn, 18-27/7
Tiina Sööt, Tallinn/Vienna, 18-27/7
Franck Fernandes, Paris, 18-26/7
Malinca Verwiel, Weesp, 7 pers.18-25/7
Michelange Quay, Paris, 18-28/7
Amir Dagan, Boston, 19-25/7
Alexandra Napier,Toronto, 20/7-1/9 (SU)
Barbara Claes, Gent 21-25/7
Hughes Martin, Adelaide, 21-25/7
Agnieszka Roguski, Berlin, 22-27/7(d)
Agnieszka Roguski, Berlin, 22-27/7(d)
Marjolein de Graaff, Amsterdam, 22-25/7(d)
Marjolein de Graaff, Amsterdam, 22-25/7(d)
Anne Palomeres, Paris, 24-30/7
Melanie Jung, Essen, 26/7-2/8
A.pass, Brussels, 25pers, 28/7-3/8
Aina Villanger, Norway, 29/7-7/8
Evan, Mexicocity, 29/7-2/8
Florian Japp, Berlin, 30/7-12/8(SU)
Persis Bekkering, Amsterdam, 31/7-13/8(SU)
Alex Brew, London, 1-13/8
Virginie Durand, Paris, 2-11/8 (SU)
Bastien Mignot, Paris, 2-11/8(c)(SU)
Clement Vercelletto, Paris, 2-11/8(c)(SU)
Arnaud Laprêt, Paris, 2-17/8(c)(SU)
Julien Deprez, Paris, 2-8/8(c)(SU)
Perrine Bailleux, Amsterdam, 4-13/8(SU)
Raphael Vanioli, Amsterdam, 4-10/8(SU)
Sunna Ardal Rosengren, 4-11/8 (SU)
Yoann Durant, Stockholm; 4-11/8(SU)
Ben Woodard, Toronto, 4-20/8 (SU)
Kali Malone, Auckland, 4-10(SU)
Emma Daniel, Paris,4-24/8 (SU)
Sébastien Brun, Paris, 5-10/8 (SU)
Aymeric Hainaux, Paris, 5-12/8(SU)
Malin Nagel, Goteborg, 5-12/8 (1s,1d)
Joshua Wicke, Goteborg, 5-12/8 (1s,1d)
Annika Nagel,Goteborg, 5-12/8 (1s,1d)
Gijs Borstlap, Amsterdam, 5-10/8(SU)
Katlijn Meers, Brussels, 6-12/8
Pieter Delfosse, Brussels, 6-12/8
Ofelia Jarl Ortega, Madrid, 6-12/8(SU)
Bernardo Camisão, Lisbon,7-12/8 (SU)
Adriani Jensen Wilfert, Amsterdam,8-24/8 (SU)
Neda Genova, London, 8-14/8 (SU)
Black Lagoya, Paris, 8-10/8 (SU)
Johanna, Paris, 8-10/8 (SU)d
Flora, Paris,8-10/8 (SU)d
Sarah Benillouche, Paris, 8-10/8(SU)
Yann Joussein,Paris, 8-10/8(SU)
Frank Gaffer,Paris, 8-10/8(SU)
Johan Jutterström , 8-11/8(SU)
Julia Denat,Paris, 9-12/8
Paul Chapellier, Paris, 9-12/8
Montgomery Knott +1 , New York, 10-21/8 (SU) d
Sabine Cmelniski, Warsaw, 10-17/8 (SU)
Amy Ireland, Sydney, 11-20/8(SU)
Lendl Barcelos, Santiago, 11-21/8 (SU)
Benjamin Kahn, Brussels, 2 pers 12-17/8 (SU)
Jack Cox, Atlanta, 12-18/8(SU)
Suus van den Akker, Amsterdam, 13-20(SU)
Iris Julian, Vienna, 14-25/8 SU)
Laura Lotti, Sydney, 14-18/8(SU)
Matt Hare, New York, 14-20/8(SU
Rebecca Sollom, New York, 14-18/8(SU)
Isabelle Pauwelyn, Brussels,15-18/8 (SU)
Adva Zakai,Brussels,15-18/8 (SU)
Anna Mikkola, Helsinki, 14-17/8 (SU)
Philosophy Professor, USA, 14-18/8(SU)
Michael Coja, Paris, 14-18/8 (SU)
Katrin Andreas, Paris, 14-18/8 (SU)
Beau Deurwaarder, Melbourne, 15-20/8(SU)
Katrin Andreas, 15-18/8 (SU)
Andros Zins-Browne, 15-18/8 (SU)(d)
Kennis Hawkins, 15-18/8 (SU)(d)
Sandra Lolax, Stockholm, 15-25/8(SU)
Eugen Georg, Saarbruecken, 15-19/8
Sviatlana Viarbitskaya, Dijon, 15-23/8(SU)
Mathieu Alexis, Dijon, 15-23/8(SU)
Linda Blomqvist, Stockholm, 16-25/8 (SU)
Christoph Rufer, Berlin, 17-22/8
Benedikt Haubrich, Berlin, 17-22/8
Jan Lietaert, Belgium, 17-24/8 (SU)
Inigo Wilkins, London, 16-18/8(SU)
Pau Bosch, Dortmund, 16-26/8 (SU)
Isabelle Yafil, Paris, 18-29/8
Zuzanna Ratajczyk, Berlin, 18-31/8 (SU)
Monique Wernhamn, Goteborg, 18/8-30/9(SU)
Andrew Tay, Montreal, 18-31/8(SU)
Rosslyn Wythes, Melbourne, 18-22/8(SU)
Maria Alejandra Peralta, LaPaz, 18-24/8 (SU)
Louise Trueheart, Amsterdam, 18-24/8 (SU)
Joséphine Kylen Collins, Paris, 18-24/8(SU)
Fiona James, Ramsgate, 18-25/8(SU)(d)
Ed Clive, Ramsgate, 18-25/8(SU)(d)
Siet Raemaekers,Brussels, 19-25/8(SU)
Bryana Fritz, Bruxelles, 18-25/8(SU)
Andrew Swan, Toronto, 18-23/8(SU)
Stav Yeni, Jaffa, 19-27/8(SU)
Mikko Hyvönen, Helsinki, 19-25/8(SU)
Emma Tolander, Bagarmossen, 19-25/8(SU)
Uri Turkenich, Stockholm, 19/8-1/9 (SU)
Nadja Voorham, Arnhem, 19/8-22/8(SU)
Claudia Schouten, Arnhem, 19/8-24/8
Claudia Schouten, Arnhem, 19/8-24/8
Gosie Vervloessem, Anvers, 19/8-24/8(SU)
Armelle Verrips, Paris, 20-25/8 (SU)
Magda Plasznik, Warsaw, 20-27/8 (SU)
Anna Gaiotti, Paris, 20-1/9(SU)
Laura Oriol, Paris, 20-24/8(SU)
Simon Asencio, San Francisco, 21-24/8(SU)
Yann Planchenault, Paris, 21-24/8
Emiline, Paris, 21-24/8
Austeja Vilkaite, Vinius, 21-26/8(SU)
Stephen Thompson, Paris, 22-24/8(SU)
Bryan Campbell, Paris, 22-25/8(SU)
Thibault Lac, Paris, 22-26/8(SU)
Karolina Kraczkowska, Warsaw, 22-26/8(SU)
Zoe Poluch, Stockholm, 23-31/8(SU)
Elsbeth Witjes, Utrecht, 23-26/8
Vincent Leferink, Utrecht, 23-26/8
Ele Viskus, Viljandi, 24/8-1/9(SU)
Jo Zahn, Berlin, 25-31/8 (SU)
Guillaume Ollendorff, Paris, 25/8-2/9
Bojana Cvejic, Bruxelles, 26/9-1/95SU)
Sjoerd Vrins, Leeuwarden, 27/8-2/9(SU)
Ellenoor Bakker, 28/8-2/9(SU)
Naima Mazic, Sarajewo, 28/8-5/9(SU)
Stephen Thompson, Paris, 29-31/8(SU)
Catalina Insignares, Berlin, 29-31/8(SU)(i)
Julien Pontvianne + 3, Paris, 1-3/9
Elke Hennen, Berlin, 1-12/9
Ines Wuttke, Berlin, 1-12/9
Claudia Irro, Berlin, 1-12/9
Elisa, Johannesburg, 1-8/9
Julia Pallanch, Vienna, 1-6/9
Marie,Johannesburg, 2-8/9
Renata Alcobe, Sao Paulo, 4/9
Elise Estelle, Australia, 5-14/9
Julien Pontivianne, Paris, 5 ppl, 5-7/10
Auke van Breemen, Nijmegen, 6/9-6/10
Prisca Lobjoy, Paris, 6-10/9
Steve Jones, Paris, 6-10/9
Julie Menut, Paris, 6-14/9
Damiano Marchetti, Florence, 7-14/9
Gaël Segalen, Paris, 7-10/9
Stine Sampers,4 pers, Ghent, 8-13/9
Emma Cocker, Vienna, 13-19/9
Nikolaus Gansterer, Vienna, 13-19/9
Mariella Greil, Vienna, 13-19/9
Rhiannon Newton, Newtown, 14-27/9
Charlotte Azan, Paris, 14-28/9
Tim Darbyshire, Melbourne, 15-29/9
Erin Fowler, Adelaide, 15/9-15/10
Tess Fowler,Adelaide, 15/9-15/10
Kiwako Sakamoto, Washington, 17-18/9
Amy Plum, Paris, 18-22/9
Anna Gaiotti, Paris, 20-27/9
Maarten Buyl, Amsterdam, 21-24/9
Jan James, Amsterdam, 21-28/9
Nicolet Steemers, Groenlo, 22/9-1/10
Margot Simonney, Paris, 23-26/10
Alexander JE Bradley, Paris, 23-26/10
Sarah Arnold, Paris, 25-29/9
Alexandre Arnold, Paris, 25-29/9
Maaike Verdegaal, Rotterdam, 26/9-6/10
DDD, Valérie Pihet, 12pers., 26-28/9
Isabelle Stengers, Vinciane Despret,
Vincent Bergerat, Anne Collod, Fabrizio Terranova,
Cassiopée Guitteny, Valérie Pihet
Emilie Hermant,26 - 29/9
Fabien Siouffi 28 - 29/9
Carole, Mathilde, Julie, 28-29/9
Brynjar Bandlien, Oslo, BMC
13 pers. 28/9-5/10
Aleksandra Lemm, Warsaw, 1-19/10
Emma Daniel, Paris, 1-19/10
Clyde Chabot, Paris, 1-4/10
Jean Louis Heckel,Paris, 1-4/10
Irene Di Dio, Paris, 1-4/10
Muriel Habrard,Paris, 1-4/10
Louise Trueheart,Berlin 1-6/10
Clyde Chabot, 4 pers, 1-4/10
Hilde Bras, Wageningen, 2-23/10
Anna Gaiotti, Paris, 5-8/10
Julien Pontvian, Paris, 5p 5-7/10
Performance Studies Hamburg, 25pers.6-11/10
Dean-Ryan Lincoln, Perth, 6/10-6/11
Melanie Jung, Essen, 6-15/10
Virginie Durand, Paris, 6-10/10
David Edkins, Paris, 7-11/10
Kévin Noguès +2, Paris, 10-12/10
Maria Moseng Oslo, 11-17/10
Philip Reeves, Amsterdam, 13-16/10
Jan Willm Stolk, Amsterdam, 17-19/10
Aron Schuster, Berlin 17/10-9/11
Michael Schmid, Bruxelles,18/10
Anne-Sophie Moriau, Paris, 20-24/10
François Blanchard, St.Erme, 7pers, 23-27/10 (p)
Margot Simonney, Paris, 23-26/10
Anni Maarit, 23-26/10
Alexander JE Bradley, 23-26/10
Lars Reen, Amsterdam, 23-26/10
Marenne Mei Jansen, Amsterdam, 24-30/10
Sarah Jonker, Amsterdam, 24-30/10
Suus, Amsterdam, 24-30/10
Helmut Batista, Rio de Janeiro, 24-26/10
Diana Bratu, Dijon, 27-31/10
Micheal Vertolli, Paris, 28/10
Virgine Durant, Paris, 30/10-6/11
Arolin Raudva, Tallinn, 3-16/11
Frankie Snowdon, Melbourne, 4-15/11
Maddy, Melbourne, 4-15/11
Linea Kornum Ras, Copenhagen, 5-11/11
François Blanchard, St.Erme, 3pers, 8-11/11 (p)(1d,1s)
Jenna Hendry, Zürich, 9-16/11
Aleksi Koskelin, Copenhagen, 9-16/11
Jasper Engel, Amsterdam, 12-17/11
Laure Ferraris, Paris, 14-29/11
Anneke Verstegen, Hoogersmilde, 15/16-29/11
Mark Haanstra, Amsterdam, 15-18/11
Philippine Hoegen, Bruxelles, 16/17 apass
Samah Hijawi, Bruxelles, 16/17 apass
a.pass,masters perfarts,Brussels, 28pers. 17-23/11
Thi-Mai Nguyen, Paris,19-22/11
Caroline Bijl, Amsterdam, 20-25/11
Sura Hertzberg, Beerlin, 20-30/11
Bérengère Vallet, Paris, 21-26/11
Marion Uguen, Paris, 22-24/11
Morizot Noélie, Paris, 23-25/11 (+3 pers)
Roy van de Graaf, Amsterdam, 23-28/11
Anna Gaïotti, Paris, 26/11-4/11
Socrates, Damian, 27/11-1/12
Maarja Tõnisson, Tallin, 2-16/12
Arolin Raudva, Tallinn, 2-18/12
Carlos Dalla Fiore, Amsterdam, 3-8/12
Maarja Tõnisson, Tallinn, 3-16/12
Macklin Kowal, New York, 3-9/12
Dan Lucas, San Francisco, 3/12-10/1
Carine Merlino, Paris, 4-23/12
Linea Kornum Rask, Copenhagen, 4-10/12
Marlene Bonnessen, Copenhagen, 5-23/12
David, Copenhagen, 5-23/12
Hogeschool Gent, Kristof Van Gestel,11pers. 5-7/12
Kai Eng, Singapore, 6-21/12
Sviatlana Viarbitskaya, Belarus, 6-21/12
Yoann Durant, Stockholm, 8-20/12(d)
Sunna Rosengren, Stockholm, 8-20/12(d)
Isabelle Pauwelyn, Antwerpen, 8-15/12
Ed Clive, London, 9/12-21/2 (WUM)
Fiona James. London, 9/12-21/2 (WUM)
Maaike Verdegaal, Amsterdam, 12-22/12
Alexandra Napier, Melbourne, 12/12-4/1(WUM)
Kroot Juurak, Vienna, 13/12-2-1(WUM)(d)
Alex Bailey, Vienna, 13/12-2/1(WUM)(d)
Luanda Casella, Sao Paulo, 14-16/12
Luanda Casella, Sao Paulo, 14-16/12
Liset Hamming, Amsterdam, 14-21/12
Marcus Doverud, 15/12-4/1 (WUM)
Sarah Parolin, Brussels, 15-22/12(d)
Kate McIntosh, Brussels, 15-22/12(d)
Ant Hampton, Brussels, 15-22/12
Britt Hatzius, Brussels, 15-22/12
Alexandra Janeva, Brussels, 15-17/12
Frank, Gaffer records, Lyon, 3pers. 15-18/12 (c)
Antony Quenet, Paris, 15-20/12
Maia Compagnie, Paris, 15-20/12
Maja Roel, Oslo,16-23/12
Carola Bärtschiger, Oslo, 16-23/12
Ingrid Vranken, Brussels, 17-22/12
Emily Ranford, Melbourne, 17/12-5/12 (WUM)
Eric Warmerdam, Antwerpen, 18-21/12
Nicole Dooper,Antwerpen, 18-21/12
Mirte van Gent,Antwerpen, 18-21/12
Hans Bryssnick, Brussels, 19-22/12
Peggy Verzett, Amsterdam, 19-28/12 (WUM)
Marten Spangberg, St.Erme, 20/12-5/1(WUM)
Niek Wagemans, Amsterdam,21/12-4/1 (WUM)(ds)
Boudewijn Rikmenspoel, Amsterdam,21/12-4/1 (WUM)(ds)
Jacob Zwaan, Amsterdam, 21-28/12(WUM)(ds)
Jesse, Amsterdam, 21-28/12(WUM)(ds)
Christina Vantzou, Miami, 21-24/12
Julie Calbert, Miami, 21-26/12
Aaron Schuster, Berlin, 22/12-15/1(WUM)
Margot Simonney, Paris, 25-30/12 (WUM)
Veronique Bekaert, Ghent, 25-31/12 (WUM)
Siri Hjorton Wagner, Stockholm, 26/12-5/1(WUM)(d)
Adina Fohlin, Stockholm, 26/12-5/1(WUM)(d)
Christian Töpfner, St.Erme,26/12-5/1(WUM)
Adriano Jensen Wilfert, Copenhagen,26/12-5/1(WUM)(d)
Emma Daniel, Paris, 26/12-5/1 (WUM)(d)
Jean Félix Marécaux, Béthune, 26/12-4/1(WUM)
Yoke Menssink, Amsterdam,26/12-4/1(WUM)
Annette Kuipers, Amsterdam,26/12-4/1(WUM)
Nico Siepen,Berlin, 26/12-4/1(WUM)(d)
Thelma Bonavita, 26/12-4/1(WUM)(d)
Valentina Desideri,St.Erme, 26/12-5/1(WUM)(d)
Raimundas Malasauskas, Brussels, 26/12-4/1(WUM)(d)
Perrine Bailleux, St.Erme, 26/12-5/1(WUM)
Jan Ritsema, St.Erme, 26/12-5/1(WUM)
Bojana Cvejic, Brussels, 26/12-4/1(WUM)
Berno Odo Polzer, Brussels,26/12-4/1(WUM)(d)
Sarah Vanhee, Brussels,26/12-4/1(WUM)(d)
Virginie Durand, Paris, 26/12-3/1(WUM)
Caroline Bijl, Amsterdam, 26/12-4/1(WUM)
Anna Gaiotti, Paris, 26/12-1/1(WUM)
Annick Kleizen, Amsterdam, 26/12-4/1(WUM)
David Berge, Brussels, 26/12-2/1(WUM)
Caroline Bijl, Amsterdam, 26/12-4/1(WUM)(c)
Dorna Aslanzadeh, Stockholm, 27/12-5/1(WUM)(ds)
Jan Philipp Stange, 27/12-4/1(WUM)(ds)
Simon Asencio, Amestrdan, 27/12-4/1(WUM)
Kym Ward, London, 27/12-4/1(WUM)(ds)
Jan Lietaert, Evergem, 27/12-4/1(WUM)
Katrina Burch Joosten, London, 27/12-4/1(WUM)
Larissa Gilbert, Paris, 28/12-4/1(WUM)
Christine de Smedt, Brussels, 28/12-3/1 (WUM)*
Virginija Januskeviciute, 28/12-4/1(WUM)
Inga Nakiene, 28/12-4/1(WUM)
Elias Akesson +1, Stockholm, 28/12-4/1(WUM)(ds)
Michael Coja, Paris, 28/12-3/1(WUM)
Ana Pais, Lisbon, 28/12-2/1(WUM)(ds)
Simge Gücük, Istanbul, 28/12-2/1(WUM)(ds)
Itonje Søimer Guttormsen, Oslo, 28/12-6/1(WUM)(c)
Melanie Matthieu, Oberen Boden, 28/12-4/1(WUM)
Bojana Cvejic, Brussels, 28/12-2/1(d)
Robin, Brussels, 29/12-2/1(d)
Kristien Van Den Brande, Brussels, 28/12-2/1(WUM)
Petra Sabisch, Berlin, 29/12-4/1(WUM)
Stuart Bailey, Liverpool, 29/12-4/1(WUM)(d)
Francesca Bertolotti, Liverpool, 29/12-4/1(WUM)(d)
Roel Hoogenboom, Houwerzijl,29/12-2/1(WUM)(d)
Anne-Marijke van Dijken,29/12-2/1(WUM)(d)
Laurant-David Garnier, Amsterdam, 29/12-3/1(WUM)
Laure Ferraris, Paris, 29/12-4/1 (WUM)(d)
Aleksandra Lemm, 29/12-4/1(WUM)
Emilie Beffara,29/12-2/1(WUM)
Marion Uguen, Paris, 29/12-29/1(WUM)
Christophe Meierhans, Bruxelles, 30/12-3/1(WUM)(d)
Anna Rispoli, Bruxelles, 30/12-5/1(WUM)(d)
Fahim Amir, Vienna, 30/12-2/1 (WUM)(ds)
Fanny Müller-Ury, Vienna, 30/12-2/1 (WUM)(ds)
Marcus Lindeen, Stocholm, 31/12-3/1(WUM)
Märta Thisner, Stocholm, 31/12-3/1(WUM)
Geraldine Geffriaud, Paris, 31/12-2/1(WUM)(d)
Mark Geffriaud, Paris, 31/12-2/1(WUM)(d)
Laura Oriol, San Francisco, 31/1-2/1(WUM)(ds)
Tom Engel, Frankfurt, 31/12-2/1(WUM)

List of guests PAF in 2015

Iris Gütler, Vienna, 1-6/1 (WUM)
Angie Keefer, 2-3/1(WUM)
Philip Mckee, Melbourne, 2-8/1(WUM)
Mathieu Chaumont, Paris, 5-9/1
Elizabeth Veloso, Rio de Janeiro, 7-21/1
Louise Desbrusses, California, 8-29/1
Rekto:Verso, Wouter Hillaert,Brussels 30 pers, 8-11/1
Malou de Roy van Zuydewijn, 11-18/1
Marco H.D. van Leeuwen, 12-18/1
Bruno de Wachter, Brussels, 14-21/1
Lola Gruber, Paris, 14-21/1
Silvia di Rienzo, Paris, 3 pers. 19-23/1
Jasper Engel, Amsterdam, 20-25/1
Julie Menut, Paris, 20/1-7/2
Margot Simonney, Paris, 23-25/1
Louise Hakim, Paris, 24/1
Aurélie Olivier, Paris, 24-25/1
Deniz Unal, Istanbul, 28/1-3/2
Lucy Thane, London, 28/1-4/2(d)
Keith Lim, London, 28/1-4/2(d)
Amy Stickland, Vancouver, 28/1-3/2
Pim Cornelussen, Amsterdam, 31/1-8/2
Simone Truong, Zurich, 31/1-3/2(d)
Matthias Mohr, Zurich, 31/1-3/2(d)
Virginie Durand, Paris, 2-7/2
Ezra Fieremans, Brussels, 4-7/2
Khalil Cherti, Paris, 5-10/2
Sarah Chaumette, Paris, 5-11/2
Margot Simonney, Paris, 6-8/2
Les Loups à poche, 7 pers, 7-8/2
Clementine Darmon, Paris, 7-8/2
Tomate Val Monte, Caracas, 9/2-8/3
Liam Warren, Brussels, 10-13/2
Amy Plum, Paris, 11-15/2
Veerle Koch, Olst, 14-21/2
Els Tijssen, Olst, 14-21/2
Ellis Blom, Olst, 14-21/2
Liisa Pentti, Helsinki, 16-28/2
Riikka Theresa Innanen, Oslo 16-21/2
Meri Ekola, Helsinki, 16-21/2
Anna Gaiotti, Paris, 20-25/2
Virginie Durand, Paris, 19-26/2
Marion Uguen, Paris, 19-26/2
University of Lincoln, Lincoln,
Pavlos Kountouriotis, 20/2-9/3
Vivan Chai, 20/2-9/3
Davide de Lillis, 20/2-9/3
Angela Bartram, 20-25/2
Anna Gaiotti, Paris, 20-25/2
Yann Joussein, Paris, 20-23/2
Persis Bekkering, Amsterdam, 20-27/2
Simone Van Saarloos, Amsterdam, 20-27/2
Valerie Granberg, Amsterdam, 20-27/2
Bram de Ridder, Amsterdam, 20-27/2
Ezra Fieremans, Gent, 20-24/2
University of Lincoln, Lincoln,
Pavlos Kountouriotis, 20/2-9/3
Vivan Chai, 20/2-9/3
Davide de Lillis, 20/2-9/3
Olivia Lioret, Paris, 21-24/2
Matthieu Schmittel, Paris, 21-24/2
Flora Gaudin, Paris, 21-24/2
Joseph Truflandier, Paris, 23-24
Marie Boisseau, Paris, 23-26/2
Patricia Saliba, Stockholm, 23/2-6/3
Matilda Bilberg, Stockholm, 23/2-6/3
Julien Desprez +1, Paris, 24/2-1/3
Nicole Dooper, Amsterdam, 26/2-1/3
Mirte van Gent, Amsterdam, 26/2-1/3
Toi van Gelder, Amsterdam, 26/2-1/3
Eric Warmerdam, Amsterdam, 26/2-1/3
Lionel Guilleminot, Paris, 28/2-6/3
Michaël Grebil, Brussels, 3-6/3
Alon Karniel, Tel Aviv, 6-15/3
Diana Bratu, Dijon, 9-16/3
Marieke Poelmann, Amsterdam, 10-13/3
Kadija de Paula, Rio de Janeiro, 12/3-12/4(sm)
Julien Deprez, Paris, 13 pers. 14-19/3
Geoffrey Le Guilcher, Paris,15-29/3
Johann Zarca,Paris,15-29/3
Karine Mazloumian, Paris, 16-22/3
Mariana Casella dos Santos, Santiago, 19-28/3
Persis Bekkering, Amsterdam, 22-28/3
Samah Hijawi, Brussels, 22-23/3
Philippine Hoegen,Brussels, 22-23/3
A.pass, Masters PA, 28pers. 23/3-29/3
Bryan Campbell, Paris, 23-28/3
Virginie Durand, Paris, 23-29/3
Marie Fortuit, Paris, 24-28/3
Christian Topfner, Luxemburg 26/2-10/4(sm)
Alexandra Napier, Toronto, 26/2-10/4(sm)
Ben Woodard, Toronto, 2/3-2/5(sm)
Simone van Saarloos, Amsterdam, 16-28/3
Jan Ritsema, (sm)
Valentina Desideri, Amsterdam (sm)
Daniela Berhsan, St-Erme (sm)(d)
Mike Schmid, St-Erme (sm)(d)
Stephanie Barbier, St-Erme (sm)
Perrine Bailleux(d), St-Erme (sm))
Katrina Burch Jones, Paris, (sm)
Dan Lucas, San Francisco, (sm)
Marcus Doverud, Stockholm, 17/3-9/4(sm)
Tristan Garcia, Paris, 21-28/3
Agnès Gayraud,Paris, 21-28/3
Ebba Petrén, Stockholm, 23/3-11/4(sm)
Kerstin Weimers, Stockholm, 23/3-11/4(sm)
Gabriel Widing, Stockholm, 25/3-11/4(sm)
Elize Arvefjord, Stockholm, 4/4-11/4(sm)
Rebecka Askaner, Stockholm, 23/3-11/4(sm)
Albin Werle, Stockholm, 26/3-11/4(sm)
Katie Ward, Montreal, 28/3-7/4 (sm)(d)20
Thea Patterson, Montreal, 28/3-7/4 (sm)(d)
Siri Hjorton Wagner, Stockholm, 30/3-9/4(sm)
Emma Kim Hagdahl, Stockholm, 30/3-9/4(sm)
Ed Clive, London, 30/3-9-4 (sm)(t)
Fiona James, London, 30/3-9-4 (sm)(t)
Jess Wiesner, London, 30/3-9-4 (sm)(t)
Kym Ward, London, 30/3-9-4 (sm)
Alejandra Pombo, Madrid, 30/3-10/4(sm)
Nico Siepen, Berlin 30/3-11/4 (d)
Thelma Bonavita, Sao Paulo, 30/3-11/4 (d)
Trömsö Art Academy, Trömsö, 8 pers. 30/3-11/4 (2d)(sm)
Hannah Strandberg, Stockholm, 31/3-9/4(sm)(d)
Robert Malmborg,Stockholm, 31/3-9/4(sm)(d)40
Bojana Cvejic, Brussels, 31/3-9/4(sm)
Robin Vanbesien,Brussels, 31/3-9/4(sm)
Sviatlana Viarbitskaya, Dijon,31/3-9/4(sm)(d)
Mathieu D'Alexis, Dijon,31/3-9/4(sm)(d)
Anna Mikkola, Helsinki, 31/3-9/4(sm)(ds)
Agatha Wara, Helsinki, 31/3-9/4(sm)(ds)
Jb Labrune, Paris, 31/3-9/4(sm)
Sandberg Fine Arts, 10pp, 31/3-9/4(sm)
Jesper Alvaer, Oslo, 31/3-9/4(sm)
Zuzanna Ratajczyk, Berlin, 31/3-9/4(sm)60
Varinia Canto Villa, Brussels, 31/3-9/4(sm)
Emma Daniel, Amsterdam, 31/3-9/4(sm)(d)
Adriano Wilfert Jensen, Amsterdam, 31/3-9/4(sm)(d)
Suzan Polat, New York, 31/3-9/4(sm)
Valeria Graziano, London, 31/3-9/4(sm)
Florin Flueras, Bucharest, 31/3-9/4(sm)(d)
Alina Popa, Bucharest, 31/3-9/4(sm)(d)
Annick Kleizen, Amsterdam, 31/3-9/4(sm)
Scott Wark, New York, 31/3-9/4(sm)
Amy Ireland, Sydney, 31/3-9/4(sm)
Arnaud Laprêt, Paris, 31/3-9/4(sm)
Daniel O'Connell, New York, 31/3-9/4(sm)
Marie Nerland, Bergen Norway, 31/3-9/4(sm)(d)
Claus Halberg, Bergen Norway, 31/3-9/4(sm)(d)
Ally Bisschop,Sydney, 31/3-9/4(sm)
Katja Seitajoki, Stockholm, 31/3-9/4(sm)(d)
Kajsa Sandstrom, Stockholm, 31/3-9/4(sm)(d)
Amitai Romm, Copenhagen, 31/3-9/4(sm)
Matilda Tjäder, Berlin, 31/3-9/4(sm) 80
Zane Ozola, Riga, 31/3-9/4(sm)
Yoann Durant, Paris,31/3-9/4(sm)(d)
Sunna Ardal, Stockholm,31/3-9/4(sm)(d)
Else Tunemyr, Giessen, 31/3-9/4(sm)(ds)
Andrew Hardwidge, London, 31/3-9/4(sm)(ds)
Henrike Kohpeiß, Giessen, 31/3-9/4(sm)(ds) 90
Tamara Antonijevic, Giessen, 31/3-9/4(sm)(ds)
Emmilou Rößling, Giessen, 31/3-9/4(sm)
Johanna Maria Herschel, Giessen, 31/3(1)-9/5(sm)
Jan Gemlich, Giessen, 31/3(1)-9/4(sm)
Therese Steele, London, 31/3-9/4(sm)
Matt Hare, Paris, 31/3-9/5(sm)(t)
Aaron Berman, Geneva, 31/3-9/4(sm)(t)
Jordan Skinner, London, 31/3-9/4(sm)(t)
Diana Khamis, Moscou, 31/3-9/4(sm) 100
Sean Crossley, Lagos, 31/3-9/4(sm)(t)
Yoel Piotr,Lagos, 31/3-9/4(sm)(t)
Patrick Close, 31/3-9/4(sm)
Simon Ascensio, Paris,31/3-9/4(sm) (t)
Diana Bratu, Dijon, 31/3-9/4(sm) 100
Lendl Barcelos, London, 31/3-9/4(sm)
Caique Tizzi, Berlin, 31/3-9/4 (sm)
Tea Tupajic, Zagreb, 31/3-9/4(sm)
Kadri Noormets, Viljandi, 31/3(1)-9/4(sm)
Gaja Karolczak, Warsaw 31/3(1)-9/4(sm)
Juha Valkeapää, Helsinki,30/3(1)-9/4(sm)
Günter Baumann, Berlin,31/3(1)-9/4(sm)
Sarah Chaumette, Paris, 31/3(1)-9/4(sm)
Linda Blomqvist, Stockholm, 31/3(1)-9/4(sm)
Paula Chieffi, Sao Paulo, 30/3-9/4(sm)
Chris Shambaugh, Sydney, 31/3-9/4(sm)(d)
Agnese Cebere, Sydney, 31/3-9/4(sm)(d)
Maximilian Brands, Berlin, 31/3-9/4(sm)
Isabela Grosseova, Moscou,31/3-9/4(sm)
Chris Dupuis,Berlin, 9-14/4
Marzena Krzeminska, Warsaw, 9-14/4
Michiel Lieuwma, Utrecht, 10-24/4
Tristan Garcia, Paris, 11-19/4
Agnès Gayraud,Paris,11-19/4
Geert Opsomer, Brussels, 12-16/4
Petra van Dyck,Brussels, 12-16/4
Liv Strand, Stockholm, 12-18/4
Marcus Doverud,Stockholm, 12-18/4
Martijn Jacobsen, Amsterdam, 13-17/4
Pascale Pringels, Wildschaap, Lokeren, 13pers. 14-19/4
Alma Mathijsen, Amsterdam, 14-19/4
Shira Levy, Tel Aviv, 15/04-15/05
Diego Higueras+1, Paris, 17-19/4
Amy Plum, Amy Tintera, 19/4
Amy Plum, Paris, 26 pers !!!!, 20-25/4
Lionel Guilleminot, Paris, 20-26/4
Harm Peter Smilde, Culemborg, 21-27/4
Nicolas D’Inca, Paris, 23-26/4
David Hendricks, Antwerpen, 26/4-3/5
Alexander J.E. Bradley, Paris, 27/4-1/5
Melissa Marr + Youval, 28-30/4
Bo van Houwelingen, Amsterdam, 30/4-6/5
Persis Bekkering, Amsterdam, 30/4-9/5
Myriam Lefkowitz, Paris, 1-4/5
Joke Menssink, Amsterdam, 3-12/5
Trudy Telderman, Baarn, 3-12/5
Christina Stulberger, Berlin, 8-15/5
Caroline Bijl, Amsterdam, 9-17/5
Anna Torkkel, Helsinki, 11-16/5
Mathieu Joppe, Amsterdam, 12-17/5
Colin van Heezik, Paris, 13-17/5
Isabel Demarcy, St. Erme, 2 pers. 2S 13-15/5
James Burke, Rome, 15-19/5
Kevin Flanagan, Rome, 15-19/5
Ann Marie Utrate, Rome, 15-19/5 (d)
Stacco Troncoso, Rome, 15-19/5(d)
Michiel Bauwens, Beijing,17-19/5
Varinia Canto Vila, Brussels, 17-23/5
Harry van Rijthoven, Amsterdam, 17-23/5
Dick van Gendt, Amsterdam, 17-23/5
Geurt Sengers, Maastricht, 19/5-19/6
Laure Ferraris, Paris 19-28/5
Charlotte Azan, Paris, 22-25/5
Sarah Jonker, Utrecht, 23-29/5
Annemarieke Samson, Utrecht, 23-29/5
Marenne Mei Jansen, Amsterdam, 23-29/5
Anthea Caddy, Perth, 24-31/5
Asi Föcker, Geneva,24-31/5
Cornelia Huber,ImpulsZentrum, Holdenweid, 7 pers., 24-31/5
Mahmoud Rabiey, Cairo, 24-31/5
Donia Massoud, Cairo, 24-31/5
Keira Fox, London, 25/5-1/6
Ellen Freed, London, 25/5-1/6
Harm Peter Smilde, Culemborg, 25/5-1/6
Keira Fox, London, 29/5-4/6
Ellen Freed, London, 29/5-4/6
Stefanie Vanrompaey, Brussels, 31/5-4/6
Varinia Canto Vila, Brussels, 31/5-14/6
Johan Le Guilcher, Paris, 31/5-5/6
Geoffrey Le Guilcher, Paris, 31/5-5/6
Gigi Fields, San Francisco, 1-30/6(not 19-22)
Loic Rechi, Paris, 1-7/6
Yoann Hourcade, Bordeaux, 3 pers. 1-6/6
Hugo Drillski, Lille, 2-5/6
Rose Baboushian, Chicago, 3-8/6
Elisa, Berlin, 3-12/6
Geumhyung Jeong, Seoul,3-5/6
Robin D'Angelo, Paris, 3-6/6
Clara Saito, Amsterdam, 4-14/6
Ezra Fieremans, Gent, 4-9/6
Rosie Sommers, Gent, 4-9/6
Peter Gorissen, Gent, 6-7/6
Malena Beer, Buenos Aires, 5-8/6
Grégory Castéra, Paris, 7-14/6
Emma Cormick-Goodhart,Paris, 7-14/6
Ellen Furey, Montreal, 10-16/6
Tioka Tokadira, Paris, 10-15/6
Caroline van Keeken, Amsterdam, 10-17/6
Marion Uguen, Paris, 10-14/6
Jeanne Revel, Paris, 12-16/6
Joris Lacoste,Paris, 12-16/6
Lou Forster, Paris, 12-16/6
Roy van de Graaf, Amsterdam, 14-19/6
Clément Salles, Paris, 15-19/6
ONDA, Paris, 19 pers. 16-17/6
Perrine Bailleux/Raphael Vanoli, 180pers. 20-22/6
Ezra Fieremans, Gent, 21-27/6
Rosie Sommers, Gent, 22-27/6
Boris Sommers, Gent, 22-25/6
Franck Fernandes, Paris, 22-28/6
Tam Pontopidan, Athens, 22-30/6(d)
Natassa Sideri, Athens, 22-30/6(d)
Alexa Solveig Mardon, Montreal, 22-28/6(d)
Tristan Garcia, Paris, 22-28/6
Agnès Gayraud, Paris, 22-28/6
Clément Edouard, Paris, 22-27/6
Caroline Bijl, Amsterdam, 24-30/6
Olivier Normand, Paris, 24-29/6
Rikkert van Huisstede, Amsterdam, 25-27/6
Jurgis Paskevicius, Paris, 25-29/6
Monika Lipchitz, Paris, 25-29/6
Aapo Nikkanen, Paris, 25-29/6
Géraldine Longueville Geffriaud, Paris, 26-29/6
Renate Haussmann, Hamburg, 26/6-7/7
Gabriele Foth, Hamburg, 26/6-7/7
An Mertens, Bruxelles, 27/6-25/7
Kaj Strijbos, Utrecht, 27/6-2/7
Jochem Dousi, Utrecht, 27/6-2/7
George McFall, London, 27-30/6
Frank Eclipse, Paris, 29/6-5/7
Karen Dee Carpenter, Los Angeles, 1-31/7
Elizabeth Leister, Los Angeles, 1-31/7
Daniel Ecite, 1-5/7
Laure Ecite,1-5/7
Genevieve Ecite, 1-5/7
Vanio Ecite,1-5/7
Cindy Rehm, Los Angeles, 1-31/7
Colleen Bartley Ecite, 2-5/7
Silvia Mollicchi, Napoli, 2-5/7
Lena Bode, Stockholm,3-8/7(d)
Hans Davis, Stockholm,3-8/7(d)
Ynge Dahlberg, Stockholm,3-8/7
Sara Bodén,Stockholm,3-8/7
Anna-Maria Hilborn,Stockholm,3-8/7
Anja Madheden-Flodman,Stockholm,3-8/7
Dingdingdong, Valerie Pihet, Paris, 12 pers. 3-5/7
Catherine Plée, Paris, 2 pers. 3-5/7
Scali Delpeyrat, Paris, 3-6/7
Sophie Grabmuller, Paris, 3-6/7
Jesse Johnson Ecite, Wellington, 4/5/7(d)
Srikala Kerel Roach Ecite, Wellington, 4/5/7(d)
Ecite 2015, 65 pers. 5-11/7
Crissman Taylor, Amsterdam,8pers, 8-15/7
Yann Joussein, Paris, 9-13/7
Eniko Szilagyi, Budapest, 11-12/6
Virginie Durand, Paris, 11-14/7
Anne Guillemain, Paris, 11-14/7
Karine Adrover, Paris, 12-18/7
Loïc H. Rechi, Paris, 12-20/7
Harm Peter Smilde, Culemborg,13-20/7
Sonia Noya, Berlin, 13-26/7
Itonje Søimer Guttormsen, Oslo, 14-25/7
Suus van den Akker, Amsterdam, 14-31/8(jr)
Monica Aasprong, Oslo, 16-24/7
Ivo Knill, Burgdorf, 16-25/7
Eva Gutscher, Lausanne, 16-25/7
Raphaël de Riedmatten, Lausanne, 16-25/7
Various Artists, Brussels, 16-26/7
Patricia Dominguez, Madrid, 16-26/7
Inge Hellemans, Brussels, 17-21/7
Nicolas D'Inca, 17-26/7
Philippine Hoegen, Brussels, 19-20/7
Saskia van Stein, Brussels, 19-20/7
Eva Schwegler, Brugg, 20-25/7
Caroline Mathieu, Lyon, 20-23/7
Caroline Mathieu, Lyon, 20-23/7
Anne-Sophie Juvénal, Paris, 20-23/7
Fredone Fone, Rio de Janeiro, 20-26/8 (d)
Joana Quiroga, Rio de Janeiro, 20-26/8(d)
Anne-Marieke Samson, 21-31/8 (jr)
Auke van Breemen, Zwolle, 21-22/7(d)
Harma van Breemen, Zwolle, 21-22/7(d)
Jen McArthur, Wellington, 22/7-3/8
Ed Clive, London, 26/7-1/8 (E&O)(d)
Fiona James, London, 26/7-1/8 (E&O)(d)
Valentina Desideri, Amsterdam, 26/7-1/8 (E&O)
Daniela Bershan, Amsterdam,26/7-1/8 (E&O)
Annick Kleizen, Amsterdam, 26/7-1/8 (E&O)
Halla Ólafsdóttir, Stockholm, 26/7-1/8 (E&O)
Egle Budvytyte, Brussels, 26/7-1/8(E&O)
Alex Napier, Memphis, 26/7-1/8 (E&O)
Mica Sigourney, San Francisco, 26/7-1/8 (E&O)
Amanda Apetrea, Stockholm, 26/7-1/8 (E&O)
Rebecka Stillman, Stockholm, 26/7-1/8 (E&O)
Julie Menut, Paris, 26/7-1/8 (E&O)
Siegmar Zacharias, Berlin, 26/7-1/8 (E&O)
Marissa Nicol, Minneapolis, 26/7-1/8 (E&O)
Anders Jacobson, Stockholm, 26/7-1/8 (E&O)(d)
Zoë Poluch, Stockholm, 26/7-1/8 (E&O)(d)
Jean-Félix Marécaux, Lille, 26/7-1/8 (E&O)
Liv Bugge, Oslo, 26/7-1/8 (E&O)
Jennifer Remenchik, LA, 26/7-1/8 (E&O)
Virginija Januskeviciute,Vilnius, 26/7-1/8(E&O)
Amelia Groom, Melbourne, 26/7-1/8 (E&O)
Adva Zakai, Brussels, 26/7-1/8 (E&O)
Lucie Eidenbenz, Geneve, 26/7-1/8 (E&O)
Marcus Lindeen, Stockholm, 26/7-1/8 (E&O)
Sien Van Dycke, Amsterdam, 26/7-1/8 (E&O)
Astrid Menze, Berlin, 26/7-1/8 (E&O)
Catherine Ribeiro, Toronto, 25/7-5/8 (E&O)
Caitlin Truitt, New Orleans, 25/7-5/8 (E&O)
Ilse Ghekiere, Brussels, 26/7-1/8 (E&O)
Franz Schmidt, Oslo, 26/7-1/8 (E&O)
Isabelle Pauwelyn, Brussels, 26/7-1/8 (E&O)
Phil Baber, Amsterdam, 26/7-1/8 (E&O)
Matthias Julian, Vienna, 26/7-1/8 (E&O)
Anna Gaiotti, Paris, 27/7-1/8(E&O)ag
A.pass, Bruxelles, 17 pers 3T, 27/7-2/8
Jacqueline Graßmann, Berlin, 28/7-2/8
Johanna Schraut,Berlin, 28/7-2/8
Roeland Hofman, Utrecht, 30/7-8/8
Frankie Snowdon, Melbourne, 31/7-11/8
Vincent Wilms, Gent, 1-5/8
Vic Grevendonk, Gent, 1-5/8
Basile Lemaire, Paris, 1-9/8(D2l)
Franck Berteau, Paris, 1-9/8(D2l)
Norbert Pape, Berlin, 2-16/8
Judith Blankenberg, Rotterdam, 2-12/8
Marie Gren, Berlin, 2-10/8(SU)
Alice Rientjes, Amsterdam, 3-10/8(SU)
Benedikt Haubrich, Berlin, 7 pers. 3-7/8
Sarah König
Esther Schwarz
Lara Hauke
Cuyen Biraben
Georg Grohmann
Johannes Jannasch
David Krzysteczko
Tommy Wiesner
Benedikt Haubrich
Persis Bekkering, Amsterdam, 3-12/8
Kai Strijbos, Utrecht, 3-7/8
Jochem van Dijk, Utrecht, 3-7/8
Merel Roozen, Amsterdam, 3-14/8(SU)
Aletta Becker, Amsterdam, 3-10/8(SU)
Hannah Reardon-Smith, Brisbane, 4-10/8(SU)
Agnes Gayraud, Paris, 4-9/8(SU)
Andrew, Paris, 4-10/8(SU)
Liam Flenady, Brisbane, 4-10/8(SU)
Corin Ward, Toronto, 4-10/8(SU)(d)
Bastien Rousseau, Quebec,4-6/8(SU)(d)
Aurélie Mermod, Zurich, 4-10/8(SU)
Hae Ju Kang, Seoul, 3-31/8(SU)
Lendl Barcelos, London, 4-31/8(SU)
AYMERIC HAINAUX, Paris, 4-11/8(SU)
Marie Gren, Paris, 4-10/8
Gregor Glogowski, Giessen, 4-10/8(SU)
Rachael Finney, Edinburgh, 4-10/8(SU)
Emmanuel Mieville, Paris, 4-10/8(SU)
Jasper Vaillant, Maastricht, 4-10/8(SU)
Brigitta Horváth, Budapest, 4-8/8
Lionel Guilleminot, Paris, 4-10/8(SU)(veg,fish)
Gerri Jäger, Amsterdam, 4-10/8(SU)
Ned McGowan, Amsterdam, 4-10/8(SU)
Eric Perier, Paris, 4/5/8
Eric Perier, Paris, 4/5/8
Arnaud Lapret, Paris, 4-10/8(SU)
Frederic Alstadt, St.Josse, 5-10/8(SU)
Frederic Bernier, Bruxelles, 5-10/8(SU)
Silvia Mollicchi, Napoli, 5-17/8(SU-P)
Perrine Lenaert, Paris, 5-8/8(SU)
Harm Peter Smilde, Culemborg, 5-8/8(SU)
Johan Jutterström, Oslo, 7-10/8(SU)(d)(veg)
Linda Oláh, Oslo, 7-10/8(SU)(d)(veg)
Andreas Hiroui Larsson, Oslo, 7-10/8(SU)
Alice Heyward, Melbourne, 7-27/8 (SU)
Anna Gaïotti, Paris,7-31/8(SU)
Emilia Gasiorek, Copenhagen,8-17/8
Olivia Riviere, Copenhagen,8-17/8
Nanna Stigsdatter Mathiassen, Copenhagen, 8-17/8
Vincent van den Bijllaardt,Amsterdam, 8-31/8 (SU)
Erica van Kampen, Amsterdam, 8-13/8 (SU)
Simon Eichinger, Hamburg, 8-15/8 (su)
Rachell Clark, Toronto, 9-23/8(SU)
Marion Seifert, Giessen, 9-14/8(SU)
Anthony Schrag, Edinburgh, 9-10/8(SU)(f)
Rosie Sommers, Amsterdam, 10-23/8(SU)
Francis Christeller, London, 10-17/8(SU)
Sofie Burgoyne, London, 10-17/8(SU)
Ioana Gheorghiu, Bucarest, 10-17/8 (SU)
Olivia Kate Fairweather, Montreal, 11-17/8(SU)(d)
Haydn Appleby, Montreal, 11-17/8(SU)(d)
Camilla Gliozzi, Paris, 11-17/8(SU)
Charlie Blake, Paris, 11-17/8(SU)
Virginia Barratt, Sydney, 11-31/8(SU)
Aela ROYER, Budapest, 11-18/8(SU)
Louis Morelle, Bordeaux, 11-17/8(SU)
Anna Mikkola, Helsinki,11-17/8(SU)
Julie Kurris, Riga, 11-20/8(SU)
Alex Ressel, Prague, 11-17/8(SU)
Zorah Wychlacz, Warsaw,11-22/8(SU)
Mikkel Ibsen, Glasgow, 13-17/8(SU)
Tatiana Rihs, Zürich, 13-17/8 (SU)
Sophie Ballmer, Zürich, 13-16/8 (SU)
Aurélien Hamm, Zürich, 14-16/8 (SU)
Tiphanie Mall, Zürich, 14-16/8 (SU)
Jurga Zabukaite, Vilnius, 11-17/8 (SU)(p)
Lynne Fugard, London, 11-17/8 (SU)(ds)
Conrad Moriarty-Cole, 11-17/8 (SU)(ds)
Gaspard Guilbert, Paris, 11-15/8 (SU)(do)
Berno Odo Polzer, Bruxelles, 11-15/8 (SU)(d+)
Saarah Vanhee,Bruxelles, 11-15/8 (SU)(d+)
Jochen Stechmann, Berlin, 12-19/8(SU)
Matias Daporta, Amsterdam, 12-29/8(SU)
Sarah Blum, Vienna,13-24/8(SU)4ag
Sabeen Chaudhry, New Dehli,13-17/8(SU)
Alice Rekab, Cape Town, 13-16/8 (SU)
Tessa Zettel, Hamburg, 13-15/8 (SU)
Dasniya Sommer, Paris, 13-18/8(SU)
Martina Raponi, Amsterdam, 14-31/8 (SU)
Florin Flueras, Bucarest, 14-31/8 (SU)(d)
Alina Popa, Bucarest, 14-31/8 (SU)(d)
Ed Clive, Northhampton, 14-24/8(dc)
Fiona James, Northhampton, 14-24/8(dc)
Anne Fischler, Paris,15-20/8
Stéphanie Barbier, St.Erme, 15-30/8
Andrew Hardwidge, London, 15-31/8(SU)
Frank Sheik Eclipse, Panama City, 16-21/8
Frank Sheik Eclipse, Panama City, 16-21/8
Darcy Wallace, London,16-24/8 (SU)
Emily Randford, Vancouver, 16-25/8(SU)
Ele Viskus, Viljandi, 17-3/9 (SU)
Daisy Estam, Viljandi,16-30/10 (SU)
Ellen Davies, Perth, 17-31/8(SU)
William McBride, Melbourne, 17-30/8
Caroline Meaden, Melbourne, 17-30/8
Alice Dixon, Melbourne, 17-30/8
Megan Payne, Melbourne, 17-31/8
Svetlana Verbitskaya, Dijon, 17-24/8 (SU) ag
POUSSY DRAMA, 17-24/8 (SU) ag
Ellen Söderhult, Bergen, 17-24/8(SU)
Eliza Sanders, Wellington, 17-23/8(SU)
Katarzyna Szu Szugajew, Budapest, 17-23/8(SU)
Sabine Cmelniski, Krakow, 17-24/8(SU)
Krõõt Juurak, Vienna, 17-25/8(SU)
Julian Weber, Berlin,17-30/8(SU)
Eoghan Ryan, London, 17-31/8(SU)(s)
Emily Robinson, Melbourne, 18-24/8 (SU)
Jan Lietaert, Evergem, 18-24/8(SU)
Laura Oriol, Paris, 18-24/8(SU) kb
Carima Neusser, Frankfurt, 18-30/8(SU)
Eroca Nicols, Toronto, 18-31/8(SU)
Amanda Betlehem, Sydney, 18-31/8(SU)
Laura Ramírez, Valencia, 18-31/8 (SU)
Karolina Kraczkowska, Warsaw, 18-26/8 (SU)
Simon Asencio, Brussels (d) 18-31/8
Clara Amaral-Amsterdam, 18-24/8(SU)
Adriano Wilfert Jensen,Copenhagen 19/8-1/9(SU) (d)
Emma Daniel, Paris,19/8-1/9(SU)(d)
Fleurette Séguret, Paris, 18-24/8(SU)
Ellen Söderhult,Trondheim, 18-24/8(SU)
Marija Baranauskaite, Vilnius, 18-24/8(SU)
Giedre Malukaite, Vilnius,18-24/8(SU)
Austeja Stella Vilkaityte, Vilnius, 18-21/8(SU)
Sara Sheu, Porto, 18-24/8(SU)
Mairi Greig, Toronto,18-24/8(SU)
Veronique Langlott, Paris, 18-24/8(SU)
Andrea Zavala Folache, Madrid, 18-24/8(SU)
Jorge Guevara, Mexico City, 18-24/8(SU)
Alondra Castellanos Arreola,Oxaha, 18-31/8(SU)
Julie Menut, Paris, 18-25/8(SU)
Andrea Zavala Folache, Buenos Aires, 18-25/8(SU)
Aleksandra Lemm, Amsterdam, 18-26/8(SU)
Eliisa Erävalo, Helsinki 18-24/8(SU)
Hana Lee Erdman, Berlin, 19-23/8(SU)
Lea Vendelbo Petersen, Stockholm, 19-24/8(SU)
Zuzanna Ratajczyk-Berlin, 19-25/8(SU)
Chloe Chignell, Toronto, 19-25/8(SU)
Charlene Vincent, Bordeaux, 19-24/8(SU)
Anouk Theriault, Paris, 19-24/8(SU)
Michelangelo Miccolis - Venice, 20-31/8
Beth Lane, Melbourne, 20-30/8
Gillian Walsh, Sydney, 20-31/8(SU)
Colette BlueMarble, Hamburg, 20-24/8 (SU)(d)
Arnold BlueMarble, Hamburg, 20-24/8 (SU)(d)
Bar Altaras (Tel Aviv) 20-25/8 (SU)
Annegret Schalke, Berlin, 20-25/8 (SU)
Sura Hertzberg, New York, 20-25/8 (SU)
Stefanie Van Rompaey, Brussels, 22-28/8(SU)
Lenio Kaklea, Athene, 22-26/8(SU)
Brynn McNab, Melbourne,23-31/8(SU)
Olivia Fairweather, London, 24-27/8(SU)(d)
Haydn Appleby,London, 24-27/8(SU)(d)
Katre Sulane, Viljandi, 24-27/8(SU)
Louise Truehart, Toronto, 24-31/8(SU)(d)alex
Jassem Hindi, Berlin, 24-31/8(SU)(d)
Lars Kwakkenbos, Brussels, 24-30/8(SU)
Annie Dorsen, New York, 24-31/8(SU)
Maximilian Brands, Berlin, 25-31/8 (SU-t)
Johanna Maria Herschel,Berlin, 25-31/8 (SU-t)
Begüm Erciyas, Berlin, 25-31/8(SU)
Laurence Wagner, Zurich, 25-31/8 (SU)
Isabel Cuesta, Mexico, 25-31/8 (SU)
Matilda Tjader, Bergen, 25-31/8 (SU)
Sébastien Hendrickx, Brussels, 25-31/8 (SU)
Valeria Graziano, Bologna, 25-31/8(SU)
Lotte van Gelder,Amsterdam, 25-31/8(SU)
Melanie Matthieu, Zürich, 25-31/8(SU)
Per Magnus Barlaug, Oslo,25-31/8(SU)
Marte Reithaug Sterud, Stockholm,25-31/8(SU)
Louise Mestrallet, Bruxelles, 25-31/8(SU)
Masha Tupitsyn, New York, 25-31/8(SU)
Albin Werle, Copenhagen, 25-31/8(SU)
Sanna Blennow, Copenhagen, 25-31/8(SU)
YeongRan Suh, Seoul,25-31/8(SU)(d)
Thore Ib Jurgensen, Copenhagen, 25-31/8(SU)(d)
Runa Skolseng, Oslo 25-31/8 (dMe)
Kristien Van den Brande, Bruxelles 25-31/8(dMe)
Alegandra Pomba, Buenos Aires, 25-31/8 (SU) (dMa)
Jonathan Lahey Dronsfield, Bruxelles 25-31/8 (dMe)
Inger Wold Lund, Oslo, 25-31/8 (SU)
Thea Patterson, Stockholm, 25-31/8 (SU)
Clara Amaral, Stockholm, 25-31/8 (SU)
Eva Susova, Stockholm, 23/25-31/8 (SU)
Sarah Hablützel, Zürich, 25-31/8 (SU)
Heike Langsdorf, Brussels, 25-31/8 (SU)
Anders Firing Aarda, Oslo, 25-31/8 (SU)
Ainhoa Hernandez Escudero, 25-31/8 (SU)53
Vanessa Ohlraun, Oslo, 25-31/8 (SU)
Cristina Rizzo, Firenze 25-31/8 (SU)
Eleanore De Pesters, Brussels, 29-31/8(SU)
Eliza Sanders, Wellington, 30/8-5/9
Enne Koens, Deventer, 31/8-4/9
Bonno Lange, Amsterdam, 31/8-5/9
Jochem Dousi, Amsterdam, 31/8-8/9
Virginie Durand, Paris, 4-9/9
Simone van Saarloos, Amsterdam, 6-13/9
Persis Bekkering, Amsterdam, 6-13/9
Bram de Ridder, Amsterdam, 6-11/9
Lisa Vereertbrugghen, Gent, 6-27/9
Maria Peralta, Mexico City, 6-15/9
Agnes Gayraud, Paris,7-10/9
Sophie Mathieu, Paris, 7-12/9
Rose Philpott, Wellington, 9-16/9
Niharika Senapati, Melbourne, 11/9-1/10
Luiza Crosman, Rio de Janeiro, 9-30/9
Eilian van Holst/Wiebe Gotink/Leticia Matamala, 18 pers. 1O-13/9 (1d)
Caroline Bijl, Amsterdam, 11-20/9
Niharika Senapati, Melbourne, 11/9-1/10
Amber McCartney, Melbourne, 13-19/9
Madeline Beckett, Melbourne, 13-19/9
James Bachelor, Melbourne, 13-19/9
Hana Miller, Wellington, 13-22/9
Jacob Perkins, Wellington, 13-22/9 (d)
Atlanta Eke, Melbourne, 14-22/9
Jane Fawcett, London, 16-25/9
Masja de Koning, Arnhem, 16-27/9
Eric Warmerdam,Amsterdam, 16-20/9
Taskien Kudhabux,Amsterdam, 16-20/9
Annette Kuipers, Groningen, 20-27/9
Yoke Menssink, Amsterdam,20-27/9
Agnes Gayraud, Paris, 21-25/9(c)
Paul Régimbeau, Paris, 21-25/9(c)
Franck Ecite, Paris, 21-25/9(c)
Guillaume Heuguet, Paris, 21-25/9
Sarah Chaumette, Paris, 21-23/9
Sarah Chaumette, Paris, 21-23/9
Anat Danieli, Kelim, 24-28/9
Tal Gravinski, Kelim, 24-28/9
Moshe Shechter Avshalom, Kelim, 24-28/9
Chris Simon, Paris, 24-29/9
Etienne Szabo, paris, 27-28/9
Emma Daniel, Amsterdam, 28/9-30/10
Adriano Wilfert Jensen, Amsterdam, 28/9-30/10
Nicolas Struwe, Paris, 29/9-6/10
Veronique Petit,Paris, 29/9-6/10
Claire Lapeyre-Mazerat, 29/9-6/10
Alexander J.E. Bradley, Paris,29/9-6/10
Dorit Weintal, Amsterdam, 1-14/10
Joanne Paine, Melbourne, 1-31/10
Sarah Elsworth, Toronto, 5-13/10
Simone Weintal, Amsterdam, 8-14/10
Leoni Schimmelpennink, Amsterdam, 3-10/10
Michiel Czn Dhont, Amsterdam, 3-10/10
Jan James, Amsterdam, 3-10/10
Caravan Production/Extended Play, Brussels,9 pers, 4-9/10
Claire Diao, Paris, 5-31/10
Sebastien Hendricks, Brussels, 5/6/10
Loïc H. Rechi, Paris, 5/10-26/12
Aela Royer, Praque, 4/10-26/12
Emma Daniel, Paris, 4-29/10
Adriano Jensen, Stockholm, 4-29/10
Sarah Elsworth, Melbourne, 5-13/10
Maaike Verdegaal, Amsterdam, 9-11/10
Philippe Beloul, Paris, 13-18/10
Marius Strasser, Berlin, 12-25/10
Isabelle Demarcy Blanchard, St Erme, 15-18/10(d)(p)
Caroline Bijl, Amsterdam, 15-20/10
Isa Bijl, Amsterdam, 15-20/10
Joanne Paine, Coorparoo, 15/10-10/11(PS)
Aleksandra Lemm, Paris, 15-28/10
Adriano Wilfert Jensen, Amsterdam, 17-29/10
John Paul Tijssen, Amsterdam, 18-23/10
Hana Erdman, Berlin, 18-28/10
Agnes Gayraud, Paris, 19-31/10(P/S)
Riho Vahtras, Tallinn, 19-23/10
Leah Marojevic, London, 22-29/10(d)
Theo Clinkard, London, 26-29/10(d)
Thomas Ryckewaert, Brussels, 23-30/10
Frank Ecite, Lyon, 25-27/10
Annick Kleizen, Amsterdam, 25/10-2/11(PS)
Virginie Durand, Paris 26-30/10
Sophie Younes, Paris 26-30/10
Tristan Garcia, Paris, 27-29/10
Ezra Fieremans, Brussel, 27/10-2/11(PS)
Nico Siepen, Berlin, 28/10-2/11(PS)(d)
Thelma Bonavita, Berlin, 28/10-2/11(PS)(d)
Pedro Moraes, Madrid, 28/10-2/11(PS)
Donatas Tubutis, Athens, 28/10-1/11(PS)
Gabriel Catren, Paris, 29/10-2/11(PS)
Dorothée Legrand, Paris, 29/10-2/11(PS)
Christian Töpfner, Berlin, 29/10-2/11(PS)
Katrina Burch Joosten, 29/10-3/11(PS)
Matt Hare, St.Erme ,29/10-3/11(PS)
Lendl Barcelos,London,29/10-3/11(PS)
Austin Gross, London, 29/10-3/11(PS)
Mikkel Ibsen, Copenhagen, 29/10-3/11(PS)
Ed Clive, North Cumberland, 29/10-3/11(PS)(d)
Fiona James, North Cumberland, 29/10-3/11(PS)(d)
Perrine Bailleux, St Erme,29-2/11(PS)
Louis Morelle, Paris, 29-2/11(PS)
Olivia Fairweather, London,29-3/11(PS)(d)
Haydn Appleby, London,29-3/11(PS)(d)
Sviatlana Viarbitskaya, Dijon, 29-1/1 (PS)(d)
Mathieu D'Alexis, Dijon, 29-1/11(PS)(d)
Olivier Surel, Paris, 29-2/11 (PS)
Valentina Desideri, 29-1/11(PS)
Samir Sellami, Perpignan, 29-2/11(PS)
Corazón del Sol, LA, 29/10-2/11(do)
Milena Bonilla, Amsterdam, 29-10-1/11
Miša Skalskis, Armenia,29-10-2/11 (PS)
Amilcar Packer, Sao Paulo, 29/10-1/11(dc)
Ana Dupas, Sao Paulo, 29/10-1/11(dc)(PS)
Silvia Mollicchi, Rome, 30/10-6/11(PS)
Scali Delpeyrat, Paris, 30/10-3/11(f)
Anne Fishler, Paris, 30/10-1/11
Nicolas D'Inca, Paris, 30/10-1/11
Viktoria Rybakova, Praque, 30/10-2/11(PS)
Jan Ritsema, St.Erme, 31/10-2/11(PS)
Sylvain Paley, Paris, 31/10-1/11(PS)
Guillaume Theaudiere, Paris, 31/10-1/11
Tessa Zettel, Giessen, 31/10-2/11(PS)
Alexandra Zettel, Giessen, 31/10-2/11(PS)
Giusy Ragosa, Paris, 2-6/11
Anne-Marieke Samson, Amsterdam, 2/11-2/12
Marenne Mei Jansen, Amsterdam, 2-10/11
Bo van Houwelingen, Amsterdam, 2-6/11
Adriaan Breunis, Amsterdam, 2-6/11
Matt Hare, London, 2-30/11
Silke Ansicht, Brussels, 4-11/11
Hannes Ansicht, Brussels, 4-11/11
Irena Radmanovic, Belgrade, 5-9/11
Vincent van den Bijllaardt, Amsterdam, 5-9/11
Reese Rlley, New York, 7-22/11
Andrew Mitchelson, London 9/11-31/1/2016
La Bigarurre, Rozoy sur Serre, 6/4 pers.10-15/11
Fiona James, Ramsgate, 10-13/11
Agnė Auželytė, Vilnius, 15-21/11
Carine Merlino, Bordeaux, 15-22/11
Laura Karreman, Amsterdam, 8 pers. 15-22/11
Judith Blankenberg 15-21/11
Gerko Egert 16-22/11
Liesbeth Groot Nibbelink 16-22/11
Laura Karreman 15-22/11
Johan Opstaele 16-22/11
Esther Tuypens 16-20/11
Kristof van Baarle 16-21/11
Judith Wambacq 18-22/11
Sofie Burgoyne, Paris, 16-27/11
Vincent Haramboure, Paris, 4pers. 20-23/11
Deborah Birch, Paris, 21-23/11
Bojana Cvejic, Bruxelles, 22/11-7/12
A.pass, Bruxelles, 20 pers, 23-29/11
Laure Samama, Paris, 29/11-11/12
Claudine Bouchon, Hirson,29/11-25/12
Frank Leibovici, Paris, 1-3/12
Manuel Marques, Lisbon, 5-19/12
Emma Daniel, Paris, 6-18/12
Hekura Records, Belgrade, 6/12-6/1(WUM)
Caitlin McNamara, London, 6-11/12
Agnès Gayraud, Paris, 5-11/12
Yoann Durant, Stockholm, 6-8/12
Xavier Thiry, Paris, 6-11/12
Guillaume de la Villéon, Paris, 7-11/12
Sebastien Dousson, aris, 8-11/12
Frank Eclipse, Lyon, 7-15/12
Marcus Doverud, Stockholm, 7/12-7/1(WUM)
Marinke Eijgenraam, Amsterdam, 6-13/12
Wieger Wobbe Windhorst, Amsterdam, 6-13/12
Confluences, Paris, 11pers. 10-13/12
Anna Gaiotti, Paris, 11/12-2/1(WUM)
Tristan Garcia, Paris, 15-21/12
Adriano Wilfert Jensen, Amsterdam,15/12-4/1(WUM)(d)
Caroline Bijl, Amsterdam, 16-22/12
Wieger Wobbe Windhorst, Amsterdam, 16-23/12
Yoke Menssink, Amsterdam, 18/12-5/1(WUM)
Frank Eclipse, Lyon, 19/12
Léo Haddad, Paris, 19-21/12
Deborah Birch, Sydney, 19/12-4/1(WUM)
Alexandra Napier, Toronto, 20/12-5/1 (WUM)
Aela Royer, Budapest, 20/12-4/1(WUM)
Alexander Nieuwenhuis, Amsterdam, 21-26/12
Gabriel Widing, Stockholm, 21/12-4/1 (WUM)(d)
Ida Sidenvall, Stockholm, 21/12-"/1 (WUM)(d)
Christian Töpfner,Berlin,22/12-4/1 (WUM)
Annick Kleizen, Amsterdam, 22/12-6/1 (WUM)
Emma Daniel, Paris, 25/12-6/1(WUM)d
Neda Sanai, Cairo, 25/12-5/1 (WUM)
Siri Hjorton Wagner, Stockholm, 26/12-4/1(WUM)
Pontus Pettersson, Stockholm, 26/12-4/1(WUM)
Margot Simonney, Paris, 26/12-4/1(WUM)
Peggy Verzett, Berlin, 26/12-1/1(WUM)
Christiane Huber, Bern, 26/12-4/1(WUM)
Ed Clive, Ramsgate, 26/12-4/1(WUM)
Fiona James, Ramsgate, 26/12-4/1(WUM)
Else Tunemyr, Giessen,26/12-4/1(WUM) ds)
Jorge Guevara, Brussels, 26/12-4/1(WUM)
Rikkert van Huisstede, Utrecht, 26/12-4/1(WUM)
Ezra Fieremans, Brussels, 26/12-4/1(WUM)
Thomas Ryckewaert, Brussels,26/12-4/1(WUM)
Rosie Sommers, Brussels, 26/12-4/1(WUM)(ds)
Julie Kurris, Riga, 26/12-2/1(WUM)(ds)
Tessa Zettel, Giessen, 26/12-4/1(WUM)
Rūta Junevičiūtė, Vilnius, 26/12-6/1(WUM)
Olivia Fairweather, London, 26/12-2/1(WUM)(d)
Haydn Appleby, London, 26/12-2/1(WUM)(d)
Marta Colburn, Amsterdam, 26/12-6/1(WUM)
Donatas Tubutis, Vilnius, 26/12-4/1(WUM) (d)
Katrina Burch Joosten, Toronto, 26/12-4/1(WUM) (d)
Miša Skalskis, Vilnius,26/12-4/1(WUM)
Corazon Del Sol, LA, 26/12-4/1 (WUM)
Julie Kurris, Riga, 26/12-2/1(WUM)
Ana Monteiro, Lisbon,26/12-4/1(WUM)
Uri Turkenich, Berlin, 26-31/12 (WUM)(d)
Tova Gerge, Giessen, 26/12-1/1 (WUM)(d)
Marten Spangberg, Stockholm, 26/12-3/1(WUM)
Raimundas Malasauskas, Vilnius, 27/12-4/1(d)
Valentina Desideri, Amsterdam, 27/12-4/1(d)
Cassiel Gaube, Paris, 27/12-3/1(WUM)
Andrew Hardwidge, London, 28/12-2/1(WUM) (ds)
Kroot Juurak, Vienna, 27/12-4/1(WUM)(d)
Alex Bailey, Vienna, 27/12-4/1(WUM)(d)
Jan Lietaert, Brussels, 27/12-4/1(WUM)
Ebba Petrén, Stockholm,27/12-4/1(WUM)
Simon Ascensio, Paris, 27/12-4/1(WUM)(d)
Guillaume Verbist, Gent,27/12-4/1(WUM)(d)
Stav Yeni, Tel Aviv, 27-31/12 (WUM)
Norbert Pape, Frankfort, 27/12-14/1 (WUM)
Fleurette Séguret, Tours, 28/12-5/1(WUM)(do)
Xavier Le Roy, Paris,28/12-3/1(WUM)(d)
Scarlet Yu, Hongkong, 28/12-3/1(WUM)(d)
Eleanor Bauer, New York, 28/12-3/1(WUM)
Christine Desmedt,Brussels, 28/12-3/1(WUM)
Salka Ardal Rosengren, Stockholm, 28/12-3/1(WUM)
Elisa Yvelin, Bruxelles, 28/12-2/1(WUM)(d)
Hana Erdman, Berlin, 28/12-2/1(WUM)(d)
Iris Julian, Vienna, 28/12-4/1(WUM)
Eoghan Ryan, Berlin, 28/12- 3/1(WUM)(d)
Zusanna Ratajczyk, Berlin, 28/12- 3/1(WUM)(d)
Jassem Hindi, Berlin, 28/12-1/1(WUM)(d)
Louise Treuhart, Berlin, 28/12-1/1(WUM)(d)
Matt Hare, London, 28/12-4/1(WUM)(d)
Silvia Mollochi, 28/12-4/1(WUM)(d)
Jack Cox, Paris, 28/12- 3/1(WUM)
Vanessa Ohlraum, Oslo, 28/12- 3/1(WUM)
Erik Eriksson, Stockholm, 28/12- 3/1(WUM)
Ellen Söderhult, Stocholm, 28/12-4/1 (WUM)
Vincent Lacoste, Normandie, 28-31/1(WUM)
Fleurette Séguret, Tours, 28/12-5/1(WUM)
Annie Dorsen, New York, 28/12-4/1(WUM)
Laurent-David Garnier, Paris, 29/12-2/1(WUM)
Goda Budvytyte, Brussels, 29/12-2/1(WUM)
Rossella Biscotti, Brussels, 29/12-2/1(WUM)(d)
Adam Kleinman, NYC, 29/12-2/1(WUM)(d)
Lucie Eidenbenz, Geneva,29/12-2/1(WUM)
Tom Engels,Brussels, 29/12-2/1(WUM)(d)
Kristien Van Den Brande,Brussels, 29/12-2/1(WUM)(d)
Roel Hoogenboom, Utrecht, 29/12-2/1(WUM)(d)
Anne-Marijke van Dijken, Utrecht, 29/12-2/1(WUM)(d)
Inga Zukovaite, Vilnius, 29/12-4/1, WUM(ds)
Virginija Januskeviciute, 29/12-4/1, WUM(ds)
Vytas Eimulis, Vilnius, 29/12-2/1, WUM
Carmen Kovacs, Munich, 29/12-7/1, WUM
Runa Skolseg, Helsinki, 29/12-15/1 WUM
Egle Budvytyte, Brussels, 30/12-2/1(WUM)(d)
Bart Groenendaal, Brussels, 30/12-2/1(WUM)(d)
Naima Mazic, Brussels, 30/12-3/1(WUM)
Martha Colburn, Lisbon, 30/12-5/1(WUM)
Julian Weber, Berlin, 30/12-3/1(WUM)
Emilie Beffara, Genua, 30/12-2/1(WUM)(ds)
Laura Oriol, Paris, 30/12-2/1(WUM)(ds)
Louise Hakim,Paris, 30/12-2/1(WUM)
Vincent Hakim, Paris, 30/12-2/1(WUM)
Christophe Meierhans, Brussels, 30/12-2/1(WUM)(d)
Anna, Brussels, 30/12-2/1(WUM)(d)
Kym Ward, London, 30/12-3/1 WUM (ds)
Ellen Feis, SF, 30/12-3/1 WUM (ds)
Adelita Husni-bey, New York, 30/12-3/1(ds)
Agnès Gayraud, Paris, 30/12-1/1(WUM)
Trsitan garcia, Paris, 30/12-8/1(WUM)
Bojana Cvejic, Brussels, 31/1-2/1 (WUM)(d)
Robin Vanbesien, Brussels, 31/1-2/1 (WUM)(d)
Gabriel Catren, Buenos Aires, 30/12-2/1 (WUM)(d)
Florencia Rodriguez Giles, Buenos Aires, 30/12-2/1 (WUM)(d)
Nadjia Lipp +1, Copenhagen, 2-4/1(WUM)

List of guests PAF in 2016

Runa Skolseg, Helsinki, 1/1-15/1
Léo Haddad, Paris, 2-5/1
Bo van Houwelingen, Amsterdam, 3-7/1
Adriaan Breunis, Amsterdam, 3-7/1
Elejan van der Velde, Arnhem, 4/1-4/2
Roman L'Abbee, Calgary, 4/1-4/2
Claudine Bouchon, Hirson,4/1-4/2
Britta Wirthmüller, Berlin, 4-12/1
Persis Bekkering, Amsterdam, 5-19/1
Anne Franssen, Amsterdam, 5-19/1
Wolfert Brederode, Amsterdam, 6-10/1
Gry Tingskog, Stockholm, 10-15/1
Khadija El Mahdi, Paris, 10-17/1
Chloé Thomas, Paris, 10-24/1
Askia Traoré, Paris, 11-15/1
Robin Vanbesien, Bruxelles, 11-15/1
Anna Gaiotti, Paris, 12-18/1
Bruno De Wachter, Brussels, 13-19/1
Olivier Normand, Paris, 14-24/1
Amy Plum, Paris, 16-19/1
Bojana Cvejic, Brussels, 17-21/1
Lionel Guillemot, Paris, 17-24/1
Adrien Monfleur, Paris, 18-24/1
Vincenzo Carta, Paris, 18-24/1
James Graham, Paris, 18/1
Alexandra Napier, Toronto, 18-31/1
Giorgio Alzetta, Milano, 19-26/1
Fleurette Seguret, Tours, 21-25/1
Marion Uguen, Paris, 22-25/1
Julie Menut, Paris, 23-31/1
Tristan, Paris, 24-27/01
Xavier Thiry, Paris, 24-28/01
Agnès Gayraud, Paris, 24-28/01
Guillaume de la Villéon, Paris, 25-28/01
Emma Marks, Philadelphia, 28/1-4/2
Cecilia Flatres, Paris, 28-30/1
Silvia Mollicchi, London, 30/1-31/3 PS2
Elejan van der Velde, Arnhem, 1/2-21/29/2
Margot Simonney, Paris, 2-4/2
Stéphanie Croibien, Paris, 3-12/2
Christine Champneuf, Paris, 5-8/2
Virginie Dnd, Paris, 6-12/2
Poetica Association, Marine Béliard, Paris, 3 pers.+3jour, 7-8/2
Sarah Jonker, Amsterdam, 12-18/2
Cecilia Flatres, Paris, 14-25/2
Catalina Insignares, Bogotá,15-17/2
Miriam Schulte, Frankfurt, 15-17/2
Fabiola Paz, Santiago de Chili, 15-19/2
Fondation OPEJ Baron Edmond de Rothschild, Paris, 25 personnes, 18/19-25/2
Ellin Hare, New Castle, 24/2-2/3
Caroline Bijl, Amsterdam, 24/2-2/3
Sammi Landweer, Amsterdam, 24/2-2/3
Nicolas D'Inca, Paris, 25-28/2
Guillaume Theaudiere, Paris,25-28/2
Vincent Normand,Paris, 26/2-2/3
Tristan Garcia, Paris, 26/2-2/3
Agnes Gayraud, Paris, 26/2-8/3 (PS2)
Gregoire Paultre, Paris, 26/2-2/3
Claytie Mason, Washington DC, 26/2-4/3
Quentin Guériot, Paris, 27-28/2
Bonno Lange, Amsterdam, 27/2-3/3
Céline Auclair, Paris, 5-7pers.29/2-4/3
Reza Meziani, Paris, 29/2-6/3
Emma Daniel, Paris, 29/2-7/3
Marie Louise Krogh, London, 29/2-7/3 PS2
Julie Menut, Bordeaux, 1-13/3
Itonje Søimer Guttormsen, Oslo, 1-10/3
Marjolein van der Meer, Amsterdam, 3-16/3
PS2, Philosophie St.ERme, 3-8/3
Olivier Surel, Paris, 1-8/3 PS2
Anna Mikkola, Berlin, 2-7/3 PS2
Tony Yanick, London, 2-9/3 PS2
Olivia Fairweather, London, 3-7/3 PS2
Mikkel Ibsen, Bonn, 2-7/3 PS2
Matt Hare, St.Erme, 3-7/3 PS2
Katrina Burch Joosten, Berlin,3-7/3 PS2(d)
Donatas Tubutis, Athens, 3-7/3 (PS2)(d)
Lendl Barcelos, London, 3-7/3 PS2
Ben Woodard, Tucson, 3-7/3 PS2
Anna Longo, Paris, 3-7/3 PS2
Austin Gross, Austin Tx, 3-7/3 PS2
David Roden, London, 4-7/3 PS2
Duygu Yigit, Ankara, 3-7/3 PS2
Nisaar Ulama, Mongolie, 3-9/3 PS2
Berno Odo Polzer, Brussels, 3-6/3 PS2
Corin Ward, London, 3-8/3 PS2
Alba Simaku, London, 3-7/3 PS2
Laura Bernhardt, Frankfurt, 3-6/3 PS2
Diana Khamis, Bonn, 3-8/3 PS2
Louis Morel, Paris, 3-7/3 PS2
Manuela Kölke, Berlin, 3-7/3 PS2
Inigo Wilkins, London, 3-7/3 PS2
Jb Labrune, Paris, 4-6/3 PS2
Bojana Cvejic, Bruxelles, 4-7/3 PS2
Bas Kohler, Amsterdam, 5-14/3
Nicole Dooper, Amsterdam, 5-10/3
Michelange Quay, New-York, 7-14/3
Yoko Theeuws, Brussels, 8-13/3
Moritz Pfeifer, Berlin, 8-11/3
Cecilia Flatres, Paris, 8-11/3
Jasmine Boler, Paris, 8-11/3
Wieger Wobbe Windhorst, Amsterdam, 12-19/3
Eva Bartels, Amsterdam, 12-18/3
PARTS, Bruxelles, 9 pers. 13-19/3
Grégory Castéra, Paris, 16/3-4/4 (SM)
Marcus Doverud, Stockholm, 16/3-6/4 (SM)
Vincent Normand, Paris, 18-21/3
Heloise Toffaloni, Paris, 18-21/3
APASS, Elke, Bruxelles, 23pers. 19-25/3
KASK, Heike Langsdorf, Ghent, 30 pers. 21-25/3
Veridiana Zurita, Brussels, KASK++ 21-25/3
International Summer Course for New Music,David Helbich, Jennifer Walshe,Darmstadt 10 pers, 21-25/3
Marieke Breyne, Brussels, 23-25/3(ddo)
Troels Jacob Jensen Lindebjerg,23-25/3(ddo)
Norbert Pape, Frankfurt, 24/3-4/4 (SM)
Tinna Ottesen,A.pass, Brussels, 25/3-4/4 (SM)
Akademie der Bildenden Künste München, Stefan
Stefan Apostolou-Hölscher (25.3.-4.4.)(SM)
Jakob Gilg (25.3.-4.4.) (SM)(ds)
Leo Heinik (25.3.-4.4.)(SM)(ds)
Lilian Robl (25.3.-4.4.)(SM)(3s)
Mariya Vasilyeva (25.3.-4.4.)(SM)(3s)
Laura Ziegler (25.3.-4.4.)(SM)(3s)
Victoria Kleinecke (30.3.-4.4.)(SM)(3s)
Annabell Lachner (30.3.-4.4.)(SM)(3s)
Frauke Zabel (30.3.-4.4)(SM)(3s)
Adrian Soelch (30.3.-4.4.)(SM)(do)
Alice Guareschi, Paris, 31/3-4/4 (SM)(do)
Melanie Matthieu, Zürich, 26/3-4/4(SM)(ds)
Emma Daniel, Amsterdam, 25-27 1-4 (d)
Adriano Wilfert Jensen, Amsterdam, 26/3-4/4(d)
Tessa Zettel, Sydney, 26/3-4/4 (SM)
Riikka Tauriainen, Helsinki, 26/3-4/4 (SM)(ds)
Runa Borch, Oslo, 25/3-4/4(SM)
Vanessa Ohlraun, Oslo, 25/3-4/4 (SM)
Katie Ward, Toronto, 26/3-4/4 (SM)
Olivia Fairweather, London, 26/3-4/4 (SM)(d)
Haydn Appleby, London,26/3-4/4 (SM)(d)
Rosie Sommers, Gent, 26/3-29/3 2-8/4 (SM)(ds)
Loic Hecht, Paris, 26/3-4/4 (SM)
Samuel Koch, Jeruzalem, 26/3-4/4 (SM)
Miša Skalskis, Vilnius,26/3-4/4 (SM)
Matt Hare, St.Erme, 26/3-4/4 (SM)
Sveta Viarbitskaya, Dijon, 26/3-4/4 (SM)(d)
Mathieu d'Alexis, Dijon, 26/3-4/4 (SM)(d)
Matias Daporta, Sarajewo, 26/3-3/4(SM)
Fleurette Seguret, Tours, 26/3-1/4(SM)
Daniel O'Connell, New York,26/3-3/4(SM) (ds)
Omar El Adl, Aden, 26/3-3/4(SM)(ds) 31
Zoe Tsavdarides, Baku, 26/3-3/4(SM)
Nikhil Vettukattil, Talinn, 26/3-28/3(SM)
Giulia Crispiani, Roma, 26/3-3/4(SM)
Sumugan Sivanesan, New Dehli, 26/3-1/4(SM)
Louis Morelle, Paris, 26/3-3/4(SM)
Angelica Falkeling, Rotterdam, 26/3-1/4(SM)
Siegmar Zacharias, Berlin, 26/3-4/4 (SM)
Mariana Lanari, Amsterdam, 26/3-3/4 (SM)
Laura Pante, Paris, 26/3-4/4 (SM)
Marielle Pelissero, Paris, 26/3-4/4 (SM)
Laurent Prost, Paris, 26/3-4/4 (SM)
Philippine Hoegen, Brussels, 26-30/3 (SM)(d)
Saskia van Stein, Brussels, 26-30/3 (SM)(d)
Katrina Burch, St Erme, 26/3-4/4 (SM)(d)
Donatas Tubitis, Athens, 26/3-4/4 (SM)(d)
Alex Ressel, Open School East, London, 5 personnes, 26/3-31/3 (SM) 5
Deborah Birch, Paris, 26/3-18/4 (SM)
Caroline Marcantoni, Berlin, 26/3-4/4 (SM)
Zane Ozola, Leuven, 26/3-4/4 (SM)
Bojana Cvejic, Brussels, 26-31/3(SM)
Zorah Wychlacz, Krakow, 26/3-4/4 (SM)
Angelica Gomiashvili, Moscow, 26/3-4/4 (SM)
Marten Spangberg cs, World Cast, 8 pers. 26/3-10/4
Gabriel Widing, Oslo, 26/3-4/4 (SM)
Anders Paulin, Stockholm, 26/3-02/4 (SM)
Anni Puolakka, Rotterdam, 26/3-02/4 (SM)
Madhav Agarwal, Kabul, 26-28/3 (SM)
Dominik Zietlow, Zürich, 26/3-4/4(SM)
Nora Longatti, Zürich, 26/3-4/4(SM)
Sheik Anorak, Göteborg, 27/3-01/04
Lukas Heistinger, Amsterdam, 27/3-4/4 (SM)(ds)
Robertas Narkus, Amsterdam, 27/3-4/4 (SM)(ds)
Thea Porter, Sydney, 28/3-4/4 (SM)
Marianne Linder, Munich, 30/3-4/4(SM)
Gloria Hoeckner, Berlin, 31/3-4/4 (SM) 57
Salome Mooy, Amsterdam, 1-8/4(SM)
Marina Damjanovic, Paris, 2-5/4
Stine Sampers, Bruxelles, 4-8/4
Rhea Vanhellemont, Antwerp, 4-8/4
Isaak Duerinck, Antwerp, 4-7/4
Sibran Sampers, Bruxelles, 4-12/4
Thomas Ryckewaert, Bruxelles,5-12/4
Sophia Mage, Copenhague, 4-9/4
Bo Van Houwelingen, Amsterdam, 4-11/4
Caroline van Keeken, Amsterdam, 4-11/4
Faculty of Fine Arts, Academy of Contemporary Art, The Arctic University of Norway,Nicolas Siepen, Tromsø, 6 pers. 5-13/4
Salome Mooij, Gent, 5-10/4
Margot Simonney, Paris, 5-8/4
Yael Dyens,Paris , 6-8/4
Therese Steele, Copenhagen, 5-11/4
Fanny Risberg, Copenhagen, 5-11/4
Sven Dehens, Gent, 5-11/4
Persis Bekkering, Amsterdam, 6-22/4
Michelle Huber, New-York, 6-13/4
Caroline Bijl, Amsterdam, 6-13/4
Diego Higueras, Paris, 7-10/4 (c)
Diego Higueras, Paris, 7-10/4 (c)
Thea Porter, Melbourne, 28/3-18/4
Matt Hare, St.Erme, 8-18/4
Emma Daniel, Amsterdam, 8-10/4
Bryan Campbell,Rio de Janeiro, 9-13/4
Emma Marks, Philadelphia, 10-20/4
Sidney Vollmer, Wladiwostock, 10-19/4
Virginie Durand, Paris, 11-24/4
Veronique Bekaert, Brussels, 11-15/4
Michiel Lieuwma, Amsterdam, 11-21/4
Marcel Ogterop, Amsterdam, 11-18/4
Matthieu Léon Peck, Paris, 12-20/4
Michael Schmid, Breathcore, Brussels, 12pers. 14-17/4
Konrad Kaniuk, Warsaw, 16-25/4
Claire Chatelin, Lille, 16-20/4
Bonno Lange, Amsterdam, 16/4-6/5
Jean-Luc Plouvier, Bruxelles, 17/18/4
Gerd van Looy, Bruxelles, 17/18/4
Michael Schmid, Bruxelles, 17/18/4
Bojana Cvejic, Brussels, 20-27/4(10)
Fleurette Seguret, Tours, 21-25/4 (idx)
Emily Ranford, Chicago, 21-25/4(idx)
Maarten Boegborn, Amsterdam, 22-29/4
Ingrid Wender, Amsterdam, 22-29/4
Lies Geluk, Amsterdam, 22-29/4
Grégory Castéra, Paris, 22/4-3/5
Adriano Wilfert Jensen, St Erme, 20-24/4 (idx)
Emma Daniel, St Erme, 22-24/4 (idx)
Linda Blomqvist, Brussels,22-24/4 (idx)
Anna Gaïotti, Malakoff, 22-24/4 (idx)
Ingvild Bertelsen, Copenhagen, 22-26/4 (idx)
Vincent Haramboure, Paris, 7 pers., 22-24/4
Chloé Thomas, Paris, 22-30/4
Agnès Gayraud, Paris, 22-28/4
Paul Régimbeau, Paris, 22-28/4
Franck Sheik, Lyon, 22-29/4
Olivia Riviere, Paris, 22-27/4(idx)
Grégory Castera, Paris, 22/4-02/5
Guillaume Heuguet, Paris, 23-26/4
Guillaume de la Villéon, Paris, 23-28/4
Perry Jones, New York, 24-30/4
Sarah Jonker, Amsterdam, 24/4-1/5
Anne-Marieke Samson, Amsterdam, 24/4-1/5
Mish Graham, Melbourne, 25-30/4
Josefina Camus, Paris, 26-30/4
Anne van Duuren, Arnhem, 27/4-9/5
Marie van Duuren, Arnhem, 27/4-5/5
Sandra Terdjiman, paris, 27/28/4
Yorick Stam, Amsterdam, 24/4-6/5
David le Simple, Bruxelles, 28/4-2/5
Milena Kartowski, Paris, 28/4-6/5
Mirjam Gilhuis, Amsterdam, 28/4-6/5
Marion Uguen, Paris, 28/4-5/5
Anna Gaiotti, Paris, 1-7/5
Marie Emmermann, Berlin, 4-31/5
Margot Simonney, Paris, 1/5-4/7
Louis Morelle, Paris, 1-15/5
Michael Schmid, Bruxelles, 1-5/5
Virginie Durand, Paris, 1-7/5
Antoine Cegarra, Paris, 3-6/5
Alexandra Grimal, Paris, 3-6/5
Martin Loyer, Paris, 3-6/5
Marielle Pelissero, Paris, 4-14/5
Paulien Bakker, Amsterdam, 4-8/5
Sine Van Menxel, Bruxelles, 5-10/5
Olivier Normand, Paris, 4-6/5
Gael Chaillat, Ariel Cypiel, Les Moutons, Paris, 13pers 6-8/5
Colin van Heezik, Paris, 6-10/5
Vanessa Ohlraun, Oslo, 7-9/5
Yves Mettler, Berlin, 9-16/5(d)
Alice Chauchat, Berlin, 9-16/5(d)
Elke van Campenhout,Brussels, 11-22/5
Sonja Räber, Theater DelüX, Wiesbaden, 4pers,13-22/5 (2s,1d)
James Burke, P2P, Amsterdam, 13-17/5
Stacco Troncoso, P2P, Barcelona, 13-17/5(d)
Ann Marie Utrate, P2P, Barcelona, 13-17/5(d)
Bill Niaros, P2P, Athens, 13-17/5
Norbert Pape, Berlin, 15/5-29/6
Guillaume Ollendorf, Paris, 15-21/5
Kevin Doyle, Glasgow, 19-24/5
Sufjan Valero, Manila, 20-28/5
Wieger Windhorst, Almelo, 23/5-2/6
Matthieu Leon Peck, Paris, 23/5-1/6
Eugène Blove, Paris, 23-28/5
Stephen De Burca, Dublin, 27/5-27/6 (E&O)
Rana Issa, Oslo, 27/5
Claire Savina,Oslo, 27/5
Geoffrey Whitehall, Wolfville, 27/5-8/7 (PS3)
Vanessa Ohlraun, Oslo, 28-31/5
Marenne Mei Jansen, Amsterdam, 28/5-6/6
Britta Düsteres, Berlin, 29/5-05/6
Kyra Hogan, Los Angelos, 29/5-4/6
Francisca Wals, Amsterdam, 31/5-9/6 (ds)
Daan Borrel, Amsterdam, 31/5-9/6 (ds)
Bojana Cvejic, Brussels, 31/5-10/6
Anders Paulin, Stockholm, 30/5-8/6 (PS3)
Guillaume Ollendorff, Paris, 31/5-7/6(PS3)
Michiel Lieuwma, Amsterdam, 31/5-24/7
Stephen De Burca, Dublin, 1-30/6
Olivier Surel, London, 1/6-15/8 (PS3)(SU/P)
Tracy Valcarcel, Lima, 1-8/6
Michaela Gerussi, Montreal, 1-8/6
Olivia Fairweather, London, 1-7/6(PS3)
Louis Morelle, Paris, 1-8/6(PS3)
Georgina Mallory, Londres, 1-5/6 (PS3)
Lutz Albrecht, Berlin, 1-8/6(PS3)
PS3, Philosophie St.Erme, 2-7/6
Lendl Barcelos, London, 2-07/6 (PS3)
Katrina Burch, The Hague, 2-07/6 (PS3)
Ben Woodard, St.Erme, 2-07/6 (PS3)
Matt Hare, St.Erme, 2-07/6 (PS3)
Austin Gross, St.Erme, 2-07/6 (PS3)
Silvia Mollicchi, St.Erme, 2-07/6 (PS3)
Agnès Gayraud, Paris, 2-07/6 (PS3)
Will Schrimshaw, London, 2-07/6 (PS3)
Kodwo Eshun, London, 2-07/6 (PS3)(d)
Doreen Mende, London, 2-07/6 (PS3)(d)
Ally Bisshop, Sydney, 2-07/6 (PS3)
Berno Odo Polzer, Bruxelles, 2-7/6(PS3)
Jordan Skinner, London, 2-07/6 (PS3)
Norbert Pape, Berlin, 2-07/6 (PS3)
Sara Gebran, Copenhagen, 2-06/6 (PS3)
Zoe Tsavdarides, London, 2-06/6 (PS3)
Lola de la Mata, London, 2-7/6(PS3)
Corin Ward, London, 2-7/6(PS3)
Iain Campbell, London, London, 2-7/6(PS3)
Michael Holland, Manchester, 2-7/6 (PS3)
Jonathan Lahey Dronsfield, London,2-7/6 (PS3)
Daniela Bershan, Brussels, 2-7/6 (PS3)
Angelina Ronkina, Moscou, 2-7/6
Constanza Bizraelli, London, 2-6/6 (PS3)
Idil Onen, Budapest, 2-5/6
Marie Louise Krogh, London, 2-6/6 (PS3)
Anna Longo, Paris, 3-5/6(PS3)
Hannah Warnes, Paris,3-5/6(PS3)
Kim Snauwaert, Brussels,3-5/6(PS3)
Wouter De Raeve, Brussels,3-5/6(PS3)
Vicky Kapo, Wellington, 3-14/6
Kit Tuner, London, 3-6/6
Guillaume Heuguet, Paris, 4-6/6 (PS3)
Maria Montesi, Paris, 4-6/6 (PS3)
Antoine Pesle, Paris, 4-5/6 (PS3)
William Loveluck, Paris, 4-5/6 (PS3)
Colin van Heezik, Amsterdam, 6-10/6
Crissman Taylor, Utrecht, 7-13/6
Christina Vantzou, Bruxelles, 7-14/6
John also Bennett, Bruxelles, 7-14/6
Franck (Sheik Anorak), Göteborg, 7-11/6
Marielle Pelissero, Paris, 7-15/6
Annick Kleizen, Amsterdam, 9-20/6
Choeur de Béatrice Gaucet, La Villanelle, Laon, 45 pers. 10/6
Clément Edouard, Lyon, 11-17/6
Persis Bekkering, Amsterdam, 13/6-1/7 (E&O)
Rebekka de Wit, Amsterdam, 13-19/6
Willem de Wolf, Amsterdam, 13-19/6
Ondine Cloez, Bruxelles, 13-18/6
Anne Sophie Moriau, Bordeaux, 13-17/6
Véronique Bekaert, Paris, 13-17/6
Caroline Bijl, Amsterdam, 15-22/6
Marenne Mei Jansen, Amsterdam, 15-22/6
Frank Albers, Antwerpen, 16-21/6
Lia Rodriques & Company, Rio de Janeiro, 11pers. 17-26/6
Lucy Conochie, London, 17-22/6 (d)
Ben Doherty, London, 17-22/6 (d)
Kaj Strijbos, Amsterdam, 17-20/6 (d)
Maaike Peters, Amsterdam, 17-20/6(d)
Jochem Dousi,Amsterdam, 17-20/6
Sophie Weston, Melbourne, 17-20/6(d)
Joshua Oxlee, Melbourne, 17-20/6 (d)
Suus van den Akker, Amsterdam, 17-24/6
Thomas Ryckewaert, Bruxelles, 18-24/6
Matteo Guidi, Barcelona, 18-23/6
Alexandra Napier, Toronto,18/6-4/7 (E&0)
Vanessa Vidot, Paris, 18-20/6
Jaap Warmenhoven, Amsterdam, 18-24/6(d)
Clarinde Wesselink, Amsterdam, 18-24/6(d)
Saskia Lankhoorn, Almelo, 19-23/6
Carine Merlino, Paris, 19-24/6
Mikkel Ibsen, Bonn, 19/7-16/8 (SU)
Amber Cronin, Adelaide, 20/6-1/7 (E&0)
Rosie Sommers, Brussels, 20-28/6
Alaa Van Mierlo-Abdulfatah, Amsterdam, 20-25/6
Anna Longo, Paris, 20-24/6
Flora Katz, Paris, Paris, 21-24/6
Esther Lu, Taipei, 23/6-1/7 (E&O)
E&O, St Erme, 24/6-1/7
Valentina Desideri, St-Erme, 24/6-1/7 (E&0)
Daniela Bershan, St-Erme, 24/6-1/7 (E&0)
Milena Bonilla, Amsterdam, 24/6-1/7 (E&0)
Corazon Del Sol, LA, 24/6-1/7 (E&0)
Merel van ’t Hullenaar, Amsterdam, 24-27/6(E&0)(d)
Niels Vis, Amsterdam, 24-27/6 (E&0)(d)
Hana Erdman, Berlin, 24/6-1/7 (E&0)
Annick Kleizen, Amsterdam, 24/6-1/7 (E&0)
Julie Menut, Paris, 24/6-1/7 (E&0)
Viktorija Rybakova, Vilnius, 24/6-1/7 (E&0)
Goda Budvytyte,Vilnius, 24/6-1/7 (E&0)
Virginia Barratt, Sydney, 24-29/6(E&O)
Aela Royer, Paris, 24-29/6(E&O)
Eroca Nicols, Toronto, 24/6-1/7 (E&O)
Celine Drouin Laroche, Paris, 24/6-1/7 (E&O)
Egle Budvytyte, Vilnius, 24/6-1/7 (E&O)
Astrid Menze, Berlin, 24/6-1/7 (E&O)
Hilary Gross, Texas, 24/6-1/7 (E&O)
Roni Katz, Berlin, 24/6-1/7 (E&O)
Julia Rodriguez, Mexico City, 24/6-1/7 (E&O)
Marijn Ottenhof, Amsterdam, 24-27/6 (E&O)
Matt Hare, St.Erme, 24/6-1/7 (E&O)
Sigmar Zacharias, Berlin, 25/6-1/7 (E&O)
Tessa Zettel, Sydney, 26/6-1/7 (E&O)
Vanessa Ohlraun, Oslo, 27/6-1/7 (E&O)
Marguerite van Sandick, Amsterdam, 24/6-1/7 (E&O)
Trinidad V. Pels, Lisbon, 24/6-1/7 (E&O)
Vincent van den Bijllaardt, Amsterdam, 24/6-4/7 (E&O)
Géraldine Longueville, Paris, 24-7/6 (E&O)
Anya de Marie, Oakland, 24-29/6(E&O)
Red Vaughan Tremmel, 24/6-1/7(E&O)
Ioanna Gerakidi, Amsterdam, 24/6-1/7 (E&O)
Jassem Hindi, Beirut, 23/6-2/7 (E&O)
Paolo Plot, London, 24-30/6 (E&O)
Melanie Jame Wolf, Copenhagen, 24-30/6 (E&O)
Martin Hansen, London, 24/6-1/7 (E&O)
Emma Daniel, Brussels, 24/6-1/7 (E&O)
Adriano Wilfert Jensen, Copenhagen, 24/6-1/7 (E&O)
Sasha Kleinplatz, Toronto 23/6-1/7 (E&O)
Camille Back, London, 24-28/6 (E&O)
Brigitte Nicole Griece, LA, 25/6-8/7(E&O)
Louise Trueheart, Berlin, 24-1/7(E&O)
Isabelle Pauwelyn, Brussels, 27/6-1/7(E&O)
Arianna Marconi, Brussels, 24/6-1/7(E&O)
Stav Yeini, Brussels, 24/6-1/7 (E&O)
Catherine G. Wagley, LA, 24/6-1/7 (E&O)
Lutz Albrecht, Berlin, 23/6-1/7(E&O)
Fleurette Séguret, Paris, 24/6-10/7 (E&O)(AG)
Helen Stuhr-Rommereim, Cairo, 25/6-8/7 (d)
Aaron Berman, Cairo, 25/6-3/7 (d)
Butch Merigoni, Milano, 29/6-1/8
Anna Gaiotti, Paris, 30/6-10/7 (AG)
Paul Brown, New York, 30/6-5/7
Marielle Pelissero, Paris, 30/6-14/7
Hélène Rocheteau, Reims, 1-7/7(d)
Anthony Breurec, Reims, 5-7/7(d)
Maxime l'Anthoën, Reims, 1-7/7
Philippine Hoegen, Brussels, 1-3/7
Carolien Stikker, Brussels, 1-3/7
Anna Gaiotti, Circles, Paris, 3-9/7(AG)
Silvia Mollichi, Rome, 3-9/7(AG)
Fleurette Séguret, Paris, 3-9/7(AG)
Matt Hare, St.Erme, 3-9/7(AG)
Vincent Lacoste, Paris, 3-9/7 (AG)
Lionel Guilleminot, Paris, 3-9/7 (AG)
Daphné Achermann,Paris, 3-9/7 (AG)
Leslie Enfant,Paris, 3-9/7 (AG)
Lisa Miramond, Paris, 3-9/7 (AG)
Liam Orlando Kelly, Panama City,3-9/7 (AG)
Dara Orlando Kelly, Panama City,3-9/7 (AG)
Sarah Blum, Paris, 3-9/7 (AG)
Diana Bratu, Paris, 3-9/7 (AG)
Thomas Ryckewaert, Bruxelles, 3-16/7
Colin van Heezik, Paris, 5-30/7
Sufjan Valero, Manila, 6-11/7
Flora Katz, Paris, 6-13/7
Janine Harrington, Brighton, 6-12/7
Michelle Huber, Berlin, 7-10/7
Josefina Camus, Paris, 7-31/7
Sven Dehens, Bruxelles, 7-11/7
Winke Noppen, Bruxelles, 7-11/7
Anna Scholiers, Bruxelles, 7-11/7
Claire Savina, Paris, 8-28/7
Line Hasle, Copenhagen, 9-16/7
Lea Schick, Copenhagen, 9-16/7
Marie Louise Gørvild, Copenhagen, 9-16/7
Julien Deprez, Paris, 10-14/7
Britta Düsterhus, Berlin, 10-13/7(d)
Britta Düsterhus, Berlin, 10-13/7(d)
Claire Savina, Paris, 10-28/7
Alma Mathijsen, Amsterdam, 11-17/7
Maurits de Bruijn,Amsterdam, 11-17/7
Wieger Windhorst, Amsterdam, 11-17/7
Noortje Köhne, Amsterdam, 11-17/7
Solomon Tesfom, Haifa, 11-16/7
Anne-Marieke samson, Amsterdam, 14-18/7
Yvo Spreij, Amsterdam, 14-18/7
Bono Lange, Amsterdam, 14/7-7/8
Yoko Theeuws, Amsterdam, 15-22/7
Anneloes Van Osselaer,Amsterdam, 15-22/7
Persis Bekkering, Amsterdam, 15-21/7
Sarah Sadie Lehmker, Michigan, 16-19/7
Ysk Lightspeed Chamber, Melbourne, 17-24/7
Aviva Endean, Melbourne, 17-24/7
Karoline Hippe, Oslo, 17-21/7
Vincent Normand, Lausanne, 17-27/7
Hélène Paris, Reims, 18-8/8
Magne van den Berg,Amsterdam, 19-24/7
Joppe van Hulzen, Amsterdam, 19-24/7
Joshua Lowe, Tasmania, 20-31/7
Nisaar Ulama, Tasjkent, 20/7-19/9 (SU)(nf)
Florian Japp, Berlin, 20-28/7
José Bernard Corteggiani, Rome, 20-26/7
Mikkel Ibsen, Bonn, 20/7-16/8 (SU)
Pieter de Clercq, Antwerpen, 21-24/7
Thomas Brengou, Paris, 22-24/7
Quentin Guériot, Paris, 22-24/7
Etienne Choteau Bon Village, Paris, 22-24/7
Wouter Le Duc, Amsterdam, 22-29/7
Thomas Rietstra, Paris, 23-27/7
Otto Wichers, Amsterdam, 24/7-5/8(d)
Linde van Schuppen, Amsterdam, 24/7-5/8(d)
Apass, Bruxelles, 24 pers. 25-31/7
Harm Peter Smilde, Culemborg, 26/7-4/8
Oriane Boyer, Amsterdam, 26-31/7
Norbert Pape, Frankfurt, 27/7-1/8
Arthur Pinko, Paris, 27/7-2/8
Savyon Fishlovitch, Tel-Aviv, 28/7-8/8
Hadar Mitz, Tel-Aviv, 28/7-8/8
Arthur Grec, Paris, 28/7-2/8
Mikkel Ibsen, Bonn, 29/7-16/8 (SU)
Warre Simons, Ghent, 30/7-4/8
Malou de Roy van Zuydewijn, Utrecht, 30/7-6/8
Sidney Vollmer, Amsterdam, 30/7-5/8
Marie Meeusen, Amsterdam, 30/7-6/8
Marjolein de Graaff, Utrecht, 31/7-8/8
Ton Burgers, Nijmegen, 31/7-8/8
Camille Simmonney, Paris, 1-8/8
Martha Ritsema, Groningen, 1-3/8 (102103)
Louis Morelle, Paris, 1-31/8 (SU)
Bart Kiers, Amsterdam, 1-15/8 (SU-PS4)
Corin Ward, London, 1/8-1/10 (SU-all)
Anne-Marieke Samson, Amsterdam, 1-7/8
Marenne Mei Janssen, Den Haag, 1-7/8
Erica Onnen, Amsterdam, 1-7/8
Jack Cox, Paris, 1-15/8 (SU)
Isabelle van Dooren, Utrecht, 2-7/8
Kolja van Zwoll, Amsterdam, 2-5/8
Eve Richens, Paris, 2-6/8
Norbert Pape, Frankfurt, 3/8-15/8 (SU PS4)
Olivia Fairweather, London, 3-13/8 (SU)(d)
Haydn Appelby, London, 3-13/8 (SU)(d)
Nikhil Vettukattil, London, 3-14/8 (SU)
Carly Everaert, Antwerp, 3-24/8
Simone van Saarloos, Amsterdam, 3-15/8
Simon Eichinger, Hamburg, 4-23/8 (PS4)
Albin Werle, Stockholm, 4-16/8 (SU)
Manuela Kölke, Berlin, 5-19/08 (SU-PS4)
Philosophie 8-15/8
Indigo Dance 16-22/8
It's a rainy day 23-28/8
Music 30/8-5/9
Daan Oostveen, Amsterdam, 6-16/8(s)
Caitlin McNamara, Orleans, 6-9/8
Jonathan Burrows, Brighton, 7-12/8 (SU-PS4)(s)
Muhannad Hariri, Beirut, 7-15/8 (SU-PS4)
Daniele Vittorio Genner, Milano, 7-22/8 (SU-PS4-id) (d)
Camilla Borud Strandhagen, Bergen, 7-22/8 (SU-PS4-id)(d)
Maxwell Stephens, London, 7-16/8 (SU)
Marie Louise, London, 7-16/8 (SU)
Charlotte Szász, Berlin, 7-15/8 (SU)
Anders Hvam Waagø, Copenhagen, 7-15/8 (SU)
Lina Hermsdorf, Munich, 7-14/8 (SU)
Teresa Gillespie, London, 7-15/8(SU)
Rachel-Rose O'Leary, London,7-15/8(SU)
Johanna Malm, Oslo, 7-13/8 (SU)(d)
Olof Runsten, Oslo, 7-13/8 (SU)(d)
David Bremner, Berlin, 7-15/8 (SU)
Anna Gaïotti, Paris, 8-23/8 (SU)
Leah Landau, Berlin, 8-29/8 (SU-PS4/ID/RD)
Sascha Pohflepp, San Diego, 8-15/8 (SU-PS4)
Tessa Zettel, Sydney, 8-15/8 (SU-PS4)
Eleanor Bauer, Brussels, 8-15/8 (SU-PS4) (d)
David Van Dijcke, Brussels, 8-15/8 (SU-PS4) (d)
Annie Dorsen, New-York, 8-15/8 (SU)
Amy Pennington, Seattle, 8-15/8 (SU-PS4)
Blake Seidenshaw, London, 8/8-5/9 (SU)
Samir Sellami, Berlin, 8-14/8 (SU)
Chad McLachlan, Sidney, 8/8-7/9 (SU)
Uri Turkenich, Stockholm, 8-25/8 (SU)
Greta Bernotaitė, Vilnius, 8/8-5/9 (SU)
Deborah Birch, Paris, 6-22/8 (SU)
Anna Mikkola, Berlin, 8-15/8 (SU)
Liam Warren, Aix-en-Provence, 8-22/8 (SU only ID)
Auridas Gajauskas, Vilnius, 8-15/8 (SU)
Sami Khatib, Beirut, 8-15/8 (SU)
Lucie Mercier +1, London, 8-15/8 (SU)
Anna Longo, Paris, 9-12/8 (SU)
Sam Jackson, London, 11-20/8 (SU)
Marilisa Cosello, Rome, 12-24/8 (SU)
Lola de la Mata, London, 13-25/8(SU-id)
Nina Garcia, Paris, 13-15/8 (SU)
Florin Flueras, Bucharest, 13-20/8 (SU)(d)
Alina Popa, Bucharest, 15-20/8 (SU)(d)
Juana del mar Jimenez Infante,Mexico City, 12-18/8 (SU)
Miri Davidson, London, 12/13/8(SU)
Frankie Snowdon, Melbourne, 14-22/8 (SU-id)
Rachael Dichter, 14-23/8 (SU-id)
Anna Ourø, Copenhagen, 15-30/8 (SU-id-RD)
Amalia Kasakove, Copenhagen,15-30/8 (SU-id-RD)
Naya Moll, Berlin, 15-22/8 (SU-id)
Louise Pousette, Paris, 15-22/8 (SU-id)(ds)
Sandra Liaklev Andersen, London, 15-22/8 (SU)
Emilia Gasiorek, London, 15-22/8 (SU)
Snorre Hansen, London, 15-22/8 (SU)
Adriana, Bucharest, 15-19/8 (SU)
Imre Vass, Moscou, 15-22/8 (SU)
Salka Ardal Rosengren, Bruxelles, 15-24/8 (SU)(d)
Andrew Hardwidge, London,15-18/8 (SU)(d)
Bryana Fritz, Bruxelles, 15-24/8 (SU)
Henrike Kohpeiss, Frankfurt, 15-22/8(SU)
Else Tunemyr, Frankfurt, 15-22/8(SU)
Christopher Wickenmeier, Frankfurt, 15-22/8(SU)
Catalina insignares, Frankfurt, 15-22/8(SU)
Agnieska Kryst, Warsaw, 15-19/8 (SU) (t)
Marta Ziolek, Warsaw, 15-19/8 (SU) (t)
Katarzyna Sikora,Warsaw, 15-19/8 (SU) (t)
Isolde Daun, Berlin, 15-22/8(SU)
Ellen Söderhult, Oslo, 15-21/8 (SU)
Sara Ostertag, Vienna, 16-22/8 (SU-id)
Magdalena Leite,Berlin, 16-22/8 (SU-id)(d)
Anibal Conde, Berlin, 16-22/8 (SU-id)(d)
Laura Enguidanos, Madrid, 16-22/8 (SU-id)(ts)
Ainhoa Hernández, Madrid, 16-22/8 (SU-id)(ts)
Andrea Rodrigo, Madrid, 16-22/8 (SU-id) (ts)
Veronique Langlott, Antwerp, 16-22/8 (SU)
Olivia Riviere,Paris, 16-22/8 (SU-id)(ds)
Angela Goh, Sydney, 16-22/8 (SU-id)
Katrine Staub Larsen, Berlin, 16-22/8 (SU)
Barbara Matthews, Santiago de Chile, 16-27/8 (SU)
Karis Zidore Christensen, London, 16-22/8 (SU)
Virginie Durant, Paris, 16-26/8
Vincent Haramboure, Paris, 16-21/8 (SU)
Johanne Merke, Berlin, 16-22/8 (SU)
Xenia Taniko Dwertmann, Berlin, 16-22/8 (SU)
Sun-Tzu Dunmore, New-York, 16-22/8 (SU)
Fleurette Séguret, Tours, 16-23/8 (SU)(ds)
Crystal Sasaki, Oakland,16-23/8 (SU) (ds)
Maryanna Lachmann,Berlin, 16-22/8 (SU)
Carima Neusser, Frankfurt, 16-27/8 (SU)
Zuzanna Ratajczyk, Berlin, 16-29/8(SU)(d)
Eoghan Ryan, Warsaw, 16-29/8(SU)(d)
Lea Vendelbo Petersen, Copenhagen 16-22/8 (SU)
Neda Sanai, Stockholm, 16-28/8 (SU)
Kenza Sandra Boda, Berlin, 16-28/8 (SU)
Joanna Spinks, Dublin, 17-23 (s)
Mira Jo Hirtz, Tel Aviv, 17-22/8 (SU)
Roni Katz, Berlin, 17-22/8(SU)
Clemence Dieny, Berlin, 17-20/8(SU)
Ivey Wawn, Berlin, 18-22/8(SU)
Nina Garcia, Paris, 19-21/8 (SU)
Anya Kravchenko, Montpellier, 19-28/8 (SU)
Tessa Broadby, Melbourne, 19-29/8 (SU)
Thomas Dupal, Paris, 19-22/8 (SU)
John Hoobyar, Berlin, 19-25/8 (SU)
Mélanie Matthieu, Zürich, 20/8-1/9 (SU)
Jonathan Daza Ospina, Zürich, 20/8-26/8 (SU)
Samuel Koch, Zürich, 20/8-1/9 (SU)
Carmen Kirschner, Vienna 21-28/8 (couch21)
Maria Kirschner, Vienna 21-28/8
Soizick Jaffre, Paris, 22-28/8
Mark Haanstra, Amsterdam, 22-25/8 (ds)
Gerri Jäger, Amsterdam, 22-25/8(ds)
Nora Fischer,Amsterdam, 22-25/8(s)
Stefan Govaart, Brussels, 22-31/8 (SU)
Liza Baliasnaja, Vilnius, 22-31/8 (SU)
Sebastiaan Boersma, Groningen, 22-30/8 (SU)
Madhav Agarwal, New Dehli, 22-27/8 (SU)
Sandra Cuesta, Madrid, 23-29/8 (SU) (ds)
Jorge Nunez, Bilbao, 23-29/8 (SU) (ds)
Stine Sampers, Bruxelles, 23-29/8 (SU)
Indré Gin, Stockholm, 23-27/8 (SU)
Larraitz Torres, Madrid, 23-29/8 (SU) (ds)
Alejandra Pombo, Madrid, 23-29/8 (SU) (ds)
Connie Witham, London, 23-30/8 (SU)
Sebastiaan Boersma, Brummen, 23-29/8 (SU)
Mara Oscar Cassiani, Brussels, 23-29/8 (SU)
Flora Wellesley Wesley, London, 23-29/8 (SU)
Dina Khuseyn, Bordeaux, 23-28/8 (SU)
Bryan Campbell, Paris, 23-28/8 (SU)
Nicolas Siepen, Berlin, 25/8-5/9 (SU)
Dingdingdong, Valérie Pihet, 11 pers, Paris 26-28/8 ( 9s,1d 101103)
Lucie Tuma, Zurich, 26/8-1/9 (SU)
Guillaume Theaudiere, Paris, 26-30/8(SU)
Hans Van den Broeck, Brussels, 28/8-3/9
Tessa Martin, Brussels, 28/8-3/9
Jake Ingram-Dodd, Brussels, 28/8-3/9
Rob Hayden, Brussels, 28/8-3/9
Olivia Fairweather, London, 29/8-6/9 (SU)(d)
Haydn Appelby, London, 29/8-6/9 (SU)(d)
Guillaume Ollendorff, Paris, 29/8-5/9 (SU)
Alexandra Gruebler, Berlin, 30/8-9/9 (SU)
Iain Campbell, London, 29/8-5/9 (SU)
David Bremner, Kent, 29/8-6/9 (SU)
Nick Walters, Victoria, Australia, 30/8-11/9 (SU-M)
Christopher Willes, Toronto, 30/8-11/9 (SU-mu)
Ana Berkenhoff, Berlin, 30/8-5/9(SU-mu)
Christiane Huber, Genevan 30-31/8-5/9 (SU-mu)
Julia Giertz, Munich, 30/8-5/9(SU-mu)
Christopher Willes,Montreal, 30/8-15/9 (SU-mu)
Annie Dorsen, New-York, 30/8-5/9 (SU)
Blake Seidenshaw, London, 30/8-15/9 (SU-mu)
Andrej Novikov, Rostock, 30/8-5/9 (SU)
Gabriella Forzelius, Berlin, 30/8-5/9 (SU)
Eugene von Rosen, Stockholm, 30/8-5/9(SU)
Camille Simonney, Paris, 31/8-5/9 (SU)
François Deppe, Bruxelles, 2-5/9(SU)
Louis Ziegler, Bruxelles, 2-5/9(SU)(d)
Sarah Deppe, Bruxelles, 2-5/9(SU)(d)
Ian-Elfinn Rosiu,Bruxelles, 2-5/9(SU)
Corentin Faure,, Bruxelles, 2-5/9(SU)
Gunilla Heilborn, Stockholm, 5-11/9
Kim Hiorthøy, Stockholm, 5-11/9
Sigrist Maria, Geneva, 5-11/9
Daiva Tubutyte, Vilnius, 6/9-6/10
Iffy Tillieu, Bruxelles, 7-14/9
Liza Penkova, Laeken, 8-15/9
Sue Yeon Youn, Laeken, 8-15/9
Kleinkoor Amsterdam, Leticia Matamala, 23pers. 8-11/9
Bono Lange, Amsterdam, 8-20/9
Ivey Wawn, Sydney, 9-15/9
Abhilash Ningappa, New Dehli, 9-17/9
Megan Payne,Melbourne, 9-16/9
Elinor Salomon, Tel-Aviv, 10-24/9
Persis Bekkering, Amsterdam, 11/9-1/10
Thomas Ryckewaert, Brussels, 11-14/9
Lucile Dupraz, Zurich, 12-17/9
Mandoline Whittlesey, Paris, 3pers., 14-17/9
Geoffrey Le Guilcher, Paris, 15-22/9
Johann Zarca, Paris, 15-22/9
Xavier Guignard, Paris, 15-22/9
Thomas Huet, Paris, 15-19/9
Delphine de Pury, Paris, 15-22/9
Yorick Stam, Amsterdam, 16-26/9
Claire Savina, Paris, 19/9-10/10
Marcus Doverud, Stockholm, 19/9-1/10
Chris Swoon, Zagreb, 19-28/9
Mariska de Groot, The Hague, 20/9-9/10
Lionel Guilleminot, Paris, 22/9-10/10
Corrida Repp, Portland, 22-30/9
Chris Simon, Paris, 22-26/10
Chloé Thomas, Paris, 23-28/9
Gabriel Catrin, Paris, 23-26/9
Ictus, Jean-Luc Plouvier, Brussels, 5-6pers 24-27/9
Eugène van Haaren, Culemborg, 24/9-10/10
Irene de Craen, Hoorn, 25-27/9
Macklin Kowal, Philadelphia, 26-30/9
Laurent Prost, Paris, 26/9-7/10
Robert M Ochshorn, Los Angeles, 28/9-7/10
Jan PC, Berlin, 28/9-7/10
Sebastian PC, Berlin, 28/9-7/10
Lucile Dupraz, Zurich, 29/9-3/10
Bryan Campbell, London, 29/9-4/10
Bâtard festival, Michiel Vandevelde, Brussels, 20 pers, 30/9-2/10
gilly Lange, London, 1-8/10
Sidney Vollmer, Amsterdam, 2-10/10
Stef Brans, Utrecht, 2-8/10
Annick Kleizen, Amsterdam, 2-9/10
Olivia Lioret, Paris, 3-5/10
Olivia Lioret, Paris, 3-5/10
Hélène Paris, Reims, 3-12/10
Wieger Windhorst, Amsterdam, 4-14/10
Teresa Gillespie,Dublin, 6-13/10
Nadia Barrientos, Paris, 7-10/10
Joke Menssink, Amsterdam, 9-16/10
Charlotte Szász, Berlin, 9-15/10
Egal Gruss, Tel-Aviv, 10-18/10
Lucile Dupraz, Zurich, 10-17/10
Michiel Nieuwma, Gent, 12-24/10
Andrew de Freitas, Frankfurt, 13-17/10
Meghan Edwards, Berlin, 13-17/10
Ariane Loze, Brussels, 14-19/10
Gabriel Catren, Paris, 14-17/10
Maire Amachoukeli, Paris, 15-16/10
Vincent Mariette, Paris, 15-16/10
Anne-Marieke Samson, Amsterdam, 15/10-8/11
Gennaro Lauro, Paris, 15-18/10
Bonno Lange, Amsterdam, 15-22/10
Suus van den Akker, Amsterdam, 15-21/10
Ghislaine Parent,le groupe Tacuabé, Paris, 7 pers., 19-24/10
Marion Uguen, Paris, 19-23/10
Grégoire Paultre, Paris, 15/10-15/12
Laurent Prost, Paris, 20/10-20/11 (PS4)
Louis Morelle, Paris, 22/10-12/12
Roman Petrouchine, St.Petersburg, 22/10-1/11
Baya Bellanger, Paris, 3 pers. 22-23/10
Ingrid Wender, Amsterdam, 23-29/10
Mélanie Vuillet, Lille, 28-31/10
Gabrielle Deydier, Paris, 24/10-14/11
Marielle Pelissero, Paris, 28/10-3/11
Emily Barnett, Melbourne, 28-30/10
Bojana Cvejic, Brussels, 29/10-5/11(PS4)
Baya Bellanger, Paris, 29/10-1/11
Anne Fleur Delaistre, Paris, 29-31/10
Perrine Bailleux, Paris, 30/10-4/11 (PS4)
Norbert Pape, Frankfurt, 30/10-7/11 (PS4)
Fabienne Gonzales, Paris, 30/10-3/11
Gaspar Claus, Paris, 30-31/10
Marielle Pelissero, Paris, 31/10-3/11
Mira Adoumier, Berlin, 1/11-4/12
Alex Knight, London, 1-10/11
Paula Van Erven, Amsterdam, 1-30/11 (PS4)
Xavier Guignard, Paris, 1-7/11
Clara Tellier Savary, Paris, 1-6/11
Annick Kleizen, Amsterdam, 1-15/11(PS4)
Harm Peter Smilde, Culemborg, 2/11-12/11
Christoffer Danielsson, Oslo, 2-16/11
Vilje Celin Kern Vestenfor, Oslo, 2-16/11
Vanessa Ohlraun, Oslo, 2-11/11
PS4, Philosophie St.Erme, 3-8/11
Matt Hare, Saint-Erme, 3-8/11 (PS4)
Ben Woodard, Saint-Erme, 3-8/11 (PS4)
Austin Gross, Paris, 3-8/11 (PS4)
Silvia Mollicchi, London, 3-8/11 (PS4)
Oli Surel, Paris, 3-8/11 (PS4)
Inigo Wilkins, London, 3-5/11 (PS4)
Elie Ayache, Paris, 3-8/11 (PS4)
Anne-Françoise Schmid, Paris, 3-8/11 (PS4)
Eleanor Bauer, Brussels, 3-7/11(d)(PS4)
David Van Dijcke, Brussels, 3-7/11(d)(PS4)
Marie Louise Krogh, London, 3-8/11 (PS4)
Sviatlana Viarbitskaya, Dijon, 3-7/11 (PS4)
Mathieu d'Alexis, Dijon, 3-7/11 (PS4)
Benjamin Kahn, Berlin, 3-8/11 (PS4)
Anna Longo, Paris, 3-6/11 (PS4)
David Bremmer, Londres, 3-8/11 (PS4)
Gabrien Catren, Paris, 3-7/11 (PS4)
Norbert Pape, Frankfurt, 3-8/11 (PS4)
Flora Katz, Paris, 3-8/11(PS4)
Marion Uguen, Paris, 3-17/11
Maria Snoek, Utrecht, 3-8/11
Jan van Ophuijsen, Utrecht, 3-6/11
Tessa Zettel, Paris, 4-9/11 (PS4)
Sara van der Heide, Brussels, 5-8/11
Emily Barnett, Paris, 5-7/11
Hugo Hedberg, Oslo, 6-16/11
Ingvild Isaksen, Oslo, 8-13/11
Sanford McCoy, Paris, 8-11/11
Sylvain Ollivier, Paris, 10-13/11
Centre de Recherches Interdisciplinaires, Paris, 21 pers, 10-13/11
Isabelle Blanchard Demarcy, St.Erme, 3pers. 10-13/11
Yann Joussein, Paris, 10-13/11
Persis Bekkering, Amsterdam, 11-17/11
Adriano Jensen Wilfret, Copenhagen, 12-14/11
Emma Daniel, Oslo, 12-14/11
Margot Simonney, Paris, 12-21/11
Geoffrey Le Guilcher, Paris, 13-15/11
Olivier Normand, Paris, 13-15/11
Hélène Iratchet, Paris, 14-18/11
Christine Desmedt, Brussels, 14-18/11
Agathe Anne, Paris, 14-19/11
Deborah Birch, Sydney, 14-17/11
Maialen Eyherabide, Brussels, 15-18/11
Daan Oostveen, Amsterdam, 15-22/11
Laura Oriol, Paris, 16-24/11
Bo van Houwelingen, Amsterdam, 17-27/11
Roni Katz, Tel Aviv, 20-23/11
Charlotte Szasz, Berlin, 20/10-24/11
Charlotte Tolo, Paris, 21-25/11
Nelly Paubel, Paris, 21-25/11
Marie Rousseaux, Paris, 21-25/11
Mathilde Rousseaux, Paris, 21-25/11
Céline Robineau, Paris, 21-25/11
Céline Auclair, Paris, 21-25/11
Evelyne Vilaine, Paris, 21/11-23/12
Jos l mckain, New-York, 21-23/11
Joelle Dimbour, Paris, 21-25/11
Emily Barnett, Paris, 22-26/11
Wolfert Brederode, Den Haag, 23-27/11
Lucile Dupraz, Paris, 23/11-9/12
Marion Uguen, 26/11-23/12
Roel Wouters, Amsterdam, 27-29/11
Roel Wouters, Amsterdam, 27-29/11
Laura Maurer, Amsterdam, 27-29/11
Charles Aubin, Fondation GL, 27-29/11
Lucy Beech, Fondation GL, 27-29/11
Anna Colin, Fondation GL, 27-29/11
Danielle Dean, Fondation GL, 27-29/11
Kenny Duncan, Fondation GL, 27-29/11
Hicham Khalidi, Fondation GL, 27-29/11
Paul Maheke, Fondation GL, 27-29/11
Jumana Manna, Fondation GL, 27-29/11
François Quintin, Fondation GL, 27-29/11
Apass, Brussels, 20 pers, 28/11-4/12
Danielle Freakley, Sydney, 29/11-5/12
Serge Irlinger, La Rochelle, 1-11/12
Rania El-Chanati, Maison-Alfort, 1-11/12
Persis Bekkering, Amsterdam, 1-9/12
Flora Katz, Paris, RNNAO, 2-6/12
Rochelle Goldberg, New-York, RNNAO, 2-6/12
Hélène Bertin, Paris, RNNAO, 2-6/12
Morgan Courtois, RNNAO, Paris, 2-6/12
Pierre Paulin, Paris, RNNAO, 2-6/12
Eva Barto, Paris, RNNAO, 2-6/12
Tristan Garcia, RNNAO, Paris, 2-6/12
K.r.m. Mooney, San Francisco, RNNAO, 2-6/12
Matthias Tuma, Genève, 3-11/12
Benjamin Kahn, Berlin, 4-8/12
Cherich Manzo, Berlin, 4-8/12
Clémence de La Tour du Pin, Paris, 5-21/12
Maialen Eyherabide, Bruxelles, 6-9/12
Vera Otte, The Hague, 6-16/12
Inigo Wilkins, London, 6-13/12
Vincent Bijllaardt, Amsterdam, 8-18/12
Dagmar Blommaert, Amsterdam, 9-11/12
Kolja van Zwoll, Amsterdam, 11-15/12
Anne-Marieke Samson, Amsterdam, 11-15/12
Rieneke de Man, Amsterdam, 11-15/12
Harm Peter Smilde, Culemborg, 12/12-22/12
Jessy Kate Schingler, Amsterdam, 13-22/12
Terence Diamond, New York, 18-22/12
Willem de Wolf, Amsterdam, 19-23/12
Myriam Van Imschoot, Amsterdam, 19-23/12
Christopher Matthews, London, 19-24/12
Janine Harrington, London, 19-24/12
Mireille Pioche, Paris, 20/12-2/1 (WUM)(d)
Vincent Hodin, Paris, 20-22/12 (d)
Inigo Wilkins, London, 21/12-5/1 (WUM)
Valentina Desideri, Amsterdam, 21/12-21/1 (WUM)
Danielle Freakley, Victoria, 21/12-15/1 (WUM)
Marcus Doverud, Stockholm, 22/12-6/1 (WUM)
Anna Gaïotti, Paris, 22-24/12
Gabriel Catren, Paris, 23/12-2/1 (WUM)
Kyra Kaisla, Berlin, 23/12-5/1 (WUM)
Max Turnheim, Paris, 24-26/12
Chloé Thomas, Paris, 23/12-2/1 (WUM)(t)
Laura Leker, Paris, 26/12-2/1 (WUM)(t)
Lucie Leker, Berlin, 26-30/12 (WUM)(t)
Fernanda Libman, Berlin, 24/12-6/1 (WUM)
Rosie Sommers, World, 24/12-22/1(WUM)
Katrina Burch, La Hague, 24/12-3/1, (WUM)(d)
Donatas Tubutis, La Hague, 24/12-3/1, (WUM)(d)
Cyril Rafael Visilyev, Paris, 24-28/12
Joke Menssink, Amsterdam, 25/12-3/1(WUM)
Annette Kuipers, Amsterdam, 25/12-3/1(WUM)
Begüm Erciyas, Berlin, 25/12-3/1 (WUM)
Christian Topfner, St.Erme, 25/12-5,6/1 (WUM)
Ameen Mettawa, Orlando, 25/12-3/1 (WUM)
Tessa Zettel, Sydney, 26/12-3/1 (WUM)
Persis Bekkering, Amsterdam, 26-12-3/1 (WUM)
Jennifer Lacey, London, 26/12-3/1 (WUM)
Emilia Giudicelli, Roma, 26/12-3/1 (WUM)
Virginie Durand, Paris, 26/12-6/1 (WUM)
Emma Daniel, Paris, 26/12-9/1 (WUM)(d)
Adriano Wilfert Jensen, 26/12-9/1 (WUM)(d)
Samuel Hertz, Berlin, 26/12-7/1 (WUM)(d)
Maryanna Lachman, Berlin, 26/12-7/1 (WUM)(d)
Conrad Hamilton, Seattle, 26/12-2/1 (WUM)
Olivier Surel, Berlin, 26/12-3/1 (WUM)
Loic Hecht, St. Erme, 26/12-3/1 (WUM)
Dan Lucas, 26/12-3/1 (WUM)
Norbert Pape, 26/12-9/1 (WUM)
Grégoire Paultre, Paris, 26/12-3/1 (WUM)
Olivia Fairweather, London, 26/12-3/1 (WUM)(d)
Haydn Appleby, London, 26/12-3/1 (WUM)(d)
Jassem Hindi, Berlin, 27/12-4/1(WUM)
Laurent Prost, Paris, 27/12-28/2 (WUM)
Marion Uguen, Paris, 27/12-30/1 (WUM)
Nicholas Quinn, Vienna, 27/12-3/1 (WUM)
Anya Kravchenko , Moscow, 27/12-7/1 (WUM)
Claire Savina, Paris, 27/12-2/1 (WUM)(d)
Cameron Lange, Paris, 28/12-2/1 (WUM)(d)
Caroline Bijl, Amsterdam, 27/12-3/1 (WUM)
Tamir Eting, Tel-Aviv, 27/12-2/1 (WUM)(s)
Lion Blau, Frankfurt, 27/12-2/1 (WUM)(s)
Louis Morel, 27/12-2/1 (WUM)(d)
Hélène Paris, Reims, 26/12-3/1 (WUM)(d)
Austin Gross, 26/12-26/1 (WUM)
Guillaume Rouleau, Paris, 27-31/12 (WUM)
Rikkert van Huisstede, Antwerp, 28/12-3/1 (WUM)
Jan Lietaert, Evergem, 28/12-2/1 (WUM)
Flora Katz, Paris, 28/12-3/1 (WUM)
Angelica Falkeling, Rotterdam, 28/12-3/1 (WUM)
Frida Sandstrom, Berling, 28/12-3/1 (WUM)
Ed Clive, Liverpool, 28/12-2/1 (WUM)(d)
Fiona James, Liverpool, 28/12-2/1 (WUM)(d)
Marielle Pelissero, Paris, 28/12-2/1 (WUM)
Charlotte Szasz, Berlin, 28/12-2/1 (WUM)(d)
Richard Frater, Berlin, 28/12-2/1 (WUM)(d)
Xenia C I Vitos, Berlin, 28/12-3/1 (WUM)
Ash Bulayev, Rio de Janero, 28/12-3/1 (WUM)
Marijn Ottenhof, Amsterdam, 28/12-3/1 (WUM)(d)
Casper Schipper, Amsterdam, 28/12-3/1 (WUM)(d)
Marguerite van Sandick, 28/12-3/1 (WUM)
Lutz Albrecht, Berlin, 28/12-3/1 (WUM)
Simon Asencio, Bruxelles, 28/12-3/1 (WUM)
Vera Piechulla, Berlin, 28/12-2/1 (WUM)(s)
Karolina Kusmina, Berlin, 28/12-2/1 (WUM)(s)
Matt Hare, London, 28/12-15/1 (WUM)(d)
Silvia Mollicchi, Roma, 30/12-3/1 (WUM)(d)
Gilly Karjevsky, Berlin, 28/12-3/1 (WUM)
Mira Adoumier, Berlin, 28/12-11/1 (WUM)(d)
Sami Khatib, Berlin, 28/12-3/1 (WUM)(d)
Andrea Maurer, Berlin, 28/12-4/1 (WUM)
Grégory Castéra, Paris, 28/12-4/1 (WUM)
Anne-Marieke Samson, Amsterdam, 2 pers., 28/12-3/1 (WUM)(s)
Frida Sandström, Oslo, 28/12-3/1 (WUM)
Marie-Louise Krogh, London, 28/12-3/1 (WUM)
Monika Lipšic, Vilnius, 28/12-2/1 (WUM)
Lili M. Rampre, Brussels, 29/12-6/1(WUM)(s)
Esteban Donoso, Brussels, 29/12-6/1(WUM)(s)
Sviatlana Viarbitskaya, Dijon, 29/12-8/1 (WUM)(d)
Mathieu d'Alexis, Dijon, 29/12-8/1 (WUM)(d)
Andrew Hardwidge, Londres, 29/12-3/1 (WUM)(d)
Salka Ardal Rosengren, Bruxelles, 29/12-3/1 (WUM)(d)
Else Tunemyr, Giessen, 29/12-3/1 (WUM)(s)
Catalina Insignares, Giessen, 29/12-2/1 (WUM)(s)
Laurent-David Garnier, Bruxelles, 29/12-2/1 (WUM)
Gery Georgieva, London, 29/12-3/1 (WUM)(d)
Louis-Jack Horton-Stephens, London, 29/12-3/1 (WUM)(d)
Stav Yeini, Brussels, 29/12-3/1 (WUM)
Stefan Govaart, Berlin, 29/au12-9/1 (WUM)
Carina Premer, Frankfurt, 30/12-3/1 (WUM)
Goda Budvytyte, Brussels, 30/12-2/1 (WUM)
Rossella Biscotti, Brussels, 30/12-2/1 (WUM)
Alex Reynolds, Brussels, 30/12-2/1 (WUM)
Viktorija Rybakova, Brussels, 30/12-2/1 (WUM)
Laure Ferraris, Paris, 30/12-5/1 (WUM)
Egle Budvytyte, Amsterdam, 30/12-2/1 (WUM)
Veronica Valentini, Paris, 30/12-2/1 (WUM)(s)
Vincent Verlé, Paris, 30/12-2/1 (WUM)(s)
Terence Diamond, New York, 2pers., 30/12 (WUM)(s)
Margot Simonney, Paris, 31/12-31/01 (WUM)
Anni Tamminen, Paris, 31/12-2/1 (WUM)
Jessica Matheson, Melbourne, 1-9/1(WUM)

List of guests PAF in 2017


Rosie Sommers, World, 1/1-18/1(WUM)
Thiago Antunes, Brussels, 3-6/1
Michael Schmid, Brussels, 3-9/1
Katinka Marac, Vienna, 3/1-3/2
Itonje Søimer Guttormsen, Paris, 4-18/1
Pierre Borel, Paris, 6-14/1
Lea Lance, Paris, 6-14/1
Kiran L Dadlani, London, 6-11/1
Joel Bray, London, 7-22/1
Frédéric Mombé, Toulouse, 9/1-9/2
Elisa Yvelin, Brussels, 9-19/1
Ezra Fieremans, Brussels, 9-13/1
Emilia Giudicelli, Zurich, 9-13/1
Harm Peter Smilde 10-19/1
Teresa Gillespie, Dublin, 11-19/1
Norbert Pape, Frankfurt, 13-16/01
Michael Schmid, Brussels, 17-24/1
Lucile Dupraz, Paris, 17-30/1
Perrine Bailleux, Paris, 17-24/1
Anne-Marieke Samson, Amsterdam, 20-21/1-6/2
Ingrid Wender, Amsterdam, 20-27/1
Grégoire Durrande, Paris, 20-27/1
Elisabeth Steinz, Amsterdam, 21-28/1
Clement Edouard, Paris, 21-26/1
Linda Olah, Paris, 22-24/1
Isabel Sorling, Paris, 22-24/1
Eliziane Siqueira, Rio de Janeiro, 23/1-12/3
Alex Reynolds, Berlin, 23/1-1/2
Julien Chamla, Paris, 24-26/1
Teresa Gillespie, Dublin, 24/1-8/2
Liisa Penti, Helsinki, 24/1-½
Malte Lundén, Siggalycke, 24-26/1
Eloïse, Siggalycke, 24-26/1
Mira Adoumier, Berlin, 25/1-6/3
Bruno de Wachter, Brussels, 25/1 - ½
Bram de Ridder, Amsterdam, 26-29/1
Simone van Saarloos, Amsterdam, 26-29/1
Valerie Granberg, Amsterdam, 26-29/1
Emma Helle, Helsinki, 31/1-1/2
Persis Bekkering, Amsterdam, 1-8/2
Wytske de Man, Amsterdam, 2-5/2
Jasmin Schaitl, Brussels, 3-10/2
Laura Oriol, Paris, 3-10/2
Pontus Pettersson, Stockholm, 3-6/2
Luis Rodrigues, Stockholm, 3-6/2
Anna Gaïotti, Paris, 3-7/2
Michael Schmid, Brussels, 4-13/2
Alice Escorel Boudreau, Genève, 6-12/2
Ana Gnučči Rab, Berlin, 6/2-6/3
Simon Henocq, Paris, 3 pers., 6-9/2
Yael Dyens, Paris, 6-10/2
Valentina Desideri, Amsterdam, 7/2-10/3
Nicholas Quinn, Bordeaux, 8/2-7/3
Night Lessons#1, 20pers., 9-14/2
Jan Lietaert, Brussels, 9-14/2 (NL#1)
Chris Swoon, Vienna, 9-14/2 (NL#1)
Marija Baranauskaite, vilnius, 9-14/2 (NL#1)
Vanille Dubost, Paris, 9-14/2 (NL#1)
Sara Cheu, Lisboa, 9-14/2 (NL#1)
Alexander J.E. Bradley, Paris, 9-14/2 (NL#1)
Sarah Carr, Paris, 9-14/2 (NL#1)
Laure Ferraris, Paris, 9-14/2 (NL#1)
Roza Moshtaghi, Athen, 9-14/2 (NL#1)
Adam Sindre Johnson, Oslo, 9-16/2 (NL#1)
Ofelia Jarl Ortega, Brussels, 9-14/2 (NL#1)
Bojana Cvejić, Brussels, 6-16/2 (NL#1)
Kali Rose, Brussels, 2 pers. 9-14/2 (NL#1)
Nikkhil Vettukattil, Oslo, 9-14/2 (NL#1)
Kris Beaghton, Paris, 9-13/2 (NL#1)
Mathilde Sergent, Paris, 9-14/2 (NL#1)
Lili Mihajlovic, Brussels, 9-14/2 (NL#1)
Esteban Donoso, Brussels, 9-14/2 (NL#1)
Thiago Antunes, Brussels, 9-14/2 (NL#1)
Hugo le Brigand, Brussels, 9-14/2 (NL#1)
Deniz Unal, London, 9-14/2 (NL#1)
Nadja Voorham, Amsterdam, 9-14/2 (NL#1)
Zoe Williams, London, 9-14/2 (NL#1)
Vincenzo Carta,Roma , 9-14/2 (NL#1)
Olivier Surel, Berlin , 9-14/2 (NL#1)
Evie Ambrose, Brussels, 11-19/2
Isabelle Sivan, Paris, 12-18/2
Agnès Gayraud, Paris, 12-20/2(d)
Tristan Garcia, Paris, 12-20/2(d)
Harm Peter Smilde, Culemborg, 12-22/2
Kolja van Zwoll, Amsterdam, 12-22/2
Xavier Thiry, Paris, 13-14/2
Guillaume de la Villéon, Paris, 13-14/2
Perrine Bailleux, 13-20/2
Akemi Fujimori, Paris, 13-14/2
Alban Claudin, Paris, 13-14/2
Sébastien Dousson, Paris, 13-14/2
Perrine Bailleux, Paris, 13/2
Caroline Hecht, Paris, 14-16/2
Kyra Hogan, Grand Forks, 15-25/2
Caroline Bijl, Amsterdam, 15-22/2
Marenne Jansen, Brussels, 15-21/2
Egle Budvytyte, 15-20/2
Raphael Vanoli, Amsterdam,15-22/2
Lena Glücksmann Nilsson, Amsterdam,15-22/2
Flora Katz, Paris, 16-19/2
Gabriel Catren, 16-19/2
Anna Gaïotti, Paris, 17-24/2
Bonno Lange, Amsterdam, 17-26/2
Fabienne Gonzalez, Paris, 18-24/2
Stefan Govaert, Brussels, 19/2-14/3 (PRW-PS5)
Gaspard Thiekaro, Paris, 19-24/2
Pierre Cohen, Paris, 19-23/2
Stav Yeni, Brussels, 20-27/2
Nimrod Astrahan, Tel Aviv, 20-27/2
Marlies Tack, Brussels, 20-24/2
Cassiel Gaube, Paris, 20-26/2
Fleurette Séguret, Tours, 21-24/2
Julien Deprez, Paris, 22-26/2
Yann Joussein, Paris, 22-26/2
Clement Edouard, Paris, 22-26/2
Gregory Edelein, Paris, 22-26/2
Jean Pascal Retel, Paris, 22-26/2
Lucile Dupraz, Lausanne, 22/2-12/3 (PRW)
Arthur Marmagne, Paris, 24-26/2
Elise Pailloncy, Lille, 25-27/2
Martha Ritsema, Groningen, 25-26/2
Gabriel Bortzmeyer, Munich, 25-27/2
Mike Schmid, 25/2-10/3
Benjamin Coyle, Lyon, 26/2-4/3 (d)
Antoine Mermet, Lyon, 26/2-4/3 (d)
Nicolas Siepen, Berlin, 26/2-6/3 (PRW)
Valentina Desideri, Amsterdam, 27/2-5/3 (PRW)
Jean-Félix Marécaux, St Erme, 27/2-5/3 (PRW)
Dan Lucas, St Erme, 27/2-5/3 (PRW)
Stéphanie Barbier, St Erme, 27/2-5/3 (PRW)
Laurent Prost, Paris, 27/2-5/3 (PRW)
Margot Simonney, Paris, 27/2-5/3 (PRW)
Jan Lietaert, Brussels, 27/2-5/3 (PRW)
Jassem Hindi, Berlin, 27/2-5/3 (PRW)
Diana Bratu, Dijon, 27/2-5/3 (PRW)
Jack Cox, Paris, 27/2-5/3 (PRW)
Jen, Sydney, 27/2-5/3 (PRW)
Daniela Bershan, Amsterdam, 27/2-5/3 (PRW)(d)
Mikkel Ibsen, Copenhagen, 27/2-5/3 (PRW)(d)
Alexander J.E. Bradley, Paris, 27/2-5/3 (PRW)
Andrew Harwidge, London, 27/2-5/3 (PRW)
Eoghan Ryan, Dublin, 27/2-5/3 (PRW)
Marija Baranauskaite, Vilnius, 27/2-5/3 (PRW)
Sara Cheu, Lisbon, 27/2-5/3 (PRW)
Gaspard Thiekaro, Paris, 27/2-5/3 (PRW)
Vera Otte, Utrecht, 27/2-5/3 (PRW)
Michiel Vandevelde, Brussels, 27/2-5/3 (PRW)
Agnès Henry, Paris, Extrapole 11 pers., 2-5/3
Wibke Storkan, Antwerpen, 3-6/3
Hester Bolle, Antwerpen, 3-6/3
Amy Ireland, Sydney, 3-16/3 (PS5)
Fredrik Degrér, Lund, 4-8/3
Charles Sarraute, Paris, 6/3 - 3/4
Gry Raaby, Copenhagen, 6-13/3
Gabrielle Deydier, Paris, 6- 14/4
Francisca Wals, Amsterdam, 6-9/3
Oddrun Lilja Jonstottir , Oslo, 6-16/3
Virginia Barrat, Auckland, 7/3-7/4 (PS5)
Benjamin Woodard, Berlin, 7-15/3 (PSV)
Anna Gaïotti, Paris, 8-14/3 (PS5)
Naéma Boudoumi, Marseille, 8-10/3 (s)
Arnaud Dupont, Marseille, 8-10/3 (s)
Teresa Gillespie, Dublin, 8-21/3 (PS5)
Matt Bovingdon, London, 8-14/3 (PS5)
Persis Bekkering, Amsterdam, 8-14/3
Joseph Walsh, London, 8-14/3 (PS5)
Olivia Fairweather, London, 8-14/3 (PS5)(d)
Haydn Appleby, London, 8-14/3 (PS5)(d)
Lendl Barcelos, London, 8-14/3 (PS5)
PS5, Philosophie St.Erme, 9-14/3
Anna Longo, Paris, 9-13/3 (PS5)
Laurent Prost, Paris, 9-14/3 (PS5)
Tony Yanick, Melbourne, 9-14/3 (PS5)
Sabine Chaudhry, London, 9-14/3 (PS5)
Thea Porter, Berlin, 9-13/3 (PS5)
Felix Riemann, Berlin, 9-14/3 (PS5)
Matilda Tjädar, Berlin, 9-14/3 (PS5)
Caroline Marcantoni, Paris, 9-14/3 (PS5)
Rachel-Rose O'Leary, 9-14/3 (PS5)
Julien Prost, Paris, 9-12/3 (PS5)
Gabriel Catren, Paris, 9-12/3 (PSV)
Aela Royer, Brussels, 9-14/3 (PSV)
Janine Harrington, 9-14/3 (PSV)
Anna Mikkola, London, 9-13/3 (PSV)
Constanza Bizraelli, Roma, 9-13/3 (PSV)
Sviatlana Viarbitskaya, Dijon, 9-13/3 (PSV)(d)
Mathieu d'Alexis, Dijoin, 9-13/3 (PSV)(d)
Genevieve Marciniak, London, 10-12/3(PSV)
Tingying Ma, New-York, 10-24/3
Genevieve Marciniak, London, 10-12/3(PSV)
Benoit Ferran, Paris, 10-12/3 (PSV)
Katrina Burch, 10-15/3 (PSV)
Christian Töpfner, Hamburg, 10-15/3
Gabriel Widing, Stockholm, 11-18/3 (PS5)
Ebba Petrén, Stockholm, 11-18/3 (PS5)
David Bremmer, Paris, 11-14/3 (PSV)
Moa Hjärtström, Stockholm, 12-17/3(PS5)
Brett Bailey - Sanctuary, Cape Town, 11 pers., 12-19/3
Sigolène Valax, Paris, 12-14/3
Léo Dupleix, Paris, 12-14/3
Yvonne Werner, Sydney, 13-20/3
Paulien Bakker, Amsterdam, 4 pers., 13-17/3
Serge Irlinger, Paris, 14-26/3
Rania El-Chanati, Paris, 14-26/3
Geoffrey Le Guilcher, Paris, 14-21/3
Johann Zarca, Paris, 14-21/3
Xavier Guignard, Paris, 17-21/3
Basile Lemaire, Paris, 17-19/3
Hugo Domenach, Paris, 17-19/3
Michel Despratx, Paris, 17-19/3
Stratégies corporelles, Isabelle Blanchard, 15/20 pers., 18-19/3
Tinka Fuerst, Köln, 20-26/3
Bastian Parpan, Köln, 20-26/3
Marie Groothof, Amsterdam, 21-26/3
Nicholas Quinn, London, 22/3-2/5
Laura Elko, Amsterdam, 22-25/3
Mariska de Groot, Amsterdam, 23-30/3
Iris van de Pol+1, Amsterdam, 24-29/3
Bastien Mignot, Paris, 27/3-2/4
Amy Ireland, Sydney, 29/3-5/4
Mike Schmid, Brussels, 31/3-9/4
Barney Cohen, London, 31/3-¼
Xavier Guignard, Paris, 31/3-4/4
Basile Lemaire, Paris, 31/3-4/4
Rosie Sommers, Brussels, 1-15/4
Harm Peter Smilde, Culemborg, 1-9/4
Amy Plum, Paris, 1-6/4
Anders Paulin, 2-24/4 (SM)
Bojana Cvejic, Brussels, 2-9/4
Caroline Tricotelle, Paris, 2-6/4
Blaise M, Paris, 4-6/4
Daniel Andersson, Stockholm, 3-7/4
Sina Kamala Kaufmann, Berlin, 3-15/4
Els Moors, Berlin, 3-15/4
Agnès Gayraud, Paris, 4-15/4 (d)
Tristan Garcia, Paris, 4-15/4 (d)
Claire Chatelin, Lille, 3-7/4
Ignas Krunglevicius, Stockholm, 4-8/4
Nisaar Ulama, Berlin, 5-15/4
Joel Bray, Tel Aviv, 5-14/4
Yael Dyens, Paris, 5-7/4
Flore Friedman, Paris, 5-7/4
Margot Reminiac, Paris, 5-7/4
Anne-Marieke Samson, Amsterdam, 6-14/4
Jade Serrano, Paris, 6-13/4
Gabriel Catren, Paris, 6-10/4
Zakia el Abodi, Amsterdam, 8-13/4
Sjoukje Hoogma, Amsterdam, 8-13/4
Yorick Stam, Amsterdam, 8-13/4
Kyra Kaisla, Berlin, 8-25/4 (SM)
Xavier Guignard, Paris, 8-14/4
Rens Zonneveld, Amsterdam, 9-14/4
Virginie Durand, Paris, 9-14/4
Yes We Camp, 40 pers. Paris, 9-11/4
Nelly Monier, Paris, 9-14/4
Stefan Govaert, Brussels, 10-24/4 (SM)
Alisha Gamisch, Berlin, 10-19/4 (SM)(-)
Birte Optiz, Berlin, 10-19/4 (SM)(-)
Bojana Cvejic, Brussels, 13-24/4 (SM)
Alexandra Napier, Toronto, 13/4-7/5 (SM)
Siri Hjorton Wagner, Stockholm, 13-25 (sm)(c)
Neda Sanai, Stockholm, 13-25 (sm)(c)
Mikkel Ibsen, Copenhagen, 13-27/4 (SM)
Hanna Strandberg, Stockholm, 14-25 (sm)(c)
Olivia Fairweather, London, 14-24/4 (SM)(d)
Haydn Appleby, London, 14-24/4 (SM)(d)
SPRING MEETING 2017 15-24/4
Marielle Pelissero, Paris, 15-24/4 (SM)
Emma Kim Hagdahl, Stockholm, 15-24 (sm)(c)
Nihan Somay, Istanbul, 15-24/4 (SM)
Jessica Matheson, Sydney,15-24/4 (SM)
Ana Pais, Lisbon, 19-24/4 (SM)(-)
Ofelia Jarl Ortega, Stockholm, 15-24/4 (SM)(-)
Akademie der Bildenden Künste München, Stefan Hölscher, 10 pers. 14-24/4 (SM)
Werkplaats Typografie, Arnhem, 11 pers. 15-24/4(SM)
Lucie Tuma, Zurich, 15-24/4 (SM)
Amani Maihoub, Amsterdam, 15-24/4 (SM)
Jaakko Karhunen, Helsinki, 15-24/4 (SM)
Marie Jose A de Abreu, Buenos Aires, 15-24/4 (SM)
Austin Gross, Paris, 15-24/4 (SM)
Veronica Molin Bruce, Oslo, 15-24/4 (SM)
Luisa Saraiva, Essen,15-24/4 (SM)
Montserrat Gardó Castillo, Düsseldorf, 15-24/4 (SM)
Macklin Kowal, Athens, 15-24/4 (SM)
Molly O'Leary, London, 15-24/4 (SM)
Rachel O'Reilly, Berlin, 15-24/4 (SM)
Ayesha Hameed, London, 15-24/4(SM)
Dolores Hulan, Brussels, 15-24/4(SM)
Aaron Berman, Philadelphia, 15-24/4 (SM)
Charlotte Szasz, Berlin, 15-24/4 (SM)(d)
Armin Schneider, Berlin, 15-24/4 (SM)(d)
Jack Cox, Paris, 15-24/4 (SM)(d)
Jen Reed, Paris, 15-24/4 (SM)(d)
Inigo Wilkins, London, 15-24/4 (SM)
Sviatlana Viarbitskaya, Dijon, 15-24/4 (SM)(d)
Mathieu d'Alexis, Dijon, 15-24/4 (SM)(d)
Max Wallenhorst, Lublin, 15-24/4 (SM)
Frida Sandström, Stockholm, 15-24/4 (SM)(d)
Johan Östman, Stockholm 15-24/4 (SM)(d)
Tilman Richter, Berlin, 15-24/4 (SM)
Gabriel Widing, Stockholm, 15-25/4 (SM)
Persis Bekkering, Amsterdam, 15-24/4 (SM)
David Bremner, London, 15-24/4 (SM)
Eleanor Bauer, Brussels, 15-24/4 (SM) (-)
Veli Lehtovaara, Helsinki, 15-24/4 (SM)
Vanessa Ohlraun, Berlin, 15-24/4 (SM)(d)
Amy Pennington, London, 15-24/4 (SM)
Theo Livesey, Brussels, 15-24/4 (SM)
Viktorija Rybakova, Warsaw, 16-21/4 (SM)
Maya Gulin, Istanbul, 18-25/4 (SM)
Ben Woodard, Berlin, 19-24/4 (SM)(d)
Alma Toaspern, Bonn, 19-24/4 (SM)
Jb, Paris +1, 21-23/5 (SM)
Wouter le Duc, Utrecht, 24/4-2/5
Guillaume Theaudière, Paris, 24/4-1/5
Hanneke van Gent, Amsterdam, 25/4-11/5
Mira Adoumier, Berlin, 25-30/4
Guillaume Ollendorff, 25/4-8/5
Annefleur Schep, Amsterdam, 26/4-1/5
Burkhard Körner, Amsterdam, 26/4-1/5
Christian Töpfner, Berlin, 26/4-11/5
Eric Warmerdam, Amsterdam, 26-29/4
Colin van Heezik, Amsterdam, 28/4-2/5
Anne-Fleur Delaistre, Paris, 2pers. 29/4-1/5
Perrine Bailleux, Paris, 30/4-7/5
Niels Horeman, Amsterdam, 30/4-7/5
Austin Gross, Paris, 1-31/5
Anna Longo, Paris, 2/5-10/6
Thomas Dorléans, Paris, 2-3/5
Stéphane Esse, Paris, 2-3/5
Raphael Vanoli, Amsterdam, 3-8/5
Mark Haanstra, Amsterdam, 3-8/5
Agnès Gayraud, Paris, 3-18/5
Askia Traoré, Paris, 5-8/5
Tinka Fuerst, Berlin, 5-12/5
Geert Belpaeme, Amsterdam, 8-12/5
Kaj Strijbos, Utrecht, 8-13/5
Maaike Peters, Utrecht, 8-13/5 (d)
Jochem Dousi, Utrecht, 8-13/5 (d)
Ariane Dubillard, Paris, 9-16/5
Sekklycka Group, 10-14/5
Norbert Pape, Paris, 10-14/5 (SG)
Marie Louise Krogh, Copenhagen, 10-14/5(SG)
Bojana Cvejic, Brussels, 10-14/5(SG)
Olivia Fairweather, London, 10-16/5(SG)
Olivier Surel, Paris, 10-12/5(SG)
Persis Bekkering, Amsterdam, 10-12/5
Mikkel Ibsen, Copenhagen, 9-21/5(SG)
Daniela Bershan, St.Erme, 10-12/5(SG)
Jack Cox, Paris, 11-14/5(SG)
Michael Schmid, Brussels, 11-19/5
André Baudoux, Saint-Erme, 10 pers., 13-14/5
Colette de Castro, Paris, 13-16/5
Patricia Bass, Paris, 13-16/5
Kat Brown, New-York, 14/5-6/6
Samy El Moudni, Clermont-Ferrand, 14-19/5
Amy Plum, Writers Association, 15 pers. 15-20/5
Serge Irlinger, La Rochelle, 15-25/5
Rania El-Chanati, Paris, 15-25/5
Justine Arden, Breadknives, London, 3 pers, 15-19/5
Maxime Denuc, Bruxelles, 16-20/5
Anna Gaïotti, Paris, 19-22/5
Myriam Lefkowitz, Paris, 20-24/5
Lendl Barcelos, London, 20-27/5
Sandra Terdjmann, Paris, 20-26/5
Gregory Castera, Paris, 20-26/5
Goda Budvytyte, Vilnius, 20-26/5
Sammi Landweer, Amsterdam, 16-28/5
Maxime Denuc, Brussels, 17-22/5
Chloé Thomas, Paris, 23-29/5
Elise Goldstein, Brussels, 2 pers. 25-27/5 (d)
Guillaume Théaudière, Paris, 25-27/5
Isabelle Le Bras, Paris, 25-27/5
Diego Higueras, Brussels, 2 pers., 25-29/5
Jade Serrano, Paris, 25-28/5
Gabriel Catren, Paris, 25-29/5
Muriel Habrard, Paris, 25-28/5
Anne-Marieke Samson, Amsterdam, 26/5-1/6
Judith Duquemin, London, 28/5-2/6
Ofelia Ortega, Stockholm, 29/5-6/6
Aurélie Hartmann, Paris, 31/5-2/6
Sviatlana Viarbitskaya, Dijon, 3pers., 2-5/6 (d)
Mathieu d'Alexis, Dijon, 2-5/6 (d)
Caroline Bijl, Amsterdam, 4-11/6
Alexandra Napier, Toronto, 4-11/6
Galit Criden, Tel-Aviv, 4-9/6
Eynav Rosolio, Tel-Aviv, 4-9/6
Fabienne Gonzalez, 2 pers., Paris, 4-9/6
Annie Dorsen, Leibniz project, 4pers. 5-12/6
Gaspard Thiekaro, Paris, 6-11/6
Bryan Campbell, Paris, 8-10/6
Sandra Kazlauskaite, "Space, Place and Time", 16 pers. 12-18/6
Annie Dorsen, New York 12-16/6
Anna Gaïotti, Paris, 12-15/6
Joris Lacoste, Paris, 13-16/6
Sharmaine Browne, Austin, 15/6-15/8
Julien Bruneau, Brussels, 15-19/6 (d)
Anouk Llaurens, Brussels, 15-19/6 (d)
Heike Langsdorf,Brussels, 15-19/6
Adva Zakai, Brussels, 15-19/6
Wijnand van den Boom, Amsterdam, 15-18/6
Daniëla van Santen, Amsterdam, 15-18/6
Ofelia Ortega, Stockholm, 19-24/6 (E&O)
Norbert Pape, Berlin, 23/6-1/7(E&O)
Austin Gross, Paris, 13/6-1/7(E&O)
Summer Verschollene, Auckland, 16/6-8/7(E&O)
Laure Cottin Stefanelli, Brussels, 16/6-1/7 (E&O)
Andrea Rodrigo, Madrid, 23-30/6(E&O)
Ainhoa Escudero, Madrid, 23-28/6(E&O)
Gabriel Catren, Paris, 24-28/6(E&O)
Roni Katz, Berlin, 19/6-1/7 (E&O)
Alexandra Napier, Toronto, 20/6-4/7(E&O)(E&O)
Christopher Burman, London, 21/6-1/7(E&O)(s)
Lesya Myata, London, 22/6-2/7(E&O)(s)
Sepideh Ardalani, London, 22/6-2/7(E&O)(s)
Catherine G. Wagley, LA, 22-30/6(E&O)
Anders Waagø, Copenhagen, 22/6-1/7(E&O)
Valentina Desideri, Amsterdam, 23/6-1/7 (E&O)
Daniela Bershan, Amsterdam, 23/6-1/7 (E&O)
Mikkel Ibsen, Copenhagen, , 23/6-1/7 (E&O)
Annick Kleizen, Amsterdam, 23/6-1/7 (E&O)
Red Vaughan Tremmel, New Orleans, 23/06-1/7 (E&O)
Corazon del Sol, LA, 23/06-22/7 (E&O)(DD)
Eroca Nicols, Toronto, 23/06-1/7 (E&O)
Neha Spellfish, SF, 23/06-1/7 (E&O)
Jassem Hindi, Berlin, 23/6-1/7 (E&O)
Anya Kravchenko, Moscow, 23-25/6(E&O)
Viktorija Rybakova, Vilnius, 23/6-1/7 (E&O)
Xenia Taniko Dwertmann, Berlin, 23-29/6 (E&O)
Clara López Menéndez, LA, 23/6-1/7 (E&O)
Ame Henderson, Toronto, 23/6-1/7 (E&O)
Liz Peterson, Toronto, 23/6-1/7 (E&O)
Vera Piechi, Berlin, 23/6-1/7 (E&O)
Cara Tolmie, Stockholm, 23/6-1/7 (E&O)
Tara Maria Rolfsen, Oslo, 23/6-1/7 (E&O)(d)
Adam Sindre Johnson, Oslo, 23/6-1/7 (E&O)(d)
Lutz Albrecht, Berlin, 22/6-1/7 (E&O)
Louise Dahl, Berlin, 23/6-1/7 (E&O)
Norbert Pape, Frankfurt, 24/6-15/8 (E&O)(SU)
Hana Erdman, Berlin, 25/6-5/7 (E&O)(d)
Noha Ramadan, Berlin, 25/6-5/7 (E&O)(d)
Anna Zett, Berlin, 23/6-1/7 (E&O)
Tom Oliver Jacobson, Malmo, 23/6-1/7(E&O)
Beata Hemer, Copenhagen, 23/6-1/7(E&O)
Ruth-Johanne Andersson, Jerusalem, 23-29/6(E&O)
Alice Hayward, Melbourne, 23-30/6(E&O)
Sara van der Heide, Amsterdam, 23/6-1/7(E&O)
Sonia Fernández Pan, Barcelona, 23/6-1/7(E&O)
Luz Broto, Barcelona, 23/6-1/7(E&O)
Zuzana Žabková, Brno, 23-26/6 (E&O)
Anne Louise Fink, Copenhagen, 24/6-1/7 (E&O)
Eloïse, Copenhagen ,23/6-1/7(E&O)
Snorre Hansen, Copenhagen, 23/6-1/7(E&O)
Jean Roux, Copenhagen, 23/6-1/7(E&O)(d)
Stephen Graves, Amsterdam, 23/6-1/7 (E&O)(d)
Tatiana Ilichenko, Berlin, 23-30/6 (E&O)
Natalie Igor Dobk, Berlin, 23-28/6 (E&O)(d)
Louise Trueheart, Berlin, 23-28/6 (E&O)(d)
catalina insignares, Giessen, 25-30/06 (E&O)
Tessa Zettel, Sidney, 23/6-1/7(E&O)
Marta Gil, Stockholm, 24/6-1/7 (E&O)
Stefan Jovanović, London, 25/6-1/7(E&O)
Rebecca Conroy, Melbourne, 23/06-1/7 (E&O)
Carina Premer, Berlin, 23-1/7 (E&O)
Egle Budvytyte, Amsterdam, 23/6-1/7(E&O)
Goda Budvytyte, Vilnius, 23/6-1/7(E&O)
David Torstensson, Copenhagen, 23-30/6 (E&O)
Danielle Freakley, Melbourne, 23/6-1/7(E&O)
Jo Koppe, Berlin, 23-30/6 (E&O)
John+1, Copenhagen, 25/6-1/7(E&O)
Adrian Kautsky, Berlin, 23-30/6 (E&O)
Kim Coleman, London, 23/6-1/7(E&O)
Isabelle Pauwelyn, Brussels, 23/6-1/7(E&O)
Solene Frattini,23/6-1/7(E&O)
Thomas Dupal, Brussels, 23-30/6 (E&O)
Siri Hjorton, Stockholm, 24/6-1/7(E&O)(s)
Halla, 24/6-1/7(E&O) (s)
Nadja Hjorton, Stockholm, 24/6-1/7(E&O) (s)
Petra Dahlgren, 24/6-1/7(E&O) (s)
Victoria Verseau, , 24/6-1/7(E&O) (s)
Ester Martin Bergsmark, Stockholm, 23/6-1/7(E&O)
Siegmar Zacharias, Berlin, 24/6-1/7 (E&O)
Julia Rodriguez, Berlin, 24/6-1/7(E&O)
Malte Roed, 24/6-1/7(E&O)
Berno Polzer, Brussels, 25-29/6 (E&O)
Nicolas Siepen, Berlin, 25/6-1/7(E&O)
Lendl Barcelos, Brussels, 26-29/6 (E&O)
Esther Lu, Taipei, 26/6-2/7(E&O)
Stav Yeni, Brussels, 26/6-1/7(E&O)
Ed Clive, London, 26/6-1/7(E&O)(d)
Fiona James, London, 26/6-1/7(E&O)(d)
Deborah Birch, Paris, 23/6-17(E&O)
There Corredor, 24/6-1/7(E&O)
Milena Bonilla, Bogota, 24-30/6lutz(E&O)
Laetitia Chauvin, Paris, 25-29/6(E&O)
Matt Hare, 23/6-1/7(E&O)
Camilla Rocha, Rio de Janeiro, 24/6-1/7(E&O)
Thelma Bonavita, Sao Paulo, 25/6-1/7(E&O)
Hilan Bensusan, Paris, 26/6-15/7
Agnès Gayraud, Paris, 26/6-14/7
Kim Miller, Milwaukee, 28/6-13/7
Sadler's Wells, SummerUniversity,Richard Cross/Jonathan Burrows 18 pers. London, 1-5/7
Liam Kavanagh, Cork, 1-19/7
Tyra Wigg, Stockholm, 2-8/7
Criss Taylor, Utrech, 10 pers., 2-8/7
Ensemble Georges Brassens, 20 pers. 5-12/7
Scott McCulloch, Edimbourg, 4-12/7 (EGB)
Inigo Wilkins, London, 4-17/7 (EGB)
Olivier Surel, Paris, 4-15/7 (EGB)(d)
Persis Bekkering, Amsterdam, 4-15/7 (d)
Mira Adoumier, Berlin, 4-16/7 (EGB)(d)
Sami Khatib, Berlin, 4-11/7 (EGB)(d)
Charlotte Szasz, Berlin, 5-12/7 (EGB)
Anna Longo, Paris, 6-17/7 (EGB)
Teresa Gillepsie, Dublin, 5-12/7 (EGB)
Annick Kleizen, 5-28/7(SS)(DD)
Thibault Cabanis, Paris, 6-7/7 (d)
Kristien Bosmans, Brussels, 6-7/7 (d)
Nedi Tchalakova, Paris, 6-9/8
Anna Gaïotti, Paris, 8-18/7
Sophie Agnel, Paris, 8-10/7
Silvia Di Rienzo, Paris, 8-10/7
Fleurette Séguret, Tours, 8-10/7
Bonno Lange, Amsterdam, 9-17/7
Niels Horeman, Amsterdam, 9-19/7
Laura Schoot, Amsterdam, 9-19/7
Thomas Ryckewaert, 9-16/7
Siri Jennefelt, Stockholm, 2 pers., 10-18/7
Idil Onen, Budapest, 12/7-31/8
Alice Cummins, Melbourne, 13-19/7
Ana Ramos, Melbourne, 13-19/7
Sigolène Valax, Paris, 13-18/7
Léo Dupleix, Paris 13-18/7
Anne-Marieke Samson, Amsterdam, 15-23/7
Ilse Ghekiere, Brussels, 17-22/7
Pavle Heidler, Brussels, 17-22/7
Arjuna Neuman, 17-22/7(DD)
Caroline Godart, Paris, 17-24/7
Susanne Winterling, 18-22/7(DD)
Angelina Ronkina, London, 18-28/7 (DD+SS)
Sebastiaan Boersma, Vancouver, 19-28/7(DD+SS)
Displacement Dispossession and Death, 30 pers,
Denise Ferreira da Silva, Vancouver, 19-28/7(d)(DD)
Mark Harris, Vancouver, 19-28/7(d) (DD)
John Culbert, Vancouver, 19-22/7(d) (DD)
Dina Al-Kassim, Vancouver, 19-22/7(d) (DD)
Ayesha Hameed, London.19-28/7(DDSS)
Louis Henderson, Lisbon, 17-22/7(DD)
Filipa Cesar, 17-22/7(DD)
Amilcar Packer, Sao Paulo, 18-24/7(DD)
Ana Dupas, Sao Paulo, 18-24/7(DD)
Jota Mombaça, Sao Paulo, 18-24/7(DD)
Jacqueline Aylward, Melbourne, 21/7-21/8 (SU)
Vanessa Ohlraun, Berlin, 22/7-21/8 (d)
Ben Woodard, Berlin, 21/7-21/8 (d)
Hadar Mitz, Tel Aviv, 22-31/7(SS)
Lorde Selys, London, 22-28/7(SS)
Franck Keizer, Amsterdam, 22-30/7
Hadar Mitz, Tel Aviv, 22-31/7(SS)
Emilia Giudicelli. Zurich, 23-29/07 (SS)
Tina Zavitsanos, NYC, 23-28/7(SS)(d)
Amalle Dublon, NYC, 23-28/7(SS)(d)
Laura Eva ​Meuris, London, 24-28/7(SS)
Lili Rampre, Brussels, 24/7-4/8(SS)
Tom Oliver Jacobson, Malmo, 24-28/7(SS)
Sara Sejin Chang, Amsterdam, 24/28/7(SS)
Paula Almiron, Buenos Aires, 24-30/7(SS)
Kyla Avery Kegler, Berlin, 24-29/7 (SS)
Geraldine Longueville, Paris 24-28/7(SS)
Sarah Chaumette, Paris, 24-28/7(SS)
Danielle Freakley, Melbourne, 24-28/7(SS)
Michael Helland, Brussels, 24-28/7(SS)
Lauren Bakst, NYC, 24-31/7(SS)
Eshan Rafi, London, 24-28/7(SS)
Lucie Schroeder, Berlin, 23-28/7(SS)
Diana Bratu, Paris, 24/7-7/8(SS)
Joseph Walsh, London, 24-28/7(SS) (d)
Sanna Mäenpää, London,24-28/7(SS) (d)
Andrea Rodrigo, Madrid, 24-31/7 (SS)(s)
Ainhoa Hernandez, Madrid, 24-31/7 (SS)(s)
Kobe Matthys, Brussels (macrobiotic)(d)
Livia Cahn, Brussels, (vegetarian)(d)
Vanessa Ohlraun, Berlin 21-30/7(SS)
Laurent van Lancker, Brussels 24-28/7(SS)
Christian Hawkey, NYC, 24/7-6/8
Ana Xenia Pienescu, Paris, 27/7-3/8
Apass, Master PA, Brussels, 18p, 28/7-3/8
Daan F. Oostveen, Amsterdam, 28/7-26/8
Benjamin Woods, Melbourne, 29/7-6/8
Mimi Luse, Paris, 31/7-4/8
Mark de Jonge, Amsterdam, 31/7-3/8
Laurens Steenbergen, Amsterdam, 31/7-3/8
Rozanne de Bont, Amsterdam, 1-31/8
Latonya Staubs, NYC, 2-6/8
Françoise Pape, Stuttgart, 2-5/8
Job Roggeveen, 4 pers., Amsterdam, 3-6/8
Lendl Barcelos, Brussels, 4-29/8 (SU)
Sami Khatib, Berlin, 8-13/8 (SU)
Isabell Dahms, Jerusalem, 6-10/8 (SU)
Sufjan Valero, Beijing, 6/8-3/9
Niels Horeman, Amsterdam, 7-16/8
Tessa Zettel, Sydney, 7/8-4/9 (SU)
Ameen Mettawa, Madrid, 7-14/8 (SU)
Charlotte Szasz, Berlin, 7-14/8 (SU)(d)
Sumugan Sivanesan, Djakarta, 8-16/17 /8
Anya Kravchenko, Vienna, 9-16/8 (SU)
Hector Uniacke, Budapest,9-14/8 (SU)
Johanna Nuber, Berlin, 7-21/8 (SU)
Matt Bovingdon, Newcastle, 7-14/8 (SU)
Vanessa Ohlraun, Berlin, 7-14/8(SU)
Natalia Ramírez Püschel, Santiago, 7-21/8 (SU)
Dennis Schep, Madrid, 7-14/8 (SU)
Natalia Ramírez Püschel, Madrid, 7-21/8 (SU)(s)
Cecile Brousse, Madrid, 7-14/8 (SU)(s)
Andrey Kharitonov, Warsaw, 7-14/8 (SU)
Amy Pennington, London, 7-14/8 (SU)
Sumugan Sivanesan, Epping, 7-14/8 (SU)
Mirthe Blussé, Barcelona, 7-16/8
Luce Htidu, DeLire Rio de Janeiro, 7-14/8
Conrad Hamilton, Paris, 8-15/8 (SU)
David Bremmer, London, 8-28/8 (SU)
Anya Kravchenko, Vienna, 9-16/8 (SU)
Kat Brown, New-York, 9/8-13/9 (SU)
Aharon, Paris, 10-15/8 (SU)
Carolina Carreitero, Madrid, 11-14/8 (SU)(s)
Raquel Martín, Madrid, 11-14/8 (SU)(s)
Adriano Jensen, Berlin, 11-21/8 (SU)(d)
Emma Daniel, Berlin, 11-22/8 (SU)(d)
Colette de Castro, Paris, 12-18/8 (SU) (s)
Patricia Bass, Paris, 12-18/8 (SU) (s)
Christian Töpfner, Berlin, 12-27/8 (SU)
Rachael Dichter, San Francisco, 13-21/8 (SU)
Alexandra Napier, Toronto, 13/8-4/9 (SU)
Lorde Selys, Wellington, 13/8-1/9
Frida Sandström, Stockholm, 14-21/8 (SU)(s)
Emma Bexell, Stockholm, 15-22/8 (SU)(s)
Alexandra Gruebler, Berlin, 14/8-1/9 (SU)
Gry Tingskog, Stockholm, 14-21/8 (SU)(s)
Oda Brekke, Stockholm, 14-21/8 (SU)(s)
Carmen Kirschner + Maria, Vienna, 14-27/8 (SU)(s)
Ingvild Bertelsen, Frederiksberg, 14-21/8 (SU)(s)
Emilia Gasiorek, Brussels, 14-21/8 (SU)(s)
Marlene Bonnesen, Brussels, 14-21/8 (SU)(s)
Chloe Cignell, Brussels, 14-22/8
Angela Goh, Melbourne, 14-22/8
Ann-Christin Berg Kongsness, Osloj, 12-23/8
Neda Sanai, Berlin, 11 - 22/8
Justina Brazaitė, Vilnius, 15-21/8 (SU)
Gabriella Forzelius, Oslo, 15-28/8 (SU)
Deborah Birch+1, Paris, 15-21/8 (SU)
Rebecca Jensen, Sydney, 15-21/8 (SU)
Tove Salmgren, Oslo, 15-19/8 (SU)(s)
Mira Mutka, Oslo, 15-19/8 (SU)(s)
Austėja Vilkaitytė, Vilnius, 15-21/8 (SU)
Nisaar Ulama, Berlin, 15-29/8 (SU)
Darcy Wallace, London, 15-21/8 (SU)
Olivia Riviere, Copenhagen, 15-21/8 (SU)(s)
Nanna Stigsdatter Mathiassen, Copenhagen, 15-21/8 (SU)(s)
Karis Zidore, Copenhagen, 15-21/8 (SU)(s)
Anatoli Vlassov, Warsaw, 15-21/8 (SU)
Emilie Gregersen, Copenhagen, 15-21/8 (SU)(s)
Sigrid Stigsdatter, Copenhagen, 15-21/8 (SU)(s)
Lydia Östberg Diakité, Stockholm, 15-21/8 (SU)(s)
Klara Utke Acs, Trondheim, 15-21/8 (SU)
Natalie Abbott, Dublin, 15-22/8 (SU)
Kaylee Gibson, Manchester, 15-21/8 (SU)
Sarah Aiken, Melbourne, 16-23/8 (SU)
Sviatlana Viarbitskaya, Dijon, 3pers., 17-26/8
Johannes Visser, Amsterdam, 17-31/8
Hannah Langen, Hamburg, 17-20/8
Snorre Hansen, Stockholm, 17-22/8 (SU)
Lauren Doss, Manchester, 18-30/8 (SU)
Carima Neusser, Koln, 18-23/8(SU)
Linda Veldman, Brussels, 18/8-4/9 (SU)
Jack Cox, Paris, 19/8-3/9 (d)(k)
Jen Reed, Paris, 19/8-3/9 (d)
Fred Bernier, Brussels, 20-28/8 (SU)
Perrine Bailleux, Paris, 21-28/8 (SU)
Ana Berkenhoff, Berlin, 21-28/8 (SU)
Olivia Fairweather, London, 21-31/8 (SU)(k)
Patricia de Vries, Amsterdam, 21-30/8
Marijke Vos, Amsterdam, 21-30/8
David Bremmer, London, 21-28/8 (SU)
Nicolas Siepen, Berlin, 21-28/8 (SU)
Ana Xenia, Lisbon, 21-27/8 (SU)
Kenza Sand, Paris, 22-28/8 (SU)
Lola de la Mata, Rio de Janeiro, 22-28/8 (SU)(d)
Andrew Larrabee, Rio de Janeiro, 22-28/8 (SU)(d)
Guillaume Ollendorff, Berlin, 22-28/8 (SU)
Matti Aikio, Tromso, 22-28/8 (SU)
Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay, Toronto, 22-28/8 (SU)
Virginie Durand, Paris, 22/8-4/9 (SU)
Charlotte Szasz, Berlin, 22-28/8 (SU)
Aurélie Hartmann, Paris, 22-28/8 (SU)
Charlotte Kaminski, Manchester, 22-26/8 (SU)
Philipp Rhensius, Berlin, 22-28/8 (SU) +2
Jorge Guevara, Brussels, 22/8-4/9 (SU)
Thomas Rietstra, Arnhem, 22-29/8
Lucille Dupraz, Lausanne, 25/8-4/9 (SU)
Eric Rietveld, Amsterdam, 25-27/8
Roel van Herpt, Amsterdam, 25-27/8 (d)
Mieszko van Rijsewijk, Amsterdam, 25-27/8 (d)
Laura Cora Kruger, Groningen, 26/8-2/9 (SU)
Fred Alstadt, Brussels, 26-27/8 (SU)
Maxime Denuc, Brussels, 26-27/8 (SU)
Justin Lynch, LA, 26/8-1/9
Runa Skolseg, Vilnius, 27/8-11/9 (SU)
Tom Orange, Cleveland, 27/8-4/9 (SU)
Deborah Birch, Paris, 28/8-4/9 (SU)(k)
Charlie, Paris, 28/8-4/9 (SU)(k)
Ioanna Gerakidi, Amsterdam, 29/8-4/9 (SU)
Eve Richens, Paris, 29/8-4/9 (SU)(s)
Rowan Coupland, Berlin, 29/8-4/9 (SU)(s)
David Van Dijcke, Brussels, 29/8-4/9 (SU)(d)
Eleanor Bauer, Brussels, 29/8-4/9 (SU)(d)
Margot Simonney, Paris, 29/8-16/9 (SU)
Birthe Mühlhoff, Paris, 29/8-4/9 (SU)
Sean Bonney, London, 29/8-4/8 (SU)
Sam Basu, Paris, 29/8-4/9 (SU)
Lindsay Parkhowell, London, 29/8-4/9 (SU)(s)
Francesca Lisette, Paris, 29/8-4/9 (SU)
Molly O'Leary, Stockholm, 29/8-4/9 (SU)
Matilda Tjäder, Berlin, 29/8-4/9 (SU)(d)
Felix Riemann, Frankfurt, 29/8-4/9 (SU)(d)
Marty Hiatt, London, 29/8-4/9 (SU)
Tabea Xenia Magyar, Paris, 29/8-4/9 (SU)(s)
Erica Zingano, Berlin, 29/8-4/9 (SU)
Spyridon Tegos, Athens, 29/8-4/9 (SU)
Joyce Lainé, London, 29/8-4/9 (SU)
Flora Katz, Paris, 29/8-4/9 (SU)
Jen Reed, Paris, 29/8-4/9 (SU)
Anatoli Vlassov, Warsaw, 29/8-4/9 (SU)
Leah Wilkins, London, 29/8-4/9 (SU)
Maarten Van den Bussche, 29/8-4/9 (SU)
Ed Luker, 29/8-4/9 (SU)
Peli Grietzer, 29/8-4/9 (SU)
Mia You, 29/8-4/9 (SU)
Jassem Hindi, Berlin, 29/8-4/9 (SU)
Alice Heyward, Melbourne, 29/8-5/9 (SU)
Max Wallenhorst, Munich, 29/8-4/9 (SU)
Hector Uniacke, London, 29/8-1/9 (SU)
Laurent Prost, Laon, 29/8-2/9 (SU)
Narciso Aksayam, Paris, 29/8-30/9 (SU)
Ania Poullain-Majchrzak, London, 31/8-7/9 (SU)
Marion Breton, Paris, 31/8- 4/9 (SU)
Louis Morelle, Paris 1/9-31/10
Hélène Paris, Paris 1/9-30/9
Ed Luker, London 4/9-6/9
Jessy Kate Schingler, New-York, 4 pers. 6/9-10/9
Sina Kamala Kaufmann, Berlin 6/9-13/9
Jan Peeters, Groningen 6/9-20/9
Eve Dupont, Dunedin, 2 pers. 7/9-13/9
Quentin Girard, Paris 8/9-10/9
Peli Grietzer, Tel Aviv 9/9-13/9
Simon Barzilay, Paris 9/9-11/9
Loic Hecht, Paris 10/9-10/10
Tyra Wigg, Enskede 10/9-17/9
Léo Dupleix, Paris, 2 pers. 11/9-13/9
Emilia Giudicelli, Paris 11/9-16/9
Caroline Godart, Paris 11/9-13/9
Samantha Talbot, Berlin 12/9-1/10
Belle de Wit, Amsterdam 12/9-7/10
Kat Brown, NewYork 13/9-13/10
Gloria Dawson, London 14/9-26/9
Bâtard festival, Brussels, 16 pers. 15/9-17/9
Cécile Janvier, Paris 15/9-28/9
Chimene Steele-Prior, Melbourne 18/9-27/9
Guillaume Ollendorff, Berlin 20/9-27/9
Virginia Barratt, Sydney 21/9-27/9
Eliana Kirkcaldy, Berlin 21/9-25/9
Clyde Chabot, Paris, 3 pers. 21/9-22/9
Stefan Govaart, Brussels 21/9-25/9
James Edleston, London 21/9-24/9
Dan Smith, London 21/9-24/9
Grégoire Paultre, Paris 21/9-21/10
Thijs Prein, Amsterdam 22/9-25/9
Aleksandra Lemm, Amsterdam, 2 pers. 22/9-1/10
Reinjan Prakke, Amsterdam, 3 pers. 22/9-24/9
Marie-Louise Zwier, Eindhoven 24/9-11/10
Romain Pellegrini, Paris 24/9-29/9
Emilia Giudicelli, Paris 25/9-1/10
Finn Loxbo and Anders Vestergaard, Stockholm, 2 pers. 25/9-3/10
Anne-Marieke Samson, Amsterdam 29/9-3/10
School of Arts, Ghent, 16 pers. 29/9-1/10
Bonno Lange, Amsterdam 29/9-3/10
Ingeborg Houwen, Amsterdam 1/10-13/10
Mimi Luse, Paris 1/10-20/10
Hélène Paris, Reims 1/10-31/10
Johanna Menssink 1/10-14/10
Céline Auclair, Paris, 6 pers. 2/10-6/10
Yoko Theeuws, Brussels 2/10-6/10
Cécile Janvier, Paris 3/10-4/11
Simon Tanguy, Paris 3/10-6/10
Austin Gross, London 4/10-6/10
Jesse Sheehan, Auckand, 3 pers. 5/10-5/11
Camille Pelicier, Paris 5/10-9/10
Kleinkoor Amsterdam, Amsterdam, 24 pers. 5/10-8/10
Marie-Pierre Carnoy, Paris 6/10-9/10
Basile Lemaire, Paris 8/10-13/10
Lucile Dupraz 8/10-23/10
Xavier Guignard, Beyrouth 9/10-13/10
Jacqueline Grassmann, Berlin 9/10-15/10 (NL#2)
Claire Chatelain, Lille 10/10-14/10
Ben Woordard, Berlin 10/10-16/10 (NL#2)
Loic Hecht, Paris 10/10-30/10
Donatas Tubutis, Den Haag 11/10-16/10
Laure Deselys, Genappe 11/10-16/10 (NL#2)
Conrad Hamilton, Paris 11/10-14/10
Conrad Moriarty-Cole, London 11/10-15/10 (NL#2)
David Bremner, London 11/10-16/10 (NL#2)
Jack Cox, Paris 11/10-15/10 (NL#2)
Laure Ferraris, Paris 11/10-16/10 (NL#2)
Sviatlana Viarbitskaya, Dijon 11/10-14/10 (NL#2)
Paul Lynch, London 11/10-21/10
Ana Xenia Pienescu, Lyon 12/10-16/10 (NL#2)
Vanessa Ohlraun, Berlin 12/10-15/10 (NL#2)
Gabriel Catren, Paris 13/10-16/10
Mathieu d'Alexis, Dijon 13/10-14/10
Kat Brown, New-York 13/10-24/10
Olivier Surel, Paris 13/10-16/10
Anna Longo, Paris 15/10-16/10
Marie-Louise Zwier, Eindhoven 15/10-19/10
Thijs Prein, Amsterdam 17/10-22/10
Anne Prakke 17/10-20/10
Grace Woollett, Amsterdam 18/10-20/10
Olivier Surel, Paris 20/10-23/10
Étienne Grandon, Paris 20/10-23/10
Caroline Bijl, Amsterdam 20/10-26/10
Raphaël Vanoli, Amsterdam 20/10-26/10
Grégoire Paultre, Paris 21/10-21/11
Anne Fishler, Paris, 2 pers. 21/10-22/10
Colin van Heezik, Amsterdam 24/10-30/10
Anna Gaïotti, Bruxelles 27/10-29/10
Austin Gross, London 27/10-30/10
Amélie Giacomini & Laura Sellies, Paris, 2 pers. 27/10-29/10
Patrice Gallet, Paris 27/10-29/10
Roman Pétrouchine, Lyon 30/10-5/11
Or Bareket, Brussels 30/10-2/11
Rukaiyah Qazi, London 30/10-1/11
Stella Kruusamagi, Viljandi 30/10-6/11
Vincenzo Latronico, Amsterdam 30/10-8/11
Vera Otte, Utrecht 30/10-3/11
Naïma Mazic, Vienna 30/10-2/11
Chloé Thomas, Paris 30/10-5/11
Flora Katz, Paris 31/10-5/11
Marie Louise Krogh, London 31/10-2/11
Jack Cox 1/11-2/11
Louis Morelle, Paris 1/11-30/11
Hélène Paris, Reims 1/11-30/11
Gabriel Catren, Paris 2/11-6/11
Andrea di Serego Alighieri 2/11-22/11
Jordy Vogelzang, Amsterdam, 3 pers. 2/11-12/11
Anne Prakke, Amsterdam 4/11-9/11
Marie-Louise Zwier, Rijswijk 4/11-16/11
Guillaume Rouleau, Paris 4/11-6/11
Cécile Janvier, Paris 4/11-4/12
Alessia Luna Wyss, Berlin 4/11-11/11
Yoko Theeuws, Brussels 5/11-7/11
Pieter De Clercq, Antwerpen 5/11-7/11
Marion Uguen, Nantes 6/11-11/11
Gabriel Catren 8/11-12/11
Eleonore Van Godtsenhoven, Gent 8/11-11/11
Carine van Bruggen, Gent 8/11-11/11
Mathieu Bouvier, Paris 9/11-20/11
Jack Cox, Paris 9/11-12/11
Annick Kleizen, Amsterdam 9/11-15/11
Lee Honey and Tim Barrass, Melbourne, 2 pers. 9/11-30/11
Diane Sorin, Paris 9/11-22/11
Ofelia Jarl Ortega, Stockholm, 3 pers. 9/11-16/11
Loic Hecht, Paris 10/11-10/12
Olivier Surel, Paris 10/11-13/11
Shadow Channel (Sandberg), Amsterdam, 14 pers. 10/11-13/11
Bette Dam, Amsterdam 12/11-18/11
Richard Gaitet, Paris 12/11-23/11
Anne Prakke, Amsterdam 12/11-18/11
Irène Sinou, Lyon 14/11-29/11
Emilia Giudicelli, Paris 17/11-23/11
Persis Bekkering, Amsterdam 17/11-19/11
Olivier Surel, Paris 17/11-19/11
Christian Töpfner, Brussels 18/11-26/11
Robert M.Ochshorn, Berlin 19/11-23/11
Jennie Ochshorn, Manhattan 19/11-19/12
David Huggins, Melbourne 20/11-27/11
Caroline Bijl, Amsterdam 21/11-28/11
Grégoire Paultre 21/11-30/11
Xavier Guignard, Paris 22/11-26/11
Anne-Marieke Samson, Amsterdam 23/11-27/11
Jonathan Burrows, London 23/11-27/11
Isabelle Demarcy, Saint-Erme 23/11-26/11
Wytske de Man, Amsterdam 23/11-27/11
Bob van der Wal, London 24/11-26/11
Miri Davidson, London 24/11-26/11
Tom Oliver Jacobson, Stockholm 24/11-30/11
Olivier Surel, Paris 24/11-26/11
Amy Pennington, London 24/11-26/11
Maja Ejrnaes, Copenhagen 25/11-30/11
Agnes Karl Åxman, Copenhagen 25/11-30/11
Camilla Maike Juul Jensen, Copenhagen 25/11-29/11 (Tom Oliver's)
Anne Hollænder, Copenhagen 25/11-30/11
Arnaud Goubet, Paris, 4 pers. 26/11-27/11
A.pass, Posthogeschool Podium, Gent, 15 pers. 27/11-2/12
Selma Kjesen, Sydney 28/11-7/12
Olivier Surel, Paris, 1/12-4/12
La Goutte d'Or, Paris,, 3 pers. 1/12-7/12
Thomas Huet, Paris, 1/12-4/12
Lana Hansen, Copenhagen, 1/12-13/12
Louis Morel, Paris, 1/12-31/12 (WUM)
Hélène Paris, Reims, 1/12-31/12 (WUM)
Basile Lemaire, Paris, 2/12-7/12
Lucile Dupraz, Berlin, 3/12-16/12
Sarah Lefèvre, Paris, 3/12-7/12
Amy Pennington, London, 4/12-4/1 (WUM)
Cécile Janvier, Paris, 4/12-15/12
Wieger Windhorst, Amsterdam, 5/12-19/12
Caitlin Dear, Berlin, 6/12-18/12
Benoît Huet, Paris, 8/12-10/12
Perrine Bailleux, Paris, 8/12-11/12
Mathieu Bouvier 9/12-14/12
Lucas Duchemin, Paris, 9/12-12/12
Diane Sorin, Paris, 9/12-14/12
Sviatlana Viarbitskaya, Dijon, 10/12-12/12
Persis Bekkering, Amsterdam, 10/12-13/12
Olivier Surel, Paris, 10/12-10/1 (WUM)
Colin van Heezik, Amsterdam, 11/12-15/12
Creston Davis, Dublin, 11/12-13/12
Klara Sjöblom, Stockholm,, 3 pers. 11/12-18/12
Louise Chenneviere, Paris,, 2 pers. 11/12-13/12
Prosper de Roos, Amsterdam, 12/12-13/12
McCorkle Terence Diamond, New-York, 14/12-11/1 (WUM)
Wolfert Brederode, The Hague, 15/12-18/12
Raphaël Vanoli, Amsterdam, 15/12-18/12
Daniela Bershan, Berlin, 15/12-22/12
Marie-Louise Zwier, Rijswijk, 16/12-3/1 (WUM)
Dries Van de Velde, Amsterdam,, 2 pers. 18/12-23/12
Valentina Desideri, Amsterdam, 18/12-31/1 (WUM)
Léa Doussaint, Paris, 19/12-22/12
Annabelle Vaillant, Paris, 19/12-22/12
Claire Savina, Paris, 20/12-26/12
Melissa Van Drie, Paris, 20/12-23/12
Colette de Castro, Paris, 20/12-23/12
Christina Muellenmeister, 21/-30/12(WUM)
Thelma Bonavita, Berlin 22/12-22/3 (WUM)(d)
Nicolas Siepen, Berlin 25/12-22/3 (WUM) (d)
Vanessa Ohlraun, Berlin, 25/12-3/1(WUM)(d)
Ben Woodard, Berlin, 22/12-3/1(WUM)(d)
Daan F. Oostveen, Amsterdam, 22/12-5/1(WUM)
Ameen Mettawa, London, 24/12-4/1(WUM)(s)
Lendl Barcelos, Brussels, 27/12-2/1(WUM)(s)
Persis Bekkering, Amsterdam, 27/12-2/1(WUM(d)
Olivier Surel, Paris, 27/12-2/1(WUM(d)
Scarlet Yu, Hong Kong 25-30/12 (WUM)(d)
Xavier Le Roy, Berlin 25-30/12 (WUM)(d)
Philippine Hoegen, Amsterdam, 25-30/12(WUM)
Laurent Van Lancker, 25-31/12(WUM)
Sepideh Ardalani, London, 27/12-4/1(WUM)
Christian Töpfer, Brussels, 26/12-2/1(WUM)
Ainhoa Hernandez Escudero, Madrid, 26-30/12(WUM)(d)
Andrea Rodrigo, Bilbao, 26-30/12(WUM)(d)
Trudo Engels, Brussels, 26-31/12 (WUM)(s)
Franky DC, Brussels, 26-31/12 (WUM)(s)
Aela Royer, Brussels, 26/12-2/1(WUM)
Bojana Cvejic, Brussels, 26-31/1(WUM)
Vincenzo Latronico, Milan, 26/12-12/1(WUM)
Adriano Wilfert Jensen, Copenhagen, 26/12-10/1(WUM)
Maja Ejrnaes, Copenhagen, 26/12-6/1(WUM)
Pim Cornelussen, Brussels, 26/12-1/1(WUM)(s)
Salomé Mooij, Brussels, 28/12-1/1(WUM)(s)
Froukje van der Velde, Brussels, 28/12-1/1(WUM)(s)
Norbert Pape, Berlin, 26/12-4/1(WUM)
Conrad Hamilton, Paris, 28/12-3/1 (WUM)
DD Dorviller, Paris, 27-30/12 (WUM)
Jassem Hindi, Berlin, 27/12-3/1 (WUM)(d)
Marie Ursin, Paris, 28/12- 5/1 (WUM)(d)
Nisaar Ulama, Berlin, 27/12-2/1 (WUM)
Virginie Durand, Paris, 27/12-2/1(WUM)
Annick Kleizen, Amsterdam, 27/12-2/1(WUM)
Ina Sandbacka, Copenaghen, 29/12-2/1(WUM)
Perrine Bailleux, Paris, 27/12-2/1(WUM)
Laure Ferraris, Paris, 27-31/12(WUM)
Silvia Mollicchi, London, 26/12-2/1(WUM)(d)
Matt Hare, Berlin, 27/12-3/1(WUM)(d)
Etienne Szabo, Berlin, 27/12- (WUM)
Marijn Ottenhof, Amsterdam, 27/12-2/1(WUM)
David Steinrueck, Brussels, 27/12-3/1(WUM)
Orion Maxted, Amsterdam, 27/12-4/1(WUM)(d)
Sandra Stanionyte, Amsterdam, 27/12-4/1(WUM)(d)
Laurent Prost, Laon, 27/12-2/1(WUM)
Tessa Zettel, Helsinki, 27/12-2/1(WUM)(s)
Laura Bernhardt, London, 27/12-2/1(WUM)(s)
Caroline Bijl, Amsterdam, 27/12-2/1(WUM)
Sveta Viarbitskaya, Djion, 27/12-2/1(WUM(d)
Mathieu d’Alexis, Djion, 27/12-2/1(WUM(d)
Milovann Yanatchkov, Pais, 27/12-2/1(WUM)
Anna Gaiotti, Brussels, 27/12-1/1 (WUM)
Joke Menssink, Amsterdam, 27/12-3/1(WUM)
Adriano Wilfert Jensen, Copenhagen, 27/12-2/1(WUM)
Austin Gross, London, 27/12-2/1(WUM)
Gianmarco Porru, Milan, 27/12-2/1(WUM)
Kenza Sand, London, 27-12/3/1(WUM)
Colin van Heezik, Amsterdam, 27/12-2/1(WUM)
Jennifer Lacey, Paris, 27/12-1/1 (WUM)
Paula Almiron, Brussels, 28/12-3/1(WUM)(s)
Lili M. Rampr, Brussels, 28/12-3/1(WUM)(s)
Chris Dupuis, Leuven. 28/12-1/1 (WUM)
Stefan Govaart, Brussels, 28/12-5/1(WUM)
Alice Chauchat, 28/12-1/1(WUM)
Corazon del Sol, LA, 28/12-6/1(WUM)(m)
Leila Hamidi, LA, 28/12-6/1(WUM)(m)
Lucile Dupraz, Paris, 28/12-2/1(WUM)(s)
Christian Huber, Berlin, 27/12-2/1(WUM)(s)
Anne-Marieke Samson, 28/12-2/1 (WUM)(s)
Sarah Jonker, Amstredam, 31/12-3/1(WUM)(s)
Micheal Coja, Paris, 28-12/2/1(WUM)
Marion Uguen, Paris, 28/12-4/1(WUM)
David Bremner, Paris, 28/12-3/1(WUM)
Fiona James, Liverpool, 29/12-2/1(WUM)(d)
Ed Clive, Liverpool, 29/12-2/1(WUM)(d)
Matt Mcquillan, London, 29/12-2/1(WUM)(s)
Tom Halstead, London, 29/12-2/1(WUM)(s)
Laura Elko, Paris, 29/12-2/1(WUM)
Lucie Leker, Paris, 29/12-2/1(WUM)
Sumugan Sivanesan, Berlin, 29/12-2/1(WUM)
Diana Bratu, Lyon, 29/12-2/1(WUM)
Erika Sprey, Amsterdam, 29/12-2/1(WUM)(d)
Serge Onnen, Amsterdam, 29/12-2/1(WUM)(d)
Sven Dehens,Brussels, 29/12-2/1(WUM)(d)
Esta Matkovic, Brussels, 29/12-2/1(WUM)(d)
Viola Lukacs, NYC, 29/12-4/1(WUM)(s)
Isa Pasqualini, NYC, 29/12-4/1(WUM)(s)
Tessa Theisen, Frankfurt, 30/12-3/1(WUM)(s)
Carina Premer, Frankfurt, 28/12-3/1(WUM)(s)
Kim Zeevalk, Amsterdam, 30/12-7/1(WUM)
Kristien Van den Brande, Brussels, 31/12-4/1(WUM)
Lilia Mestre, Brussels, 31/12-4/1(WUM)
Margot Simonney, Paris, 31/12-7/1(WUM)
Idil Onen, Paris, 31/12-3/1(WUM)
Jordan Skinner, Paris, 31/12-3/1(WUM)
Christine De Smedt, Brussels, 26-30/12WUM)
Simon Asencio, Brussels, 3-9/1
Chloe Chignell, Brussels, 3-9/1
Jan Brodie, Paris, 27/12-1/1(WUM)
Mike McCormick, Dublin, 29/12-2/1(WUM)
Somaya Langley, NYC, 30/12/3/1(WUM)
Pascal Aeberhard, NYC, 30/12/3/1(WUM)
Jen Brodie 27/12-21(WUM)

List of guests PAF in 2018

Hélène Paris, Reims, 1/1-31/1
Louis Morelle, Paris, 1/1-31/1
Thelma Bonavita, Berlin, 2/1-26/1
Colin Van Heezik, Amsterdam, 2/1-9/1
Sumugan Sivanesan, Berlin, 2/1-9/1
Flora Katz, Paris, 2/1-8/1
Thijs Prein, Amsterdam, 2/1-1/2
David Anstey, Berlin, 2/1-5/1
Caitlin Dear, Berlin, 2/1-5/1
Adriano Crew, Amsterdam,, 4 pers. 2/1-9/1
Miri Davidson, London, 3/1-6/1
Kenza Sand, Paris, 3/1-6/1
Aleksandra Lemm, Amsterdam,, 3 pers. 3/1-7/1
Aske Thiberg, Copenhagen, 3/1-1/2
Amy Pennington, London, 4/1-18/1
Eliott Maintigneux, Paris, 4/1-7/1
Chiara Vecchiarelli, Paris, 6/1-8/1
Mårten Spångberg, Brussels, 6/1-8/1
Lucile Dupraz, Berlin, 9/1-30/1
Isabella Kohl, Berlin, 9/1-9/2
Halea Isabelle Kala, Berlin, 9/1-9/2
Luisa Dahringer, Berlin, 9/1-9/2
Anna Lea Ourø Jensen, København,, 2 pers. 10/1-14/1
Mary Mussman, Berkeley, CA, 10/1-12/1
Blanchard-Demarcy, Saint-Erme,, 20 pers. 11/1-14/1
Bertrand Guillot, Paris, 11/1-18/1
School of Arts, Ghent,, 16 pers. 14/1-18/1
Tomer Dreyfus, Berlin, 15/1-31/1
Jasper Stadhouders, Amsterdam,, 5 pers. 16/1-17/1
Virginie Durand, Paris, 16/1-23/1
Raphaël Vanoli, Amsterdam, 16/1-17/1
Chloé Thomas, Paris, 18/1-21/1
Sumugan Sivanesan, London, 19/1-24/1
Colin van Heezik, Amsterdam, 21/1-21/2
Simon Henocq, Paris, 23/1-27/1
Benoît Armange, Genève, 23/1-28/1
Bruno De Wachter, Brussels, 24/1-31/1
Malou Zilliacus, Stockholm, 25/1-1/2
Matt Martin Hare, London, 25/1-27/1
Eric Niubo, Paris, 26/1-28/1
Johanna Malm, Berlin, 26/1-3/2
Anne-Marieke Samson, Amsterdam, 27/1-3/2
Raphaël Vanoli, Amsterdam, 27/1-3/2
Berno Odo Polzer 28/1-31/1
Benoit Armange 28/1-29/1
Jurgen Huiskes, Den Haag, 30/1-3/2
Lucile Dupraz 30/1-4/2
Vincenzo Latronico, Roma, 30/1-28/2
Hélène Paris, Reims, 1/2-28/2
Louis Morelle, Paris, 1/2-28/2
Claire Pomarès, Paris, 1/2-5/2
Clara Tellier Savary, Paris, 1/2-5/2
Ana Xenia Pienescu, Lyon, 3/2-5/2
Giulia Tognon, Paris, 3/2-6/2
Laurent Prost, Laon, 3/2-4/2
Nick Klaessens, Berlin, 5/2-16/2
Lissa Pentti, Helsinki, 5/2-16/2
Thijs Prein, Amsterdam, 6/2-11/2
Jordan Skinner, Paris,, 2 pers. 7/2-12/2
Shelley Etkin, Dublin, 7/2-10/2
Hanna Tungland, Vienna, 8/2-19/2
Berno Odo Polzer, Brussels, 9/2-13/2
Fiona Clive-Ponsonby-Fane, Liverpool, 9/2-11/2
Daniela Bershan, Brussels, 9/2-11/2
Annick Kleizen, Amsterdam, 9/2-11/2
Christian Töpfner, Brussels, 9/2-18/2
Anna Natt, Berlin, 10/2-17/2
Virginie Durand, Paris, 11/2-17/2
Enne koens, Amsterdam, 13/2-18/2
Tjitske Jansen, Amsterdam, 13/2-18/2
Juliette Avis, Paris, 13/2-18/2
Edouard Richard, Paris, 13/2-18/2
Pierre Gautheron, Paris, 13/2-18/2
Bruno De Wachter, Brussels, 14/2-21/2
Loïc H. Rechi, Paris, 15/2-19/2
Perrine Bailleux, Paris, 15/2-17/2
Martino, Brussels, 16/2-20/2
Annabelle Vaillant, Paris, 16/2-19/2
Léa Doussaint, Paris, 16/2-19/2
Yasmine Tashk, Brussels, 16/2-23/2
Nathanaelle Herbelin, Paris, 16/2-21/2
Aurelie Darbouret, Marseille, 17/2-18/2
Marwen Farhat, Paris, 17/2-18/2
Sarah Lefêvre, Paris, 17/2-24/2
Egle Budvytyte, Amsterdam,, 2 pers. 18/2-24/2
Goutte d'Or, 3 pers. 19/2-26/2
Colin Van Heezik, Paris, 21/2-28/2
Simon Pochet, Paris, 21/2-24/2
Carlijn, Berlin, 22/2-28/2
Grégory Feret, Paris,, 2 pers. 23/2-25/2
Oriane Boyer, Amsterdam, 23/2-2/3
Flora Katz, Paris, 23/2-8/3
Bonno Lange, Amsterdam, 23/2-2/3
Niels Horeman, Amsterdam,, 2 pers. 23/2-2/3
Eric Niubo, Paris, 23/2-3/3
Pierre Devérines, Paris, 23/2-24/2
Sarah Jonker, Amsterdam, 24/2-4/3
Julien Seccia, Paris, 24/2-25/2
Hulène Laurent, Paris, 24/2-25/2
Anne-Marieke Samson, Amsterdam, 24/2-4/3
Max Anderzejewski, Paris, 25/2-28/2
Jean François Riffaud, Paris, 25/2-28/2
Julien Desprez, Paris, 25/2-28/2
Arnaud Zaslavsky, Paris, 25/2-27/2
Marinke Eijgenraam, Amsterdam, 25/2-5/3
linguistes, Paris,, 2 pers. 26/2-28/2
Maaike Hommes, Amsterdam, 26/2-2/3
Ben Woodard, Berlin, 26/2-5/3 (NL#3)
Anne-Sophie Juvénal, Paris, 26/2-1/3
Christine Quoiraud 27/2-3/3 (NL#3)
Various Artists, Brussels, 28/2-5/3 (NL#3)
Conrad Hamilton, Paris, 28/2-5/3 (NL#3)
Stine Hertel, Brussels, 28/2-4/3 (NL#3)
Sepideh Ardalani, London, 28/2-6/3 (NL#3)
Conrad Moriarty-Cole, London, 28/2-4/3 (NL#3)
Margaux Amoros, Brussels, 28/2-2/3
Jan Rohwedder, Brussels, 28/2-4/3 (NL#3)
David Bremmer, Paris, 28/2-5/3 (NL#3)
Sviatlana Viarbitskaya, Dijon, 28/2-5/3 (NL#3)
Diego Higueras, Paris,, 2 pers. 28/2-5/3
Liza Baliasnaja, Berlin, 28/2-5/3 (NL#3)
Simon Ascencio, Brussels, 28/2-5/3 (NL#3)
James McGinn, Brussels, 28/2-5/3 (NL#3)
Louis Morelle, Paris, 28/2-5/3 (NL#3)
Milena Bonilla, Amsterdam, 28/2-5/3 (NL#3)
Laurent Prost, Laon, 28/2-5/3 (NL#3)
Hélène Paris, Reims, 1/3-31/3
Louis Morelle, Paris, 1/3-31/3
Vincenzo Latronico, Milan, 1/3-30/3
Loic Hecht, Paris, 2/3-5/3
Samah Hijawi, Académie Royale Des Beaux Arts, Bruxelles,, 5 pers. 2/3-4/3
Amaury Ovise, Paris, 3/3-4/3
Jan Ritsema, Saint-Erme, 3/3-5/3 (NL#3)
Mesurer la taille du monde, Brest,, 7 pers. 4/3-9/3
Jonathan van der Horst, Antwerp, 4/3-18/3
Laurent Prost, Laon, 5/3-12/3 (PSVI)
Aela Royer, Brussels, 5/3-14/3
Benjamin Woodard, Berlin, 5/3-12/3 (PSVI)
Marija Baranauskaitė, Vilnius, 6/3-11/3
Nathalie Broizat, Paris, 6/3-16/3
Max Labarthe, Paris, 7/3-13/3
Jordan Skinner, Paris, 7/3-12/3 (PSVI)
Ana Xenia Pienescu, Paris, 7/3-11/3
Silvia Mollicchi, Berlin, 7/3-12/3 (PSVI)
Maire Louise Krogh, London, 7/3-13/3 (PSVI)
Olivia Fairweather, London, 7/3-12/3 (PSVI)
Armin Schneider, Berlin, 8/3-12/3 (PSVI)
Charlotte Szasz, Berlin, 8/3-12/3 (PSVI)
Idil Onen, Paris, 8/3-12/3 (PSVI)
Rebekka Wilkens, Oslo, 8/3-12/3 (PSVI)
Marco Giovanelli 8/3-11/3 (PSVI)
David Bremner, Paris, 8/3-12/3 (PSVI)
Tong Mao, London, 8/3-12/3 (PSVI)
Franziska Aigner 8/3-11/3 (PSVI)
Matt Martin Hare, London, 8/3-13/3 (PSVI)
Howard Caygill 9/3-12/3 (PSVI)
Louis Hartnoll, London, 9/3-12/3 (PSVI)
Haydn Appleby, London, 9/3-12/3 (PSVI)
Gabriel Catren, Paris, 10/3-12/3
Anna Gaïotti, Brussels, 10/3-12/3
Joëlle Dimbour, Paris, 10/3-14/3
Valentina Desideri, Amsterdam, 10/3-12/3
Jack Cox, Paris, 11/3-12/3 (PSVI)
Inigo Wilkins, London, 11/3-16/3
Anna Lea Ourø Jensen, Oslo,, 2 pers. 12/3-17/4
Laure-Anne Kayser, BON. Magazine, Paris,, 4 pers. 12/3-13/3
Flora Katz, Paris, 15/3-20/3
Louis Gillard, Paris, 15/3-20/3
Gabriel Catren, Paris, 16/3-20/3
Arnaud Goubet, Paris,, 4 pers. 18/3-19/3
Eric Niubo, Paris, 19/3-24/3
Ilya Gurianov, Riga, 20/3-31/3
Roland Raymond, Paris, 21/3-25/3
Clyde Chabot, Paris, 21/3-25/3
Association COAX, Paris,, 2 pers. 22/3-26/3
Goutte d'Or, Paris,, 2 pers. 22/3-25/3
Colin van Heezik, Amsterdam, 23/3-31/3
Riccardo Venturi, Paris, 23/3-30/3
Flora Katz, Paris, 24/3-26/3
Nathalie Frank, Berlin, 24/3-30/3
Alexander Nieuwenhuis, Amsterdam, 25/3-27/3
Laura Mentink, Amsterdam, 25/3-27/3
Freek Vielen, Amsterdam, 25/3-27/3
a.pass, Brussels,, 17 pers. 25/3-31/3
Jerzy Bielski, Amsterdam, 26/3-30/3
Marina Schlagintweit, Munich, 26/3-30/3
Stellan Veloce, Berlin, 26/3-30/3
Yiran Zhao, Wiener Neudorf, 26/3-30/3
Jennifer Walshe, London, 26/3-30/3
Robbie Blake, Dublin, 26/3-30/3
Timm Roller, Cologne, 26/3-30/3
Kirstine Lindemann, Copenhagen, 26/3-30/3
Jonathan King, Melbourne, 27/3-26/4 (SM)
Martin Helbich, Bremen, 27/3-30/3
David Helbich, Brussels, 27/3-30/3
Jack Cox, Paris, 28/3-8/4 (SM)
Matt Hare, London, 28/3-9/4 (SM)
Alexandra Gruebler, Brussels, 28/3-9/4 (SM)
Jonathan Lahey Dronsfield, London, 29/3-8/4 (SM)
Nisaar Ulama, Berlin, 30/3-9/4 (SM)
Pierre Rubio, Brussels, 30/3-8/4 (SM)
Annie Dorsen, New-York, 30/3-7/4 (SM)
Loic Hecht, Paris, 30/3-6/4 (SM)
Sven Dehens, Brussels, 30/3-7/4 (SM)
Holger Otten, Berlin, 30/3-5/4 (SM)
Flora Katz, Paris, 30/3-5/4 (SM)
Bojana Cvejic, Brussels,, 2 pers. 30/3-9/4 (SM)
KHIO MA students, Oslo,, 8 pers. 31/3-8/4 (SM)
Mathias Ringgenberg, Zürich, 31/3-15/4 (SM)
Tom Oliver Jacobson, Malmö, 31/3-11/4 (SM)
Otto Ramstad 31/3-8/4 (oslo school)
Jens Martin Hartvedt Arvesen, Oslo, 31/3-8/4 (SM)
Kenya Parsons, Oslo, 31/3-8/4 (SM)
Carina Premer, Friedberg, 31/3-9/4 (SM)
Suzan D. Polat, New-York, 31/3-8/4 (SM)
Sandra Hasenoeder 31/3-8/4 (SM)
Diana Bratu, Dijon, 31/3-8/4 (SM)
Laura Leppert 31/3-8/4
Martina Marini Misterioso, Montesilvano, 31/3-8/4 (SM)
Elena Bajo, Berlin, 31/3-8/4 (SM)
Julia Rubies, Brussels, 31/3-8/4 (SM)
Milena Wojham 31/3-8/4 (munich, SM)
Eleanor Weber 31/3-8/4 (SM)
Katarina Lisa 31/3-8/4 (SM)
Magdalene Solli 31/3-8/4 (oslo school, SM)
Kyuja Bae 31/3-8/4 (SM)
victoria kleinecke, Munich, 31/3-8/4 (SM)
Marcin Kowaluk, Fuerstenfeldbruck, 31/3-8/4 (SM)
Aya Toraiwa, Berlin, 31/3-6/4 (SM)
Giulia Zabarella, Munich, 31/3-8/4 (SM)
Claire Huber, PARTS, Brussels, 31/3-5/4 (SM)
Colin Van Heezik, Amsterdam, 31/3-5/4 (SM)
Camilla Borud Strandhagen, Oslo, 31/3-8/4 (SM)
Martina Ruhsam, Frankfurt, 31/3-5/4 (SM)
Pepa Ubera, London, 31/3-8/4 (SM)
Stefan Govaart, Brussels, 31/3-8/4 (SM)
Jeremiah Runnels, London, 31/3-8/4 (SM)
Katharina Cameron, Rotterdam, 31/3-8/4 (SM)
Johannes Love Rydinger, Berlin, 31/3-9/4 (SM)
Ilke Gers, Brussels, 31/3-3/4 (SM)
Lydia McGlinchey, Brussels, 31/3-7/4 (SM)
Anni Puolakka, Moscow, 31/3-8/4 (SM)
Nicolas Siepen, Berlin, 31/3-8/4 (SM)
Timur Akhmetov, Moscow, 31/3-8/4 (SM)
Anastasia Freygang, Warsaw, 31/3-8/4 (SM)
Eleanor Weber, Brussels, 31/3-8/4 (SM)
Kristina Vegera, Moscow, 31/3-7/4 (SM)
Jonathan King, Melbourne, 31/3-8/4 (SM)
Eoghan Ryan, Berlin, 31/3-7/4 (SM)
Virginija Januskeviciute, Vilnius, 31/3-8/4 (SM)
Anya Kravchenko, Moscow, 31/3-8/4 (SM)
Sviatlana Viarbitskaya, Dijon, 31/3-8/4 (SM)
Anna Lea Ourø Jensen, Oslo,, 2 pers. 31/3-8/4 (SM)
Alice Guareschi, Brussels, 31/3-7/4 (SM)
P.A.R.T.S, Brussels,, 12 pers. 31/3-8/4 (SM)
Mirte Bogaert, PARTS, Brussels, 31/3-8/4 (SM)
Thomas Birzan, PARTS, Brussels, 31/3-1/4 (SM)
Jan Rohwedder, PARTS, Brussels, 31/3-8/4 (SM)
Chloé Chignell, PARTS, Brussels, 31/3-7/4 (SM)
Lili Rampre, PARTS, Brussels, 31/3-8/4 (SM)
Karl Lydahl, PARTS, Brussels, 31/3-8/4 (SM)
Pablo Esbert Lilenfeld, PARTS, Brussels, 31/3-8/4 (SM)
Eeva Juutinnen, PARTS, Brussels, 31/3-6/4 (SM)
Quenton Miller, Brussels, 31/3-3/4 (SM)
Lucie Tuma, Zurich, 31/3-7/4 (SM)
Benjamin Busch, Paris, 31/3-8/4 (SM)
Lukas Heistinger, Vienna, 31/3-11/4 (SM)
Louis Morelle, Paris, 1/4-13/5
Mario Barrantes Espinosa, PARTS, Brussels, 1/4-8/4 (SM)
Jassem Hindi, Berlin, 1/4-8/4 (SM)
Ingrid Myhre Berger, PARTS, Brussels, 1/4-8/4 (SM)
Marie Ursin, Porsgrunn, 1/4-8/4 (SM)
Hélène Paris, Reims, 1/4-13/5
Sébastien Hendrickx, Brussels, 1/4-8/4 (SM)
Helena Dietrich, Berlin, 2/4-8/4 (SM)
Christina Kramer, Berlin, 2/4-8/4 (SM)
Sara Hamadeh, Rotterdam, 2/4-8/4 (SM)
Lietje Bauwens, Amsterdam, 2/4-7/4 (SM)
Jonathan Burrows, London, 2/4-5/4 (SM)
Yulia Rudenko, London, 2/4-8/4 (SM)
Petr Zolotarev, London, 2/4-8/4 (SM)
Emilie Gregersen, Copenhagen, 2/4-8/4 (SM)
Samuel Ferstl, Samuel Ferstl, 3/4-7/4
Antonia Dorbić, Zagreb, 3/4-7/4 (SM)
Vanessa Ohlraun, Berlin, 5/4-8/4 (SM)
Florine Lindner, London, 5/4-8/4 (SM)
Jeremiah Runnels, Brussels, 8/4-12/4
Anne-Marieke Samson, Amsterdam, 8/4-14/4
Diana Bratu 8/4-18/4
Bauke Lievens, circus dialogue, Ghent,, 12 pers. 8/4-14/4
Hogeschool Gent, Gent,, 12 pers. 8/4-14/4
Batya Wolff, Amsterdam, 8/4-15/4
Raphaël Vanoli, Amsterdam, 8/4-14/4
Marie Ursin 8/4-10/4
Jack Cox 8/4-11/4
karl jensen 8/4-12/4
Camilla Borud Strandhagen, Stockholm, 8/4-17/4
Sammi Landweer, Amsterdam, 8/4-26/4
Clementine Gillieron, Genève, 8/4-25/4
Maria Beatty, New-York,, 2 pers. 8/4-26/4
Julie Rodeyns, Brussels, 9/4-15/4
Eef Cornelissen, Brussels, 9/4-15/4
Louis Gillard, Besançon, 9/4-13/4
Gabrielle Deydier, Paris, 10/4-16/4
Nicolas Pertsov, Moscow, 10/4-10/5
Phoebe Wright-Spinks, London, 10/4-13/4
Erika Sprey, Brussels, 11/4-13/4
Laurence Genevois, Brussels, 11/4-13/4
Daniel Stokart, Brussels, 11/4-13/4
Nicolas Draps, Brussels,, 2 pers. 11/4-13/4
Alexandre Furnelle, Brussels, 11/4-13/4
Sara Parkman, Stockholm, 11/4-25/4
Jorge Guevara, Brussels, 11/4-13/4
Cornelis Van den Berg, 2 pers. 12/4-14/4
Sander Kok, Berlin, 12/4-19/4
Jeppe Lange, Copenhagen,, 2 pers. 12/4-17/4
Geoffrey Le Guilcher, Paris, 15/4-17/4
Elisa Salmon, Paris, 15/4-20/4
Johann Zarca, Paris, 15/4-17/4
Julien Chamla, Paris, 16/4-21/4
Marjolaine Pont, Paris, 16/4-22/4
Elsa Michaud, Paris, 17/4-22/4
Yannick Franck, Brussels, 17/4-22/4
Creston Davis, New-York, 17/4-17/5
Gabriel Gauthier, Paris, 17/4-22/4
Luciana Freire D'Anunciação, Vancouver, 17/4-22/4
Martin Lacroix, Paris, 18/4-27/4
Kat brown, New-York, 19/4-3/5
Ariel Cypel, Paris,, 3 pers. 20/4-22/4
Lia Rodrigues, Sao Paulo, 20/4-26/4
Chloé Thomas, Paris, 20/4-27/4
Daniel Maszkowicz, Paris, 20/4-23/4
Sarah Fleury 21/4-25/4
Pauline Simon, Paris, 21/4-22/4
Corentine Jacob, Le Havre, 21/4-23/4
Mathilde Villeneuve, Paris, 21/4-22/4
Charlotte Imbault, Paris, 21/4-22/4
Bono Lange, Amsterdam, 22/4-22/5
Sarah Bertin, Amsterdam, 22/4-28/4
Ianthe Elbers, Amsterdam, 22/4-29/4
Muriel Bourdeau, Paris, 23/4-28/4
Geoffrey Le Guilcher, Paris,, 2 pers. 23/4-25/4
Daniela Bershan, Brussels, 23/4-27/4
Greg Feret, 2 pers. 25/4-27/4
Nick Klaessens, Amsterdam, 25/4-7/5
Oriane Boyer, Amsterdam, 27/4-6/5
Toof Brader, Amsterdam, 27/4-5/5
Bette Dam, Amsterdam, 27/4-5/5
Cécile Janvier, Paris, 27/4-3/5
Niels Horeman, Amsterdam,, 2 pers. 27/4-6/5
Anoek Nuyens, Amsterdam, 28/4-11/5
Philippine Hoegen, Brussels, 29/4-5/5
Grégoire Paultre, Zürich, 30/4-4/5
Emilia Giudicelli, Zürich, 30/4-4/5
Maria Beatty, New-York, 30/4-8/5
Anna Gaïotti, Brussels, 1/5-4/5
Geert Belpaeme, Amsterdam, 1/5-8/5
Thomas Rietstra, Amsterdam, 2/5-11/5
Isabelle Demarcy, St Erme, 2/5-6/5
Louis Gillard, Paris, 3/5-7/5
Christian Töpfner, Brussels, 3/5-7/5
Laurent Prost, Laon, 5/5-7/5
Louise Dhal, Stockholm, 5/5-13/5
Hana Erdman, New-York, 5/5-13/5
Mårten Spångberg, Brussels, 5/5-13/5
Tancrède Lehman, Paris, 5/5-11/5
Xavier Vanneaud, Toulouse, 5/5-7/5
Rafi Nispel, Manchester, 5/5-12/5
Carlijn van Wijk, Amsterdam, 6/5-10/5
Emma Jeantet, Paris, 6/5-11/5
Margaux Amoros, Paris, 6/5-11/5
Suzanna van Beek, Amsterdam, 6/5-10/5
Grégoire Paultre, Zürich, 7/5-11/5
Emilia Giudicelli, Zürich, 7/5-11/5
Bram Stadhouders, Amsterdam, 7/5-14/5
Raphaël Vanoli, Amsterdam, 7/5-15/5
Michiel Lieuwma, Amsterdam, 8/5-1/6
Jon Tastad, Oslo, 8/5-17/5
Gonzalo Bustos, Roma, 8/5-11/5
Flora Katz, Paris, 8/5-12/5
Guillaume Théaudière, Paris, 9/5-13/5
Julian Rohrhuber, Cologne,, 3 pers. 10/5-13/5
Tomislav Medak, Berlin, 10/5-14/5
Grégoire Paultre, Zürich, 11/5-14/5
Chiara Vecchiarelli, Paris, 11/5-12/5
Nina Hollensteiner, Berlin, 11/5-25/5
Ariane Matiakh, Amsterdam, 11/5-14/5
Milovann Yanatchkov, Paris, 11/5-13/5
Bojana Cvejić, Brussels, 11/5-14/5
Marcell Mars, Berlin, 11/5-14/5
Marc de Leeuw, Amsterdam, 11/5-15/5
Marija Baranauskaite, Vilnius, 12/5-14/5
Elisa Salmon, Paris, 12/5-13/5
Austin Gross, London, 12/5-14/5
Robert Ochshorn, Berlin, 12/5-14/5
Vincenzo Latronico, Milano, 15/5-31/5
Pasha Shatte, Paris,, 7 pers. 15/5-20/5
Petra Zanki, New-York, 15/5-4/6
Cécile Brousse, Paris, 16/5-19/5
Margaux Amoros, Paris, 16/5-19/5
Veronika Dorosheva, Berlin, 16/5-25/5
Creston Davis, New-York, 17/5-15/6
Frederique Jonker, Amsterdam, 17/5-6/6
Valentina Desideri, Amsterdam, 18/5-28/5
Daniela Bershan, Brussels, 18/5-20/5
Alliocha Madeuf, Paris, 18/5-23/5
Flora Katz, Paris, 18/5-22/5
Claire Bocquet, Paris, 18/5-22/5
Maxime Denuc, Brussels, 18/5-21/5
Anne-Marieke Samson, Amsterdam, 19/5-24/5
Thomas Ryckewaert, Antwerp,, 2 pers. 19/5-22/5
Laure Ferraris, Paris, 20/5-21/5
Geoffrey Le Guilcher, Paris, 20/5-22/5
Elise Mac Millan, Oslo, 21/5-25/5
Black Bones, Reims,, 6 pers. 21/5-27/5
Jonathan King, Paris, 22/5-14/6
Bono Lange, Amsterdam, 22/5-22/6
Wiebe Gotink, choir, Haarlem,, 17 pers. 24/5-27/5
Delphine Lambert, Dijon, 25/5-27/5
Antoine Richard, Dijon, 25/5-27/5
Adam Baltieri, London, 25/5-27/5
Dan Meththananda, London, 25/5-27/5
Mathieu d'Alexis, Dijon, 25/5-27/5
Sviatlana Viarbitskaya, Dijon, 25/5-27/5
Colin van Heezik, Amsterdam, 26/5-30/5
Clément Bernot, Paris, 28/5-2/6
Karliene Diederiks, Haarlem, 28/5-3/6
Martin Lacroix, Lyon, 28/5-4/6
Romain Pellegrini, Paris, 28/5-6/6
Nina Hollensteiner, Berlin, 30/5-31/5
Sander Kok, Amsterdam, 30/5-11/6
Christy-Ann Brown, New-York, 31/5-6/6
Andrew Marcus, New-York, 31/5-6/6
Ben Elmer, New-York, 31/5-6/6
Deborah Kötting, Berlin, 1/6-6/6
Idil Onen, Paris, 1/6-3/6
Jordan Skinner, Paris, 1/6-3/6
Lauren Linder, New-York, 1/6-4/6
Walter South, New York,, 2 pers. 3/6-16/6
Mark A. Stimson, GCAS, Dublin, 3/6-15/6
Sviatlana Viarbitskaya, Dijon, 3/6-15/6
Ekaterina Filippova, Barcelona, 4/6-17/6
Courtney Reynolds, GCAS, Dublin, 4/6-13/6
Nicolas Pertsov, Paris, 4/6-9/6
Colin van Heezik, Amsterdam, 4/6-24/6
Samantha Kostmayer, New-York, 4/6-15/6
Han Xiao, Lyon, 4/6-13/6
Erik Bordeleau, GCAS, Dublin, 4/6-10/6
Alexandra Gabbard, Rio de Janiero, GCAS, 4/6-10/6
Amina Holail, London,, 2 pers. 4/6-6/6
Heidi Andrea Rhodes, Madrid, 4/6-11/6
Julia Slipenchuk, Barcelona, 5/6-9/6
Julie Reshe, Nicosia, 5/6-9/6
Saina Tarivirdilouy, Freiburg, 5/6-14/6
Alain Tauch, Paris, 5/6-8/6
Clement Edouard, Paris,, 4 pers. 5/6-8/6
Frederique Jonker, Amsterdam, 6/6-15/6
Giovanni Tusa, GCAS, 6/6-10/6
Anita Chari, Portland, GCAS, 7/6-13/6
Clayton Crockett, Conway, 7/6-12/6
Lewis Gordon, GCAS, 8/6-14/6
Cory Johnson, GCAS, 8/6-13/6
Mathieu d'Alexis, Dijon, 8/6-10/6
Cazsimir Cleutjen 8/6-10/6
Elzbieta Nagai, Maribor, 8/6-11/6
Sean Matharoo, Riverside, 8/6-11/6
Susannah Livingston, New-York, 9/6-13/6
Tonina Alomar, GCAS, Dublin, 9/6-11/6
Nadine Shaanta Murshid, Buffalo, GCAS,, 3 pers. 9/6-11/6
Jon Salomon, Lyon, 9/6-13/6
Rocco Gangle, GCAS,, 3 pers. 9/6-15/6
Eric Nubio, Paris,, 7 pers. 10/6-13/6
Alma Livne, Tel Aviv, 10/6-13/6
Judith de Joode, Amsterdam, 11/6-17/6
Kim Miller, Milwaukee, 11/6-15/6
Lisa Verbelen, Brussels, 11/6-17/6
Reese Riley, Maple City, 11/6-25/6
Marie Kock, Paris, 12/6-16/6
Freek Vielen, De Nwe Tijd, Amsterdam, 13/6-18/6
Rebekka de Wit, De Nwe Tijd, Amsterdam, 15/6-18/6
Suzanne Grotenhuis, De Nwe Tijd, Amsterdam, 15/6-18/6
Camille Salesne, Paris, 16/6-17/6
Loraine Forletta, Paris, 16/6-17/6
Elisa Salmon, Paris, 16/6-17/6
Perrine Bailleux, Paris, 17/6-21/6
Idil et Jordan, Paris,, 2 pers. 18/6-19/6
Matt Martin Hare, London, 18/6-19/6
Black Bones, Reims,, 5 pers. 18/6-20/6
Raphaël Vanoli, Amsterdam, 19/6-22/6
Jonathan King, Auckland, 19/6-19/7
Roel Wouters, Amsterdam, 19/6-22/6
Richard van Kruysdijk, Amsterdam, 19/6-22/6
David Bremner, Paris, 20/6-20/7
Christel conchon, Paris, 20/6-29/6
Christian Töpfner, Brussels, 20/6-26/6 (NL#4)
Valentina Desideri, Amsterdam, 21/6-31/7 (NL#4)
Nicolas Pertsov, Paris, 21/6-23/6
Zakia el Abodi, Amsterdam, 21/6-2/7 (NL#4)
Sviatlana Viarbitskaya, Dijon, 22/6-1/7 (NL#4)
Laurent Prost, Laon, 22/6-2/7 (NL#4)
Lionel Deng, London, 22/6-7/7
Gabriel Shields, Lausanne, 22/6-29/6
Robert Rapoport, Berlin, 22/6-25/6
Jacq van der Spek, Arnhem,, 2 pers. 22/6-23/6
Johanna N’Gouan, Paris, 22/6-24/6
Lojah, Paris, 22/6-24/6
Violette Angé, cie Liba Théâtre, Paris,, 4 pers. 22/6-24/6
Karen Grønneberg, Oslo, 22/6-1/7 (NL#4)
Amitai Romm, Oslo, 22/6-1/7 (NL#4)
Holly Shissler, Chicago, 22/6-25/6
Léa Falguère, Brussels,, 7 pers. 22/6-24/6
David Bremmer, Paris, 22/6-1/7 (NL#4)
Jo de Leeuwe, Amsterdam, 23/6-1/7 (NL#4)
Peli Grietzer, Tel Aviv, 23/6-1/7 (NL#4)
Irène Sinou, Lyon, 23/6-29/6
Nina Hollensteiner, Berlin, 23/6-26/6
Julian Rohrhuber, Brussels, 23/6-26/6 (NL#4)
Guillaume Rouleau, Paris, 23/6-27/6
Vincenzo Latronico, Milano, 23/6-2/7
Claire Savina, Paris, 23/6-1/7 (WR)
Hetta Huhtamäki, Berlin, 23/6-1/7
Violette Angé, cie Liba Théâtre, Paris,, 6 pers. 23/6-24/6
Anders Paulin, Stockholm, 24/6-1/7 (NL#4)
Constanza Bizraelli, Athens, 24/6-2/7 (NL#4)
Nadine Fraczkowski, Berlin, 24/6-26/6
Becca Warzer, New-York, 24/6-11/7 (NL#4)
Austin Gross, London, 24/6-1/7 (NL#4)
Margot Simonney, Paris, 24/6-1/7 (NL#4)
Bojana Cvejić, Brussels, 24/6-1/7 (NL#4)
Matt Earnshaw, London, 24/6-1/7 (NL#4)
Matt Martin Hare, London, 24/6-1/7 (NL#4)
Adam Klein, London, 24/6-29/6 (NL#4)
Yizong ZHOU, London, 24/6-1/7 (NL#4)
Alexander Wilson, Copenhagen, 24/6-1/7 (NL#4)
Armin Schneider, Berlin, 24/6-1/7 (NL#4)
Laure Deselys, Genappe, 24/6-12/7 (NL#4)
Perrine Bailleux, Paris, 24/6-1/7 (NL#4)
Marielle Pelissero, Paris, 24/6-12/7 (NL#4)
Emily Roff, Berlin, 25/6-1/7 (NL#4)
Reese Riley, Maple City, 25/6-1/7
Anastasia Garrel, Paris, 25/6-2/7 (NL#4)
Susanne Grau, Cologne, 25/6-1/7 (NL#4)
Claire Savina / University of Oxford, Oxford,, 7 pers. 25/6-1/7
Kyra Kaisla, Berlin, 27/6-1/7
Kristien Van Den Brande, Brussels, 28/6-4/7
Dingdingdong, Paris,, 9 pers. 29/6-1/7
Laura Marie Thompson, NYC, 1/7-23/7 (E&O18)
Tessa Theisen, Frankfurt, 1/7-22/7 (E&O18)
Stormy Budwig, brooklyn, 1/7-8/7
Mary Mussman, Berkeley, CA, 1/7-22/7 (E&O18)
Denise Ferreira da Silva, Vancouver, 1/7-12/7 (SSL)
Daniela Bershan, Brussels, 2/7-27/7
Rachael Dichter, San Francisco, 2/7-22/7 (E&O18)
Amalle Dublon, NYC, 2/7-23/7 (E&O18)
Tina Zavitsanos, NYC, 2/7-23/7 (E&O18)
Jota Mombaça, Lisbon, 2/7-14/7 (SSL)
The Global Condition, Vancouver,, 35 pers. 2/7-6/7
Rebecka Stillman, Stockholm, 2/7-12/7 (SSL)
Rebecca Conroy, Sidney, 2/7-22/7 (SSL)
Simon Tanguy, Rennes, 3/7-9/7
Berno Odo Polzer, Brussels, 3/7-31/7 (E&O18)
Simone van Saarloos, Amsterdam, 3/7-7/7
Marie Kock, Paris, 3/7-8/7
Sébastien Hendrickx, Brussels, 5/7-13/7 (SSL)
Gabriel Catren, Paris, 6/7-20/7 (E&O18)
Lendl Barcelos, Brussels, 6/7-16/7 (SSL)
Geelia Ronkina, London, 6/7-17/7 (SSL)
Sara Sejin Chang (Sara van der Heide), Brussels, 6/7-12/7 (SSL)
Vivian Ziherl, Amsterdam, 6/7-12/7 (SSL)
Compagnie Les loups à poche, 2 pers. 6/7-13/7
Tessa Zettel, Sidney, 6/7-25/7 (SSL)
Vivian Ia 6/7-12/7
J Hedva, NYC, 6/7-13/7 (SSL)
Sumugan Sivanesan, Berlin, 6/7-22/7 (SSL)
Ayesha Hameed, London, 6/7-13/7 (SSL)
Bryony McIntyre, Glasgow, 6/7-12/7 (SSL)
Barry Esson, Glasgow, 6/7-12/7 (SSL)
Daiva Tubutyte, Vilnius, 7/7-12/7 (SSL)
Camila Marambio, Paris, 7/7-12/7 (SSL)
Kym Ward, Liverpool, 7/7-12/7 (SSL)
Katherine Macbride, Amsterdam, 7/7-12/7 (SSL)
Guillaume Theaudiere, Paris, 7/7-12/7 (SSL)
Christina Kramer, Frankfurt, 7/7-12/7 (SSL)
Zoe Scoglio, Amsterdam,, 2 pers. 7/7-12/7 (SSL)
Amelia Groom, Amsterdam, 7/7-13/7 (SSL)
Leah Pires, NYC, 7/7-12/7 (SSL)
Sandra Wazaz, NYC, 7/7-12/7 (SSL)
Ramaya Tegegne, Geneva, 7/7-12/7 (SSL)
Tatiana Rihs, Geneva, 7/7-12/7 (SSL)
Andrea Rodrigo Rivero, Bilbao, 7/7-23/7 (SSL)
Sebastiaan Boersma, Vancouver, 8/7-8/8
Louise Trueheart, Berlin, 8/7-12/7 (SSL)
Frida Laux, Berlin, 8/7-22/7 (E&O18)
Jeremy Loomis-Noris et Nicole, Berlin,, 2 pers. 8/7-13/7
Ilsa Quéret, Athens, 8/7-13/7
Corazon del Sol, LA, 10/7-20/7 (E&O18)
Kathleen Campone, Melbourne, 11/7-15/7 (SSL)
Georg Döcker, Giessen, 12/7-22/7 (E&O18)
Olesya Myata, Moscow, 12/7-22/7 (E&O18)
Amy Penninghton, London, 12/7-23/7
Tom Oliver Jacobson, Malmö, 12/7-22/7 (E&O18)
Lutz Albrecht, Berlin, 12/7-22/7 (E&O18)
Rosario Zorraquin, Buenos Aires, 12/7-20/7 (E&O18)
Birgit Grodtmann, Hamburg, 12/7-22/7 (E&O18)
Vera Piechulla, Berlin, 12/7-22/7 (E&O18)
Ainhoa Hernandez, Madrid, 12/7-23/7 (SSL)
Ina Sandbacka, Malmo, 13/7-22/7 (E&O18)
Ayesha Hameed 13/7-18/7
Vanessa Ohlraun 13/7-22/7 (E&O18)
Gabby, LA, 13/7-15/7
Marijn Ottenhof, Amsterdam, 13/7-21/7 (E&O18)
Jorge Guevara 13/7-22/7 (E&O18)
Yvonne Williams, London, 13/7-22/7 (E&O18)
Xenia Taniko Dwertmann, Berlin, 13/7-22/7 (E&O18)
Giulia Tognon, Rome, 13/7-22/7 (E&O18)
Cecile Janvier, Paris, 13/7-25/7 (E&O18)
Jorge Guevara, Bogota, 13/7-22/7 (E&O18)
Thelma Bonavita, Berlin, 13/7-22/7 (E&O18)
Nicolas Siepen, Berlin, 13/7-22/7 (E&O18)
Ester Martin Bergsmark, Stockholm, 13/7-22/7 (E&O18)
Veronika Dorosheva, Berlin, 13/7-22/7 (E&O18)
Thomas Ryckewaert, Antwerpen, 13/7-21/7 (E&O18)
Julia Gladstone, NYC, 13/7-20/7 (E&O18)
Mieke Werkesser, Antwerpen, 13/7-20/7 (E&O18)
Agnes Schneidewind, Antwerpen, 13/7-19/7 (E&O18)
Justin Cabrillos, NYC, 13/7-22/7 (E&O18)
Amina Olsson, Stockholm, 13/7-20/7 (E&O18)
Christina Kramer, Frankfurt, 13/7-22/7 (E&O18)
Sara Leghissa, Milan, 13/7-22/7 (E&O18)
MPA, LA, 13/7-22/7 (E&O18)
Laura Burns, London, 13/7-22/7 (E&O18)
Stephen Graves, London, 13/7-21/7 (E&O18)
Anna Zett, Berlin, 13/7-22/7 (E&O18)
Sepideh Ardalani,, London, 13/7-22/7 (E&O18)
Roni Katz, Berlin, 13/7-22/7 (E&O18)
Clara Lopez Menendez, Los Angeles, 13/7-22/7 (E&O18)
Carolina Mendonça, Paris, 13/7-22/7 (E&O18)
Joshua Wicke, Berlin, 13/7-22/7 (E&O18)
Stefan Govaart, Brussels, 13/7-22/7 (E&O18)
Annick Kleizen, Amsterdam, 13/7-23/7 (E&O18)
Ainhoa Hernandez, Madrid, 13/7-22/7 (E&O18)
Andrea Rodrigo Rivero, Bilbao, 13/7-22/7 (E&O18)
Vanessa Ohlraun, Berlin, 13/7-22/7 (E&O18)
Carina Premer, Berlin, 13/7-22/7 (E&O18)
Else Tunemyr, Frankfurt, 13/7-22/7 (E&O18)
Catalina Insignares, Paris, 13/7-22/7 (E&O18)
Red Tremmel, New Orleans, 14/7-24/7 (E&O18)
Tatiana Ilichenko, Berlin, 14/7-22/7 (E&O18)
Hilan Bensusan, Brasilia,, 2 pers. 14/7-21/7 (E&O18)
Egle Budvytyte, Amsterdam, 14/7-21/7 (E&O18)
Elis Gunnars, London, 14/7-22/7 (E&O18)
Deborah Birch 14/7-22/7 (E&O18)
Gabi 14/7-16/7
Mikaela Assolent, Paris, 14/7-20/7 (E&O18)
Deborah Birch, Brussels, 14/7-22/7 (E&O18)
Siegmar Zacharias, Berlin, 15/7-23/7 (E&O18)
Simon Asencio, Brussels, 15/7-22/7 (E&O18)
Sheena McGrandles, Berlin, 16/7-22/7 (E&O18)
Nellie Gossen, Berlin, 16/7-22/7 (E&O18)
Summer, London, 16/7-23/7 (E&O18)
Adrian Kautsky 17/7-22/7 (E&O18)
Fiona Clive-Ponsonby-Fane, Liverpool, 18/7-23/7 (E&O18)
Jonathan King 19/7-27/7
Jess Wiesner, London, 20/7-23/7 (E&O18)
Bob Van der wal 20/7-22/7 (E&O18)
Lendl Barcelos, Brussels, 21/7-27/7
Ina Sandbacka, Malmö, 22/7-27/8
Frida Laux, Giessen, 22/7-3/8
Annick Kleizen, Amsterdam, 22/7-28/7
Stefan Govaart, Amsterdam, 22/7-5/8
Bob van der wal, Berlin, 22/7-27/7
Camilla Marambio, Santiago do Chile, 22/7-1/8
Veronika Dorosheva, Berlin, 22/7-28/7
Ester Martin Bergsmark, Hagersten, 22/7-27/7
Mélanie Mathieu, Brussels, 22/7-26/7
Caroline Godart, Brussels, 22/7-2/8
Sheena McGrandles 23/7-26/7
Norbert Pape 23/7-26/7
Laura Marie Thompson, NYC, 23/7-26/7
Steven Graves 23/7-28/7
Summer, London, 23/7-31/7
Jan Verhoeven, Amsterdam, 23/7-27/7
Anke Strauss, Frankfurt am Main,, 2 pers. 23/7-27/7
Christina Cuipke, Frankfurt am Main, 23/7-27/7
Tiffany Van Esch, Brussels, 23/7-29/7
Vanessa Depretis, Rome, 23/7-28/7
Rossella Ferrero, Rome, 23/7-28/7
Michele Di Erre, Rome, 23/7-28/7
Andrea Roccioletti, Rome,, 4 pers. 23/7-28/7
Rikke Mulvad Mortensen, Copenhagen, 23/7-23/8
Marie Kock, Paris, 23/7-30/7
a.pass, Brussels,, 16 pers. 23/7-29/7
Michèlle Schimscheimer, Amsterdam, 23/7-20/8
Johannes Christof, Offenbach, 24/7-30/7
Berend Bonsema, Amsterdam, 24/7-1/8
ines Wuttke, Giessen, 24/7-30/7
Sabine Stastny, Berlin, 25/7-28/7
Cecile Janvier, Paris, 26/7-28/7
Gregorio Molina, Córdoba, 26/7-2/8
Norbert Pape, Frankfurt am Main, 27/7-1/8
Arild Sall, Stockholm, 27/7-1/8
Armin Schneider, Berlin, 28/7-7/8 (SU)
Ameen Mettawa, Londres, 28/7-6/8 (SU)
Matt Martin Hare, London, 29/7-6/8 (SU)
Raymonde van Santen, Wageningen,, 2 pers. 29/7-19/8
Auridas Gajauskas, Riga, 30/7-11/8
Julia Boxler, Berlin, 30/7-1/8
Daniela Bershan, Brussels, 30/7-12/8
David Bremmer, Paris, 30/7-6/8 (SU)
Yann Joussein, Paris,, 2 pers. 30/7-4/8
Aaron Berman, New York, 30/7-5/8 (SU)
Dennis Schep, Berlin, 30/7-5/8 (SU)
Noa Golan, Berlin, 30/7-4/8 (SU)
Jochum Veenstra, Amsterdam, 30/7-8/8 (SU)
Roos Visser, Amsterdam, 30/7-8/8 (SU)
Conrad Hamilton, Paris, 30/7-5/8 (SU)
Stephen Thomas, Toronto, 31/7-7/9
Summer 31/7-3/8
Sufjan Valero, Paris, 31/7-11/9
Aley waterman, Toronto, 31/7-20/8 (SU)
Brad Casey, London, 31/7-16/8 (SU)
Victor Guillon, Paris, 31/7-4/8
Chloé Rabanes, Paris, 31/7-4/8
Jowan Le Besco, Paris, 31/7-4/8
Max Labarthe, Paris, 31/7-4/8
Emmanuel Descleves, Paris, 31/7-31/8
Lietje Bauwens, Amsterdam,, 2 pers. 1/8-4/8 (SU)
Carolina Saque, Santiago do Chile, 1/8-6/8
Aleksi Knuutila, London, 1/8-7/8 (SU)
Helen Kaplinsky, London, 1/8-7/8 (SU)
Cornelis van den berg, Amsterdam,, 2 pers. 2/8-5/8
Camilla Marambio 2/8-12/8
Erica Scourti, London, 2/8-6/8 (SU)
Jack Cox 3/8-6/8
Iris Klein, Berlin, 3/8-5/8
Caroline Fournier, Paris, 3/8-18/8
Sophie Rocher, Paris, 3/8-18/8 (SU)
Conrad Hamilton, Toronto, 5/8-9/8
Mariska Lowri, London, 5/8-9/8
Ronald Bal, Rotterdam, 5/8-19/8
Nathanja van den Heuvel, Rotterdam, 5/8-19/8
Roeland Hofman, Amsterdam, 6/8-10/8
Carolina Saquel 6/8-12/8
Caroline Thiéblemont, Paris, 6/8-22/8
Victoria Verseau, Gothenburg, 6/8-14/8 (SU)
Petra Dahlberg, Stockholm, 6/8-14/8 (SU)
Amalie Bergstein, Copenhagen, 7/8-19/8 (SU)
Andreas Haglund, Copenhagen, 7/8-19/8
Jahandar Hamidieh, Santa Cruz, California, 7/8-14/8
Eva Medin 7/8-10/8
Natalia Gomes 7/8-10/8
Gaia Tedone, Milano, 8/8-23/8 (SU)
Rory Macbeth, Liverpool, 9/8-13/8
Danielle Freakley, Coburg, Victoria, 9/8-2/9 (SU)
marion Uguen, Nantes, 10/8-29/8 (SU)
Jules Lagrange, Brussels, 10/8-12/8
Signe Frederiksen, Brussels, 10/8-12/8
Agathe Boulanger, Brussels,, 2 pers. 10/8-12/8
Christian Töpfner, Brussels, 10/8-20/8 (SU)
Carey Lamprecht 11/8-15/8
Marija Baranauskaite, Brussels, 11/8-19/8 (SU)
Hélène Paris, Paris, 11/8-11/9
Louis Morelle, Paris, 11/8-11/9
Jonathan King, Paris, 11/8-22/8 (SU)
Ann Clicteur, Brussels, 11/8-14/8
Christine De Smedt, Brussels, 11/8-14/8
Carlos Monleon Gendall, London, 12/8-20/8 (SU)
Norbert Pape, Frankfurt am Main, 12/8-19/8 (SU)
Dan Mussett, Antwerp, 12/8-19/8 (SU)
Luke Boyle, Berlin, 13/8-21/8
Benoit Huet, Paris, 13/8-24/8
Perrine Bailleux, Paris, 13/8-15/8
Joannes Vandermeulen, Brussels, 13/8-17/8
Aude Lachaise, Paris, 13/8-18/8 (SU)
Walter Hus, Brussels,, 2 pers. 13/8-16/8 (SU)
Anna Gaïotti, Brussels, 13/8-25/8
Brynn McNab, vancouver, 13/8-14/8
Fernando Cabral, Madrid, 13/8-19/8 (SU)
Alexander Wajnberg, Brussels, 13/8-17/8
Suzan D. Polat, Berlin, 13/8-27/8 (SU)
Jonathan Burrows, London, 13/8-15/8
Benoît Armange, Saint Gilles, 13/8-19/8 (SU)
Kai Eng, Singapore, 13/8-19/8
Sviatlana Viarbitskaya, Gomel, 13/8-19/8
Madeleine Andersson, Stockholm, 13/8-19/8 (SU)
Aske Thiberg, Stockholm, 13/8-19/8 (SU)
Jasmine Pasquill, Brooklyn, 13/8-26/8 (SU)
Jahandar Hamidieh, Santa Cruz, California, 14/8-26/8
Matt Earnshaw, Harpendon, 14/8-24/8 (SU)
Carola Schaal, Berlin, 14/8-20/8 (SU)
Anton Vdovichehnko, St. Petersburg, 14/8-18/8 (SU)
Anya Kravchenko, St. Petersburg, 14/8-18/8 (SU)
Daniela Bershan 16/8-19/8
Thomas Rietstra, Amsterdam, 16/8-27/8 (SU)
Danny Neyman, Anvers, 17/8-18/8
Sumugan Sivanesan, Berlin, 18/8-23/8
Yamil Rezc, Mexico, 19/8-26/8 (SU)
Laurent Van Lancker, Brussels, 19/8-25/8
Christopher Silva, Montreal, 20/8-30/8 (SU)
Linn Hoseth, Oslo, 20/8-23/8 (SU)
Margot Simonney, Paris, 20/8-27/8
Nicolas Pertsov, Paris, 20/8-2/9 (SU)
Aude Van Wyller, Bruxelles, 20/8-26/8 (SU)
Carlijn van Wijk, Amsterdam, 20/8-26/8 (SU)
Edwin Schimscheimer, 2 pers. 21/8-22/8
Kirstine Lindemann, Berlin, 21/8-1/9 (SU)
Guy Weress, Berlin, 22/8-12/9
Sidney Vollmer, Amsterdam,, 2 pers. 22/8-24/8
Pim Cornelussen, Gent,, 2 pers. 22/8-26/8
Kenza Sand, Paris, 22/8-28/8
olivia lioret, Paris, 22/8-24/8
Rinus Rossewij, Vilnius,, 2 pers. 22/8-26/8
Madhav Agarwal, Tel Aviv, 23/8-30/8 (SU)
Lotte Stek 23/8-26/8
Abigael Snyder 24/8-26/8
Peli Grietzer, London, 26/8-3/9
Olivier Surel 26/8-4/9
Persis Bekkering 26/8-4/9
Melissa Ratliff, Petersham, 26/8-31/8
Connie Anthes, Redfern, 26/8-31/8
Julia Bavyka, Petersham, 26/8-31/8
Janna, Paris, 26/8-1/9
Maarten Van den Bussche, Amsterdam, 26/8-2/9 (SU)
Vibeke Mascini 26/8-29/8
Lietje Bauwens, Amsterdam, 26/8-29/8 (SU)
Sarah Van Binsbergen, Amsterdam, 27/8-3/9
Rebekah Bide, Berlin, 27/8-2/9 (SU)
Henry Osman, London, 27/8-2/9 (SU)
Simon Tanguy, Rennes,, 2 pers. 28/8-2/9 (SU)
Judith de Joode, Amsterdam, 28/8-1/9 (SU)
Sébastien Hendricks, Brussels, 29/8-5/9 (SU)
Danny Neyman, Anvers, 29/8-1/9 (SU)
Camilla Marambio, Santiago, 30/8-5/9
Loïc Hecht, Paris, 31/8-3/9
Margot Simonney, Paris, 1/9-5/9
Geoffrey Le Guilcher, Paris, 2/9-7/9
Danielle Freakley, Berlin, 2/9-7/9
Judith de Joode, Niel, 3/9-6/9
Luke Boyle, Auckland, 3/9-1/11
Judith van den Berg, Amsterdam, 3/9-6/9
Norbert Pape, Berlin, 3/9-14/9
Christine De Smedt, Brussels, 3/9-8/9
Misa Skalskis, Rotterdam, 4/9-30/9
Gabrielle Deydier, Paris, 4/9-7/9
Caroline Thiéblemont, Paris, 4/9-10/9
Christian Töpfner, Brussels, 4/9-21/9
Jorge Guevara, Brussels, 4/9-9/9
Matt Martin Hare, London, 4/9-10/9
Mieke Werkesser, Antwerpen, 5/9-10/9
Jonathan King, Auckland, 6/9-27/9
Marie Kock, Paris, 6/9-9/9
Zakia el Abodi, Amsterdam, 6/9-13/9
Daniela Bershan, Brussels, 7/9-9/9
Bojana Cvejić, Brussels, 7/9-9/9
Deborah Birch, Brussels, 7/9-10/9
Charlie Dupiot, Paris,, 13 pers. 7/9-9/9
Berno Odo Polzer, Brussels, 7/9-9/9
Laure Ferraris, Paris, 8/9-9/9
Perrine Bailleux, Paris, 8/9-12/9
Elinor Salomon, Tel-Aviv, 9/9-18/9
Marie Louise Krogh, London, 10/9-15/9
Krõõt Juurak, Vienna, 10/9-14/9
Laure Lepage, Paris, 10/9-15/9
Olivia Fairweather, London, 10/9-14/9
Margaux Amoros, Paris, 11/9-16/9
Gabriel Gauthier, Paris, 12/9-13/9
Elsa Michaud, Paris, 12/9-13/9
Vera Otte, Utrecht, 12/9-22/9
Adriano Jensen, Copenhagen, 12/9-22/9
Marie Kock, Paris, 13/9-16/9
Eva nothomb, Brussels, 14/9-22/9
Shamadhi Alarcón, Mexico City, 14/9-26/9
Otto Wichers, Amsterdam, 14/9-21/9
Léa Falguière, Brussels, 14/9-22/9
Lukas Heistinger, Vienna, 15/9-26/9
Morag McDonald, Berlin, 15/9-18/9
Laure Ferraris, Paris, 15/9-17/9
Wouter le Duc, Brussels, 15/9-24/9
Margot Simonney, Paris, 15/9-17/9
Thomas Hampton, New-York, 15/9-17/9
Morris Kliphuis, Amsterdam, 16/9-21/9
Nora Fisher, Amsterdam, 16/9-21/9
Marcus McKenzie, Melbourne, 16/9-22/9
Shira Horesh, Tel Aviv, 18/9-6/10
Michael Bloos, Amsterdam,, 2 pers. 19/9-23/9
Victor van Elst, Antwerp, 20/9-22/9
Marie Kock, Paris, 20/9-23/9
Black Bones, Reims,, 5 pers. 20/9-21/9
Kleinkoor, Amsterdam,, 22 pers. 20/9-23/9
Isabelle et François, Saint-Erme,, 20 pers. 20/9-23/9
Emmanuel Descleves, Paris, 21/9-24/9
Lucile Dupraz, Berlin, 22/9-10/10
Niels Horeman, Amsterdam, 23/9-28/9
Victoria Verseau, Gothenburg, 23/9-10/10
Franz Bazin, Paris, 24/9-4/10
Anni Puolakka, Rotterdam, 24/9-2/10
Max Anderzejewski, Berlin, 24/9-26/9
Jean-François Riffaud, Paris, 24/9-26/9
Julien Desprez, Paris, 24/9-27/9
Louis Morelle, Paris, 25/9-3/10
Jackson Fall, Paris,, 2 pers. 25/9-2/10
Victor S Gall, St. Louis, 25/9-9/10
Zygimantas Kudirka, Vilnius, 25/9-24/10
Hélène Paris, Paris, 25/9-3/10
Sophia Laurie 26/9-16/10
Wolfert Brederode, The Hague, 26/9-1/10
Aude Lachaise, Paris, 26/9-30/9
Marie-Louise Zwier, Amsterdam, 26/9-11/10
Geoffrey Le Guilcher, Paris, 26/9-30/9
Johann Zarca, Paris, 26/9-30/9
Caroline Bijl, Amsterdam, 26/9-2/10
Gabrielle Deydier, Paris, 27/9-3/10
Juliette Avice, Paris, 27/9-29/9
Rim Laredj, Paris, 27/9-30/9
Marie Kock, Paris, 27/9-30/9
Jonathan Cramers, London, 27/9-1/10
Universität Salzburg, Salzburg,, 5 pers. 28/9-1/10
Jorge Guevara, Brussels, 29/9-30/9
Mieke Weckesser, Freiburg, 29/9-2/10
Pierre Gautheron, Paris, 29/9-2/10
Clément Edouard, Lyon,, 5 pers. 30/9-3/10
Johanna Menssink, Amsterdam, 30/9-13/10
Berend Bonsema, Amsterdam, 1/10-2/10
Tina Bergsten, Gothenburg, 1/10-10/10
Jackson Fall 2/10-6/10
Sufjan Valero, Paris, 3/10-7/10
Christophe Marand, Paris,, 2 pers. 4/10-5/10
Alea Balzer, LA, 4/10-5/10
Jonathan King, Basel, 4/10-8/10
Bâtard festival, Brussels,, 18 pers. 5/10-8/10
Thomas Dudkiewicz, Rotterdam, 8/10-16/10
Jackson Fall 9/10-19/10
Thomas Rietstra 11/10-15/10
Maria Beatty, Brooklyn, 13/10-18/10
Inigo Menssink, Huizen, 14/10-15/10
Jahandar Hamidieh 14/10-1/11
Camille Petitjean-Lattès, Paris, 16/10-18/10
Lucile Dupraz, Berlin, 17/10-15/11
Tamsin Grainger, Edinburgh, 17/10-26/10
Margot Simonney, Paris, 17/10-4/11
Maria Beatty, New York, 18/10-6/11
Thomas Rietstra 18/10-28/10
Caroline Thiéblemont, Paris, 19/10-24/10
Prisca Lobjoy, Paris, 19/10-22/10
Flora Katz, Paris, 19/10-21/10
Elisa Salmon 19/10-21/10
Anne Jones 20/10-29/10
Adrian Soller, Geneva, 20/10-3/11
Tess Burla, Geneva, 20/10-3/11
Katie Ward, London, 22/10-2/11
Henry Alles 22/10-2/11
Taru Miettinen 22/10-28/10
Konstantinos Voudouris 22/10-2/11
Katharina Gruthoff, Amsterdam, 22/10-25/10
Scott McCulloch, Tbilisi, 22/10-30/10
Elisabeth Wide, Helsinki, 22/10-28/10
Jan de Boom 23/10-2/11
Clementine Gillieron, Genève, 23/10-6/11
Camille Petitjean, Paris, 24/10-26/10
Philippe Beloul, Brussels, 25/10-31/10
Paula Walta 25/10-2/11
Qiaowei Ji 26/10-31/10
Cornelis van den Berg, Amsterdam, 26/10-28/10
Éric Auregan, Paris, 26/10-31/10
KASK, Gent,, 14 pers. 26/10-28/10
Julien Bellanger, Nantes, 27/10-31/10
Thomas Badinot, Paris, 28/10-5/11
Geoffrey Le Guilcher, Paris,, 2 pers. 28/10-31/10
Xavier Guignard, Paris, 28/10-6/11
Anne-Laure Enjolras, Paris,, 4 pers. 29/10-4/11
Nicolas Pertsov 29/10-15/11
Sarah Lefèvre, Paris, 29/10-2/11
Yohann Turbet Delof, Paris, 29/10-1/11
Marie Choquet, Brussels, 29/10-2/11
Danielle Wagenaar 29/10-2/11
Bruno De Wachter, Brussels, 30/10-6/11
Jennifer Peysson, Lyon, 30/10-3/11
Roman Pétrouchine, Lyon, 30/10-4/11
Helene Paris, Reims, 31/10-2/11
Loic Hecht, Paris, 31/10-4/11
Guillaume Théodière 1/11-4/11
Vanessa Vaz 1/11-4/11
Camille Petitjean 1/11-2/11
Camille Perez, Paris, 1/11-4/11
Rinus Rossewij, Amsterdam, 4/11-15/11
Anna Gaïotti, Bruxelles, 5/11-9/11
Eeva Rönkä, Berlin, 5/11-9/11
Jahandar Hamidieh 6/11-28/11
Julien Chamla, Paris, 6/11-13/11
Kevin Kimman, Amsterdam,, 13 pers. 7/11-11/11
Frederique Jonker, Amsterdam, 8/11-19/11
Lieke Dijkstra, Amsterdam, 8/11-27/11
Bonno Lange, Amsterdam, 8/11-19/11
Alda Maria Santara, Milan, 8/11-19/11
Christian Töpfner, Brussels, 9/11-18/11
Geoffrey Le Guilcher, Paris,, 2 pers. 11/11-14/11
Rim, Paris, 12/11-14/11
Zeno Graton, Brussels, 12/11-20/11
Martin Lacroix, Lyon, 12/11-22/11
Ada Ozdogan, Amsterdam, 12/11-18/11
Judith van den Berg, Amsterdam, 12/11-18/11
Sarah Jonker, Amsterdam, 14/11-19/11
Flora Katz, Paris, 15/11-19/11
Sébastien Corbière, Paris, 16/11-27/11
César Chevalier, Bagnolet, 17/11-19/11
Anna Vinkele, Riga, 17/11-26/11
Isabelle et François, Saint-Erme, 18/11-21/11
Amy Huntington, Paris, 21/11-25/11
Caroline Bijl, Amsterdam, 21/11-27/11
Marie Kock, Paris, 21/11-24/11
Marion Uguen, Nantes, 22/11-29/11
Tobias Nierop, Amsterdam, 22/11-6/12
Enrique 'El Chiste', Mexico City, 22/11-23/11
Raphaël Malkin, Paris, 22/11-23/11
Loïc Hecht, Paris, 22/11-25/11
Simon Henocq, Paris, 23/11-27/11
Loïc Perela, Paris, 24/11-30/11
A.pass, Brussels,, 17 pers. 24/11-30/11
Jenna Hasse, Paris, 25/11-28/11
Liam Kavanagh, Doneraile, 28/11-30/11
Solène Prunier, Paris, 28/11-30/11
Marie Kock, Paris, 29/11-2/12
Malinca Verwiel, Heerewaarden, 29/11-6/12
Margot Simonney, Paris, 29/11-4/12
Simon Tanguy, Rennes, 30/11-3/12
Martin Lacroix, Paris, 1/12-6/12
Editions Goutte d'Or, 2 pers. 3/12-6/12
Rim Laredj, Paris, 4/12-6/12
Jacq van der Spek, Arnhem,, 4 pers. 4/12-6/12
Dutch Art Institute / ArtEZ, Arnhem,, 80 pers. 6/12-12/12
Valentina Desideri 10/12-1/1 (WUM)
Sumugan Sivanesan, London, 10/12-3/1 (WUM)
Daniela Bershan, Brussels, 10/12-14/12
Maria Beatty, New-York, 12/12-16/12
Harm Pieter Smilde, Culemburg, 12/12-20/12
Nicolas Siepen, Berlin, 13/12-16/12
Inge Pieters, Brussels Arts Platform,, 20 pers. 13/12-15/12
Kat Brown, New-York, 14/12-9/1 (WUM)
Maaike Hommes, Amsterdam, 14/12-20/12
Dominique Panhuysen, Amsterdam, 14/12-19/12
Danielle van Vree, Amsterdam, 14/12-18/12
Malinca Verwiel, Heerewaarden, 16/12-22/12
Petra Zanki, Seattle, 17/12-19/12
Simon Henocq, Paris, 18/12-23/12
Margriet Minnema, Amsterdam,, 2 pers. 18/12-23/12
Laurens Radstake, Rotterdam, 19/12-24/12
Nicolas Pertsov, Paris, 20/12-15/1 (WUM)
Victoire Stumphius-deWild, Wageningen, 20/12-24/12
Dymph de Wild, staunton, USA, 20/12-24/12
Raymonde Van Santen, Wageningen,, 2 pers. 20/12-24/12
A K Mimi Allin, Seattle, 21/12-1/1 (WUM)
Austin Gross, London, 21/12-31/12 (WUM)
Antoine de Giuli, Paris, 21/12-24/12
Yael Dyens, Paris, 21/12-24/12
Ameen Mettawa, Madrid, 22/12-4/1 (WUM)
Christine Quoiraud, Soyaux, 22/12-3/1 (WUM)
Walter Hus 24/12-29/12 (WUM)
Hadar Mitz, Tel-Aviv, 25/12-3/1 (WUM)
Wajih, Berlin, 26/12-31/12 (WUM)
Veronika Dorosheva, Berlin, 26/12-5/1 (WUM)
Line Pillet, Berlin,, 2 pers. 26/12-3/1 (WUM)
Petra Zanki, Seattle, 26/12-10/1 (WUM)
Vanessa Ohlraun, Berlin, 26/12-5/1 (WUM)
Nina Hollensteiner, Berlin, 26/12-3/1 (WUM)
vincenzo latronico, Milano, 26/12-3/1 (WUM)
Margot Simonney, Paris, 26/12-3/1 (WUM)
Kadija de Paula, Rio de Janeiro, 26/12-2/1 (WUM)
Norbert Pape, Berlin, 26/12-3/1 (WUM)
Christian Töpfner, Brussels, 26/12-5/1 (WUM)
Daniela Bershan, Brussels, 26/12-3/1 (WUM)
Benjamin Woodard, Berlin, 26/12-5/1 (WUM)
Chico Togni, Rio de Janeiro, 26/12-2/1 (WUM)
Nicola Bullock, Berlin, 26/12-3/1 (WUM)
Nicolas Siepen, Berlin, 27/12-3/1 (WUM)
Annick Kleizen, Amsterdam, 27/12-3/1 (WUM)
Jorge Guevara, Brussels, 27/12-3/1 (WUM)
Lucie Leker, Frankfurt, 27/12-1/1 (WUM)
Nikhil Vettukattil, Amsterdam, 27/12-3/1 (WUM)
Jacopo Miliani, Milano, 27/12-4/1 (WUM)
Filippo Armati, Genève,, 2 pers. 27/12-30/12 (WUM)
Deborah Birch, Bruxelles, 27/12-3/1 (WUM)
Laura Elko, Frankfurt, 27/12-30/12 (WUM)
Conrad Hamilton, Paris, 27/12-1/1 (WUM)
Sepideh Ardalani, Massia, 27/12-3/1 (WUM)
Sven Dehens, Brussels, 28/12-2/1 (WUM)
Summer, London, 28/12-3/1 (WUM)
Laurent-David Garnier, Amsterdam, 28/12-4/1 (WUM)
Perrine Bailleux, Paris, 28/12-2/1 (WUM)
Lyor Askenazi, Paris, 28/12-3/1 (WUM)
Jonas Zakaitis, Vilnius, 28/12-2/1 (WUM)
Séba Hendrickx, Brussels, 28/12-3/1 (WUM)
Maarten Van den Bussche, Brussels, 28/12-2/1 (WUM)
Jo Caimo, Brussels, 28/12-2/1 (WUM)
Laurent Prost, Paris, 28/12-3/1 (WUM)
Christina Kramer, Berlin, 28/12-3/1 (WUM)
Cécile Janvier, Paris, 28/12-6/1 (WUM)
Aurime Aleksandraviciute, Vilnius, 28/12-2/1 (WUM)
Clémence de Hemptinne, Wavre, 28/12-2/1 (WUM)
McCorkle Terence Diamond, New-York, 28/12-30/12 (WUM)
Ana Berkenhoff, London, 28/12-1/1 (WUM)
Chloe Chignell, Brussels, 28/12-2/1 (WUM)
Sara Leghissa, Porto, 28/12-1/1 (WUM)
Lee Méir, Berlin, 29/12-4/1 (WUM)
Olivia Fairweather, London, 29/12-3/1 (WUM)
Franky DC, Brussels, 29/12-2/1 (WUM)
Jeremiah Runnels, Brussels, 29/12-4/1 (WUM)
Michèle Bernard, Amsterdam,, 2 pers. 29/12-1/1 (WUM)
Lili M. Rampre, Brussels, 29/12-4/1 (WUM)
Heike Langsdorf, Brussels, 29/12-30/12 (WUM)
Vincent Roudaut, Paris, 29/12-1/1 (WUM)
Haydn Appleby, London, 29/12-3/1 (WUM)
Esteban Donoso, Brussels, 29/12-2/1 (WUM)
Various Artists, Brussels, 29/12-30/12 (WUM)
Esta Matkovic, Brussels, 29/12-1/1 (WUM)
Philippine Hoegen, Brussels, 29/12-4/1 (WUM)
Milovann Yanatchkov, Paris, 29/12-2/1 (WUM)
Xenia Dwertmann, Berlin, 29/12-5/1 (WUM)
Laurent Van Lancker, Brussels, 29/12-3/1 (WUM)
Louise Trueheart, Berlin, 29/12-5/1 (WUM)
Johanna Badjan de Junnemann, 2 pers. 29/12-1/1 (WUM)
Angela Goh, Brussels, 30/12-1/1 (WUM)
Sara Jacobs, Amsterdam, 30/12-2/1 (WUM)
Yorick Stam, Amsterdam, 30/12-2/1 (WUM)
Arnaud Laprêt, Paris, 30/12-2/1 (WUM)
Filippo Armati, Genève,, 2 pers. 30/12-2/1
Onur Ceritoglu, Istanbul, 30/12-3/1 (WUM)
David Pfender, Paris, 30/12-3/1 (WUM)
Madhav Agarwal, The Hague, 30/12-3/1 (WUM)
Julien Aubert, Tours, 30/12-1/1 (WUM)
Dimitri van den Wittenboer, The Hague, 30/12-2/1 (WUM)
Sheila Novak, Houston, 30/12-1/1 (WUM)
David Bremmer, Herne Bay, 30/12-3/1 (WUM)
Berno Odo Polzer, Brussels, 30/12-2/1 (WUM)
Olivier Pinto Correia, Paris, 30/12-3/1 (WUM)
Clara Lopez Menendez, Los Angeles, 30/12-4/1 (WUM)
Marielle Pelissero, Paris, 31/12-2/1
Pierre Emmanuel Sorignet 31/12-1/1 (WUM)
Virginie Durand, Paris, 31/12-7/1 (WUM)
Matt Earnshaw, London, 31/12-5/1 (WUM)
Jonathan King, Geneva, 31/12-5/1 (WUM)
Stephen Graves, Amsterdam, 31/12-9/1 (WUM)
Carlijn van Wijk, Berlin, 31/12-4/1 (WUM)

List of guests PAF in 2019


Melanie Matthieu 1/1-3/1 (WUM)
Clémence de Hemptinne 2/1-4/1 (WUM)
Alain Tauch, Paris, 2/1-6/1
Esteban Donoso 2/1-3/1 (WUM)
Nina Lombardo, Paris, 2/1-7/1
Catherine Fatima, Porto, 2/1-8/1 (WUM)
Madhav Agarwal 3/1-5/1
Sophie Peronnet 3/1-6/1
Vincenzo Latronico, 2 pers. 3/1-6/1
Summer, London, 3/1-8/1
Audrey Apers, Brussels, 5/1-10/1
Jan Deboom, Amsterdam, 5/1-10/1
Jassem Hindi, Berlin, 6/1-12/1
Christine De Smedt, Brussels, 8/1-16/1
Geert Belpaeme, Gent, 9/1-15/1
Benjamin Cools, Gent, 9/1-14/1
Anne-Laure Enjolras, Paris, 11/1-13/1
Martin Lacroix, Paris, 13/1-18/1
Richard Gaitet, Paris, 13/1-26/1
KASK, Gent,, 17 pers. 13/1-17/1
Jonathan King, Lausanne, 14/1-27/1
Laurent-David Garnier 14/1-25/1
Patrick Guidot, Paris, 14/1-17/1
Serin Utlu, Maastricht, 14/1-17/1
Suze Milius, Maastricht, 14/1-17/1
Philippe Nothomb, Paris, 16/1-24/1
Jacques Gerbaud, Brussels,, 2 pers. 16/1-18/1
Christine Quoiraud, Soyaux, 17/1-29/1
Benjamin Abitan, Paris, 17/1-24/1
Isabelle et François, Saint-Erme, 17/1-20/1
Moni Hunt 18/1-26/1
Alix de Morant, Montpellier, 18/1-26/1
Marina Pirot, Nantes, 19/1-26/1
Anna Gaïotti, Brussels, 20/1-28/1
Katerina Bakatsaki, Paris, 20/1-28/1
Zeno Graton, Brussels, 21/1-28/1
Arieh worthalter, Brussels, 22/1-28/1
Perrine Bailleux, Paris, 23/1-31/1
Vera Broichhagen 25/1-26/1
Seraina De Block, Brussels,, 3 pers. 26/1-30/1
Bruno de Wachter, Brussels, 30/1-6/2
Yes We Camp, Grands Voisins, Paris,, 20 pers. 3/2-5/2
Cornelis van den Berg, Amsterdam, 6/2-10/2
Juliette Avice​, Paris, 7/2-12/2
Loic Hecht, Paris, 8/2-11/2
Philippe Nothomb, Brussels, 9/2-13/2
Vera Broichhagen 9/2-11/2
Sandberg Instituut - SIS / SNDO, Amsterdam,, 27 pers. 10/2-15/2
Charlotte Braun, Paris, 11/2-16/2
Alain Tauch, Paris, 13/2-14/2
Sophie Peronnet, Essey-les-Nancy, 13/2-18/2
Chloé Thomas, Paris, 14/2-23/2
Guillaume Theaudière, Paris, 16/2-18/2
Léa Larrieu, Paris, 16/2-18/2
Vanessa Vaz, Paris, 16/2-18/2
Harm Peter Smilde, Culemborg, 17/2-24/2
Lisa Wisznia, Paris, 18/2-20/2
Elodie Wallace, Paris, 18/2-20/2
Nicolas Pertsov, Paris, 19/2-17/3
Bonno Lange, Amsterdam, 20/2-2/3
Niels Horeman, Amsterdam,, 2 pers. 20/2-2/3
Solène Prunier, Joinville, 21/2-28/2
Tiphaine Cosnier, Paris, 21/2-24/2
Alliocha Madeuf, Paris, 22/2-24/2
Job Roggeveen, Utrecht, 23/2-26/2
Guillaume Theaudière, Paris, 23/2-25/2
Perrine Bailleux, Paris, 24/2-13/3
Tomas Janypka, Paris, 24/2-26/2
Margaux Amoros, Paris, 24/2-26/2
Kolja van Zwoll, Amsterdam, 25/2-4/3
Marie Desoubeaux, Paris,, 2 pers. 25/2-1/3
Sylvestre, Paris, 25/2-1/3
Alexander J.E. Bradley, Paris, 25/2-4/3
Colin van Heezik, Amsterdam, 25/2-4/3
Raphaël Vanoli, Amsterdam, 25/2-4/3
Benoit Huet, Paris, 26/2-2/3
Flora Katz, Paris, 27/2-3/3
Anna Czapski, Gent,, 15 pers. 28/2-3/3
Anne Fischler, Paris, 28/2-3/3
Florine Lindner, Koeln, 28/2-5/3
Virginie Durand, Paris, 1/3-11/3
Xavier Mutin, Paris, 3/3-10/3
Richard van Kruysdijk, Eindhoven, 3/3-9/3
Gaspar Claus, Paris, 4/3-8/3
Colin Solal Cardo, Paris, 5/3-8/3
Eric Niubo, Paris, 5/3-10/3
Gaël Giraud, Paris, 6/3-7/3
Laurent-David Garnier, Amsterdam, 6/3-10/3
Rafael Tyszblat, Paris, 7/3-10/3
Arthur Pivert, Paris, 7/3-9/3
Simon Frenay, Paris, 9/3-11/3
Colline Etienne, Brussels, 10/3-17/3
Clément De Boever, Paris, 10/3-15/3
Lisa Verbelen, Amsterdam, 11/3-27/3
Camille-Alban Spreng, Paris,, 3 pers. 15/3-17/3
Max Wallenhorst, Giessen, 16/3-22/3
KASK, school of arts, Gent,, 22 pers. 17/3-23/3
Laura Burns, London, 18/3-24/4 (SM)
Antony Quenet, Paris, 18/3-23/3
Judy Radiloff, Lagunitas, US, 19/3-23/3
Ève Liot, Paris, 19/3-23/3
Steven Alright, Neuchatel, 20/3-25/3
Nina Hollensteiner, Berlin, 20/3-12/4
Vincenzo Latronico, Milano, 20/3-12/4
Aurélie Tyszblat, Paris, 20/3-24/3
Aaron Sherwood, New-York, 20/3-25/3
Kiori Kawai, Osaka, 20/3-25/3
Alexander Krueger, Berlin, 21/3-26/3
Halea Kala, Berlin, 21/3-28/3
Isabelle et François, St Erme, 21/3-24/3
Shelley Etkin, Helsinki, 21/3-25/3
Rafael Tyszblat, Paris, 22/3-24/3
Sarah Jonker, Amsterdam, 24/3-30/3
Colin van Heezik, Amsterdam, 24/3-6/4
Anne-Marieke Samson, Amsterdam, 24/3-6/4
ArtEZ, Master of Theatre Practices, Arnhem,, 11 pers. 24/3-6/4
a.pass, Brussels,, 24 pers. 25/3-31/3
Ronald Bal, Rotterdam, 26/3-1/4
Üüve-Lydia Toompere, Berlin, 26/3-1/4
Wim van der Beek, Rotterdam, 26/3-1/4
Emmelie, Riga, 27/3-30/3
Elena Tyushova, Paris, 27/3-5/4
Provence Magazine, Zurich,, 11 pers. 29/3-31/3
Charlotte Braun, Paris, 1/4-5/4
Laurent-David Garnier, Amsterdam, 2/4-5/4
Rinus Rossewij, Amsterdam, 2/4-18/4 (RW2)
Anna Riley-Shepard, Amsterdam, 2/4-6/4
Michael Bloos, Maastricht, 2/4-6/4
Lowie van Oers, Maastricht, 2/4-6/4
Jérome Benarroch, Paris, 3/4-4/4
Simone Truong, Zurich,, 8 pers. 3/4-13/4
Chiara Vecchiarelli, Paris, 4/4-7/4
Wouter le Duc, Utrecht, 4/4-12/4
Léa Falguère, Brussels,, 4 pers. 4/4-7/4
Dries Van de Velde, Eppegem, 5/4-13/4
Line Pillet, Antwerpen, 5/4-21/4 (SM)
Anne Davidian, Paris, 5/4-7/4
Roos Marijn, Arnhem, 6/4-20/4
Laurent-David Garnier, Amsterdam, 6/4-11/4
Tiphaine Cosnier, Paris, 6/4-9/4
Laura Eva Meuris, Brussels, 7/4-13/4
Claude Violante, Paris, 7/4-8/4
Tomàs Janypka, Pùchov, 8/4-14/4
Margaux Amoros, Paris, 8/4-14/4
Geert Belpaeme, Gent, 8/4-15/4
Daniel Edward Lucas, Paris, 8/4-30/4 (RW2)
Julie Politi, Paris,, 7 pers. 8/4-9/4
Manon Falgoux, Paris, 8/4-17/4
Silke Sarens, Brussels, 8/4-17/4
Yoko Theeuws, Brussels, 8/4-17/4
Nisaar Ulama 9/4-14/4
Nisaar Ulama, Berlin, 9/4-13/4 (RW2)
Alain Tauch, Paris, 10/4-11/4
Sophie Peronnet, Nancy, 10/4-14/4
Sarah Lefebvre, Paris, 12/4-13/4
Sarah Lefebvre 12/4-19/4 (RW2)
Juliette Avice, 2 pers. 12/4-19/4 (RW2)
Hélène Paris, Paris, 13/4-19/4 (RW2)
Louis Morelle, Paris, 13/4-19/4 (RW2)
Isabelle Pauwelyn, Brussels, 13/4-20/4
Sara Dandois, Paris,, 2 pers. 13/4-14/4
Frida Laux 13/4-19/4 (RW2)
Simon Henocq, Paris, 13/4-19/4 (RW2)
Madhav Agarwal 13/4-19/4 (RW2)
Dimitri Van Den Wittenboer 13/4-19/4 (RW2)
Cyrill Rafael Vasilyev 13/4-19/4 (RW2)
Lyor Askénazi 13/4-19/4 (RW2)
Annette Kuipers 13/4-19/4 (RW2)
Joke Menssink 13/4-19/4 (RW2)
Hadar Imitz 13/4-19/4 (RW2)
Eva Nothomb, Brussels, 13/4-19/4 (RW2)
Nicolas Pertsov, Paris, 13/4-19/4 (RW2)
Daniela Bersham 14/4-20/4 (RW2)
Berno Odo Polzer 14/4-20/4 (RW2)
Olympia Boule, Brussels, 14/4-19/4
Sumugan Sivanesan, Epping, 14/4-19/4 (RW2)
Yohan Vallée, Paris, 14/4-16/4
Jeanne Alechinsky, Paris, 14/4-16/4
Diana Bratu, Dijon, 15/4-19/4 (RW2)
Harriet Plewis, 2 pers. 15/4-19/4 (RW2)
Erlend Evensen, Sweden,, 2 pers. 15/4-19/4 (RW2)
Adriano Wilfert Jensen 16/4-19/4 (RW2)
Nicolas Siepen, Berlin, 17/4-29/4 (SM)
Eleanor Ivory Weber, Brussels, 17/4-29/4 (SM)
Stefan Govaart, Brussels, 17/4-29/4 (SM)
Bojana Cvejić, Brussels, 17/4-2/5 (SM)
Kadija de Paula, Rio de Janeiro, 18/4-30/4
Clare Daly, Brussels, 18/4-27/4 (SM)
Séba Hendrickx, Brussels, 18/4-29/4 (SM)
ATW - Institute for Applied Theatre Studies, Giessen,, 13 pers. 19/4-26/4 (SM)
Hadar Imitz, Tel Aviv, 19/4-30/4 (SM)
Adriano Jensen, Koebenhavn, 19/4-30/4 (SM)
Lena Appel, Giessen, 19/4-26/4 (SM)
Sumugan Sivanesan, Epping, 19/4-29/4 (SM)
Nicolas Pertsov, Paris, 19/4-29/4 (SM)
Arild Säll, Stockholm, 19/4-30/4 (SM)
Annie Kate Jones, Tulsa, 19/4-4/5 (SM)
Thomas Rietstra, Amsterdam, 19/4-4/5 (SM)
Mårten Spångberg, Berlin, 20/4-25/4 (SM)
Else Tunemyr, Frankfurt am Main, 20/4-3/5 (SM)
Heekyung Ryu, Amsterdam, 20/4-28/4 (SM)
Michèlle Schimscheimer, Amsterdam, 20/4-27/4 (SM)
Henrik Sørlid, Tromso, 20/4-27/4 (SM)
Maija Liisa Björklund, Tromso, 20/4-27/4 (SM)
Natacha Roussel, Paris,, 2 pers. 20/4-26/4 (SM)
Marie Lüder, London, 20/4-27/4 (SM)
Lennart Schürmann, Berlin, 20/4-24/4 (SM)
Conrad Hamilton, Paris, 20/4-24/4 (SM)
Julie Riis Andersen, Copenhagen, 20/4-28/4 (SM)
catalina insignares, Giessen, 20/4-23/4 (SM)
Hagar Tenenbaum, Brussels, 20/4-29/4 (SM)
Philipp Bergmann, Berlin, 20/4-29/4 (SM)
Christina Kramer, Berlin, 20/4-28/4 (SM)
Camilla Wills, Brussels,, 2 pers. 20/4-21/4 (SM)
Emmilou Roessling, Berlin, 20/4-25/4 (SM)
Robin Vanbesien, Brussels, 20/4-23/4 (SM)
Luca Wyss, Berlin, 20/4-26/4 (SM)
Florent Hobein, Paris, 20/4-24/4 (SM)
Peli Grietzer, Tel Aviv, 20/4-29/4 (SM)
Ian Page, London, 20/4-26/4 (SM)
Luciana Tomie, Milano, 20/4-26/4 (SM)
Mette Hammer Juhl, Stockholm, 20/4-28/4 (SM)
Carlijn van Wijk, Amsterdam, 20/4-26/4 (SM)
Maansi Jain, Berlin, 20/4-29/4 (SM)
Bosse Provoost, Antwerp, 20/4-26/4 (SM)
stan iordanov, Brussels, 20/4-28/4 (SM)
Asta Lynge, London, 20/4-28/4 (SM)
Murat Adash, London, 20/4-29/4 (SM)
Epp Kubu, Tallinn, 20/4-29/4 (SM)
marcus doverud, Stockholm, 20/4-29/4 (SM)
Anders Paulin, Stockholm, 20/4-29/4 (SM)
Marta Krešić, Zagreb, 20/4-29/4 (SM)
Alina Dolgin, London, 20/4-28/4 (SM)
Lenn Cox, Arnhem, 20/4-29/4 (SM)
Anastasia Freygang, Berlin, 20/4-28/4 (SM)
Alexandra Tveit, Skien, 20/4-29/4 (SM)
Thea Reifler, Berlin, 20/4-29/4 (SM)
Laurent Van Lancker, Brussels, 21/4-24/4 (SM)
Cadine Navarro, Paris, 21/4-28/4 (SM)
Pedro Moraes, 3 pers. 21/4-22/4
Christel Conchon, Paris, 21/4-29/4 (SM)
Alejandro Russo, Buenos Aires, 21/4-29/4 (SM)
Jack Cox, Paris, 21/4-23/4 (SM)
Sven Dehens, Brussels, 21/4-28/4 (SM)
Chloe Chignell, Brussels, 21/4-26/4 (SM)
Valeria Farina, Roma, 21/4-28/4 (SM)
Pierre Gautheron, Paris, 22/4-25/4 (SM)
Elisa Salmon, Paris, 22/4-2/5 (SM)
Frida Sandström, Stockholm, 23/4-28/4 (SM)
David Cabecinha, Lisboa, 23/4-29/4 (SM)
Erika Pirl, San Salvador, 23/4-28/4 (SM)
Anna Paterson, London, 23/4-28/4 (SM)
Esta Matkovic, Brussels, 23/4-28/4 (SM)
Erik van de Wijdeven, Maastricht, 24/4-27/4 (SM)
Bartosz Ostrowski, Warsaw, 24/4-28/4 (SM)
Tanya Nedelskaya, Berlin, 25/4-29/4 (SM)
Laura Elko, Paris, 25/4-26/4 (SM)
Robin Vanbesien, Brussels, 25/4-28/4 (SM)
Jack Cox, Paris,, 2 pers. 26/4-1/5
Bonno Lange, Amsterdam, 26/4-5/5
Milovann Yanatchkov, Paris, 26/4-29/4 (SM)
Eoghan Ryan, Dublin, 26/4-30/4 (SM)
Niels Horeman, Amsterdam, 26/4-5/5
Pia Louwerens, Brussels, 27/4-28/4 (SM)
Alicia Bourabaa, Paris, 28/4-8/5
Ciel Werts, Rotterdam, 28/4-5/5
Roberta Stepankova, Brno, 28/4-5/5
Christel Conchon, Paris, 29/4-8/5
Austin Gross, London, 29/4-1/5
Yasmine Tashk, Paris, 29/4-4/5
Harm Peter Smilde, Culemborg, 29/4-6/5
Reiner van Harten, Amsterdam,, 4 pers. 30/4-3/5
Olivier Normand, Paris, 30/4-10/5
Jan Verhoeven, Dieren, 30/4-3/5
Jérome Benarroch, Paris, 1/5-3/5
Denoal Rouaud, Paris, 3/5-6/5
Z, Paris, 3/5-5/5
Natacha Roussel, Paris,, 3 pers. 4/5-5/5
Valentina Desideri, Amsterdam, 4/5-15/5
Tristan Garcia, Lyon, 4/5-11/5
Mathilde Elu, Paris, 5/5-7/5
Perrine Bailleux 5/5-16/5
C. H., Paris, 5/5-25/5
Elie Girard, Paris, 5/5-7/5
Geoffrey Le Guilcher, Paris,, 2 pers. 5/5-9/5
Clément Braive, Paris, 6/5-9/5
Patsy Lassbo, Brussels,, 2 pers. 6/5-12/5
Loïc Hecht, Paris, 7/5-11/5
Guillaume Théaudière, Paris, 8/5-12/5
Matthieu Landweer, Amsterdam, 8/5-11/5
Nicolas Pertsov, Paris, 9/5-15/5
Caroline Bijl, Amsterdam, 9/5-14/5
Michaël Bloos, Maastricht,, 9 pers. 9/5-14/5
Virginie Durand, Paris, 13/5-17/5
Anne-Sophie Menet, Paris, 13/5-17/5
Véronique Bekaert, Ermenonville, 13/5-17/5
Jo, Lisbon, 14/5-24/5
Philippe Beloul, Brussels, 14/5-19/5
Martin Lacroix, Paris, 15/5-23/5
Isabelle et François, St Erme, 16/5-19/5
Eliane Zwart, Amsterdam,, 2 pers. 17/5-20/5
Laurence Michel, Paris, 18/5-20/5
Elsa Aloisio, Paris, 18/5-20/5
CJ Carr, London, 19/5-21/5
Ana Berkenhoff, London, 19/5-21/5
Judith de Joode, Niel, 20/5-25/5
Mathilde Élu, Paris, 21/5-24/5
Guy Weress, London, 21/5-10/6
Chloé Thomas, Paris, 22/5-23/6
Margarita Jimeno, New-York City, 23/5-5/6
Nina Vallon, Brussels,, 2 pers. 25/5-28/5
Marie Desoubeaux, Paris, 25/5-31/5
Wytske de Man, Amsterdam, 26/5-1/6
Geoffrey Le Guilcher, Paris, 26/5-29/5
Anne-Marieke Samson, Amsterdam, 26/5-7/6
Mary Mussman, Berkeley, 26/5-26/6
Rim Laredj, Paris, 27/5-29/5
Gerald Kurdian, Brussels, 27/5-31/5
Zeno Graton, Brussels, 27/5-2/6
Laure Ferraris, Paris, 29/5-1/6
Margot Simonney, Paris, 29/5-1/6
Marion Uguen, Nantes, 29/5-5/6
Margaux Amoros, Paris,, 10 pers. 29/5-2/6
Corentin Bourdeaux, Paris, 29/5-2/6
Flora Katz, Paris, 29/5-3/6
Yasmine Tashk, collective KSAT,, 3 pers. 29/5-2/6
Thijs Prein, Amsterdam, 30/5-4/6
Eric Nubio, Paris, 30/5-2/6
Camille Perez, Paris, 30/5-2/6
Sander Kok, Amsterdam, 31/5-21/6
Bette Dam, Amsterdam, 1/6-7/6
Kolja van Zwoll, Amsterdam, 1/6-8/6
Sarah Jonker, Amsterdam, 1/6-8/6
Giovanni Bucchieri, Stockholm,, 2 pers. 1/6-10/6
Harm Peter Smilde, Culemborg, 1/6-8/6
Jo, Amsterdam, 2/6-7/6
Eric Niubo, Paris, 3/6-5/6
Sufjan Valero, Paris, 5/6-17/6
Camila Marambio, Papudo, Chile, 5/6-14/6
Ida Mirow, Stockholm, 5/6-12/6
Lily Erlinger, Berlin, 6/6-12/6
Tamara Browne, New-York City, 6/6-9/7
Tinka Fürst, Berlin, 6/6-12/6
Britta Schoening, Berlin, 6/6-15/6
Rosamunde Bordo, Vancouver, 6/6-21/6
Anna Jansen, Berlin, 7/6-12/6
Garça Lazza groupe, Paris,, 7 pers. 7/6-8/6
Colin van Heezik, Amsterdam, 8/6-15/6
Hattie Warboys, London, 8/6-13/6
Robin Amanda, London, 8/6-13/6
David Ertel, Los Angeles, 8/6-12/6
Leah Pires, Brooklyn, 8/6-12/6
Shira Horesh, Tel Aviv, 9/6-21/6
Martin Lacroix, Paris, 9/6-16/6
Guy Weress, London, 10/6-16/6
Caitlin Fisher, Berlin, 10/6-13/6
Mathilde Élu, Paris, 10/6-13/6
Judith de Joode, Amsterdam, 10/6-18/6
Berno Odo Polzer, Brussels, 10/6-16/6
Daniela Bershan, Brussels, 10/6-16/6
Rinus Rossewij, Amsterdam, 10/6-21/6
Sammi Landweer, Amsterdam, 11/6-13/6
Lia Rodrigues, Rio de Janeiro, 11/6-13/6
Gabrielle Deydier, Paris,, 3 pers. 12/6-13/6
Olivier Surel, Paris, 12/6-19/6
Nick Klaessens, Amsterdam, 12/6-21/6
Wiebe Gotink, choir, Amsterdam,, 20 pers. 13/6-16/6
Transmissions, Paris,, 4 pers. 14/6-16/6
Christian Töpfner, Brussels, 14/6-25/6
Bastien Mignot, Lyon, 15/6-19/6
Deborah Birch, Brussels, 15/6-26/6
Anderson Feliciano, Belo Horizonte, 15/6-21/6
Soraya Martins, Belo Horizonte, 15/6-21/6
Luciana Tomie, São Paulo, 15/6-19/6
Céline Cartillier, Berlin, 15/6-19/6
Alix Boillot, Paris, 15/6-17/6
Charlie Usher, Brussels, 16/6-21/6
Alma Charry, Paris, 17/6-20/6
Charles van de Vyver, Paris, 18/6-21/6
Marie Rebecchi, Paris, 18/6-23/6
Gautier Anselin, Paris, 20/6-23/6
Johann Zarca, Paris, 20/6-23/6
Geoffrey Le Guilcher, Paris, 20/6-23/6
Rim Laredj, Paris, 21/6-23/6
Adriano Jensen, Copenhagen, 21/6-25/6
Mayanna von Ledebur, Paris, 21/6-28/6
C. H., Paris, 21/6-24/6
Gabrielle Deydier, Paris, 21/6-23/6
Valentina Desideri, Amsterdam, 21/6-14/8 (E&O)
Guillaume Théaudière, Paris, 21/6-25/6
Ashoka, Paris,, 28 pers. 21/6-22/6
Aurélie Hartmann, Paris, 23/6-28/6
Ed Clive-Ponsonby-Fane, Bidston Observatory, 23/6-29/6
Hugo Drillski, Paris,, 2 pers. 24/6-29/6
Cyril Marques, Pais, 24/6-10/7
Arnaud Idelon, Paris, 25/6-9/7
Loic Hecht, Paris, 27/6-1/7
Louis Morelle, Paris,, 2 pers. 27/6-1/7
Tara Lasrado, Zurich, 28/6-1/7
Sepake Angiama, Kassel, 28/6-2/7
reading group, 7 pers. 28/6-1/7
Guillaume Ollendorff, Berlin, 28/6-3/7
Thomas Badinot, Paris, 28/6-1/7
Pierre-Jean Renaudie, 2 pers. 28/6-1/7
Yann Joussein, Paris, 28/6-10/7
Liam Kavanagh, Paris, 29/6-6/7
Yaniya Lee, Toronto, 29/6-3/7
Solène Prunier, Paris, 29/6-5/7
Lou Barnell, London, 1/7-13/7 (E&O)
Elena Rose Light, New-York, 1/7-23/7 (E&O)
Anna Lublina, New-York, 1/7-23/7 (E&O)
Mathieu d'Alexis, Dijon, 2/7-8/7
Sviatlana Viarbitskaya, Dijon, 2/7-8/7
Micha Nick, Paris, 2/7-6/7
Nicolas Souchal, Paris, 2/7-6/7
Simon Henocq, Paris, 2/7-6/7
Phoebe Berglund, New-York City, 2/7-9/7 (E&O)
Ding Ding Dong, 10 pers. 3/7-8/7
Helen Wicks, Berlin, 3/7-8/7
Robert Ochshorn, Berlin, 3/7-8/7
Luca Ventimiglia, Paris, 3/7-10/7
Olivia Scemama, Paris, 3/7-10/7
Romain Allard, Paris, 4/7-5/7
Ding Ding Dong, 8 pers. 5/7-10/7
Meg Schneider, Los Angeles, 5/7-10/7
Thibault Quettier, Paris, 5/7-7/7
Yohann Turbet Delof, Paris, 5/7-7/7
Natalia del Bosque, Bogota, 6/7-21/7 (E&O)
Ana Lucia Romero Sanchez 6/7-21/7
Jorge Guevara, Brussels, 6/7-14/7
Daniela Bershan, Brussels, 6/7-22/7 (E&O)
Mary Mussman, Berkeley, 6/7-30/7 (E&O)
Red Vaughan Tremmel, New Orleans, 7/7-22/7 (E&O)
Clara Lopez Menendez, LA, 7/7-21/7 (E&O)
Sigmar Zacharias, Berlin,, 2 pers. 8/7-21/7 (E&O)
Catalina Insignares, Giessen, 8/7-8/8 (E&O)
Robin Foster, London, 8/7-11/7
Kirstine Mose, Copenhagen,, 5 pers. 8/7-9/7
Alexandra Napier, Toronto, 8/7-18/7 (E&O)
Annick Kleizen, Amsterdam, 9/7-7/8 (E&O)
Karla Ekatherine Canseco, LA, 9/7-21/7 (E&O)
Giovanni del re 10/7-24/7
Anders Jacobson 10/7-21/7 (E&O)
Sabrina Seifried, Hamburg, 10/7-15/7 (E&O)
Kathleen Campone, Oslo, 10/7-20/7 (E&O)
Francesca Lally, Los Angeles, 10/7-21/7 (E&O)
Cat Jones, Sidney, 10/7-21/7 (E&O)
Sepideh Ardalani, Massia, 10/7-22/7 (E&O)
Igor Dobkin, Berlin, 11/7-21/7 (E&O)
Janine Iten, Berlin, 11/7-21/7 (E&O)
Benjamin Woodard, Berlin, 11/7-21/7 (E&O)
Emery Kendrick 11/7-21/7
Antoine Carle, Berlin, 11/7-21/7 (E&O)
Tatiana Ilichenko, Berlin, 11/7-21/7 (E&O)
Melanie Matthieu 11/7-18/7
Amy Pennington, Berlin, 11/7-21/7 (E&O)
Egle Budvytyte 11/7-21/7
Charlotte Coosemans, Zurich, 11/7-21/7 (E&O)
Zoé Poluch, Stockholm,, 2 pers. 11/7-21/7 (E&O)
Virga Januskeviciute, Vilnius, 11/7-22/7 (E&O)
Tessa Theisen, Giessen,, 2 pers. 11/7-21/7 (E&O)
Jo Koppe, Berlin, 11/7-21/7 (E&O)
Marija Olsauskaite, Vilnius, 11/7-21/7 (E&O)
Ezra Fieremans, Gent, 11/7-22/7 (E&O)
Blanca Ulloa 11/7-21/7 (E&O)
Michelle Krymer, Buenos Aires, 11/7-21/7 (E&O)
Judith Lavagna, Berlin, 11/7-21/7 (E&O)
Billy AB, Berlin, 11/7-21/7 (E&O)
Sindri Rudunne, Malmo, 11/7-21/7 (E&O)
Am Ertl, Malmo, 11/7-21/7 (E&O)
Tanya Lippmann, Berlin, 11/7-21/7 (E&O)
Elena Radice, Milan, 11/7-21/7 (E&O)
Ruby Read, Auckland, 11/7-21/7 (E&O)
Lindsay Parkhowell, Berlin, 11/7-21/7 (E&O)
Corin Ward, London, 11/7-21/7 (E&O)
Justin Cabrillos 11/7-21/7 (E&O)
Claudia Pages Rabal, Bareclona, 11/7-22/7 (E&O)
Sara Leghissa, Milan, 11/7-21/7 (E&O)
Nicolas Pertsov, Paris, 11/7-31/8 (E&O)
Niels Niessen, Amsterdam, 11/7-21/7 (E&O)
Loup, Paris, 11/7-20/7 (E&O)
Ben Landau, Melbourne, 11/7-21/7 (E&O)
Lily Goldberg, Los Angeles, 11/7-21/7 (E&O)
Deborah Birch, Brussels, 11/7-21/7 (E&O)
Louise Trueheart, Berlin, 11/7-21/7 (E&O)
Blue, Stockholm, 11/7-21/7 (E&O)
Sheena McGrandles, Berlin, 11/7-21/7 (E&O)
Ester Martin Bergsmark, Stockholm, 11/7-20/7 (E&O)
Max Wallenhorst, Berlin, 11/7-21/7 (E&O)
Sara Kaaman, Berlin, 11/7-21/7 (E&O)
Hannah Ruoff, Berlin, 11/7-21/7 (E&O)
Antonia Rohwetter, Berlin, 11/7-21/7 (E&O)
Giulia Tognon, Paris, 11/7-21/7 (E&O)
Vanessa Ohlraun, Berlin, 11/7-21/7 (E&O)
Berno Odo Polzer 12/7-21/7
Julija Steponaityte, Vilnius, 12/7-21/7 (E&O)
Matti Aikio 12/7-21/7 (E&O)
Catherine Ellis, sharing w Ruby (singles), 12/7-21/7 (E&O)
Thomas Ryckewaert, Antwerp, 12/7-21/7 (E&O)
Marijn Ottenhof, Amsterdam, 12/7-21/7 (E&O)
Luca Fontanetta, Milan, 13/7-21/7 (E&O)
Kit Eginton, St. Petersburg, 13/7-10/8 (E&O)
Anna Zett, Berlin, 13/7-21/7 (E&O)
Nicolas Siepen, Berlin, 13/7-21/7 (E&O)
Persis Bekkering, Amsterdam, 13/7-21/7 (E&O)
Norbert Pape, Berlin, 13/7-17/7 (E&O)
Celeste Stein, Glasgow, 13/7-20/7 (E&O)
Thelma Bonavita, Sao Paulo, 13/7-21/7 (E&O)
Rahel Barra, Madrid, 13/7-21/7 (E&O)
Roni Katz, Berlin, 14/7-21/7 (E&O)
Ainhoa Hernández, Madrid, 14/7-22/7 (E&O)
Andrea Rodrigo Rivero, Madrid, 14/7-22/7 (E&O)
Chiara Giovanardo, LA, 14/7-19/7 (E&O)
Simon(e) van Saarloos, Amsterdam, 14/7-21/7 (E&O)
Marion Storm, NY, 14/7-19/7 (E&O)
Stefan Govaart, Brussels, 14/7-2/8 (E&O)
Stephen Graves, Amsterdam, 14/7-29/7 (E&O)
Naomi O’Connor 15/7-22/7 (E&O)
Nina Gribat 17/7-20/7
Alice Senescall 17/7-21/7
Alice Senescall 18/7-20/7 (E&O)
Larisa Crunteanu 21/7-29/7
Tessa Zettel, Sydney, 22/7-22/8 (E&O)
a.pass, Brussels,, 18 pers. 22/7-28/7
Sumugan Sivanesan, Berlin, 22/7-28/7
Kim Miller, NewYork, 22/7-26/7
Norbert Pape 23/7-28/8
Global Condition, GC, Vancouver,, 45 pers. 23/7-27/7
UO Masina - vat 61157646640, 3 pers. 24/7-3/8 (SS)
Ana Letunić, Zagreb, 24/7-3/8 (SS)
Nataša Antulov, Rijeka, 24/7-3/8
Tamara Antonijević, Belgrade, 24/7-4/8 (SS)
Amy Pennington, Berlin, 25/7-5/8 (SS)
Ana Dupas, Sao Paulo, 27/7-2/8 (E&O)
Arjuna Neuman, Berlin, 27/7-1/8
kat brault, Los Angeles,, 2 pers. 27/7-5/8
Phuong Nguyen, Toronto, 27/7-4/8 (SS)
Tara Bigdeli 28/7-2/8
Guillaume Theaudiere, Paris, 28/7-6/8 (SS)
Christopher Lura, Paris, 28/7-4/8
Arely Amaut, Oslo, 28/7-11/8 (SS)
Louise Trueheart, Berlin, 28/7-3/8 (SS)
Stefano Harney 29/7-2/8
Fernando García Dori 29/7-3/8
Deva Schubert, Berlin, 29/7-31/7
Anne Charlotte Bisoux, Brussels, 29/7-31/7 (SS)
Ina Sandbacka 29/7-5/8 (SS)
Else Tunemyr 29/7-3/8 (SS)
Cory Tamler 29/7-4/8 (SS)
Denis Rodriguez, Porto Alegre,, 2 pers. 29/7-3/8 (SS)
Jennifer Lacey, Paris, 29/7-3/8 (SS)
Corazon del sol, LA, 29/7-5/8 (SS)
Nik Timková, Prague, 29/7-3/8 (SS)
Kobe Matthys, Brussels, 29/7-3/8 (SS)
Liliane Leroux, Rio de Janeiro, 29/7-3/8 (SS)
Tanja Sljivar, Belgrade, 29/7-2/8 (SS)
Ramaya Tegegne, Geneva, 29/7-4/8 (SS)
Tatiana Rihs, Geneva, 29/7-4/8 (SS)
Vivian Ziherl, Amsterdam, 29/7-3/8 (SS)
Camila Marambio, Papudo, Chile, 29/7-4/8 (SS)
Zuzana Zabkova, Kosice, 30/7-4/8 (SS)
Elise Pape 31/7-3/8
Sebastiaan Boersma 1/8-9/8
roberto mozzachiodi, 2 pers. 2/8-9/8
Tara Bigdeli 2/8-6/8
Sandra Kazlauskaite, London,, 4 pers. 2/8-9/8
Alexander Steenhorst, Amsterdam, 3/8-24/8
Frida Laux, Giessen, 3/8-19/8 (SS)
Alicia Jeannin, France, 3/8-9/8
Johanneke Heijting, Amsterdam, 4/8-20/8
Michèlle Schimscheimer 4/8-2/9
Lyor Askenazi, Paris, 4/8-31/8
Jenny Ames, Berlin, 4/8-23/8
Jorge Guevara 4/8-13/8
Gabriel Lester, Amsterdam, 4/8-7/8
Nicolas Siepen 4/8-6/8
Thelma Bonavita 4/8-6/8
Camila Marambio 4/8-11/8
Mira Mattar, London, 4/8-11/8
A K Mimi Allin 4/8-4/9
Virginie Durand, Paris, 4/8-10/8
Tom Oliver Jacobson, Malmo, 4/8-21/8
Carlijn van Wijk, Amsterdam, 4/8-7/8
Jasper Vaillant, Utrecht, 4/8-10/8
Cecilia Granara, Paris, 4/8-8/8
Tanya Nedelskaya, Berlin, 4/8-8/8
Ina Sandbacka 5/8-7/9
Amy Pennigton 5/8-7/8
Guy Weress, London, 5/8-13/8
Bartosz Ostrowski, Paris, 5/8-17/8
Aodhan Madden, London, 5/8-8/8
Jimmy Nuttall, Sydney, 5/8-16/8
Marion Uguen, Nantes, 5/8-18/8
Edna Bonhomme, Berlin, 5/8-27/8
Colin McSwiggen, Paris, 5/8-8/8
David Backovsky, Amsterdam, 5/8-10/8
Shira Wolfe, Amsterdam, 5/8-10/8
Alma Livne, Jerusalem,, 2 pers. 5/8-13/8
Erica Scourti, London, 5/8-10/8
Holly Pester, Essex, 5/8-10/8
Keren Rosenberg, Amsterdam, 6/8-17/8
Natalie Allen, Melbourne, 6/8-17/8
Gabriel Catren, Paris, 7/8-31/8
Simon Marino, Paris, 7/8-7/9
Jahandar Hamidieh, Los Angeles, 7/8-7/9
Franz Bazin, Reims, 7/8-30/8
Laurent Prost, Paris, 7/8-16/8
Jonathan King 7/8-13/8
Kenza Sand, Paris, 7/8-10/8
Liam Kavanagh, Paris, 7/8-11/8
Diana Bratu, Dijon, 7/8-15/8
Dafna Dudovich, Tel-Aviv, 7/8-17/8
Marina Pirot, Rezé, 8/8-17/8
Mélanie Patris, Paris, 8/8-20/8
Niels Niessen, Utrecht, 8/8-24/8
Eléonore Pape, Berlin, 8/8-16/8
Dominique Leroy, Rezé, 8/8-17/8
Sarah Chouraqui, Paris, 9/8-21/8
Omri Livne 9/8-13/8
Kit Edington 10/8-23/8
Naomi Nordine, Paris, 10/8-12/8
Morgan Jones, Melbourne, 10/8-2/9
Kady Mansour, London, 10/8-14/8
Ada Egg Koskiluoma, London, 10/8-31/8
Laure Monrozier, London, 10/8-30/8
Hugues Barra, Paris, 11/8-15/8
emilia kurylowicz 11/8-15/8
Niels Horeman, Amsterdam, 11/8-24/8
Dan Mussett, Antwerp, 11/8-18/8
Lietje Bauwens, Brussels, 12/8-15/8
Berend Bonsema, Amsterdam, 12/8-13/8
Kyra Kaisla, Vancouver,, 2 pers. 12/8-16/8
Wouter De Raev, Brussels, 12/8-15/8
Alexandre Wajnberg, Brussels, 12/8-13/8
Per piak Kruger 12/8-19/8
Kai Eng, Singapore, 12/8-19/8
Sviatlana Viarbitskaya, Dijon, 12/8-19/8
walter Hus, Brussels, 13/8-22/8
Rocio Berenguer 13/8-16/8
Joannes Vandermeulen 13/8-22/8
Astrid Maertens 13/8-15/8
Naomi Nordine 14/8-23/8
Donatas Bielunskis 14/8-20/8
Madhav Agarwal, Rotterdam, 14/8-20/8
Flavie Torsiello, Paris, 15/8-25/8
Jessa Mockridge, London, 15/8-22/8
Jimmy Nuttal 16/8-31/8
Margot Simonney, Paris, 16/8-25/8
Flavien Ramel, Paris, 16/8-20/8
Anne Davidian, Paris, 16/8-19/8
Harry Stopes 16/8-19/8
Cornelis van den Berg 16/8-18/8
Jordan Skinner 16/8-17/8
Gaëtan Bros, Paris, 16/8-23/8
Sophie Rocher, Paris, 17/8-24/8
Caroline Fournier, Brussels, 17/8-20/8
Freddie Mason 18/8-26/8
Anne Dolores 18/8-20/8
Alexandre Wajnberg, Brussels, 18/8-20/8
Frida Laux 19/8-8/9
katrien reist, Brussels, 19/8-23/8
lieke dijkstra 19/8-20/8
Laure-Anne, Paris, 19/8-26/8
Keri Stephanie 19/8-20/8
sophie Kosmerelli 19/8-20/8
Eric Niubo, Paris, 19/8-28/8
Madhav 20/8-24/8
Jonathan Lahr 20/8-24/8
Therese Westin, London,, 2 pers. 20/8-25/8
Lieke Dikstra, 3 pers. 20/8-21/8
Louis Morelle, Paris,, 2 pers. 20/8-26/8
Anna Gaïotti, Paris, 20/8-23/8
Laurent Prost 21/8-31/8
Marina Pirot 21/8-31/8
Marielle Chabal 21/8-23/8
Arnaud Lapret 21/8-25/8
Clémence Agnez 21/8-22/8
Christophe Tison, Paris, 21/8-25/8
Elodie Rougeaux 22/8-27/8
Lisa Maartens 22/8-25/8
Bryana Fritz, Brussels, 22/8-27/8
Tessa Zettel 22/8-31/8
Henry Andersen, Brussels, 22/8-27/8
Rivca Rubin, Manchester, 22/8-27/8
Maurice Carlin, Manchester, 22/8-27/8
Kit Edington 23/8-28/8
Aymeric Hainaux, Paris, 23/8-27/8
Kate Fletcher+1, Paris,, 2 pers. 23/8-27/8
Clément de bover 23/8-1/9
Alika Bourdon 23/8-30/8
Thibaut de Raymond Cahuzac 23/8-25/8
Fabien Dymny 23/8-31/8
Sigolene Valax 23/8-28/8
Perrine Bailleux 23/8-26/8
Laure Ferraris, Paris, 23/8-28/8
Matt Martin Hare, London, 24/8-8/9 (MM)
Thibaut de Raymond Cahuzac 25/8-31/8
Pieter Perquin, Amsterdam, 25/8-31/8
Therese Westin 25/8-27/8
Georgia Robenstone 25/8-31/8
Oscar Smit, Utrecht, 25/8-29/8
Cécile Stromboni, Paris, 25/8-28/8
Christian Töpfner, Brussels, 26/8-8/9 (MM)
Nisaar Ulama, Munich, 26/8-31/8 (MM)
Walter Hus, Brussels, 27/8-6/9
jurrit de bode 27/8-3/9
Jassem Hindi 28/8-8/9 (MM)
William Barton 29/8-31/8
Cornelis van den Berg, Amsterdam,, 2 pers. 29/8-31/8
Anne-Mette Schultz, Copenhagen, 30/8-7/9 (MM)
Gabriel Catren, Paris, 31/8-10/9 (MM)
Nissar Ulama 31/8-8/9
Matt Earnshaw, Harpendon, 31/8-8/9 (MM)
Julian Rohrhuber, Koeln, 31/8-9/9 (MM)
Dhruva Divate, Tübingen, 31/8-8/9 (MM)
Michal Schorsch, New-York, 31/8-5/9 (MM)
Jonathan Lorand, Zurich, 31/8-8/9 (MM)
Lennart Melzer 31/8-9/9 (MM)
Kari Robertson, London, 31/8-8/9 (MM)
Peli Grietzer, London, 31/8-8/9 (MM)
Laure de Selys, Brussels, 31/8-7/9 (MM)
Fiona James, Liverpool, 31/8-7/9 (MM)
Armin Schneider, Berlin, 31/8-8/9 (MM)
Katherine MacBride, Rotterdam, 31/8-8/9 (MM)
Perrine Bailleux, Paris, 31/8-8/9 (MM)
Laurent Prost 31/8-2/9 (MM)
Philipp Staab 31/8-8/9 (MM)
Maarten Van den Bussche 31/8-9/9 (MM)
Corazon del Sol 31/8-8/9 (MM)
Valentina Desideri 31/8-8/9 (MM)
Nicole Morel 31/8-4/9 (MM)
Jean-Michel Lacrosse 31/8-8/9 (MM)
Jorge Guevara 31/8-8/9 (MM)
Juliane Blum 31/8-9/9 (MM)
Constanza Bizraelli, Roma, 31/8-8/9 (MM)
Jack Cox, Paris, 31/8-7/9 (MM)
Oona Libens, Brussels, 31/8-7/9 (MM)
Alexander Wilson, Berlin, 1/9-8/9 (MM)
Emily Roff, Berlin, 1/9-7/9 (MM)
Nina de Vroome, Brussels, 1/9-7/9 (MM)
Arjuna Neuman, Berlin, 3/9-7/9
Open Source Publishing, Brussels,, 7 pers. 3/9-5/9
Aurelia Le Huche, Stockholm, 3/9-8/9
Mimi Allin 4/9-13/9
Transmission, Paris,, 21 pers. 6/9-8/9
Louis Parker, Chicago, 7/9-7/10
Jana Antonissen, Brussels, 7/9-16/9
Loes Faber, Amsterdam, 7/9-15/9
Nicolas Pertsov, Saint-Erme, 8/9-11/10
Thijs Prein, Amsterdam,, 2 pers. 8/9-11/9
Peli Grietzer, Berlin, 8/9-28/9
Sophia Laurie, Berlin, 8/9-28/9
Luke Boyle, Auckland, 8/9-28/9
Armin Schneider, Berlin, 8/9-15/9
Niels Horeman 12/9-19/9
Jeroen van Venrooij 12/9-15/9
Kleinkoor, Amsterdam,, 17 pers. 12/9-15/9
Michael Bloos, Amsterdam, 13/9-23/9
Eva Meijering, Amsterdam, 13/9-23/9
Jonathan Landais, Paris, 14/9-18/9
Gabriel Gauthier, Paris,, 2 pers. 14/9-16/9
Jana Krueger, Berlin, 16/9-22/9
Vera Otte, Utrecht, 16/9-19/9
Byrthe Lemmens, Brussels, 17/9-22/9
Valentin Gendrot, Paris, 17/9-28/9
Daan F. Oostveen, Amsterdam, 18/9-22/9
Marcelle Bruce, K( )SA,, 6 pers. 18/9-19/9
Isabelle et François, St Erme, 19/9-22/9
Virginie Durand, Paris, 19/9-22/9
Maryam Kamal Hedayat, Brussels, 19/9-24/9
Melissa Romani 20/9-22/9
Germaine van der Sanden, Amsterdam, 20/9-13/10
Stéphanie Lacombe, Paris, 20/9-26/9
Anne-Marieke Samson, Amsterdam, 21/9-6/10
Scott Kendall, Auckland, 21/9-27/9
Special Circumstances research group 21/9-28/9
Andrea Shepard 21/9-29/9
Meredith Patterson 21/9-29/9
Matt Earnshaw 21/9-28/9
Peter Wolfendale 21/9-28/9
Soili Huhtakallio, Helsinki,, 5 pers. 22/9-5/10
Yoko Theeuws, Brussels, 22/9-28/9
Neha Chriss, Berkeley,, 2 pers. 23/9-28/9
Jackie S, New-York, 23/9-28/9
Lucca Fraser, Halifax, 23/9-28/9
Hélène Paris, Paris, 23/9-25/9
Matt Martin Hare, London, 23/9-30/9
Louis Morelle, Paris, 23/9-25/9
Lisa Kaufman, Pittsburgh, 23/9-28/9
Christel Conchon, Paris,, 2 pers. 24/9-28/9
Philippe Beloul, Brussels, 24/9-30/9
Bryan Campbell, Paris, 24/9-28/9
Sarah Lefèvre, Paris, 25/9-27/9
Charlie Dupiot, Paris, 26/9-27/9
Adriano Jensen, Berlin, 27/9-29/9
Andrea Zavala Folache, Amsterdam, 27/9-29/9
Nicole Zubia, Los Angeles, 28/9-12/10
Valentin Gendrot, Rennes, 28/9-5/10
Paul van Vliet, Amsterdam, 28/9-30/9
Bonno Lange, Amsterdam, 28/9-6/10
Sarah Jonker, Amsterdam, 28/9-6/10
Vanessa Vaz, Paris, 28/9-30/9
Guillaume Theaudière, Paris, 28/9-30/9
Laura Strack, Rösrath, 28/9-1/10
Vanessa Vudo, Paris, 29/9-1/10
Thomas Huet, Paris, 29/9-2/10
Johann Zarca, Paris, 29/9-2/10
Geoffrey Le Guilcher, Paris, 29/9-2/10
Eléonore Vanoli, Berlin, 29/9-6/10
Tavy Gibson, London, 30/9-5/10
Carolina Saquel, Paris, 30/9-6/10
Oli Surel, Berlin, 1/10-17/10
Nisaar Ulama, Cologne, 1/10-9/10
The Academy in between: On Dissolving, 15 pers. 2/10-9/10
Loïc Hecht, Paris, 3/10-6/10
Vincent Vandoele 5/10-9/10
Cole Dudley, Santa Cruz, 6/10-28/10
Lieke Dijkstra, Utrecht, 6/10-16/10
Jahandar Hamidieh, Santa Cruz, 6/10-25/10
Louis Parker, New-York, 7/10-7/11
Jan Thomsen, Berlin, 7/10-11/10
T Thomason, Toronto, 7/10-28/10
Christian Töpfner, Brussels, 7/10-13/10
Eavy Barbieux, Santa Barbara, 8/10-14/10
Nicolas Siepen, Berlin, 8/10-14/10
Rhiannon Collett, Toronto, 8/10-28/10
Marcus Doverud, Stockholm, 8/10-17/10
Lietje Bauwens, Brussels,, 3 pers. 9/10-11/10
Vanessa Vudo, Paris, 10/10-15/10
Rebecca Norton, Louisville, KY, 10/10-15/10
Stephen Thomas, Toronto, 11/10-13/11
Laura Konti, London, 11/10-15/10
Philippe Beloul, Brussels, 11/10-16/10
Natasha Tabibian, Paris, 11/10-14/10
Julie Botet, Paris, 11/10-14/10
Forbon N'Zakimuena, Paris, 11/10-14/10
Peter Tommila, London, 11/10-15/10
Marion Uguen, Nantes, 11/10-19/10
Diego Higueras, Brussels,, 2 pers. 13/10-18/10
Zoe Scoglio, Amsterdam,, 2 pers. 13/10-16/10
Anna Muchin, Brussels, 13/10-20/10
Eavy Barbieux 14/10-16/10
Frida Laux, Giessen, 14/10-22/10
Gabriel Catren, Paris, 14/10-22/10
Marion Charreyre, Lyon, 19/10-23/10
Thomas Rietstra, Amsterdam, 19/10-28/10
Jennifer Peysson, Lyon, 19/10-23/10
Léon Biezeman, Amsterdam, 19/10-26/10
Ahmed Ayed, Bruxelles, 20/10-22/10
Marion Blondeau, Nantes, 20/10-22/10
Margaux Amoros, Paris, 21/10-24/10
Daniel Edward Lucas, Paris, 21/10-24/10
Ilke Paddenburg, Amsterdam, 21/10-25/10
Tim Teunissen, Leiden, 21/10-25/10
Alice Lefilleul, Paris, 22/10-24/10
Sara Fleury, Paris, 22/10-24/10
Sophie Peronnet, Nancy, 23/10-28/10
Hicham Rami, Paris, 23/10-28/10
Amy Huntington, Paris, 23/10-27/10
Deborah Birch, Brussels, 24/10-27/10
Daniela Bershan, Brussels, 24/10-27/10
Vanessa Vudo, Paris, 25/10-2/11
Mattias Cré, Antwerp, 25/10-1/11
Iga Vandenhove, Paris, 25/10-27/10
Noémie Fargier, Paris, 25/10-27/10
High Fidelity, London,, 6 pers. 25/10-27/10
Felix Riemann, London, 27/10-2/11 (THX)
Solène Charrasse, Paris, 27/10-1/11
Pierre Gautheron, Paris, 27/10-1/11
Alice de Dehn, Paris, 29/10-2/11
Cyril Le Roy, Paris, 29/10-2/11
Camille Bloomfield, London, 29/10-2/11
Océane Ragoucy, Paris, 31/10-5/11
Corine Le Carrer, Paris, 31/10-3/11
Marnie Sager, Portland, 31/10-3/11
Louis Breton, Paris, 31/10-3/11
Marie Kock, Paris, 31/10-2/11
Florian Targa, Paris, 31/10-3/11
Séba Hendrickx, Brussels, 31/10-3/11
Zineb Soulaimani, Paris, 31/10-3/11
THX, 28 pers. 31/10-4/11
T G 1/11-15/11
Conrad Hamilton, Paris,, 2 pers. 1/11-2/11
Margarita Jimeno, New-York, 3/11-9/11
Wouter le Duc, Utrecht, 3/11-12/11
DAS Theatre, Amsterdam,, 7 pers. 4/11-15/11
Hanna Tungland, Oslo, 4/11-4/12
Mikkeline Daa Natorp, Copenhagen, 5/11-23/11
Anat Oz, Tel-Aviv, 6/11-16/11
Isabelle et François, St Erme, 7/11-10/11
Eric Niubo, Paris, 8/11-11/11
Jo. 9/11-2/12
Colin van Heezik, Amsterdam, 9/11-13/11
Stéphanie Lacombe, Paris, 9/11-13/11
Gabrielle Deydier, Paris, 10/11-13/11
Paul Murray, London, 10/11-15/11
Itonje Søimer Guttormsen, Oslo, 11/11-22/11
Theo Radford, Philadelphia, 11/11-15/11
Stephen Thomas, Toronto, 13/11-15/12
Daniel Edward Lucas, Paris, 13/11-4/12
Olivier Normand, Paris, 14/11-17/11
Marlène Serour, Paris, 17/11-24/11
Daan F. Oostveen, Amsterdam, 18/11-19/11
Emmnanuel Vilsbol, Paris, 18/11-20/11
Philippe Beloul, Brussels, 19/11-24/11
Silvana Mammone, Bonn, 19/11-30/11
Charlotte Pauwelyn, Berlin, 20/11-26/11
Emmanuel Vilsbol, Paris, 21/11-28/11
Daniela Bershan, Brussels, 21/11-26/11
Christine Quoiraud, Paris, 22/11-29/11
Shell Turner, London, 23/11-27/11
Naomi O'Connor, Bristol, 23/11-5/12
Wouter Decorte, Gent, 23/11-25/11
Bert Serneels, Antwerp, 23/11-25/11
Alix de Morant, Montpellier, 24/11-29/11
a.pass, Brussels,, 23 pers. 25/11-1/12
Diana Bratu, Dijon, 25/11-16/12
Brice Andlauer, Paris, 25/11-30/11
Moni Hunt, Guemene sur scorff, 25/11-29/11
Marina Pirot, Rezé, 25/11-29/11
Moritz Götzen, Bonn, 25/11-30/11
Roemer van der Steeg, Amsterdam, 26/11-29/11
Daniela Bershan, Brussels, 27/11-4/12
Hugues Barra, Chambolle-Musigny, 28/11-10/12
Mathieu d'Alexis, Dijon, 28/11-2/12
Sviatlana Viarbitskaya, Dijon, 28/11-2/12
Vanessa Vudo, Paris, 28/11-1/12
Virginie Durand, Paris, 28/11-1/12
katerina bakatsaki, Amsterdam, 29/11-4/12
Guy Weress, London, 29/11-3/12
Astrid Mertens, 3 pers. 29/11-1/12
Thomas, Antwerp, 30/11-2/12
Sibran Sampers, Ghent, 30/11-2/12
Corentin Bourdeaux, Paris, 30/11-8/12
Deborah Birch, Brussels, 1/12-6/12
Aude Lachaise, Paris, 1/12-3/12
Valentin Noujaïm, Paris, 1/12-6/12
Sabrina Seifried, Hamburg, 1/12-4/12
Sara Leghissa, Milano, 2/12-5/12
Keira Greene 2/12-5/12
Susanne Mayer 2/12-5/12
Julie Kurris, London, 2/12-7/12
k., Berlin, 3/12-3/1 (WUM)
Aude Lachaise 3/12-4/12
Zane Schaffer, Berlin, 3/12-3/1
Rémi Fox, Paris,, 3 pers. 3/12-5/12
Flora Katz, Paris, 3/12-8/12
Hanna Tungland, Oslo, 4/12-15/12
Louis Breton, Paris, 5/12-8/12
Juliette Riou, Paris, 5/12-8/12
Virginie Durand, Paris, 5/12-8/12
Clara Lefort, Paris, 6/12-8/12
Manon Eyriey, Paris, 6/12-8/12
Elvire Duvelle-Charles, Paris, 6/12-8/12
Anouck Rouquès, Paris,, 2 pers. 7/12-13/12
Stéphanie Lacombe 8/12-17/12
Amy Pennington, Te Awanga, 9/12-4/1 (WUM)
Sarah Jonker, Amsterdam, 9/12-14/12
Jeanne Alechinsky, Paris, 9/12-13/12
Margaux Amoros, Paris, 9/12-13/12
Anne-Marieke Samson, Amsterdam, 9/12-14/12
Maria Vlaosva, Arbedo, 9/12-12/12
Filippo Armati, Arbedo, 9/12-12/12
Mikkeline Daa Natorp, Copenhagen, 12/12-19/12
Guillaume Ollendorff, Berlin, 16/12-22/12
Naïma, New-York, 17/12-19/12
Peter Tommila, Berlin, 17/12-27/12
Laura Konti, Berlin, 17/12-27/12
Margarita Jimeno, New-York, 20/12-2/1 (WUM)
Oli Surel, Berlin, 20/12-30/12 (WUM)
Nicolas Draps, Brussels, 21/12-28/12
Sem Barkman, Amsterdam, 22/12-25/12
Karel van Vliet, Amsterdam, 22/12-25/12
Lucas, Paris, 22/12-3/1 (WUM)
Jennifer Ames, Berlin, 23/12-4/1 (WUM)
Cécile Janvier, Paris, 23/12-2/1 (WUM)
Persis Bekkering, Amsterdam, 24/12-30/12 (WUM)
Aude Lachaise, Paris, 24/12-27/12
Valentina Desideri, Vancouver, 25/12-8/1 (WUM)
Nicolas Pertsov, Paris, 25/12-4/1 (WUM)
Johanna Menssink, Groningen, 25/12-3/1 (WUM)
Guy Weress, London, 26/12-31/12 (WUM)
Matteo De Blasio, Brussels, 26/12-2/1 (WUM)
Austin Gross, London, 26/12-30/12 (WUM)
Sepideh Ardalani, Massia, 26/12-31/1 (WUM)
Bojana Cvejić, Brussels, 26/12-30/12 (WUM)
Christian Töpfner, Brussels, 26/12-30/12 (WUM)
Henry Andersen, Frankfurt, 26/12-2/1 (WUM)
Sabrina Seifried, Hamburg, 26/12-3/1 (WUM)
Berno Odo Polzer, Brussels, 26/12-3/1 (WUM)
Daniela Bershan, Brussels, 26/12-3/1 (WUM)
Naomi O'Connor, London, 27/12-13/1 (WUM)
Tom Oliver Jacobson, Malmo, 27/12-7/1 (WUM)
Laurent Prost, Charleville-Mézières, 27/12-3/1 (WUM)
Laura Konti 27/12-3/1 (WUM)
Peter Tommila 27/12-3/1 (WUM)
Adam Jasper, 2 pers. 27/12-1/1 (WUM)
Annick Kleizen, Amsterdam, 27/12-4/1 (WUM)
Dimitri van den Wittenboer, The Hague, 27/12-1/1 (WUM)
Perrine Bailleux, Paris, 27/12-2/1 (WUM)
Marie Desoubeaux, Paris, 27/12-2/1 (WUM)
Arnaud Ménard, Paris, 27/12-2/1 (WUM)
Veronika Dorosheva, Berlin, 27/12-3/1 (WUM)
Simon Henocq, Paris, 27/12-2/1 (WUM)
Tessa Zettel, Sydney, 27/12-3/1 (WUM)
Carina Premer, Giessen, 27/12-2/1 (WUM)
Nina Hollensteiner, Berlin, 27/12-3/1 (WUM)
vincenzo latronico, Milan, 27/12-3/1 (WUM)
Fjóla Gautadóttir 27/12-3/1 (WUM)
Deborah Birch, Brussels, 27/12-5/1 (WUM)
Sviatlana Viarbitskaya, Dijon, 27/12-1/1 (WUM)
Maarten Van den Bussche, Brussels, 27/12-5/1 (WUM)
Margaux Amoros, Paris, 27/12-2/1 (WUM)
Jonathan Goffé, Paris, 27/12-2/1 (WUM)
Niels Niessen, Utrecht, 27/12-5/1 (WUM)
Franz Bazin, Berlin, 27/12-3/1 (WUM)
Marine Foulon, Paris, 28/12-1/1 (WUM)
Olof, Stockholm, 28/12-5/1 (WUM)
Laure Ferraris, Paris, 28/12-29/12 (WUM)
Jack Cox, Paris, 28/12-3/1 (WUM)
Louise Trueheart, Berlin, 28/12-2/1 (WUM)
Louis Breton, Paris, 28/12-2/1 (WUM)
Naomie Nou, Paris, 28/12-4/1 (WUM)
Carina Erdmann, Berlin, 28/12-2/1 (WUM)
Yann-Vari-Schubert, Berlin, 28/12-2/1 (WUM)
Ed Clive-Ponsonby-Fane, Liverpool, 28/12-2/1 (WUM)
Fiona Clive-Ponsonby-Fane, Liverpool, 28/12-2/1 (WUM)
Alma Lindborg, Berlin, 28/12-2/1 (WUM)
Dries Van de Velde, Eppegem, 28/12-4/1 (WUM)
Adriano Jensen, Brussels, 28/12-2/1 (WUM)
Matt Earnshaw, Harpendon, 28/12-6/1 (WUM)
Dennis Schep, Berlin, 28/12-3/1 (WUM)
Matt Martin Hare, London, 28/12-5/1 (WUM)
Marija Baranauskaite, Brussels, 28/12-4/1 (WUM)
Katherine MacBride, Rotterdam, 28/12-3/1 (WUM)
Lyor Askenazi, Paris, 28/12-3/1 (WUM)
Ana Xenia Ene Pienescu, Paris, 28/12-5/1 (WUM)
Andrea Rodrigo, Madrid, 29/12-3/1 (WUM)
Veronique Langlott 29/12-4/1
Philip Albus, London, 29/12-2/1 (WUM)
Ana Berkenhoff, London, 29/12-2/1 (WUM)
Pierre Gautheron, Paris, 29/12-4/1 (WUM)
lucie leker, paris, 29/12-1/1 (WUM)
Henry Babbage, London, 29/12-3/1 (WUM)
Katharina Duve, Hamburg, 29/12-4/1 (WUM)
Sara Leghissa, Milan, 29/12-2/1 (WUM)
Linda Elsner, Augsburg, 29/12-2/1 (WUM)
Mathieu d'Alexis, Dijon, 29/12-1/1 (WUM)
Marina Pirot, Rezé, 29/12-1/1 (WUM)
Dom Leroy, Rezé, 29/12-1/1 (WUM)
Red Tremmel, New Orleans, 29/12-9/1 (WUM)
Siegmar Zacharias, Berlin, 29/12-9/1 (WUM)
Lola Pouchin 30/12-2/1
Lendl Barcelos, Brussels, 30/12-2/1 (WUM)
Michèlle Schimscheimer, Amsterdam, 30/12-15/1
David Bremner, London, 30/12-3/1 (WUM)
Laure de Selys, Brussels, 30/12-5/1 (WUM)
Giulia Tognon, Paris, 30/12-5/1 (WUM)
Jen Reed, Paris, 30/12-3/1 (WUM)
Corazón del Sol, Los Angeles, 30/12-3/1 (WUM)
Claudia Pages, Barcelona, 30/12-3/1 (WUM)
Carlijn van Wijk, Amsterdam, 30/12-3/1 (WUM)
Karla Canseco, Northridge, 30/12-6/1 (WUM)
Clara López Menéndez, Los Angeles, 30/12-6/1 (WUM)
Emilia Kurylowicz, Berlin, 31/12-7/1 (WUM)
Eroca Nicols, Toronto, 31/12-4/1 (WUM)
Summer, London, 31/12-5/1 (WUM)
Madhav Agarwal 31/12-5/1 (WUM)
Roya Zahra Shadmand, Brussels, 31/12-2/1 (WUM)
Mathieu d'Alexis, Dijon, 31/12-1/1 (WUM)
Colin van Heezik, Amsterdam, 31/12-10/1 (WUM)
Milena Bonilla, Amsterdam, 31/12-3/1 (WUM)
Marielle Pelissero, Paris, 31/12-6/1 (WUM)
Zinzi Buchanan 31/12-4/1 (WUM)
Kenza Boda Sand, Paris, 31/12-5/1 (WUM)
Stephen Graves, Amsterdam, 31/12-11/1 (WUM)

List of guests PAF in 2020


Dimitri van den Wittenboer 1/1-3/1
Arnaud Ménard 2/1-7/1
Walter Hus 2/1-7/1
Sara Leghissa 2/1-5/1
Cecile Janvier 2/1-3/1
Milena Bonilla 3/1-6/1
Matteo De Blasio 3/1-5/1
Franz Bazin 3/1-6/1
Nicolas Pertsov 4/1-7/1
Niels Niessen 5/1-7/1
Alina Kvirkveliya, London, 6/1-11/1
Christopher Burman, London, 6/1-11/1
Audrey Apers / C A T A, brussels,, 7 pers. 8/1-13/1
Dejan Srhoj, Ljubljana, 8/1-18/1
Arthur Chambry, Paris, 8/1-20/1
Marije Roos, Amsterdam, 9/1-16/1
Ken Christiaens, Brussels, 9/1-13/1
Kolja van Zwoll, Amsterdam, 9/1-24/1
Elvire Duvelle-Charles, Paris, 9/1-14/1
Bonno Lange, Amsterdam, 9/1-16/1
Clémentine Labrosse, Paris, 11/1-14/1
Stéphanie Lacombe 12/1-17/1
Jo Heijting, Nijmegen, 12/1-12/2
Margriet Minnema 13/1-26/1
Anissa Daaou, Paris, 13/1-18/1
Matthieu Peck, Paris, 14/1-26/1
Thor Schuitemaker, Stockholm, 16/1-20/1
Fallon Collett, Toronto, 16/1-16/2
Jana Antonissen, Brussels, 16/1-1/2
Paula Almiron, Brussels, 18/1-20/1
Wouter de Raeve, Brussels, 18/1-20/1
Geoffrey Le Guilcher, Paris,, 2 pers. 19/1-22/1
Philippe Beloul, Brussels, 20/1-27/1
Christian Töpfner, Brussels, 20/1-27/1
Denoal Rouaud, Pantin, 22/1-24/1
Mathilde Élu, Paris, 22/1-24/1
Summer 22/1-2/2
Estelle Czernichowski Lauriol, Brussels, 23/1-2/2
Halory Goerger 23/1-27/1
Colline Etienne, Brussels, 23/1-28/1
Ken Christiaens, Brussels, 24/1-29/1
Anne Wijn, Amsterdam, 24/1-26/1
Roya Zahra Shadmand, Brusels, 26/1-28/1
Guy Weress, London, 26/1-31/1
Raphaël Hénard, Paris, 27/1-2/2
Arianne Mallet, paris, 28/1-30/1
Naomi Nou, Paris, 28/1-30/1
Hugues Carmignac 29/1-30/1
Thomas Badinot, Paris, 30/1-2/2
Cornelis van den Berg, Amsterdam, 31/1-3/2
Paula Walta, Arnhem, 31/1-5/2
Maureen Siegel, Paris,, 2 pers. 1/2-2/2
Jan Deboom, Gent, 1/2-5/2
Dan Lucas 2/2-3/3
Lisa Verbelen, Amsterdam, 2/2-6/2
Mathilde Elu, Paris, 3/2-6/2
Sébastien Corbière, Brussels, 3/2-6/2
Elisa Ollier, Paris, 3/2-7/2
Benjamin Coyle, Lyon, 4/2-8/2
Lou Simon, Paris, 5/2-8/2
Léa Doussaint, Paris, 5/2-8/2
Annabelle Vaillant, Paris, 5/2-8/2
Virginie Durand, Paris, 6/2-9/2
Oscar van der Pluijm, Rotterdam,, 2 pers. 6/2-9/2
Rima Bugaighis, Paris, 7/2-9/2
Ana Xenia Ene Pienescu, Paris, 7/2-9/2
Walter Hus, Brussels,, 4 pers. 8/2-10/2
Workshop SIS & SNDO 2.0, Amsterdam,, 29 pers. 9/2-14/2
Benjamin Schmuck, Paris, 10/2-20/2
Sophie Deiss 10/2-20/2
Nicolas Tourney, Tabanac, 10/2-14/2
Mathieu Peck, Paris, 10/2-17/2
Anne-Sophie Gabert, Paris, 10/2-15/2
Anouck Rouquès, Paris, 10/2-15/2
Lotte Sarembe 11/2-21/2
Victor Rouget 12/2-16/2
Devan Carpenter, Austin,, 2 pers. 14/2-4/3
Philippe Nothomb, Brussels, 14/2-17/2
Noemie Moreau, Paris, 14/2-16/2
Willy Jaquens, Paris, 14/2-16/2
Vanessa Kientz, Paris, 15/2-22/2
Pierre Cohen, Paris, 15/2-22/2
Claire Loiseau, Paris, 15/2-22/2
Ismini Slijper, Antwerp, 15/2-21/2
Ana Berkenhoff, London, 16/2-17/2
Daniela Bershan, Brussels, 16/2-17/2
Sabrina Seifried, Hamburg, 16/2-17/2
Gaspard Thiekaro, Paris, 16/2-25/2
Jake Wiener, 2 pers. 17/2-20/2
Eleonora Fraccaro, Italy,, 2 pers. 17/2-22/2
Lisa Huissoon, Amsterdam, 17/2-10/3
Yoko Theeuws, Brussels, 18/2-25/2
Bryan Campbell, Paris, 18/2-28/2
Marta Holm, Copenhagen, 19/2-1/3
Stéphanie Lacombe 19/2-23/2
Suzanna van Beek, Amsterdam, 19/2-23/2
Sandrine Binet, Paris, 19/2-24/2
Lotte Mertens, Den Bosch, 19/2-23/2
Carlijn van Wijk, Amsterdam, 19/2-23/2
TG, Amsterdam, 20/2-26/2
School of Arts, Ghent,, 19 pers. 20/2-23/2
Rochelle Helms, Amsterdam, 21/2-24/2
Niek Wagemans, Amsterdam, 21/2-24/2
Mary Jiménez, Brussels, 22/2-28/2
Bénédicte Liénard, Bruxelles, 22/2-28/2
Clément De Boever, Paris, 23/2-27/2
Anna Gaïotti, Paris, 23/2-27/2
Walter Hus, shooting, 14 pers. 23/2-3/3
Jennifer Peysson, Lyon, 23/2-27/2
Zeno Graton, Brussels, 24/2-2/3
David Helbich, Brussels, 24/2-29/2
Anne van de Star, Brussels, 24/2-29/2
Marion Uguen, Nantes, 24/2-1/3
Anne Le Hy, Lyon, 24/2-27/2
Nanna Finding Koppel, Copenhagen, 24/2-12/3
Pia Louwerens, Brussels, 24/2-28/2
Gaspard Thiékaro 25/2-28/2
Alexandra Napier, Toronto, 26/2-6/3
Bruno De Wachter, Brussels, 26/2-4/3
Laure Playoust, Paris, 29/2-1/3
Vanessa Vaz, Paris, 29/2-1/3
Harm Peter Smilde, Culemborg, 1/3-7/3
Ester Martin Bergsmark, Skarholmen,, 3 pers. 1/3-6/3
Phoebe Wright-Spinks, London, 1/3-4/3
Maria Acciaro, Milano, 2/3-6/3
Lauri Hyvärinen, Helsinki, 2/3-4/3
Nisaar Ulama, Berlin, 2/3-16/3
Tristan Altwegg-Boussac, Paris, 3/3-6/3
Vanessa Vudo, Paris, 4/3-8/3
Charles Sarraute +1, Paris,, 2 pers. 6/3-8/3
Daniel Edward Lucas 6/3-13/3
Hélène Paris, Paris, 6/3-16/3
Scott McCulloch, Tbilisi, 6/3-16/3
Charlotte Pauwelyn, Berlin, 6/3-15/3
Maxime Segurini, Paris, 7/3-8/3
Vanessa Vaz, Paris, 7/3-8/3
Philippe Nothomb, Bruxelles, 8/3-13/3
Grégory Edelein, Paris, 9/3-13/3
Sylvain Chauveau, Paris, 9/3-13/3
Yves-Alexandre Jaquier, Paris, 9/3-12/3
Rafi Nispel, Manchester,, 2 pers. 9/3-12/3
Lars Reen, Breda, 10/3-15/3
Salomé Mooij, Gent, 11/3-16/3
Maya M. Carroll, Berlin,, 2 pers. 13/3-16/3
Geert Belpaeme, Gent, 13/3-16/3
Hans Vermunt, Utrecht, 14/3-16/3
Margaux Amoros, Paris, 15/3-21/3
Oxana Timofeeva 3/4-8/4
Olivier Normand, Paris, 1/5-31/5
Stéphanie Lacombe, Paris, 19/5-23/5
Matthieu Aschehoug, Paris, 19/5-23/5
Isabelle et François, 20 ppl, St-Erme, 20/5-24/5
Matthieu Aschehoug, Paris, 27/5-3/6
Olivier Normand, Paris, 1/6-9/6
Isabelle et François, 10 ppl, St-Erme, 4/6-7/6
Nous Faes, Rotterdam, 15/6-10/7
Anna Muchin 15/6-27/6
Stéphanie Lacombe, Paris, 26/6-2/7
Vincenzo Latronico 27/6-29/6
Tinka Fuerst 27/6-29/6
Jorge Guevara, Brussels, 28/6-12/7
Armelle Camelin, Paris, 1/7-4/7
Guy Weress, London, 2/7-31/7
domenico giustino, Brussels,, 4 pers. 3/7-6/7
Expansive Being, Brussels,, 2 pers. 5/7-6/7
Ken Christiaens, Brussels, 5/7-19/7
Pierre Mordacq, Béthune,, 2 pers. 6/7-10/7
Yann Joussein, Paris,, 3 pers. 6/7-14/7
Loïc Hecht, Paris, 6/7-19/7
Louis Morelle, Paris, 8/7-15/7
Eric Niubo, Paris, 8/7-15/7
Aliosha Cheyko, Paris,, 2 pers. 10/7-12/7
Vincenzo Latronico, Berlin, 10/7-16/7
Tinka Fuerst, Berlin, 13/7-22/7
Jolanda Moolenaar, 's-Hertogenbosch, 13/7-18/7
Jonas Cole, Brussels, 13/7-18/7
Katharina Fey, Berlin, 13/7-24/7
Eva De Wal, Brussels, 14/7-15/7
Helene Paris, Paris, 14/7-14/8
Jorge Guevara 15/7-22/8 (SSL 2020)
Joachim Ben Yakoub, Ghent, 15/7-22/7
Laura Sistero 16/7-19/7
Gabrielle Deydier, Paris, 16/7-22/7
Judith Duportail, Berlin, 16/7-24/7
Virginie Durand 17/7-30/7
FFDN - Tierce, Brussels,, 3 pers. 18/7-21/7
Robin Berrewearts, Brussels,, 2 pers. 18/7-19/7
Nasrin Telken, Brussels, 19/7-22/7
Eva Nothomb, Brussels, 19/7-25/7
Thomas Rietstra 19/7-14/8
Seba Hendrickx, Brussels, 19/7-25/7
Ehsan Hemat, Brussels,, 5 pers. 20/7-21/7
Vanessa Kientz, Massy, 20/7-30/7
Sarah Chouraqui, Paris, 21/7-5/8
Christophe Vilsbol 21/7-25/7
Felix Schlagintweit, Zurich, 21/7-28/8
Sarah Cale, Brussels, 22/7-29/7
a.pass, Brussels,, 14 pers. 22/7-29/7
Sabine Cmelniski 22/7-24/7
Gabrielle Deydier, Paris, 22/7-25/7
Matthijs Coene, Brussels, 22/7-28/7
Lucia Palladino, Bologna, 22/7-28/7
Julie Seydoux 23/7-27/7
Claudia Schouten, 2 pers. 24/7-1/8
Vincent Kuyvenhoven, Amsterdam, 25/7-26/7
Eva Nothomb 25/7-27/7
Arnoudt 25/7-26/7
Robin Berrewaerts 25/7-26/7
Maaikke Fransen 25/7-1/8
Germaine van der Sanden, Amsterdam, 25/7-1/8
Christophe Albertijn 26/7-27/7
Guillaume Ollendorff 27/7-17/8
Benjamin Woodard, Berlin, 27/7-15/8
Vanessa Ohlraun, Berlin, 27/7-15/8
Matthijs Coene 28/7-8/8
Robin Berrewaerts 28/7-8/8
Geoffrey Le Guilcher, 2 pers. 29/7-5/8
David Van den Hende 31/7-7/8
Jonas Cole 1/8-5/8
Francois Levin, Paris,, 2 pers. 1/8-6/8
Auridas Gajauskas, Mainz, 1/8-6/9
Laurent Triboulet, Paris, 1/8-15/8
Romain de Mesmay 2/8-5/8
Vincent Kuyvenhoven, Amsterdam,, 2 pers. 2/8-7/8
Lou Galopa, Bruxelles,, 2 pers. 2/8-7/8
beaudil elzenga 3/8-9/8
David Geysen, Den Haag, 3/8-9/8
Kel Macdonagh, Dublin, 3/8-24/8
Gabrielle Deydier 3/8-7/8
Mia Georgis 3/8-24/8
Estelle Marois, London, 4/8-8/8
Judith Williquet 4/8-11/8
Jonny-Bix Bongers 5/8-8/8
Lili Anschütz, Munich, 5/8-8/8
Sandra Hasenöder, Munich, 5/8-15/8
Colin van Heezik 6/8-12/8
David Van den Hende 8/8-18/8
Cedric Vermue 8/8-19/8
Ken Christiaens, Brussels, 9/8-7/9
Anik Rigaud, Paris,, 2 pers. 10/8-15/8
Anouck Rouques, 2 pers. 10/8-17/8
Vincenzo Latronico, Berlin, 11/8-10/9
Olivier Normand, Paris, 11/8-17/8
Martina Neglia, Palermo, 11/8-14/8
Maurice Meewisse, 4 pers. 11/8-13/8
Matt Martin Hare 12/8-19/9
Silvia Mollicchi, London, 12/8-20/8
Jen Reed, London, 12/8-17/8
Bojana Cvejić, Brussels, 12/8-16/8
Cécile Grâce Janvier, Paris, 12/8-27/8
Tristan Séré de Rivières 13/8-20/8
Jack Cox, Paris, 13/8-18/8
David Bremner, Paris, 13/8-23/8
McCorkle Terence Diamond 13/8-15/9
Nisaar Ulama, Berlin, 14/8-31/8
Marcia van Oers, Amsterdam, 14/8-19/8
Paola Pisciottano, 2 pers. 14/8-22/8
Romain de Mesmay, Paris, 15/8-25/8
Elisa Salmon 16/8-21/8
Pazanne Le Cour Grandmaison 16/8-21/8
Judith Williquet 17/8-23/8
Arely Amaut, Oslo, 17/8-21/8
Kobe Matthys, Brussels, 17/8-21/8
Daniela Bershan, Brussels, 17/8-21/8
Berno Odo Polzer, Brussels, 17/8-21/8
Zeno Graton 17/8-23/8
Marina Schlagintweit 17/8-23/8
Claire Godsmark, London, 17/8-31/8
Cedric Vermue 19/8-23/8
Laurène Daycard, Paris, 19/8-2/9
Tristan Séré de Rivières 20/8-23/8
Carolina Saquel, 2 pers. 21/8-26/8
Elisa Salmon 21/8-22/8
Marielle Pelissero 21/8-10/9
Juliette Canon 21/8-23/8
Fleur Wirtz 22/8-4/9
Daniela Bershan 22/8-28/8
Berno Odo Polzer 22/8-28/8
Eva de Wal 23/8-24/8
Côme 24/8-8/9
Olivier Surel, Berlin, 24/8-15/9
Ana Edwards, Santiago de Chile, 25/8-24/9
Ding Ding Dong, 10 pers. 25/8-30/8
Claire Savina 25/8-20/9
Daniel Edward Lucas 25/8-29/8
Romain de Mesmay 25/8-26/8
Emilie Hermant, Brussels, 25/8-30/8
Valérie Pihet, Paris, 25/8-30/8
Carolina Saquel, 2 pers. 26/8-27/8
Dries Ghijssels 27/8-30/8
Suzanne Grotenhuis 27/8-30/8
Antony Quenet 27/8-30/8
Louis Morelle 29/8-2/9
Pierre Gautheron, france, 30/8-7/9
Geurt Sengers, Rotterdam, 30/8-30/9
hugo nazarenko 30/8-7/9
Simon Asencio, Brussels, 31/8-8/9
Cécile Grâce Janvier 31/8-7/9
Chloé Thomas 31/8-12/9
Sabrina Tarasoff, Paris, 31/8-6/9
Margot Simonney, Paris,, 2 pers. 4/9-7/9
Tim Paca Faraus, Peter Scherrebeck Hansen + Tim Paca Faraus, 5/9-20/9
Peter Scherrebeck Hansen 5/9-20/9
Nienke Terpsma 6/9-13/9
Robert Hamelijnck, NL, 6/9-13/9
Charlottte Braun, Paris, 7/9-10/9
Berno Odo Polzer 7/9-13/9
Stéphanie Goemaere 7/9-12/9
Emilie Flamant 7/9-12/9
Yann Joussein 7/9-16/9
Bryan Campbell 8/9-17/9
Maxime Bleriot 10/9-15/9
Tristan Robquin 10/9-15/9
Juju Stulbach 11/9-22/9
Chloe Bonnie More, Paris, 16/9-23/9
Christian Töpfner 18/9-4/10
Claire Savina 20/9-3/10
Peter Scherrebeck Hansen, Amsterdam, 21/9-28/9
Tim Paca Faraus, Amsterdam, 21/9-29/9
Auridas Gajauskas 21/9-28/9
Simon(a), Paris, 22/9-25/9
Jesse Vandamme 23/9-3/10
Chloé Thomas, Paris, 23/9-28/9
David Bremner 25/9-8/10
Austin Gross, london, 25/9-29/9
Bojana Cvejić 25/9-30/9
Antonio Da Silva 25/9-1/10
Véronique Langlott 26/9-12/10
Laurent Triboulet, Paris, 26/9-9/10
Group AG, 6 pers. 27/9-4/10
Michael Tsouloukidse 27/9-5/10
Cornelis van den Berg 27/9-3/10
Anna Gaïotti, Paris, 27/9-3/10
Auridas Gajauskas 28/9-30/9
Thomas Sypniewski 28/9-4/10
jolijn 30/9-5/10
Eric Haas 30/9-5/10
Ana Edwards 1/10-30/10
Geurt Sengers, Utrecht, 1/10-31/10
Isabelle et François, 10 ppl, St-Erme, 1/10-4/10
Jérôme BOURGEOIS 4/10-9/10
Nous Faes 4/10-30/10
Dries Van de Velde 4/10-1/12
Stefan Jakiela 5/10-11/10
Caroline Bijl 5/10-12/10
Claire Savina 6/10-16/10
Lisa Verbelen, Amsterdam, 6/10-23/10
Catherine Robert-Brousse, FR, 6/10-12/10
Loïc Hecht 8/10-14/10
Tim Bruggeman, Ghent, 10/10-24/10
Lucile Dupraz, Paris, 12/10-1/11
Neutrinet, Brussels,, 18 pers. 16/10-19/10
lisa verbelen 17/10-24/10
Gregor Daronian, 2 pers. 17/10-25/10
Nicolas Tourney, Tabanac, 19/10-19/11
Virginie Durand 19/10-1/12
Cedric Vermue, Utrecht, 19/10-31/10
Antal van Nie, Utrecht, 19/10-31/10
Marijn Ottenhof, Antwerp, 19/10-31/10
Persis Bekkering, Brussels, 19/10-24/10
Loulou Hanssen, paris, 20/10-23/10
Chloé Thomas, Paris, 22/10-28/10
Damien Delisle 24/10-30/10
Ásgerður Birna Björnsdóttir, Amsterdam, 24/10-6/11
Marie Montezan 24/10-30/10
Julia Heijligers 25/10-6/11
Abel Saint Bris 26/10-30/10
Judith Williquet, Paris, 26/10-13/11
Cornelis van den Berg, Preston, 26/10-31/10
Ena Sendijarević 26/10-28/10
Lily Lyor Askenazi, Paris, 29/10-4/12
Mark Liberman, Paris, 29/10-29/11
Marije Baranauskaité, Paris, 29/10-29/11
Jo, Paris, 29/10-1/12
Abel Damien Marie, Paris,, 3 pers. 30/10-31/10
Cécile Grace Janvier, Paris, 30/10-1/12
Chloé Thomas, Paris, 30/10-30/11
Marijn Ottenhof 31/10-20/11
Thomas Ryckewaert, Antwerp, 31/10-20/11
Lucile Dupraz, Paris, 1/11-1/12
Christian Töpfner 1/11-30/11
Claire Savina, 2 pers. 1/11-30/11
Geurt Sengers 1/11-30/11
Rrita Jashari, Brussels, 7/11-14/11
Ellen Anthoni, Brussels, 7/11-13/11
Line Pillet, Brussels, 7/11-13/11
Clément Marion, Brussels, 7/11-13/11
Seba Hendrickx, Brussels, 8/11-8/12
James Fisher, Amsterdam, 9/11-22/11
Ivo Sprey, Amsterdam, 9/11-22/11
Katya Ev (Ekaterina Vasilyeva), 2 pers. 15/11-1/12
Loïc Hecht 16/11-30/11
Olivier Normand 16/11-29/11
Clothilde Metral 17/11-25/11
Nicolas Tourney, Tabanac, 19/11-19/12
Moneim Rahma 20/11-19/12
Austin Gross, London, 23/11-4/12
Ilja Schamle, Amsterdam, 23/11-8/12
Camille Bloomfield 25/11-3/12
Claire Paulian 25/11-2/12
Tjitske Jansen, Amsterdam, 25/11-25/12
Mark Liberman, 2 pers. 30/11-30/12
Chloé Thomas, Paris, 30/11-15/12
Guy Weress 30/11-30/12
Claire Savina +1, 2 pers. 1/12-17/12
Geurt Sengers 1/12-1/1
Anna Gaïotti 3/12-17/12
Irène Verlaque 3/12-9/12
Loic Hecht 3/12-9/12
Isabelle et François, 10 ppl, St-Erme, 3/12-6/12
Lily Lyor Askenazi 4/12-14/12
Chloé Chignell, 2 pers. 7/12-19/12
Stefan Govaart, Brussels, 7/12-19/12
Adriano Jensen, Brussels, 7/12-19/12
Lieke Dijkstra 8/12-15/12
Taïla Onraedt 10/12-16/12
Irène Verlaque 11/12-16/12
Loïc Hecht 11/12-18/12
Marijn Ottenhof 12/12-15/1
Thomas Ryckewaert 12/12-3/1
Milou van Duijnhoven, Amsterdam,, 2 pers. 12/12-18/12
Lisa Verbelen, Brussels, 12/12-7/1
Simon Ascencio 13/12-19/12
Lieke Djistra 15/12-24/12
Gino Bombrini 16/12-24/12
Claire Savina 17/12-21/12
Romain de Mesmay 17/12-23/12
nicolas tourney 19/12-7/1
Claire Savina, Oxford, 19/12-27/12
Cécile Grâce Janvier 26/12-4/1
Tjitske Jansen 26/12-6/1
Daniela Bershan 27/12-10/1
Bojana Cvejić 27/12-3/1
Tessel Veneboer 27/12-3/1
Deborah Birch, Brussels, 27/12-25/1
Berno Odo Polzer, Brussels, 27/12-11/1
Daniela Bershan, Brussels, 27/12-7/1
robin vanbesien 27/12-3/1
Nicolas Pertsov 27/12-2/1
Virginie Durand, Paris, 27/12-31/12
Lyor Askenazi 28/12-28/1
Roya Zahra Shadmand 28/12-2/1
Giulia Tognon 28/12-3/1
Xenia Taniko Dwertmann, Berlin, 29/12-20/1
Judith Williquet 29/12-26/1
Valentina Desideri 29/12-10/1
Roni Katz, Berlin, 29/12-12/1
Guy Weress 30/12-30/1
Jean-Felix Marecaux 31/12-31/12
Yoko Theeuws 31/12-9/1
Maryam K. Hedayat 31/12-9/1
Line Pillet, 2 pers. 31/12-9/1

List of guests PAF in 2021

Marija Baranauskaite, 1/1-31/1
Mark Liberman, 1/1-31/1
Virginie Durand, 1/1-6/1
Jan Ritsema, 1/1-3/10
Geurt Sengers, 1/1-31/1
Claire Savina, 2 pers., 2/1-2/2
Nicolas Schneider, Brussels, 2/1-17/1
Magdalena Meindl, Berlin, 3/1-21/1
Parolin Sarah, 5/1-15/1
Judith Duportail, 5/1-14/1
Sara Leghissa, Milano, 5/1-15/1
Laura Kirshenbaum, 8/1-15/1
Stefan Govaart, 9/1-25/1
Zeno Graton, 9/1-16/1
Marija Cetinić, 9/1-16/1
Persis Bekkering, Brussels, 9/1-17/1
Louise Trueheart, 10/1-19/1
Agathe Anne, 10/1-19/1
Clémentine Vaultier, 10/1-17/1
Flavia Pinheiro, 12/1-24/1
Rony Katz, 12/1-19/1
marion storm budwig, 12/1-18/1
Cornelis van den Berg, 13/1-19/1
Christian Töpfner, 15/1-15/2
Antony Quenet, 15/1-22/1
Margaux Amoros, 2 pers., 16/1-22/1
Daniela Bershan, Brussels, 17/1-21/1
Luanda Casella, 17/1-21/1
Julie Massera, 18/1-25/1
Xavier Guignard, 2 pers., 18/1-24/1
Lucien Fraipont, 20/1-26/1
Ellen Anthoni, 21/1-20/2
Alissa Deleverova, 25/1-1/2
Amy Huntington, 25/1-1/2
Luca Ventimiglia, Paris, 2 pers., 26/1-31/1
Lyor Askenazi, Paris, 28/1-28/2
Nisaar Ulama, 30/1-14/2
Marija Baranauskaite, 1/2-27/2
Guy Weress, geneva, 1/2-28/2
Alissa Deleverova, 1/2-4/2
Mark Liberman, 1/2-27/2
Geurt Sengers, Utrecht, 1/2-20/2
Laure Ferraris, Paris, 1/2-1/3
Claire Savina, Oxford, 2 pers., 2/2-19/2
Zeno Graton, Paris, 3/2-12/2
Elisa Cucinelli, 3/2-13/2
Giulia Tognon, paris, 3/2-23/2
Simon Asencio, Brussels, 4/2-15/2
Flavie Torsello, 4/2-18/2
Perrine Bailleux, paris, 5/2-8/2
4EVER LOST, 7 pers., 5/2-7/2
Norbert Pape, Berlin, 6/2-9/3
Ronen Eldar, paris, 7/2-15/2
Borcia Lavinia, 7/2-14/2
Amy Huntington, London, 8/2-15/2
Luca Ventimiglia, Paris, 5 pers., 11/2-16/2
Zeno Graton, 12/2-17/2
Elisa Cuccinelli, Berlin, 13/2-20/2
leslie veisse, paris, 13/2-21/2
Agathe Anne, 14/2-24/2
Nisaar Ulama, Berlin, 15/2-12/4
Alizée de Pin, Paris, 15/2-22/2
Aude Lachaise, paris, 15/2-22/2
Zoe Sfez, 15/2-22/2
Christian Topfner, brussels, 15/2-23/2
Daniela Bershan, brussels, 15/2-22/2
Hanako Hayakawa, Paris, 15/2-15/3
Deborah Birch, 15/2-15/3
Xavier Guignard, Paris, 15/2-22/2
Jerome Clement-Wilz, 2 pers., 15/2-21/2
Lucien Fradin, 17/2-26/2
Jense Meek, 18/2-20/2
Flavie Torsiello, paris, 18/2-27/2
Tristan Séré de Rivières, 18/2-28/2
Margot Simonney, Paris, 19/2-28/2
Vanessa Vudo, 20/2-23/2
Andrea Rodrigo, Madrid, 20/2-5/4
Ellen Anthoni, brussels, 20/2-27/2
Jorge Guevara, 21/2-2/4
Alizée de Pin, 22/2-25/2
Xavier Guignard, 22/2-25/2
Adriano Jensen, brussels, 22/2-13/3
Jesse Van Winden, 22/2-3/3
Katya Ev, 22/2-3/3
Simon Van Schuylenbergh, Brussels, 23/2-4/3
Mieke van Iersel, 23/2-24/2
Martha Ritsema, 23/2-24/2
Flora Katz, Paris, 2 pers., 27/2-7/3
Melanie Matthieu, Brussels, 28/2-7/3
lyor Askenazi, 1/3-29/3
laure ferraris, 1/3-20/3
Oscar Coop-phane, Paris, 1/3-8/3
Virginie Durand, 2/3-16/3
Yoko Theeuws, Brussels, 5/3-11/3
Olivier Correira, Paris, 5/3-12/3
Claire Savina, Oxford, 2 pers., 7/3-7/4
Lucile Ometz, 7/3-14/3
Andrea Zavala Folache, Brussels, 8/3-14/3
Arnaud Rivière, Annecy, 8/3-12/3
Julien Desprez, Clermont Ferrand, 2 pers., 8/3-13/3
Lucile Dupraz, Paris, 8/3-8/4
Sarah Chouraqui, Paris, 2 pers., 11/3-20/3
Maïté Van Keirsbilck, ghent, 12/3-19/3
Charlotte Braun, 13/3-19/3
Bojina Panayotova, Paris, 13/3-19/3
Norbert Pape, 14/3-14/4
Hanako Hayakawa, 15/3-6/4
Brice Andlauer, 2 pers., 16/3-22/3
Giulia Tognon, paris, 17/3-5/4
laure ferraris, paris, 20/3-27/3
Lynn S.K., Paris, 21/3-28/3
Eve Liot, 22/3-28/3
Virginie Durand, 23/3-23/4
Romain de Mesmey, Paris, 24/3-28/3
Stefan Govaart, Brussels, 27/3-1/4
Tessel Veneboer, 27/3-1/4
Bojana Cvejić, 27/3-1/4
Auridas Gajauskas, Palanga, Lithuania, 29/3-5/4
Eleanor Ivory Weber, Brussels, 30/3-6/4
Brian Campbell, San Francisco, 1/4-16/4
Boris Charmatz, Brussels, 3/4-7/4
Mette Ingvartsen, Brussels, 3/4-7/4
Berno Odo Polzer, brussels, 4/4-10/4
Daniela Bershan, brussels, 4/4-10/4
Nico Siepen, Berlin, 5/4-9/4
Morgan Fourcault, 2 pers., 6/4-10/4
Lucile Dupraz, 8/4-8/5
Vanessa Vudo, Paris, 9/4-13/4
Mathilde PETIT, 11/4-15/4
Anna Muchin, Paris, 11/4-18/4
Nisaar Ulama, Berlin, 12/4-1/5
Laura Elko, Paris, 2 pers., 12/4-16/4
Warre Simons, Amsterdam, 2 pers., 12/4-18/4
Valentina Desideri, 13/4-28/4
Norbert Pape, 14/4-28/5
Vanessa Vudo, 14/4-17/4
Mathias Castagne, Bagnolet, 14/4-17/4
Eve Liot, Paris, 14/4-25/4
Clément De Boever, Paris, 14/4-23/4
Judith Williquet, 17/4-27/4
Daniel Edward Lucas, 18/4-1/5
Tim Teunissen, 18/4-29/4
Noa Jansma, Amsterdam, 19/4-1/5
Deborah Birch, 19/4-24/4
Geurt Sengers, 19/4-1/5
Group residency ESACM, Clermont Ferrand, 11 pers., 19/4-24/4
Students ESACM, Clermont Ferrand, 4 pers., 19/4-14/5
Ilja Schamlé, Amsterdam, 19/4-1/5
N., 2 pers., 21/4-25/4
Nicolas Lavoye, 2 pers., 21/4-26/4
Olivier Normand, 22/4-28/4
Berno Odo Polzer, 22/4-25/4
Daniela Bershan, Brussels, 22/4-25/4
Deborah Ruffato, Brussels, 24/4-3/5
Floor Rolf, Amsterdam, 24/4-29/4
Derek Mitchell, 24/4-29/4
Ilke Paddenburg, 24/4-29/4
Jack Cox, 25/4-21/5
Naëlle Dariya, Paris, 25/4-29/4
Adriano Jensen, 26/4-30/4
Claire Savina, 2 pers., 26/4-26/5
Olivier Normand, 28/4-29/4
Caroline Henimann, 28/4-1/5
gabrielle deydier, 2/5-6/5
Johann Zarca, Paris, 2/5-3/5
Geoffrey Le Guilcher, Paris, 2/5-6/5
Gaelle Loth, 4/5-7/5
Laurianne Bixhain, 4/5-9/5
Giulia Tognon, paris, 4/5-23/5
Loren Matin, 5/5-7/5
cornelis van den berg, 6/5-11/5
Jen Brodie, 7/5-10/5
Lucile Dupraz, 8/5-15/5
Bryan Campell, 10/5-15/5
Léa Moret, 10/5-14/5
Alizée Gau, 11/5-16/5
Brice Andlauer, 2 pers., 12/5-16/5
Elise Pape, Strasbourg, 2 pers., 12/5-15/5
Frida Laux, 12/5-30/5
stéphanie lacombe, 12/5-24/5
L'Atelier du dialogue intérieur, Saint-Erme, 12/5-16/5 (Atelier voisins)
matthieu aschehoug, 2 pers., 13/5-16/5
Fleur Wirtz, 13/5-17/5
Yann Joussein, 4 pers., 13/5-20/5
Constantin Jopeck, 13/5-19/5
Pauline Grand d'Esnon, 15/5-19/5
julie vayssiere, 16/5-28/5
Marije Roos, 18/5-26/5
Anne-Marieke, 18/5-26/5
Kolja van Zwoll, 18/5-26/5
Bonno Lange, 18/5-26/5
Gabriel Catren, 19/5-30/5
Guy Weress, 19/5-30/5
Laurent Van Lancker, 19/5-25/5
Lois Richard, 2 pers., 21/5-25/5
Jack Cox, 21/5-28/5
Christian Töpfner, Bruxelles, 21/5-31/5
Lily A., 23/5-24/5
Melanie Matthieu, brussels, 23/5-31/5
Phanette Barral, 23/5-1/6
Berno Odo Polzer, 24/5-31/5
Daniela Bershan, Brussels, 24/5-31/5
Leander Odo Polzer, 24/5-26/5
Berno Odo Polzer, 24/5-30/5
Azahara Ubera, Brussels, 24/5-27/5
Daniela Bershan, brussels, 24/5-30/5
Claire Savina, Saint-Erme-Outre-Et-Ramecourt, 2 pers., 26/5-1/6
Bojana Cvejić, 27/5-29/5
CPRC Stockholm, 7 pers., 28/5-1/6 (CPRC Stockholm)
Norbert Pape, 28/5-29/5
Gabriëlle Schleijpen, Arnhem, 29/5-10/6
Jacq van der Spek, Arnhem, 29/5-10/6
Antina Ritsema and Vriendin, 2 pers., 29/5-31/5
Council, paris, 4 pers., 31/5-1/6
Andrea Rodrigo, Madrid, 31/5-20/6
Dutch Art Institute, Arnhem, 80 pers., 1/6-10/6 (DAI)
Judith Williquet, 7/6-5/7 (E&O)
helene paris, 10/6-18/6
Ioana Lupascu, Arnhem, 10/6-15/6
Miguel Ferraez, Arnhem, 10/6-15/6
Alba Guilera, Paris, 10/6-18/6
dylan spencer-davidson, London Berlin, 10/6-15/6
Cécile Geindre, Paris, 10/6-18/6
Velvet Leigh, 10/6-14/6
Marie Tuckova, Arnhem, 10/6-15/6
Philippa Driest, Arnhem, 10/6-15/6
Clara Winter, Arnhem, 10/6-15/6
Maoyi Qiu, 10/6-11/6
Lou Lou Sainsbury, London, 10/6-18/6
Roni Katz, 10/6-12/6
Marlyn Kist de Ruijter, 10/6-29/6
Julia Heijligers, 10/6-29/6
Bryan Campbell, 10/6-15/6
Hannah Jones, Arnhem, 10/6-10/7
Azul de Monte, Arnhem, 10/6-10/7
Marilu Maapengo, Arnhem, 10/6-10/7
Cristina Emmel, Arnhem, 10/6-14/6
Emmeli Person, Stockholm, 10/6-13/6
Kari Rosenfeld, Arnhem, 10/6-10/7
Michael Fischer, Arnhem, 10/6-10/7
Janna Adank, 2 pers., 10/6-18/6
Guillaume Ollendorff, 10/6-25/6
Annamaria Merkel, Berlin, 10/6-17/6
Katharina Merten, Berlin, 10/6-25/6
Alec Van der Meyden, Antwerp, 10/6-20/6
Deborah Birch, 11/6-20/6
Lyor Askenazi, 12/6-10/7 (E&O)
Louise Trueheart, berlin, 12/6-7/7
Igor Dobkin, berlin, 12/6-4/7
Johannes Visser, 12/6-19/6
Charlotte Remarque, 12/6-19/6
Mathieu d'Alexis, 12/6-19/6
Lily Coates, Berlin, 13/6-9/7
Andrea Zavala Folache, Brussels, 14/6-18/6
Hanako Hayakawa, Brussels, 14/6-18/6
Adriano Jensen, Brussels, 14/6-20/6
Aurélia Nardini, 4 pers., 14/6-19/6
Flora Bouteille, 2 pers., 15/6-30/6
Pierre Le Dauphin, 16/6-27/6
Roni Katz, Berlin, 2 pers., 19/6-20/6
Séba Hendrickx, 20/6-7/7 (E&O)
Alec Van der Meyden, 20/6-25/6
Julie Massera, 2 pers., 20/6-27/6
Eric Niubo, Paris, 21/6-26/6
Philippe Nothomb, 21/6-26/6
Giulia Tognon, paris, 22/6-7/7 (E&O)
Daniela Bershan, brussels, 22/6-9/7
MPA, 22/6-8/7 (E&O)
Caroline Bijl, Amsterdam, 22/6-27/6
Willemine van de Wiel, 22/6-2/7
Red Tremmel, 23/6-10/7 (E&O)
Berend Bonsema, 23/6-27/6
Caroline Bijl, 23/6-27/6 (SCI GA)
Gabriel Catren, 24/6-7/7 (E&O)
Tristan Garcia, 24/6-29/6
Perrine Bailleux, 24/6-29/6 (SCI GA)
Frida Laux, 24/6-7/7
Lynn S K, Pantin, 25/6-1/7 (E&O)
Virginie Durand, Paris, 25/6-2/7 (E&O)
Marine Leleu, 25/6-30/6 (E&O)
Virginie Durand, Paris, 25/6-1/7 (SCI GA)
Xenia Taniko Dwertmann, Berlin, 26/6-4/7 (E&O)
Roni Katz, Berlin, 26/6-7/7 (E&O)
Elias d'Alexis, 26/6-4/7 (E&O)
Berno Odo Polzer, 26/6-7/7 (E&O)
Sviatlana Viarbitskaya, 26/6-4/7 (E&O)
Mathieu d'Alexis, 26/6-4/7 (E&O)
Adriano Jensen, 26/6-27/6
Siegmar Zacharias, 26/6-10/7 (E&O)
Ellen Anthoni, 27/6-7/7 (E&O)
Andy Smart, 27/6-7/7 (E&O)
matteo deblasio, 27/6-7/7 (E&O)
Jonathan Lorand, 27/6-7/7 (E&O)
Theo/Tatiana Ilichenko, 27/6-9/7 (E&O)
Jo Koppe, 28/6-9/7 (E&O)
Iga Swiesciak, 29/6-10/7
Sarah Parolin, 29/6-7/7 (E&O)
Marijn Ottenhof, 30/6-9/7 (E&O)
Miriam Arkin, New Orleans, 1/7-7/7 (E&O)
Sara Leghissa, 1/7-7/7 (E&O)
Tarren Johnson, Berlin, 1/7-10/7 (E&O)
Cristina Emmel, Arnhem, 1/7-10/7
Roya Zahra Shadmand, 2/7-7/7 (E&O)
Thomas Ryckewaert, 3/7-10/7 (E&O)
Olivier Robert, Paris, 2 pers., 3/7-10/7
Camilla Borud Strandhagen, 2 pers., 4/7-9/7
Mariane De Douhet, 5/7-8/7 (E&O)
Velvet Leigh, 6/7-10/7
Rosa Ronsdorf, Arnhem, 7/7-10/7
Alexandra Duvekot, Arnhem, 7/7-10/7
Miguel Farraez, 2 pers., 7/7-10/7
Charlie, 2 pers., 7/7-9/7
Sarah Parolin, 7/7-9/7
Sarah Leghissa, 2 pers., 7/7-9/7
Roni Katz, 7/7-9/7
Nienke Terpsma, Rotterdam, 2 pers., 7/7-8/7
Niccolò Masini, 7/7-10/7
Ilgın Deniz Akseloglu, 7/7-10/7 (DAI)
Anna Piroska, 8/7-10/7
Georgia Stellin, 8/7-10/7
Sophie de S, Amsterdam, 8/7-10/7
Mayar Alexane, 8/7-10/7
Derek M F Di Fabio, 9/7-10/7
Ioana Lupascu, 9/7-10/7
Philippa Driest, 9/7-10/7
Lyor Askenazi, 10/7-19/7
DAI Dutch Art Insitute, Arnhem, 80 pers., 10/7-24/7 (DAI)
Fredrik Floen, Oslo, 22/7-28/7
Simon Asencio, 22/7-24/7
Ilgin Deniz Akseloglu, 24/7-5/8
Emily, Arnhem, 24/7-25/7
Miguel, 2 pers., 24/7-26/7
Mirjam Steffen, 24/7-26/7
Michael Fischer, 24/7-25/7
Qiu, Isfahan, 24/7-26/7
a.pass, 7 pers., 24/7-28/7 (a.pass)
Judith Duportail, Paris, 24/7-31/7
Taylor le Melle, 24/7-25/7
Velvet Leigh, 24/7-1/8
Kyra Mol, 24/7-1/8
Lotte Melkert, 24/7-1/8
Sarah Lefevre +1, 2 pers., 25/7-1/8
Marion Langumier, Paris, 25/7-17/8
Noémi Quesnay, 9 pers., 25/7-1/8 (Collectif Transmission)
Steyn Berg, 26/7-31/7
a.pass, 17 pers., 26/7-1/8 (a.pass)
Noam Raz, Sderot, 26/7-12/8
Omri Livne, 26/7-3/8
Nathalie De Neve, Gent, 26/7-1/8
Maïté Van Keirsbilck, 26/7-31/7
Poaletta Holst, 26/7-1/8
Emma Van Meijeren, 27/7-2/8
Persis Bekkering, 27/7-2/8
Tessel Veneboer, 27/7-2/8
Stéphanie Pimpaneau, 28/7-1/8
Angie Filin, 28/7-1/8
Amanda Hunt, 28/7-18/8
Claire Latxaque, 29/7-1/8
Lucile Hochdoerffer, 29/7-1/8
Mathias Chaillot, 30/7-5/8
Olivier Surel, Paris, 2 pers., 31/7-7/8
David Rothenberg, 31/7-5/8
Guillaume Ollendorff, 1/8-16/8
Eoghan Ryan, Amsterdam, 1/8-16/8
Hélène Paris, 1/8-24/8
Robin Berrewaerts, Brussels, 1/8-3/8
Constantin Jopeck, paris, 1/8-6/8
Ramaya Tegegne, 1/8-5/8
Tatiana Rihs, 1/8-5/8
Giulia Tognon, paris, 1/8-14/8
Ori Gawrońska, Poznań, 1/8-1/9
Madzia Zalewa, Amsterdam, 1/8-31/8
Jagoda Kalisz, Warszawa, 1/8-31/8
Iben Von Holck, 2/8-10/8
Mattias Cré, 2 pers., 2/8-7/8
Janna Aldaraji, 2/8-10/8
Lynn S.K., Alger, 2/8-8/8
Bert Serneels, Maastricht, 3/8-7/8
Marina Schlagintweit, Munich, 3/8-8/8
Ruud Horrichs, Maastricht, 3/8-7/8
Cole Stapleton, 2 pers., 4/8-9/8
Tom Viaene, Antwerp, 4/8-10/8
Hannah Gregory, Berlin, 4/8-6/8
Sami Hammana, 6/8-19/8
Alberto García del Castillo, 7/8-11/8
Lieke Dijkstra, 7/8-15/8
Voice of the Wind, 12 pers., 8/8-18/8 (Voice of the wind)
Marina Schlagintweit, 8/8-10/8
Nisaar Ulama, Berlin, 8/8-25/8
Silvia Mollicchi, Catania, 9/8-26/8
Julia Emmery, 9/8-13/8
Loïc Hecht, Paris, 9/8-20/8
Matt Martin Hare, Edinbourough, 9/8-26/8
Amric Trudel, 9/8-13/8
Filo Krause, 10/8-24/8
Alma Apt, 2 pers., 10/8-18/8
Frida Laux, 10/8-28/8
Addelie Falef, 11/8-18/8
Nicolas Pertsov, 13/8-20/8
Valentina Desideri, lisbon, 13/8-22/8
Sepideh Ardalani, 14/8-30/8
Sepideh Ardalani, 14/8-28/8
Joannes Vandermeulen, Brussels, 14/8-21/8
Benjamin Woodard, Hannover, 14/8-30/8
Vanessa Ohlraun, Hannover, 14/8-30/8
Louis Hartnoll, 15/8-23/8
Jordan Skinner, Paris, 15/8-25/8
Tessel Veneboer, Brussels, 15/8-1/9
Marie Louise Krough, London, 15/8-23/8
Stephen Howard, 15/8-26/8
Bojana Cvejić, Brussels, 15/8-26/8
Berno Odo Polzer, 16/8-27/8
Lucie Mercier, London, 2 pers., 16/8-23/8
Kylie Gilchrist, London, 2 pers., 16/8-23/8
Louis Morelle, Paris, 16/8-23/8
Armin Schneider, Paris, 16/8-30/8
David Bremner, Paris, 16/8-31/8
Margot Simmoney, 16/8-23/8
Daniela Bershan, Brussels, 17/8-27/8
Lyor Askenazi, Tel Aviv, 17/8-20/8
Daniela Bershan, 17/8-20/8
Andrea Rodrigo, Madrid, 17/8-21/8
Naïma Mazic, New York, 18/8-27/8
Renske van Enckevort, 18/8-29/8
Léo Kloeckner, Paris, 18/8-22/8
Franziska Aigner, London, 18/8-24/8
Ole Jana, 18/8-28/8
Naelle Dariya, Paris, 18/8-25/8
Wouter Hillaert, 20 pers., 19/8-22/8 (Wouter)
Corin Ward, 19/8-4/10
Zanë Hadri, 20/8-26/8
Clementine Van Der Bent, 20/8-29/8
Marija Cetinić, 20/8-29/8
Stefan Govaart, 20/8-30/8
Christine Kern, Duckburg, 20/8-27/8
Alaa Alkurdi, 20/8-26/8
Gabriel Catren, Paris, 21/8-17/9
Annie Dorsen, New York, 21/8-24/8
Felix Schlagintweit, Zürich, 22/8-11/9
Solange Manche, 22/8-31/8
Eliana Kirkcaldy, Berlin, 22/8-28/8
Sophia Klink, 22/8-2/9
Tomer Dreyfus, 22/8-1/9
Floris de Krijger, 22/8-29/8
Persis Bekkering, 23/8-4/9
Hans Vermunt, Utrecht, 23/8-29/8
Claudia Schouten, 23/8-30/8
Cornelis van den Berg, Preston, 24/8-29/8
Daniel Edward Lucas, Paris, 24/8-28/8
Fabien Dymny, Paris, 24/8-31/8
Bojina Panayotova, Paris, 2 pers., 24/8-28/8
Vanessa Vudo, 26/8-30/8
Martijntje van Schooten, 26/8-2/9
Castajne Mathias, 26/8-29/8
Sarah Masson, 2 pers., 26/8-30/8
Jonathan Burrows, London, 26/8-28/8
Juliette Brederode, 26/8-2/9
Marie Lagrand, 26/8-2/9
Cleo Campert, 26/8-2/9
Eric Niubo, 27/8-31/8
Laurène Daycard, 28/8-10/9
Tomoko Mukaiyama, 29/8-2/9
Jen Brodie, Paris, 29/8-2/9
DD Dorvillier, New York, 29/8-30/8
Malika Fankha, Zurich, 2 pers., 29/8-2/9
Piet Arfeuille, antwerpen, 30/8-2/9
Olivier Robert, 30/8-31/8
Geert Vaes, 30/8-2/9
Auridas Gajauskas, Frankfurt a.M., 1/9-2/10
Tjitske Jansen, 1/9-6/9
Robert Ochshorn, 2 pers., 2/9-3/9
John Attali, 4/9-5/9
Clément Timsit, 4/9-5/9
Juan Felipe Amaya Gonzalez, 5/9-9/9
Deva Schubert, Berlin, 5/9-9/9
Malte Schwoch, Leipzig, 6/9-11/9
Elsa Pernot, 7/9-11/9
flora Katz, 7/9-8/9
Crys Aslanian, 7/9-12/9
karina toledo, 9/9-10/9
frida laux, Paris, 9/9-15/9
Lotte Melkert, 10/9-10/12
Kyra Mol, 10/9-19/12
Jack Cox, Paris, 11/9-10/10
Martijn Kielstra, Amsterdam, 11/9-26/9
Petra Zanki, New York, 12/9-24/9
analia dupraz, 12/9-15/9
Hélène PAris, Paris, 12/9-17/9
Residency ESACM, Clermont Ferrand, 11 pers., 12/9-20/9 (ESACM)
Berend Bonsema, 13/9-20/9
Helena Dietrich, 13/9-17/9
Giulia Tognon, Paris, 13/9-15/9
Christian Töpfner, Berlin, 14/9-5/10
Ding Ding Dong filming crew, Brussels, 11 pers., 15/9-19/9
Ding Ding Dong, 11 pers., 16/9-19/9 (Ding Ding Dong)
Guy Weress, 16/9-4/10
Phanette Barral, 17/9-28/9
Miriam Rohde, 18/9-21/9
Julia Nutter, 18/9-28/9
Daniela Bershan, 19/9-26/9
Alma Apt, 19/9-25/9
Hani Saqr, New York, 19/9-27/9
Jan Dertaelen, 19/9-27/9
Ellen Anthony, 20/9-25/9
Omri Shapira, Berlin, 21/9-7/10 (CT)
Berend Bonsema, 21/9-22/9
Naoto Hieda, 21/9-30/9
Jorge Guevara, 21/9-1/10
Nita Kersten, 21/9-25/9
Margo Verhoeven, 21/9-25/9
Freek VIelen, 21/9-25/9
Mathieu d'Alexis, Dijon, 22/9-26/9
Sviatlana Viarbitskaya, Dijon, 22/9-26/9
Petra Zanki, 24/9-27/9
Fanny Guillet, Paris, 24/9-28/9
Matt Martin Hare, 25/9-3/10
Silvia Mollichi, 25/9-3/10
Lithic Alliance, 25/9-29/9 (SM)
Yen Chun Lin, 25/9-3/10 (SM)
Stefan Govaart, Brussels / Amsterdam, 26/9-3/10 (SM)
Bojana Cvejic, Brussels, 26/9-3/10
Nikhil Vettukattil, Oslo, 26/9-6/10
Hannah Zafiropoulos, 27/9-4/10 (SM)
Julie Seydoux, 27/9-1/10 (SM)
Eleanor Ivory Weber, Brussels, 27/9-3/10
Olof Runsten, 27/9-3/10 (SM)
Clara Hausmann, 2 pers., 27/9-3/10 (SM)
Marija Cetinic, 28/9-3/10 (SM)
Laure de Selys, Brussels, 28/9-3/10 (SM)
Henrike Kohpeiß, 28/9-3/10 (SM)
Lesia Vasylchenko, 28/9-3/10 (SM)
Julia Nutter, London, 28/9-6/10
Giulia Zabarella, 2 pers., 28/9-3/10 (SM)
Christopher Lura, Rennes, 28/9-3/10 (SM)
Ruth-Johanne Andersson, 28/9-3/10 (SM)
Felix Riemann, 28/9-5/10 (SM)
Reem Shilleh, 28/9-3/10
Yiou Penelope Peng, 28/9-4/10 (SM)
Chloe Elgie, 28/9-3/10
Damla Kilickiran, 28/9-3/10 (SM)
Georgia Sagri, Athens, 28/9-30/9
Rosanna Puyol, 28/9-2/10 (SM)
Philipp Rhensius, 28/9-4/10
Christopher Weickenmeier, 28/9-3/10 (SM)
Persis Bekkering, Brussels, 28/9-3/10 (SM)
Andrea Rodrigo, Madrid, 28/9-3/10 (SM)
Kornelia Remø Klokk, 28/9-3/10 (SM)
Clémentine Dubost, 28/9-3/10 (SM)
Amanda Camenisch, 28/9-3/10 (SM)
Lois Bartel, Hamburg, 28/9-4/10 (SM)
Tessel Veneboer, 28/9-3/10 (SM)
Simon Asencio, Brussels, 28/9-11/10 (SM)
Lietje Bauwens, 28/9-3/10 (SM)
Therese Westin, 29/9-3/10 (SM)
Robin Vanbesien, 30/9-3/10
Berglind Thrastardottir, 30/9-5/10
Mohanad Yaqubi, 3 pers., 30/9-3/10
Carina Premer, Munich, 1/10-4/10 (SM)
Jen Brodie, 1/10-3/10
Louise Trueheart, Berlin, 1/10-31/10
Daniel Edward Lucas, 2/10-10/10
Erik Bordeleau, 8 pers., 3/10-6/10 (La Sphere)
Katharina Merten, 3/10-15/10
Maggie Segale, NYC, 3/10-28/10
Frederik Worm, Copenhagen, 2 pers., 3/10-9/10
Catharina Vergeer, 3/10-14/10
Michelle de Vaan, 3/10-14/10
Marion Langumier, 3/10-11/10
Martin Hansen, 3/10-10/10
Kareth Schaffer, 3/10-7/10
Rino Sokol, 3/10-16/10
Charlie Cattrall, 3/10-7/10
Carolina Maciel de França, 3/10-7/10
Cornelis van den Berg, 4/10-8/10
Lesia Vasylchenko, 4/10-7/10
Dimitri Szuter, Paris, 4/10-8/10
Isabel Aimé Gonzalez Sola, Paris, 4/10-8/10
Georgios Tsagdis, Leiden, 5/10-22/10
Olivier Normand, 6/10-13/10
Helena Dietrich, 6/10-11/10
flavie torsiello, 6/10-29/10
Linus Riemann, 7/10-16/10
Judith Williqueet, 8/10-13/10
Elsa Pernot, 8/10-11/10
Hélène Paris, 8/10-22/10
sufjan valero, 8/10-12/10
Giulia Tognon, Paris, 9/10-16/10
Nico Siepens, 11/10-20/10
Virginie Durand, 11/10-18/10
Laura Basterra, 11/10-17/10
Jack Cox, 12/10-10/11
Judith Vindevogel, 12/10-17/10
Judith Williquet, Brussels, 14/10-25/10
Atelier du regard interieur (Blanchard), 14/10-17/10 (PEACOCK)
Charlotte Remarque, 15/10-22/10
Siân McIntyre, 15/10-22/10
Emma van Meijeren, Brussels, 16/10-26/10
Ivo Valentijn, 17/10-25/10
Ellen Anthony, 17/10-24/10
Arthur Chambry, Brussels, 17/10-24/10
Marco van Outersterp, 17/10-21/10
Marijn de Zwart, 17/10-21/10
Abir Hamam, 17/10-21/10
Rouzy Portier, 17/10-21/10
Mathias CHAILLOT, 17/10-31/10
anissa Daaou, 18/10-22/10
Skye Maule-O'Brien, 18/10-22/10
Clémentine Gallot, Paris, 19/10-23/10
Liisbeth Horn, Tallinn, 20/10-20/11
Carlijn van Wijk, 20/10-25/10
Silvia Mollichi, Paris, 21/10-25/10
Matt Martin Hare, Paris, 21/10-23/10
Didier van Amerongen, 22/10-25/10
Aurelie Sartres, Paris, 22/10-5/11
Geurt Sengers, 23/10-28/10
Tim Lafeber, Den Haag, 23/10-26/10
Lucile Dupraz, 23/10-29/10
Guy Were, Paris, 24/10-30/10
Parsa Bridge, 24/10-27/10
Marjin Ottenhof, 24/10-3/11
Cathy Walsh, Berlin, 26/10-29/10
Cornelis Van der Berg, 27/10-31/10
Lucy Miller, New York, 28/10-28/11
Olivier Surel, 28/10-24/11
Sabrina Tarasoff, Paris, 28/10-24/11
Maïté Jane, 29/10-4/11
Marije Roos, 31/10-7/11
Bonno Lange, 31/10-7/11
Diana Bratu, 31/10-11/11
Daniel Edward Lucas, 1/11-21/11
Marion Prime, 1/11-3/11
Gwen Bloch, 1/11-3/11
Cohen Alain, Paris, 3/11-4/11
Simon Henocq Prune Bechaud Augustin Bette, Paris, 3 pers., 3/11-7/11
Simone Heinen, Utrecht, 4/11-8/11
Noa Zevenbergen, Utrecht, 4/11-8/11
Ate Pelsma et Marieke van Schie, 2 pers., 5/11-6/11
Sarah Lévénès, Paris, 7/11-11/11
Diana Bratu, 7/11-11/11
Yasmina Boudia, Brussels, 4 pers., 7/11-10/11
Olivier Normand, 8/11-12/11
Coline Eberhard, 8/11-12/11
Ruth-Johanne Andersson, 8/11-12/12
Lucile Dupraz, 8/11-23/11
Christian Töpfner, 8/11-17/11
Marie-Pierre Duquoc, 8/11-12/11
Francis Christeller/Goethe Institute, London, 13 pers., 8/11-14/11 (Goethe Institut)
Daniel Kuneman, 9/11-19/11
Jack Cox, 11/11-11/12
Daniela Bershan, 11/11-21/11
Chloé Thomas, 11/11-15/11
Marie Takahashi, 11/11-15/11
Cornelis van den Berg, 13/11-16/11
Mary Lawrence, Seattle, 15/11-19/12
Gabriel Catren, 15/11-26/11
Frida Laux, 15/11-24/11
Berno Odo Polzer, 17/11-21/11
Elisabeth & Elgar Polzer, 2 pers., 17/11-19/11
Jorge Guevara, 17/11-20/11
Sepideh Ardalani, Massia, 17/11-2/1
Sandra Hasenoder, 17/11-27/11
Nicolas Siepen, 17/11-22/11
Giulia Tognon, 17/11-22/11
Sviatlana Viarbitskaya, 18/11-21/11
Romaine De Mesmay, 18/11-23/11
Christine De Smedt, 18/11-24/11
Simon Asencio, 18/11-23/11
Perrine Bailleux, 3 pers., 18/11-22/11
Valetina Desideri, 2 pers., 18/11-21/11
Matt Martin Hare, 18/11-21/11
Louise Trueheart, 18/11-25/11
Kroot Juraak, 18/11-21/11
Emma Kim Hagdahl, 18/11-21/11
Ellen Hare, 18/11-21/11
Diana Bratu, 18/11-21/11
Bojana Cvejić, 18/11-21/11
Jonathan King, New York, 19/11-26/11
Jackie Grassman, 19/11-23/11
Bas Koehler, 19/11-23/11
Xavier Le Roy, 19/11-22/11
Martha Ritsema, 2 pers., 19/11-21/11
Ana Xenia, 19/11-21/11
Xavier Le Roy, 19/11-22/11
Stefan Govaart, 19/11-21/11
Siri Horton Wagner, 19/11-21/11
Pontus Pettersson, 19/11-21/11
Manou Ritsema, 4 pers., 19/11-21/11
Loic Hecht, 19/11-20/11
Loes Goedbloed, 19/11-21/11
Kenza Sand, 19/11-25/11
Katrien Meganck, 19/11-21/11
Inge Duytschaever, 19/11-21/11
Diana Khamis, 19/11-21/11
Daan Oostveen, 19/11-21/11
Corentin Bourdeaux, 19/11-21/11
Benjamin Woodard, 19/11-21/11
Ariane Loze, 19/11-21/11
Andrea Rod, 19/11-21/11
Adriano Jensen, 19/11-21/11
Liisbeth Horn, 20/11-17/12
guillaume ollendorff, 20/11-3/12
Vincenzo Latronico, 20/11-25/11
Lendl Barcelos, 20/11-21/11
Franziska Aigner, 20/11-21/11
Anna Berkhoff, 20/11-22/11
Laurent Garnier, 20/11-21/11
Eoghan Ryan, 20/11-21/11
Marija Baranauskaitė, 20/11-21/11
Thomas Rietstra, 20/11-21/11
Eszter Salamon, 20/11-21/11
Petra Sabisch, 20/11-21/11
Roja Zahra Shadmand, 20/11-21/11
Lucia Palladino, 3 pers., 20/11-21/11
Geoffrey Le Guilcher, 20/11-21/11
Hugo de Greef, 20/11-21/11
Alice Heyward, 20/11-21/11
Virginie Durand, 20/11-26/11
Tristan Garcia, 20/11-21/11
Tom Engels, 20/11-21/11
Steven de Belder, 20/11-21/11
Simon Henocq, 20/11-21/11
Sandra Iche, 20/11-21/11
Pauline & Lucinda, 2 pers., 20/11-21/11
Nariman Hatami, 20/11-21/11
Mette Ingvartsen, 20/11-21/11
Marijn Ottenhof, 20/11-21/11
Marielle Pelissero, 20/11-21/11
Louis Morelle, 20/11-21/11
Lyor Askenazi, 20/11-21/11
Lilja Mestre, 20/11-24/11
Laure Ferraris, 20/11-21/11
Julien Chamla, 20/11-21/11
Heike Langsdorf, 20/11-21/11
Jeffrey Le Guilchre, 20/11-21/11
Gabrielle Slijpen, 20/11-21/11
DD Dorvillier, 20/11-21/11
Claire Savigne, 20/11-21/11
Christiane Huber, 20/11-21/11
Chloe Thomas, 20/11-21/11
Charles Sarraute, 20/11-21/11
Carolina Saquel, 20/11-21/11
Bas Boeser, 20/11-21/11
Thomas Ryckewaert, 20/11-26/11
Kristien VanderBrande, 21/11-23/11
Marielle Pelissero, Brussels, 21/11-24/11
Helene Paris, Paris, 21/11-11/12
Guy Weress, Paris, 22/11-25/11
Marc-Aurèle Baly, 22/11-17/12
frederic taieb, 22/11-26/11
Léa Trédet, 9 pers., 22/11-27/11 (Briquéterie)
Rino Sokol, Antwerp, 24/11-5/12
Estelle Czernichowski, Bruxelles, 2 pers., 24/11-29/11
Roni Katz, Berlin, 2 pers., 24/11-25/11
APASS, Brussels, 21 pers., 24/11-30/11 (APASS)
Sigrid Gareis, 25/11-28/11
Claire Savina, 5 pers., 25/11-29/11
Michiel Dral, Amsterdam, 28/11-3/12
Lucy Miller, 28/11-1/12
Anna Gaïotti, Paris, 29/11-30/11
Egon Schoelynck, Brussels, 29/11-6/12
Roni Katz, Berlin, 2 pers., 30/11-1/12
Lotte Vrancken, Brussels, 2/12-6/12
Loïc Hecht, Paris, 2/12-7/12
Mait Vesker, Tallinn, 2 pers., 2/12-5/12
Cécile Ghrenassia, Paris, 2/12-7/12
A.G. ANNE, 2/12-8/12
Emma Lou Burken, 3/12-8/12
Johanna Ekenhorst, 3 pers., 3/12-8/12
Jana Antonissen, 3/12-11/12
Peter Scherrebeck Hansen, Amsterdam, 4/12-27/12
Tim Faraus Paca, 6/12-27/12
Jean Martinant de Préneuf, 6/12-13/12
Remy Meeuwsen, Amsterdam, 6/12-12/12
Max Labarthe, 7/12-23/12
Christian Töpfner, 9/12-9/1
Amandine Pudlo, 10/12-13/12
Morgane de Capèle, 10/12-13/12
Marion Langumier, 10/12-19/12
Jen Brodie, 10/12-13/12
4everlost, 13 pers., 10/12-11/12
Giulia Tognon, 10/12-19/12
mélanie patris, 10/12-13/12
Lynn SK, 12/12-18/12
Jack Cox, 12/12-12/1
Ben De Raes, Brussels, 2 pers., 12/12-15/12
Lucia Nijdam, 13/12-20/12
Lucy Miller, 13/12-18/12
Lucile Dupraz, 13/12-17/12
Deborah Ruffato, 13/12-19/12
Adrien Lambinet, 15/12-20/12
Cornelis van den Berg, 16/12-21/12
Carien Olbers, 2 pers., 17/12-19/12
Simon Perotti, 18/12-23/12
Peter Vukmirovic Stevens, 18/12-21/12
Hyacinthe HENNAE, 18/12-26/12
lisa verbelen, 19/12-24/12
Katya Ev, 20/12-26/12
Aela Royer, 21/12-24/12
Marga Rita, Berlin, 22/12-5/1
Molly Bareiss, 22/12-2/1
Deborah Ruffato, 23/12-27/12
Lea Faraus, 2 pers., 23/12-27/12
Kjeld Hansen, 2 pers., 23/12-27/12
Nicolas Pertsov, 24/12-3/1
Bonno Lange, 2 pers., 25/12-31/12
Laura Elko, Paris, 2 pers., 25/12-28/12
Gabriel Catren, 26/12-3/1
Jeanne Lakits, 26/12-28/12
Norbert Pape, 26/12-2/1 (SOP)
Jackie Grassmann, 2 pers., 26/12-2/1
Nicolas Siepen, Berlin, 26/12-1/1
Summer, 26/12-17/1
Virginie DURAND, 26/12-6/1
Roni Katz, Berlin, 27/12-3/1
Séba Hendrickx, 27/12-9/1
Annick Kleizen, 27/12-3/1
Christine De Smedt, 27/12-31/12
jen brodie, 27/12-2/1
Stefan Govaart, 27/12-2/1 (SOP)
Marijn Ottenhof, 27/12-6/1
silvia mollicchi, London, 27/12-2/1
Matt Martin Hare, London, 27/12-2/1
Robin & Ajle, Brussels, 27/12-2/1
Bojana Cvejić, Brussels, 27/12-2/1 (SOP)
Vincenzo Latronico, 2 pers., 27/12-3/1
Diana Bratu, 27/12-2/1 (SOP)
Berno Odo Polzer, 27/12-9/1
Daniela Bershan, Brussels, 27/12-9/1
Frida Laux, 27/12-7/1
Giulia Tognon, 27/12-4/1 (SOP)
Dimitri van den Wittenboer, 27/12-2/1
Andrea Rodrigo, 27/12-3/1
Valentina Desideri, 27/12-10/1
marine.deroyer, 27/12-2/1
David Bergé, 27/12-3/1
Pazanne Le Cour Grandmaison, 27/12-2/1
Begum Erciyas, 27/12-3/1
Julian Rohrhuber, 3 pers., 27/12-2/1
Maru Mushtrieva, 2 pers., 27/12-3/1
Stephen Graves, 28/12-14/1
Charlotte Remarque, 2 pers., 28/12-7/1
Hélène Paris, 28/12-31/12
Sara Leghissa, Milan, 2 pers., 28/12-4/1
Thierry Roisin, Paris, 28/12-2/1
Perrine Bailleux, Saint Denis, 28/12-2/1
Louise Trueheart, 28/12-6/1
Dries Van de Velde, 5 pers., 28/12-3/1
Red, 28/12-11/1
Mary Mussman, 28/12-11/1
Constantin Jopeck, 29/12-2/1
Carina Erdmann, 3 pers., 29/12-5/1
Thomas Ryckewaert, 30/12-6/1 (SOP)
Robin & Kiki, Saint Denis, 30/12-2/1
Romain de Mesmay, Paris, 30/12-5/1
Jean-Felix Marecaux, 31/12-31/12
Luis Hidalgo-Bastien, Chile, 31/12-8/2

Lists of Guests PAF in 2023

Jolien Naeyaert, 3/1-8/1
Laura Muyldermans, 3/1-8/1
Paoletta Holst, 3/1-8/1
Emma van der Put, 3/1-8/1
Nicky Runge, 3/1-22/1
Catherine Fatima, 3/1-17/1
Ellen Anthoni, 3/1-15/1
clementine friot, 3/1-7/1
Carlijn van Wijk, 3/1-8/1
Jackson Darby, 3/1-9/1
Wolfram Vandenbergen , 4/1-8/1
Jen Reed, 4/1-6/1
Emma Van Meijeren, 4/1-11/1
Deborah Ruffato, 4/1-18/1
Bonno Lange, 6/1-16/1
Bonno Lange (2 children) (2 people), 6/1-11/1
Marije Roos, 6/1-16/1
Ilja Schamle, 7/1-14/1
Karl Moubarak, 7/1-14/1
Alma Mathijsen, 8/1-13/1
Isa Grütter, 8/1-13/1
Kalinka Verschraegen, 8/1-13/1
Ahanna Verschraegen, 8/1-13/1
Samuël Nelemans, 8/1-12/2
Christophe Bazin , 9/1-20/1
Plamen Petkov, 9/1-11/1
Shira Wolfe , 9/1-13/1
Annemieke Dannenberg, 9/1-13/1
Laura Ramirez Ashbaugh, 10/1-14/1
Dennis Schep, 11/1-14/1
Maud Guyon, 11/1-17/1
Simon Déliot, 11/1-17/1
Cornelis van den Berg, 11/1-17/1
Joske Koning , 12/1-19/1
koen bulckens, 12/1-16/1
Fallon Collett, 14/1-14/2
Louis Morelle (2 people), 14/1-16/1
anne-marieke samson, 14/1-18/1
Athena, 14/1-1/2
Lizan Nijkrake, 16/1-30/1
Hannah Ross, 17/1-24/1
Giulia Tognon, 18/1-22/1
Ellen Anthoni, 18/1-25/1
Ben De Raes/Dagvorm (7 people), 20/1-27/1 (Dagvorm Films)
Carolina Lemos, 20/1-25/2
Jona Andersen, 21/1-4/2
laure samama (2 people), 22/1-28/1
James Elsey , 23/1-27/1
Marie Schaepen/KASK School of arts (18 people), 23/1-27/1 (KASK School of arts in Ghent)
Sophia Ammann , 23/1-29/1
Matilde Casier (3 people), 23/1-27/1
Hannah Ross, 25/1-29/1
Ellen Anthoni, 27/1-22/2
David Bremner, 27/1-1/2
Tristan Boniver, 27/1-2/2
stephane Borraz, 29/1-31/1
Maud HERBERT, 29/1-31/1
Helene GORGE, 29/1-31/1
Max Wuchner, 29/1-2/2
Adrien Lambinet, 30/1-6/2
Jean Martinant, 30/1-4/2
hyacinthe Hennion, 30/1-8/2
Bruno De Wachter, 1/2-8/2
Laure Faingnaert, 1/2-13/2
Camilla Gilardoni, 1/2-5/2
Diana Bratu, 1/2-28/2
Yvo Sprey, 1/2-4/2
Adriano Wilfert Jensen, 1/2-7/2
Athena Anthea, 1/2-6/2
Maarten Vinkenoog, 1/2-4/2
Zoe D'Amaro, 1/2-4/2
BRYNN MCNAB, 3/2-16/2
Louis Morelle (2 people), 3/2-6/2
Marion Uguen, 3/2-9/2
Wim Segers, 4/2-9/2
Arno Grootaers, 4/2-9/2
Lotte Melkert, 5/2-12/2
Kyra Mol, 5/2-12/2
Vincent Millou, 5/2-9/2
Michiel Dral, 5/2-12/2
Britta Wilfert, 5/2-7/2
Lucy Miller, 5/2-9/2
Langumier Marion, 5/2-12/2
Inge Floré, 6/2-10/2 (MA Socio-Political Context)
Anka Cogen, 6/2-10/2 (MA Socio-Political Context)
Robin Vanbesien, 6/2-10/2 (MA Socio-Political Context)
Omar ElAbhar, 6/2-10/2 (MA Socio-Political Context)
Josephine Turalba , 6/2-9/2 (MA Socio-Political Context)
Li Yingfei, 6/2-10/2 (MA Socio-Political Context)
Amber de Saeger, 6/2-10/2 (MA Socio-Political Context)
Miguel Warmenbol, 6/2-10/2 (MA Socio-Political Context)
Ferre Vander, 6/2-10/2 (MA Socio-Political Context)
Shirley Cnop, 6/2-10/2 (MA Socio-Political Context)
Livia Biriba, 6/2-10/2
stephane Borraz (2 people), 6/2-11/2
irini pigaditi, 6/2-10/2 (MA Socio-Political Context)
Mahmoud bichtawi, 6/2-10/2 (MA Socio-Political Context)
Valentina Boye (2 people), 7/2-12/2
Loic Hecht, 8/2-12/2
Cornelis van den Berg, 8/2-13/2
Rosa Sittig-Bell, 9/2-1/3
Perrine Bailleux (2 people), 10/2-12/2
Robin Van Steenbergen, 10/2-12/2
Phanette Barral, 11/2-15/2
Katya ekaterina vassilieva (3 people), 11/2-12/2
tristan garcia (3 people), 11/2-13/2
Celine Pessis, 12/2-16/2
Christopher Lura, 13/2-18/2
Jean Martinant, 13/2-21/2
Marion Raynaud Lacroix, 13/2-20/2
julia thelin, 14/2-1/3
Maud Gyssels, 14/2-20/2
Laurent Prost-Deschryver, 14/2-17/2
Lucile Dupraz, 15/2-20/2
Leonie Maes, 16/2-22/2
Aurelie Sartres, 17/2-24/2
Yves Bernard (2 people), 17/2-18/2
Giulia Tognon, 17/2-18/2
Anton Lambert, 17/2-25/2
Fyllenia Grigoriou, 17/2-25/2
Olivier Normand, 17/2-24/2
Silvia Mollicchi, 17/2-24/2
Marijn Ottenhof, 17/2-31/3
Thomas Ryckewaert (3 people), 17/2-19/2
Roos Pollmann (2 people), 18/2-25/2
Rikus van Eeden, 18/2-25/2
Eva van den Boogaard, 18/2-26/2
Judit Waeterschoot, 18/2-22/2
Jan Dertaelen, 18/2-28/2
Anna la Verge, 18/2-28/2
Jen Reed, 18/2-23/2
Lyor Askenazi, 18/2-22/2
Laurent Van Lancker, 19/2-24/2
Adriano Wilfert Jensen (2 people), 19/2-22/2
Ines Marita Schärer, 19/2-25/2
Marie Lisel, 19/2-24/2
Bryan Campbell, 20/2-24/2
Hélène Paris, 20/2-25/2
Koen Bulckens, 20/2-26/2
Laura Elko, 20/2-25/2
Dana Kuehr, 20/2-24/2
Ailsa (Blurbs) (2 people), 20/2-24/2
JeaNNe La Fonta, 20/2-24/2
Eric Niubo, 21/2-2/3
Ellen Anthoni, 22/2-2/3
Jean Le Goff , 22/2-28/2
Anne-Charlotte Bisoux, 22/2-26/2
estelle czernichowski, 23/2-2/3
Louis Neuville, 23/2-24/2
Alain Cohen, 23/2-25/2
Mahmoud Bichtawi, 23/2-2/3
Annemieke Dannenberg, 23/2-28/2
Fenna Jensma, 23/2-28/2
Sophia Blyden, 23/2-28/2
Audrey Leblanc, 23/2-2/3
Joël Zwaan, 25/2-28/2
Jaas Roeper (2 people), 25/2-27/2
José Salazar, 25/2-28/2
Kira Wuck, 25/2-2/3
Annemarie De Gee, 25/2-2/3
Alma Tijsen, 25/2-2/3
Elske Verdoorn, 25/2-2/3
Maurits Chabot, 25/2-2/3
Amy huntington, 25/2-2/3
Katya Ev, 26/2-2/3
Cornelis van den Berg, 26/2-2/3
Meii Soh, 1/3-2/3
Zoe Couppe (3 people), 1/3-2/3
DAI Dutch Art Institute (80 people), 1/3-11/3 (DAI)
Daniel Sharp, 2/3-3/3
Christian Töpfner, 2/3-24/3
Paula Vool, 11/3-17/3
Liisi Voll, 11/3-26/3
Thomas Ryckewaert, 11/3-15/3
agnes schneidewind, 11/3-22/3
Henri Hütt, 12/3-12/4
Christopher Lura, 12/3-22/3
Stephane Borraz (2 people), 12/3-18/3
Charlotte Hess, 12/3-19/3
Rebekka Wilkens, 12/3-27/3
Lucile Dupraz, 12/3-12/4
Ronan Riou (4 people), 13/3-22/3
Loic Hecht, 13/3-19/3
Hendryk Suchomski, 13/3-27/3
Tao Favre, 13/3-21/3
Adriano Wilfert Jensen (2 people), 13/3-16/3
marion molle , 13/3-22/3
Elliot Dadat, 13/3-22/3
Leo Hoffsaes, 13/3-22/3
Claire Hurley, 13/3-11/4
Marta Forsberg, 13/3-19/3
Jana Antonissen, 13/3-28/3
Virginia Gamna, 13/3-19/3
Lien De Greef, 13/3-17/3
Camille Florance, 14/3-24/3
Boris Shershenkov, 15/3-31/3
Kristof Van Hoorde (6 people), 15/3-25/3 (a.pass Research Center)
krista burger, 15/3-20/3
Summer, 16/3-31/3
Marcia Savelkoul (2 people), 17/3-20/3
Joséphine Legeay, 17/3-19/3
Anne Bourrassé, 17/3-21/3
marie Liesse Hocquet, 18/3-19/3
Sabrina Huth, 18/3-26/3
Jorge Guevara, 20/3-24/3
Vic Grevendonk, 20/3-28/3
Naoto Hieda, 20/3-24/3
sabrina manach, 20/3-26/3
Jeanne Chauchat, 20/3-24/3
Alienor H., 20/3-27/3
Anne-Charlotte Bisoux, 20/3-27/3
Marlene Hujer (4 people), 21/3-24/3
Alexia Perineau, 22/3-28/3
Caro Boden, 23/3-27/3
Nel Meyrink, 23/3-27/3
Stephen Graves, 24/3-31/3
Melanie Matthieu (2 people), 24/3-27/3
Thomas Ryckewaert, 24/3-27/3
David Bremner, 24/3-26/3
Robert Hamelijnck, 25/3-26/3
Nienke Terpsma, 25/3-26/3
nicolas moreau, 25/3-26/3
Laura Elko, 25/3-26/3
Christian Töpfner, 27/3-3/4
LUCA (32 people), 28/3-31/3 (LUCA)
Rietveld/Vere Van der Veen (20 people), 28/3-31/3 (Rietveld)
Cyril Bezzina , 30/3-2/4
corin ward, 30/3-8/4
Gabriel Catren, 30/3-7/4
caroline bijl, 31/3-2/4
Marissa Edwards, 31/3-13/4
Lou Quevauvillers, 31/3-4/4
Ines Dupeyron, 31/3-4/4
Leo Bourdet, 31/3-4/4
Laurent Prost-Deschryver, 31/3-2/4
Guy Ronen , 31/3-6/4
Li Yingfei, 1/4-10/4
Frederic Stucin (2 people), 1/4-2/4
Olivier Normand, 1/4-2/4
Terry Vreeburg, 1/4-12/4
Boris Shershenkov, 1/4-11/4
Summer, 1/4-5/6 (SM 23, RW 23)
Stephen Graves, 1/4-1/5
Manon Kersten, 1/4-10/4
Taiina Gruenzig, 2/4-6/4
Adriano Wilfert Jensen (2 people), 2/4-7/4
Kristof Van Hoorde (16 people), 2/4-9/4 (a.pass postgraduates)
Alfonso Zavala (2 people), 2/4-6/4
Philine Kreuzer (2 people), 2/4-8/4
Eva Salman, 2/4-8/4
marine de royer, 2/4-9/4
marie spiller, 2/4-7/4
Hélène Paris, 3/4-5/4
Lara Rosseel, 3/4-9/4
Charlotte Remarque, 3/4-8/4
Nina Reid, 3/4-8/4
Naelle Dariya, 3/4-7/4
Willem Mingelen, 3/4-8/4
Kolja van Zwoll, 3/4-12/4
Kiwa, 3/4-12/4
Regina Borovaya, 4/4-10/4
Raffaella Huizinga, 4/4-9/4
Helene Stephensen, 4/4-10/4
Esmee van Zeeventer, 4/4-9/4
maansi jain (2 people), 5/4-12/4
Michiel Reynaert, 5/4-9/4
Paula ALMIRON, 5/4-9/4
Wouter De Raeve, 5/4-9/4
Jan Dertaelen, 5/4-13/4
Johanna Ackva (2 people), 5/4-12/4
Lauren (Loren) Haley, 6/4-11/4
Camilla Gilardoni, 6/4-12/4
Hanna Kucera, 7/4-10/4
Gabriel Catren, 7/4-10/4
Laura Muyldermans, 7/4-12/4
Lea Bertrand, 7/4-11/4
hemon sofi, 7/4-10/4
Bart Decroos, 7/4-12/4
Bram Van Beek, 8/4-12/4
Cyril Leclerc et Mathilde Chamoux (2 people), 8/4-12/4
Andrea Zavala Folache (2 people), 9/4-12/4
Theresa Zwerschke, 10/4-13/4
Cornelia Isaksson, 10/4-13/4
Lyor Askenazi, 11/4-27/4
Tomer Fruchter, 12/4-13/4
judith williquet, 12/4-13/4
Julie Massera , 12/4-13/4
Sofia Nogueira, 13/4-14/4
DAI Dutch Art Institute (80 people), 13/4-22/4 (DAI)
Elke Schouten, 22/4-25/4
Germaine van der sanden, 22/4-25/4
Auriane Blanc, 22/4-27/4
Maica Gugolati , 22/4-9/5
Lucile Dupraz, 22/4-24/4
Maïté Jane, 22/4-30/4
Mischa Schlegel, 22/4-30/4
Benjamin De Moor, 23/4-26/4
Jip Piet, 23/4-27/4
Olia Sosnovskaya, 23/4-1/5
Ellen Anthoni, 23/4-26/4
ESACM/Aurélie BRUHL (3 people), 23/4-6/5 (ESACM)
Deborah Ruffato, 23/4-5/5
Laura Elko, 24/4-28/4
Maaike Boot (6 people), 24/4-5/5 (DAS)
Pierre Gautheron, 24/4-3/5
Agathe Zimmer, 24/4-3/5
Camille Bloomfield (2 people), 24/4-30/4
Amy Pennington (2 people), 24/4-30/6 (SM 23, RW 23)
Eva van den Boogaard, 25/4-5/5
Jean Le Goff, 25/4-30/4
BEAR Critical Practices Stichting Artez (34 people), 25/4-29/4 (Critical Practices, ArteZ)
Sebastien Hendrickx Séba, 26/4-14/5
Adriano Wilfert Jensen (2 people), 27/4-11/6 (SM 23, RW 23)
Auriane Blanc, 27/4-28/4
Virginia Gamna, 27/4-3/5
Maaike Fransen, 28/4-3/5
Christian Töpfner, 28/4-29/5 (SM 23, RW 23)
Sarah van Binsbergen, 28/4-3/5
Alexia Perineau, 28/4-3/5
Hélène Paris, 29/4-14/5 (RW 23)
Fen Devaux-Touchemoulin (2 people), 29/4-4/5
Katya Ev, 29/4-7/5
Josefin Arnell (2 people), 29/4-3/5
Lynn S.K., 30/4-6/5
Scott McCulloch, 1/5-16/5 (RW 23)
Guillaume Ollendorff, 1/5-14/5 (RW 23)
Aaricia Lemaire, 1/5-7/5
Jonas Hirsch, 1/5-7/5
Lucien GUENE, 1/5-7/5
Sarah Murcia, 1/5-7/5
Arkadi Meer (2 people), 1/5-7/5
Mieke Verdickt, 1/5-8/5
Pazanne Le Cour Grandmaison, 2/5-7/5
julie seydoux, 2/5-7/5
Kenza Sandra Boda, 2/5-7/5
Manon Kersten, 3/5-14/5 (RW 23)
Roy Wroth, 3/5-16/5 (RW 23)
Geurt Sengers, 3/5-13/5 (RW 23)
Hira Park (3 people), 4/5-7/5
Claire Hurley, 4/5-16/5 (RW 23)
Frida Laux, 5/5-17/5 (RW 23)
Helena Dietrich, 5/5-17/5
Jia Jia Chen, 5/5-15/5 (RW 23)
Jonathan Anderson, 6/5-15/5 (RW 23)
Omri Shapira, 7/5-17/5 (RW 23)
Bazin Christophe, 7/5-14/5 (RW 23)
Alexander Bradley, 7/5-14/5 (RW 23)
Steven Verdonck, 7/5-14/5 (RW 23)
Carina Premer, 7/5-15/5 (RW 23)
Moos Boeke, 7/5-13/5 (RW 23)
Tom Lye, 7/5-14/5 (RW 23)
julie seydoux, 7/5-8/5
Roya Shadmand, 7/5-14/5 (RW 23)
Jan Rohwedder, 7/5-14/5 (RW 23)
Tristan Boniver, 7/5-14/5 (RW 23)
Anna Kretschmer, 7/5-14/5 (RW 23)
Ditte Van Brempt, 7/5-14/5 (RW 23)
Emma Winding Nordestgaard (2 people), 8/5-14/5 (RW 23)
Kyra Kaisla, 8/5-16/5 (RW 23)
Andreas Pfister, 8/5-16/5 (RW 23)
sidney vollmer, 8/5-12/5
Lucile Dupraz, 12/5-15/5 (RW 23)
Mira Studer, 12/5-14/5
Stefa Govaart, 13/5-22/5 (SM 23)
Nisaar Ulama, 14/5-22/5 (SM 23)
Steph Holl-Trieu, 14/5-22/5 (SM 23)
Manon Kersten, 15/5-16/5
Bojana Cvejic, 15/5-22/5 (SM 23)
Wilma Smilde​ (2 people), 15/5-17/5
Martina Cavalot, 16/5-24/5 (SM 23)
Claire Hurley, 16/5-25/5 (SM 23)
Leon Habelt, 16/5-22/5 (SM 23)
Bastian Meindl, 16/5-22/5 (SM 23)
Jakob Braito, 16/5-22/5 (SM 23)
Lia Rodrigues, 16/5-25/5 (SM 23)
Simon Loffler , 16/5-22/5 (SM 23)
Nikolas Brummer , 16/5-22/5 (SM 23)
Eavan Aiken, 16/5-26/5 (SM 23)
Picot Chapman, 16/5-21/5 (SM 23)
Frauke Zabel, 17/5-22/5 (SM 23)
Lyor Askenazi, 17/5-25/5 (SM 23)
Kåre Aleksander Grundvåg (2 people), 17/5-22/5 (SM 23)
Sebastjan Brank, 17/5-22/5 (SM 23)
Jackson Beyda, 17/5-22/5 (SM 23)
Harriet M. Baker, 17/5-22/5 (SM 23)
Nick Koppenhagen, 17/5-22/5 (SM 23)
Persis Bekkering, 17/5-22/5 (SM 23)
Graham Hamilton, 17/5-22/5 (SM 23)
Nora Fulton, 17/5-22/5 (SM 23)
Marija Cetinic , 17/5-22/5 (SM 23)
stanislav iordanov , 17/5-22/5 (SM 23)
Catrinel Radoi, 17/5-23/5 (SM 23)
Tessel Veneboer , 17/5-22/5 (SM 23)
Anne Diestelkamp, 17/5-22/5 (SM 23)
Rosa Luckow, 17/5-22/5 (SM 23)
Luca Daberto, 17/5-22/5 (SM 23)
Florian Clemens Meier, 17/5-22/5 (SM 23)
Hanne Kaunicnik, 17/5-22/5 (SM 23)
Eunjin Yoo, 17/5-22/5 (SM 23)
Leontine Köhn, 17/5-22/5 (SM 23)
Nikhil Vettukattil, 17/5-22/5 (SM 23)
Santiago Archila Salcedo, 17/5-22/5 (SM 23)
Maxine Weiß, 17/5-22/5 (SM 23)
Andrea Rodrigo Rivero, 17/5-22/5 (SM 23)
Chalo Schwaiger, 17/5-22/5 (SM 23)
Ferdinand Hudecek, 17/5-22/5 (SM 23)
Isidora Stajic, 17/5-22/5 (SM 23)
Daniel Brunner, 17/5-22/5 (SM 23)
Philipp Rhensius, 17/5-23/5 (SM 23)
Aristotelis Tokatlidis, 17/5-22/5 (SM 23)
Carina Erdmann, 17/5-22/5 (SM 23)
Conrad Hamilton, 17/5-22/5 (SM 23)
Egon Schoelynck, 17/5-22/5 (SM 23)
Roy Wroth, 17/5-26/5 (SM 23)
Phila Bergmann, 18/5-25/5 (SM 23)
Joseph Baan , 18/5-22/5 (SM 23)
Steven Harris, 19/5-20/5 (SM 23)
Teona Galgoțiu, 19/5-23/5 (SM 23)
Jamieson Webster (3 people), 19/5-22/5 (SM 23)
Thea Reifler, 19/5-25/5 (SM 23)
George Macbeth, 19/5-24/5 (SM 23)
Valentin Aubois-Liogier, 22/5-26/5
Cornelis van den Berg, 22/5-25/5
sammi landweer, 22/5-10/6
Christopher Lura, 23/5-1/6
Matt Hare, 23/5-30/5
Eero Karjalainen , 23/5-25/5
nicola fogazzi, 23/5-25/5
Lea Schlude, 23/5-11/6
Victoria Verseau, 24/5-5/6
Manuela Zechner/Common Ecologies (10 people), 25/5-28/5 (Common Ecologies)
Thomas Rietstra, 25/5-30/5
Claire Hurley, 25/5-26/5
Piet Zwart Institute (18 people), 26/5-30/5 (Piet Zwart Institute )
Risa Horn (9 people), 26/5-30/5
Maud Gyssels , 27/5-29/5
Deborah Ruffato, 28/5-30/6
Auriane Blanc, 28/5-5/6
Alicia House, 28/5-13/6
Emma Jukić, 28/5-4/6
Gabriel Catren, 28/5-3/6
Sam Dolbear, 28/5-4/6
Ash Reid, 29/5-5/6
Georgia Anderson, 30/5-4/6
Mary Mussman, 30/5-11/6
Ellie Cunningham, 31/5-4/6
Alejandro Van Zandt-Escobar, 31/5-4/6
Inigo Wilkins, 31/5-9/6
Mårten Spangberg, 31/5-6/6
Amy Pennington (2 people), 1/6-6/7 (E&O 23)
Ari Merten, 1/6-10/6
Laura Landergott, 1/6-10/6
Solange Manche, 1/6-4/7
Jacques Lemaire (2 people), 1/6-4/6
Nataska Roublov, 1/6-4/6
Lydia van Veen (2 people), 1/6-4/6
Phanette Barral, 2/6-10/6
Egon Schoelynck, 4/6-9/6
Gerty Van de Perre (9 people), 4/6-8/6 (Club Gewalt)
Runa Robbroeckx, 4/6-9/6
Diego Chocano, 5/6-9/6
Sviatlana Viarbitskaya, 5/6-9/6
fanny guillet, 5/6-11/6
Hélène Paris, 5/6-8/6
Elodie Font, 6/6-10/6
Jean Le Goff, 8/6-13/6
Zoe Vilain (5 people), 9/6-11/6
Filipa Cesar, 10/6-17/6 (SSL 23)
Samuel Roturier (3 people), 10/6-11/6
Annick Kleizen, 10/6-21/6 (SSL 23)
egle budvytyte (2 people), 10/6-17/6 (SSL 23)
Carlijn van Wijk, 11/6-18/6
Luara Raio, 11/6-16/6 (SSL 23)
Daniella Valz Gen, 11/6-19/6 (SSL 23)
Michèlle Schimscheimer, 11/6-18/6
Patrick Urbani, 11/6-16/6 (SSL 23)
Konstanze Winter, 11/6-16/6 (SSL 23)
Henriette Fritz, 11/6-16/6 (SSL 23)
Nina Pertsova, 11/6-21/6 (SSL 23)
Romuald Krezel, 11/6-16/6 (SSL 23)
Eliana Kirkcaldy, 11/6-16/6 (SSL 23)
Madhav Agarwal (2 people), 11/6-16/6 (SSL 23)
Sukyoung Lee, 11/6-16/6 (SSL 23)
Valentina Desideri, 11/6-19/6 (SSL 23)
Denise Ferreira da Silva, 11/6-16/6 (SSL 23)
Amalle Dublon, 11/6-16/6 (SSL 23)
Nomaduma Masilela, 11/6-16/6 (SSL 23)
Lyor Askenazi, 11/6-16/6 (SSL 23)
Henrike Kohpeiß, 11/6-15/6 (SSL 23)
Diana Bratu , 11/6-19/6 (SSL 23)
Luara Raio, 11/6-16/6 (SSL 23)
Manon Burg, 11/6-16/6 (SSL 23)
Marta Federici , 11/6-16/6 (SSL 23)
Roya Shadmand, 11/6-16/6 (SSL 23)
Catalina Insignares, 11/6-16/6 (SSL 23)
Carolina Mendonça, 11/6-17/6 (SSL 23)
Raffaella Huizinga, 12/6-17/6
Lou Couvidat, 12/6-14/6 (SSL 23)
Jill Casid (2 people), 12/6-17/6 (SSL 23)
Anat Bosak, 12/6-16/6 (SSL 23)
Bianca Moreira, 13/6-18/6 (SSL 23)
Dirk, 15/6-19/6
Jen Brodie (Reed), 15/6-31/7
Madhav Agarwal, 16/6-27/6
June Allen, 17/6-20/6
Kenza Sandra Boda (2 people), 17/6-24/6
Simon Henocq (8 people), 17/6-21/6
Taylor Lemelle, 17/6-20/6
Lucciana Bolivar (2 people), 18/6-24/6
Nina Otter (2 people), 18/6-19/6
DeMoS (25 people), 19/6-22/6 (DeMoS)
Otto Wichers, 19/6-30/6
Laurens Collee, 20/6-30/6
June Allen, 20/6-28/6
Juliette Brederode, 22/6-26/6
Martijntje van Schooten, 22/6-26/6
Cleo Campert, 22/6-26/6
Marie Lagrand, 22/6-26/6
Ken Christiaens (8 people), 23/6-25/6
Alexandre Dujoncquoy, 23/6-25/6
Silvia Mollicchi, 23/6-1/7
Camille Thomas, 24/6-28/6
lucciana (2 people), 24/6-30/6
Leah Lapiower, 25/6-29/6
Abbie Meekel, 25/6-30/6
Rhiannon Collett, 26/6-10/7 (E&O 23)
Daniela Bershan (2 people), 26/6-13/7 (E&O 23)
Sean Roy Parker, 26/6-1/7
Christian Töpfner, 26/6-29/6
Nina Pertsova, 26/6-13/7 (E&O 23)
Ursula Marcussen (2 people), 27/6-30/6
Red Tremmel, 28/6-12/7 (E&O 23)
Izzy Iatarola, 28/6-13/7 (E&O 23)
Pavel Vasilyev, 29/6-31/7 (E&O 23)
Mary Mussman, 29/6-13/7 (E&O 23)
Stephen Graves, 29/6-30/6
Roni Katz, 29/6-13/7 (E&O 23)
Ellen Anthoni, 30/6-13/7 (E&O 23)
Dimitri van den Wittenboer, 30/6-1/8
Judith Förster, 30/6-11/7
Gadutra, 30/6-11/7 (E&O 23)
Kate/Kit Kat, 30/6-10/7 (E&O 23)
Sandra Hasenöder, 30/6-10/7 (E&O 23)
Lolo Arziki, 30/6-6/7
Edie Brusco, 30/6-10/7 (E&O 23)
Berno Odo Polzer, 30/6-13/7
Zaya Caramelita, 30/6-10/7 (E&O 23)
Carnelian, 30/6-9/7 (E&O 23)
Nany, 30/6-11/7 (E&O 23)
Tessa Zettel, 30/6-11/7
Siri Hjorton Wagner, 30/6-3/7 (E&O 23)
Sepideh Ardalani, 1/7-10/7 (E&O 23)
Dries Van de Velde, 1/7-10/7 (E&O 23)
Niels Niessen, 1/7-10/7 (E&O 23)
Sheena McGrandles, 1/7-10/7 (E&O 23)
Ilja Schamle, 1/7-10/7 (E&O 23)
Feli Sühs, 1/7-10/7 (E&O 23)
Venuri Perera, 1/7-9/7 (E&O 23)
Frida Laux, 1/7-10/7 (E&O 23)
Anna Rispoli (2 people), 1/7-10/7 (E&O 23)
kitchen team E&O, 1/7-10/7 (E&O 23)
Maru Mushtrieva , 1/7-10/7 (E&O 23)
Elisabeth Golinvaux, 1/7-5/7 (E&O 23)
Alicja Czyczel, 1/7-9/7 (E&O 23)
Maude Ares, 1/7-10/7 (E&O 23)
Lucie Schroeder, 1/7-10/7 (E&O 23)
Christophe Meierhans, 1/7-10/7 (E&O 23)
Deborah Ruffato, 1/7-5/7 (E&O 23)
Madhav Agarwal, 1/7-8/7 (E&O 23)
Lotti Seebeck, 1/7-10/7 (E&O 23)
Cyrill Rafael Vasilyev, 2/7-13/7 (E&O 23)
Dash Che, 2/7-10/7 (E&O 23)
Filo Krause, 2/7-14/7
Maja Hannisdal, 2/7-11/7 (E&O 23)
Francesca Petroni, 2/7-10/7 (E&O 23)
Lola, 2/7-11/7 (E&O 23)
Miriam Arkin, 2/7-7/7 (E&O 23)
Elisa Liepsch, 3/7-10/7 (E&O 23)
Sara Leghissa, 3/7-10/7 (E&O 23)
Louise Trueheart, 3/7-7/7 (E&O 23)
Mahmoud Bichtawi, 5/7-10/7 (E&O 23)
Jacoba Cuppens, 6/7-9/7 (E&O 23)
Marcus Lindeen, 6/7-10/7 (E&O 23)
Deborah Ruffato, 6/7-26/7
Auriane Blanc, 8/7-9/7 (E&O 23)
Marion Langumier, 9/7-14/7
Katharina Fey, 10/7-21/7
Eva Schippers, 10/7-16/7
Karin van de Wiel, 10/7-16/7
Colette de Castro, 10/7-14/7
Mathilde Nobel, 10/7-16/7
Lore Smolders, 10/7-20/7
Auridas Gajauskas, 10/7-31/7
Dominique Rivard, 10/7-17/7
Margot Darvenne, 10/7-14/7
Liza Dries, 10/7-16/7
Katinka de jonge, 10/7-20/7
Lucie Schroeder, 10/7-16/7
Hélène Paris, 11/7-16/7
Lucca Fraser, 11/7-14/7
June Allen, 11/7-16/7
Maude Ares, 11/7-17/7
Gabriel Laurent, 11/7-16/7
Nadezda Soldatenkova, 11/7-16/7
Tessa Zettel, 11/7-14/7
Vincent Dewerie, 11/7-16/7
Parsa SABET BAKTASH (2 people), 12/7-17/7
Vonnie Che Powers, 12/7-18/7
Katya Ev, 12/7-14/8 (SU 23)
Jordan Deal, 12/7-29/7
Laurent Van Lancker, 12/7-23/7
Oscar Galeev, 13/7-23/7
Cyrill Rafael Vasilyev, 13/7-16/7
Ellen Anthoni, 13/7-16/7
Adriano Wilfert Jensen (2 people), 14/7-17/7
Filo Krause, 14/7-1/8
Charlotte Boddaert, 14/7-25/7
Marnicq Roebben (2 people), 15/7-17/7
Geurt Sengers, 15/7-14/8 (SU 23)
Lucca Fraser, 15/7-22/7
Eirini Kartsaki , 16/7-1/8
Odin Coleman , 16/7-23/7
Birds WG, 16/7-30/7
Kristof Van Hoorde (13 people), 16/7-23/7 (a.pass postgraduate )
Sarah Michel, 16/7-23/7
Cyrill Rafael Vasilyev, 16/7-17/7
Eyal Gruss, 17/7-6/8
Yael Tsabari, 17/7-6/8
Itonje Søimer Guttormsen, 17/7-30/7
Jamila Barra, 17/7-30/7
Dominique Rivard, 17/7-18/7
Cyrill Rafael Vasilyev, 17/7-18/7
Marie Astre, 18/7-22/7
Fia Swanson, 18/7-24/7
Thomas Hogeling, 20/7-31/7
Leonie Maes (2 people), 20/7-25/7
Valentina Desideri, 20/7-29/7
Perrine Bailleux, 20/7-23/7
Rastko Pietro Chirco Popović, 20/7-30/7
Bojana Cvejic (6 people), 21/7-23/7 (PARTS)
Julie Rochereau, 22/7-27/7
Mona Clavel (2 people), 22/7-26/7
Reineke Jonker, 23/7-29/7
Bente Jonker, 23/7-29/7
Camille Kingué, 23/7-30/7
Auriane Blanc, 24/7-25/7
gerner, nadine, 24/7-2/8
bernice nauta, 24/7-28/7
Cyril Leclerc + Mathilde Chamoux (2 people), 24/7-30/7
Jelle Martens, 24/7-31/7
Eléonore Gurrey, 24/7-30/7
Fleur den Boer, 24/7-30/7
Trees Heil, 24/7-28/7
Inigo Wilkins, 24/7-30/7
Ayo , 25/7-27/7
Marjet Zwaans, 25/7-27/7
Lina Hansen, 25/7-31/7
Jan Dirk Adams, 25/7-30/7
Monica Fierlafijn (2 people), 25/7-30/7
Django Houwen, 25/7-30/7
Roya Shadmand, 27/7-31/8 (SU 23)
Olivier Surel, 28/7-29/8 (SU 23)
Frida Laux, 28/7-2/8
OZ BJORNSONOVA (5 people), 28/7-6/8
John Andrew Wilhite-Hannisdal, 28/7-30/7
Stephen Graves, 29/7-2/8
Manon Kersten, 29/7-1/8
Babette Robertson , 30/7-31/8
Rastko Pietro Chirco Popovic, 30/7-1/8
Solange Manche, 30/7-12/8 (SU 23)
Oda Brekke, 30/7-11/8 (SU 23)
Stina Ehn, 30/7-11/8 (SU 23)
Adrienne Teicher, 31/7-7/8
magdalene solli, 31/7-31/8 (SU 23)
Niels Niessen, 31/7-27/8 (SU 23)
Kathryn Fischer, 31/7-7/8
Jen Brodie, 1/8-4/8
Tom Lye, 1/8-31/8 (SU 23)
Jack Cox , 1/8-31/8 (SU 23)
Thomas Ryckewaert, 1/8-7/8 (SU 23)
Marijn Ottenhof, 1/8-11/8 (SU 23)
Hannah Ross, 1/8-29/8
Thomas Rietstra, 1/8-31/8 (SU 23)
Gabriel Catren, 1/8-28/8 (SU 23)
Constantin Jopeck, 1/8-31/8
Gilly Karjevsky, 1/8-10/8 (SU 23)
Philipp Carbotta, 1/8-10/8 (SU 23)
Katrina Burch (3 people), 2/8-17/8 (SU 23)
Silvia Mollicchi, 2/8-22/8 (SU 23)
David Selley, 2/8-12/8 (SU 23)
OZ Bjornsonova, 3/8-6/8
Marcel Schock, 4/8-7/8
Don Edler, 4/8-28/8 (SU 23)
Nina Sarnelle (2 people), 4/8-30/8 (SU 23)
Selwa Sweidan, 4/8-14/8 (SU 23)
Vanessa Ohlraun (2 people), 4/8-28/8 (SU 23)
Georgia Lahiff, 4/8-29/8 (SU 23)
Giulia Tognon, 4/8-3/9 (SU 23)
Flavia Lauri, 4/8-29/8
reese riley, 4/8-4/9 (SU 23)
Guy Weress, 4/8-10/8 (SU 23)
Jona Andersen, 5/8-15/8 (SU 23)
Nany, 5/8-24/8 (SU 23)
Adriano Wilfert Jensen, 5/8-12/9 (SU 23)
Eline Mabilde, 5/8-19/8 (SU 23)
Lore Deselys, 5/8-26/8 (SU 23)
Maeve Devine, 6/8-12/8 (SU 23)
Helene Franch, 6/8-13/8 (SU 23)
Dagmar Gronning, 6/8-13/8 (SU 23)
Conrad Hamilton, 6/8-13/8 (SU 23)
WORK HARD PLAY HARD Working Group (3 people), 6/8-9/8 (SU 23)
Josie Archer, 6/8-19/8 (SU 23)
Maggie Walker, 6/8-13/8 (SU 23)
Salem Hilal, 6/8-13/8 (SU 23)
Kim Miller, 6/8-16/8 (SU 23)
corin ward, 6/8-28/8 (SU 23)
Teresa Gillespie, 6/8-28/8 (SU 23)
Jenny Ames, 6/8-31/8 (SU 23)
Caro Boden, 6/8-12/8 (SU 23)
Inigo Wilkins, 6/8-27/8 (SU 23)
James Goodwin, 6/8-14/8 (SU 23)
Albin Werle, 6/8-13/8 (SU 23)
Pêdra Costa, 6/8-12/8 (SU 23)
Billie Cashmore, 7/8-11/8 (SU 23)
Ellen Anthoni , 7/8-10/8 (SU 23)
Apolline Royant, 7/8-12/8 (SU 23)
Frank Guest, 7/8-12/8 (SU 23)
Phyllis Koehler, 7/8-11/8 (SU 23)
Ronen Eldar, 7/8-14/8 (SU 23)
Nina Vroemen, 7/8-28/8 (SU 23)
Erin Hill, 7/8-27/8 (SU 23)
Kristin McWharter, 7/8-12/8 (SU 23)
Julia Gladstone, 7/8-18/8 (SU 23)
Carina Erdmann, 7/8-28/8 (SU 23)
Phila Bergmann, 7/8-13/8 (SU 23)
Thea Reifler, 7/8-13/8 (SU 23)
Francois Bazin, 7/8-14/8 (SU 23)
lucia di giorgio , 7/8-17/8 (SU 23)
Lisa Schaman, 7/8-18/8 (SU 23)
Mahmoud Bichtawi, 7/8-1/9 (SU 23)
Léa Poiré, 7/8-11/8 (SU 23)
Diane Daayan, 7/8-12/8 (SU 23)
Arthur Ganem, 7/8-12/8 (SU 23)
Tessel Veneboer, 8/8-17/8 (SU 23)
henry andersen, 8/8-17/8 (SU 23)
Jonas Carlsen, 8/8-13/8 (SU 23)
Adam Jones, 8/8-9/8 (SU 23)
Rosa Methol (4 people), 8/8-11/8 (SU 23)
Anu Laiho, 8/8-22/8 (SU 23)
Hadley Howes (2 people), 8/8-13/8 (SU 23)
Simon Asencio, 8/8-23/8 (SU 23)
Joana Chicau, 8/8-11/8 (SU 23)
Emmanuela Ruiz, 8/8-15/8 (SU 23)
Andrea Zavala Folache, 8/8-2/9 (SU 23)
Elisa Cucinelli, 8/8-12/8 (SU 23)
Armin Schneider, 9/8-15/8 (SU 23)
David Helbich (2 people), 9/8-14/8 (SU 23)
Nina Pertsova, 9/8-25/9 (SU 23)
Matt Hare, 9/8-31/8 (SU 23)
Thomas Ryckewaert, 9/8-15/8 (SU 23)
Steve Gurysh, 9/8-17/8 (SU 23)
Laurent Prost-Deschryver, 10/8-22/8 (SU 23)
Agnès Gayraud, 10/8-13/8 (SU 23)
Francisca Snip, 10/8-17/8 (SU 23)
Leonie Nagel, 10/8-13/8 (SU 23)
Max Stocklosa, 10/8-13/8 (SU 23)
Caroline Godart, 10/8-15/8 (SU 23)
Sophie Thunus, 10/8-15/8 (SU 23)
Matias Daporta, 10/8-15/8 (SU 23)
Tiphanie Kim Mall, 10/8-13/8 (SU 23)
Blond Matthieu, 11/8-15/8 (SU 23)
Manon Kersten, 11/8-20/8 (SU 23)
James Elsey, 11/8-22/8 (SU 23)
Christian Töpfner, 11/8-3/9 (SU 23)
Jen Brodie (Reed), 11/8-28/8 (SU 23)
Charlotte Szasz (2 people), 11/8-22/8 (SU 23)
Sabrina Seifried, 12/8-17/8 (SU 23)
Hamish Todd, 12/8-19/8 (SU 23)
Tyra Wigg, 12/8-20/8 (SU 23)
Maziar Afrassiabi, 12/8-19/8 (SU 23)
Ties van Gemert, 12/8-15/8 (SU 23)
Jana Antonissen, 12/8-20/8 (SU 23)
Lyor Askenazi, 12/8-18/8 (SU 23)
Sonia de Jager, 12/8-22/8 (SU 23)
Lietje Bauwens, 12/8-22/8 (SU 23)
Fredrik Floen, 12/8-21/8 (SU 23)
Lynda Fizwater, 13/8-16/8 (SU 23)
Lo Moran, 13/8-19/8 (SU 23)
David Ventura, 13/8-19/8 (SU 23)
Marika Vandekraats, 13/8-16/8 (SU 23)
James Trafford, 13/8-16/8 (SU 23)
Anne-Lise le Gac, 14/8-19/8 (SU 23)
Barbora Janáková, 14/8-20/8 (SU 23)
Alvaro Martinez, 14/8-17/8 (SU 23)
Felipe Castelblanco, 14/8-16/8 (SU 23)
Frances Disley, 14/8-18/8 (SU 23)
Dave Evans, 14/8-18/8 (SU 23)
Henry Osman, 14/8-21/8 (SU 23)
Hayden Waggener, 15/8-18/8 (SU 23)
Louis Morelle, 15/8-27/8 (SU 23)
Lukas Bickel, 15/8-21/8 (SU 23)
jean-michel lacrosse, 15/8-23/8 (SU 23)
Scott Andrew, 15/8-18/8 (SU 23)
Jesse Factor, 15/8-18/8 (SU 23)
Ethan Jerett, 15/8-18/8 (SU 23)
William Spendlove, 15/8-28/8 (SU 23)
Maria Dębińska, 15/8-28/8 (SU 23)
Amelia Whitney, 15/8-18/8 (SU 23)
Diana Duta, 16/8-20/8 (SU 23)
Frida Sandström (2 people), 16/8-26/8 (SU 23)
Nora Wehofsits (2 people), 16/8-23/8 (SU 23)
Leander Berger, 16/8-21/8 (SU 23)
Jona Andersen, 16/8-20/8 (SU 23)
Piet Vossler, 16/8-19/8 (SU 23)
Valentine Paley, 16/8-17/8 (SU 23)
Isolda Mac Liam, 16/8-19/8 (SU 23)
Sophie Pousette, 16/8-24/8 (SU 23)
Diana Švihlová, 16/8-23/8 (SU 23)
Jeanne Etelain, 16/8-21/8 (SU 23)
Ruth Van Mourik, 16/8-22/8 (SU 23)
Caszimir Cleutjens, 16/8-22/8 (SU 23)
Jeremy Lecomte, 16/8-20/8 (SU 23)
Peli Grietzer, 17/8-29/8 (SU 23)
Persis Bekkering, 17/8-24/8 (SU 23)
Youngsook Choi, 17/8-23/8 (SU 23)
Nicola Colclough, 17/8-23/8 (SU 23)
David Selley, 18/8-28/8 (SU 23)
Clementine Dubost, 18/8-22/8 (SU 23)
Andria Nyberg Forshage, 18/8-27/8 (SU 23)
jeanne lakits, 18/8-20/8 (SU 23)
Armin Schneider, 19/8-28/8 (SU 23)
Nathaniel Moore, 19/8-26/8 (SU 23)
Clémence Agnez, 19/8-20/8 (SU 23)
Josie Archer, 19/8-20/8 (SU 23)
Daniël Olivier, 20/8-31/8 (SU 23)
George Macbeth, 20/8-26/8 (SU 23)
Ties van Gemert, 20/8-27/8 (SU 23)
Joy Mariama Smith, 20/8-25/8 (SU 23)
Kenza Sandra Boda, 20/8-27/8 (SU 23)
Karoline Świeżyński, 20/8-28/8 (SU 23)
Will Fraser (2 people), 20/8-27/8 (SU 23)
Jackqueline Frost, 20/8-23/8 (SU 23)
Dado Amaral, 20/8-21/8 (SU 23)
Manon Kersten, 20/8-21/8 (SU 23)
Jona Andersen, 20/8-21/8 (SU 23)
Sophia Lopilato, 20/8-25/8 (SU 23)
Piet Ruig, 20/8-27/8 (SU 23)
Rita Serra e Silva, 20/8-27/8 (SU 23)
Joana Amen, 20/8-27/8 (SU 23)
Helena Oliveira, 20/8-27/8 (SU 23)
linda elsner, 21/8-25/8 (SU 23)
Niels Dawartz (2 people), 21/8-28/8 (SU 23)
Kornelia Remø Klokk, 21/8-28/8 (SU 23)
Joey Hollis, 21/8-28/8 (SU 23)
Richard Hames, 21/8-24/8 (SU 23)
Guillaume Ollendorff, 21/8-30/8 (SU 23)
Liam Monzer Alzafari, 21/8-24/8 (SU 23)
Per-Anders Kraudy Solli, 21/8-29/8 (SU 23)
Brad Casey, 21/8-30/8 (SU 23)
Nick Koppenhagen, 21/8-28/8 (SU 23)
Charlie Ashwell, 21/8-25/8 (SU 23)
Erin Sexton, 21/8-28/8 (SU 23)
Denise Lim, 21/8-1/9 (SU 23)
adam kaasa, 21/8-24/8 (SU 23)
Isabella Shannon, 21/8-28/8 (SU 23)
Philipp Rhensius, 22/8-28/8 (SU 23)
Eavan Aiken, 22/8-28/8 (SU 23)
Armin Schneider, 22/8-28/8 (SU 23)
Hanne Kaunicnik (2 people), 22/8-28/8 (SU 23)
Imogen Grigorovich, 22/8-26/8 (SU 23)
Aino-Marjatta Mäki, 22/8-28/8 (SU 23)
Charlotte Szasz (2 people), 22/8-23/8 (SU 23)
Jeremy Lecomte, 22/8-27/8 (SU 23)
Holly Hollis, 22/8-28/8 (SU 23)
Kit Christiane (2 people), 22/8-26/8 (SU 23)
Fabien Maltais-Bayda, 22/8-28/8 (SU 23)
Zoé Mary-Roulier , 22/8-27/8 (SU 23)
Ashley Holmes, 22/8-25/8 (SU 23)
Patrick Riechert, 22/8-31/8 (SU 23)
Tormod Skår Midtbø, 23/8-28/8 (SU 23)
Nicolas Siepen, 23/8-28/8 (SU 23)
Marijn Ottenhof, 23/8-28/8 (SU 23)
Thomas Ryckewaert, 23/8-28/8 (SU 23)
Margaret Abeshu, 24/8-27/8 (SU 23)
Georgemma Hunt, 24/8-27/8 (SU 23)
Yi-Jen Chang, 24/8-27/8 (SU 23)
Alexey Vanushkin, 24/8-27/8 (SU 23)
Asta Marie Budde Magaard, 24/8-25/8 (SU 23)
Quenton Miller, 24/8-28/8 (SU 23)
Yann Bronder, 24/8-27/8 (SU 23)
Paul Cortois, 24/8-25/8 (SU 23)
Katriona McGlade, 24/8-27/8 (SU 23)
Angeliki Tzortzakaki, 24/8-27/8 (SU 23)
Ceri Hedderwick Turner , 24/8-27/8 (SU 23)
Tom Ramshaw, 25/8-31/8 (SU 23)
Valentina Luporini (2 people), 25/8-27/8 (SU 23)
Eliana Otta, 25/8-28/8 (SU 23)
Virginia Gamna, 28/8-3/9
Svenja Schulte, 28/8-29/8
Maria Debinska, 28/8-30/8
Eavan Aiken, 28/8-30/8
Armin Schneider, 28/8-2/9
Kate Paul, 28/8-30/9
Shira Horesh, 29/8-6/9
Jen Brodie, 29/8-19/9
La Fielding, 30/8-4/9
Faye Forever, 30/8-4/9
Carl Gent, 30/8-3/9
Simon Asencio, 30/8-8/9
Sarah Al-Sarraj, 30/8-3/9
Brad Casey, 30/8-31/8
Aurelie Sartres, 30/8-7/9
Elvira Barboza, 30/8-1/9
Teresa Tonale (2 people), 30/8-1/9
Charlotte Hess (2 people), 31/8-4/9
Monoronjon Pondit, 31/8-3/9
Tristan Boniver, 31/8-7/9
Le masque du chat (2 people), 31/8-4/9
Lyor Askenazi, 1/9-3/9
Tao Favre, 1/9-25/9
Jeremy Mealing, 1/9-8/9
Kalinka Verschraegen (2 people), 1/9-6/9
Roya Shadmand, 1/9-3/1 (WUM 23)
Mahmoud Bichtawi, 1/9-6/9
Simon Henocq, 3/9-6/9
Clément De Boever, 3/9-6/9
Megan Bruinen, 4/9-9/9
Sarah Vasen, 4/9-9/9
Julia Werner, 4/9-4/10
Marina Schlagintweit, 4/9-20/9
Bonno Lange, 4/9-18/9
Maxence Rey-Cie Betula Lenta (2 people), 4/9-8/9
Xenia Alexandrovna, 5/9-16/9
Georges Guessennd (6 people), 5/9-9/9
Virginie Durand, 5/9-11/9
antony quenet, 5/9-10/9
Elizabeth Dawson-smith, 5/9-12/9
Folkert Verdoorn (2 people), 6/9-15/9
Sandra Kazlauskaite (8 people), 6/9-6/9
Clément De Boever, 6/9-7/9
stephane Borraz (2 people), 6/9-10/9
Pau Vallvé, 6/9-12/9
Magali Coremans, 7/9-12/9
Liisi Voll, 7/9-6/10
Andrea Zavala Folache, 8/9-11/9
Auriane Blanc, 8/9-26/9
Katya Ev (2 people), 8/9-11/9
Maïté Jane, 9/9-16/9
Marije Roos, 9/9-18/9
Marion Uguen, 9/9-14/9
chanu pauline, 9/9-10/9
Sebastiaan Boersma, 9/9-12/9
Malou ter Horst, 10/9-21/9
Sophie May, 10/9-14/9
Malte Schwoch, 10/9-16/9
Cordula Rohde (2 people), 11/9-18/9
Sue Allport, 11/9-3/10
Egon Schoelynck, 11/9-16/9
Rhianna Ilube, 12/9-17/9
Cornelis van den Berg, 12/9-17/9
Mahmoud Bichtawi, 12/9-20/9
Elizabeth Dawson-Smith, 12/9-14/9
Jan Dertaelen, 13/9-21/9
Bojana Cvejic (11 people), 14/9-21/9 (PARTS)
Spencer Hoffman, 14/9-18/9
Lisa Dohmstreich, 14/9-27/9
Luca Bambost, 15/9-15/9
Lauranne Van den Heede, 16/9-20/9
ludovicus grevendonk, 18/9-27/9
Mukund, 18/9-20/9
Axelle Lermitte , 18/9-25/9
reese riley, 18/9-20/9
stephane Borraz, 19/9-22/9
Suzanne Kipping, 20/9-24/9
Lua Mauff, 20/9-30/9
Iben Holck, 20/9-1/10
Sophie Lev, 20/9-28/9
Kim Sanou (2 people), 20/9-30/9
Martina Kertészová, 20/9-27/9
Adriano Wilfert Jensen (2 people), 21/9-17/10
Francis Jones, 22/9-30/9
Gloria Dawson, 22/9-30/9
Triin Kauber, 23/9-13/11
Mehdi Farajpour, 24/9-30/9
Roel Hazendonk, 25/9-27/9
Anat Bosak (2 people), 26/9-3/10
Andrea Cownden, 26/9-30/9
Aart Helder (22 people), 28/9-1/10
Alexina Miles, 29/9-6/10
Philippe Beloul, 29/9-7/10
pontus pettersson, 29/9-1/10
Lizan Nijkrake, 29/9-8/10
Tristan Boniver, 30/9-2/10
Christian Töpfner, 30/9-2/10
Birds WG, 30/9-3/10
Olivier Normand, 30/9-6/10
Raffaella Huizinga, 1/10-10/10
Sipan Sezgin TEKIN , 1/10-12/10
Giulia Tognon, 1/10-2/10
Cat Winter, 1/10-5/10
Roos Marijn Peperkamp, 1/10-6/10
krista burger, 1/10-6/10
D. E. Lucas, 1/10-31/12 (WUM 23)
Clementine Dubost, 1/10-12/10
Julian Rohrhuber (3 people), 1/10-13/10
Suze Milius (2 people), 1/10-4/10
Nienke Beukers (2 people), 2/10-3/10
Lucile Dupraz, 2/10-4/11
Margarita Jimeno, 3/10-18/10
Thomas Szacka-Marier, 3/10-11/10
Sue Allport, 3/10-9/10
Mieke Hendrikse, 4/10-8/10
Alice Cadillon, 4/10-10/10
anna muchin, 4/10-9/10
Josh Vyrtz, 4/10-14/10
Axel Berger (2 people), 4/10-14/10
Leander Janssen, 4/10-8/10
Solange Manche, 5/10-8/10
Lyor Askenazi, 6/10-15/10
Jan Rohwedder, 6/10-10/10
Katya Ev, 6/10-8/10
julia thelin, 6/10-13/10
Meytar Moran, 7/10-13/10
ESAD/Veronique Pintelon (15 people), 9/10-13/10 (ESAD)
Mehdi Farajpour, 9/10-18/10
alexina miles, 10/10-15/10
Gabriel Catren, 10/10-1/11 (HoTT)
Manuel Eguia, 10/10-30/10 (HoTT)
Michiel Dral, 12/10-19/10
Derek Mitchell (4 people), 12/10-16/10
Jelle Brouwer, 12/10-19/10
yiou peng, 12/10-19/10
Marijn Degenaar, 12/10-19/10
Kyra Mol, 12/10-19/10
Lotte Melkert, 12/10-19/10
Johan Sarauw (2 people), 13/10-17/10
Eva van den Boogaard, 13/10-31/10
Meytar Moran, 13/10-30/10 (HoTT)
Manon Michel (2 people), 13/10-17/10
Annebel Courtens, 14/10-21/10
Birds WG, 14/10-17/10
Annabelle Croze (3 people), 14/10-18/10
Olof Runsten (2 people), 15/10-20/10
Norbert Pape, 15/10-26/10 (HoTT)
Matilda Tjäder, 16/10-19/10
Alice Loup, 16/10-20/10
Pia Louwerens, 16/10-20/10
Liam Monzer Alzafari, 16/10-26/10
Allie Linn, 17/10-21/10
Mahmoud Bichtawi, 17/10-1/11
Emilia Kurylowicz, 17/10-27/10
Charlotte Pauwelyn, 17/10-22/10
Alexandre Mehring (2 people), 17/10-18/10
Cornelis van den Berg, 17/10-21/10
Liisbeth Horn, 18/10-19/11
Laurent Prost-Deschryver, 19/10-24/10 (HoTT)
Christian Töpfner, 19/10-31/10 (HoTT)
Darius Grenier, 20/10-27/10
Julian Rohrhuber, 20/10-30/10 (HoTT)
Martin Gius, 20/10-29/10 (HoTT)
Lennart Melzer , 20/10-29/10 (HoTT)
Jonathan Lorand, 20/10-29/10 (HoTT)
Dado Amaral (2 people), 20/10-29/10 (HoTT)
corin ward, 21/10-24/10 (HoTT)
Maarten Van den Bussche, 21/10-29/10 (HoTT)
Ties van Gemert, 21/10-29/10 (HoTT)
Theo de Jager, 21/10-29/10 (HoTT)
Simon Labbe, 21/10-29/10 (HoTT)
Emma Winding, 21/10-17/11
Conrad Hamilton, 21/10-29/10 (HoTT)
sonia de jager, 21/10-29/10 (HoTT)
Sviatlana Viarbitskaya, 21/10-29/10 (HoTT)
Lukas Bickel, 21/10-29/10 (HoTT)
Armin Schneider, 21/10-26/10 (HoTT)
Roy Wroth, 21/10-1/11 (HoTT)
Katya Ev, 21/10-5/11
Marjolein Holvoet, 21/10-29/10 (HoTT)
BRYNN MCNAB, 21/10-29/10 (HoTT)
Will Fraser, 21/10-29/10 (HoTT)
Edward Wilson, 21/10-29/10 (HoTT)
jean-michel lacrosse, 21/10-29/10 (HoTT)
Benny Lichtner, 21/10-29/10 (HoTT)
laure deselys, 21/10-29/10 (HoTT)
Louis Morelle, 21/10-30/10 (HoTT)
Jasmine Karimova, 21/10-29/10
Matt Hare, 21/10-29/10 (HoTT)
Mara Rothbard, 22/10-1/11 (HoTT)
Sarah Bussy (2 people), 23/10-26/10
Raffaella Huizinga, 23/10-24/10
Laurent Prost-Deschryver, 24/10-29/10
Eric Niubo, 26/10-3/11
Mariken Overdijk, 26/10-30/10
Maria Pisiou, 26/10-30/10
Brenna Hilby, 27/10-30/10
compagnie les anthropomorphes, 27/10-3/11
Arnaud TABARDEL, 29/10-5/11
Maïté Jane, 29/10-5/11
Pierre Derycke, 29/10-5/11
Marijn Swarte, 29/10-5/11
Geoffrey Le Guilcher, 29/10-2/11
Mihkel Viinalass, 29/10-1/11
Alexina Miles, 29/10-3/11
Solange Manche, 29/10-4/11
Lennart Melzer, 29/10-30/10
Laurent Prost-Deschryver, 29/10-30/10
Benny Lichtner, 29/10-30/10
Nele De Paepe, 29/10-15/11
Edward Duncan Mace Wilson, 29/10-1/11
Kalinka Verschraegen (2 people), 29/10-5/11
Laras Rienstra, 30/10-3/11
Virginia Gamna, 30/10-4/11
Jordi Vera Melgar, 30/10-3/11
Django Houwen, 30/10-3/11
Sourish Banerjee, 30/10-3/11
Michael Scaturro, 30/10-1/11
Elisabeth Fraser, 30/10-4/11
Sander Westerveld, 30/10-3/11
Laurent Prost-Deschryver, 30/10-1/11
Eva van den Boogaard, 31/10-3/11
Meytar Moran, 31/10-1/11
Nathalie Decour, 1/11-9/11
ludovicus grevendonk, 1/11-14/11
Julia Werner, 1/11-15/11
Kim Dibongue-Levi, 1/11-5/11
Aela ROYER, 1/11-5/11
Renée Goethijn (2 people), 1/11-5/11
Eline Mabilde, 1/11-5/11
Michael Bloos, 1/11-8/11
Olivier Surel, 2/11-11/1 (WUM 23)
Auridas Gajauskas, 2/11-22/11
Justine Van Stichel , 2/11-7/11
Laurens Collee, 3/11-11/11
Pazanne Le Cour Grandmaison, 3/11-7/11
Arnaud TABARDEL, 5/11-7/11
marine de royer, 5/11-10/11
Laure Samama (2 people), 5/11-10/11
Alisha Gamisch, 6/11-15/11
PIN12 (3 people), 8/11-12/11
Birte Opitz, 8/11-15/11
NATHALIE Decour, 9/11-10/11
Moira Barrett, 9/11-16/11
Lore Smolders, 10/11-15/11
Clem Faust (6 people), 10/11-12/11
Jan Dertaelen, 11/11-18/11
Lucien Fradin, 12/11-17/11
Hélène Paris, 13/11-18/11
Gemma+Molly (2 people), 13/11-19/11
Miranda Busansky, 13/11-17/11
Philippe Beloul, 15/11-20/11
NATHALIE Decour, 15/11-16/11
Maria Grundlehner, 16/11-22/11
Clement Thuriot, 16/11-18/11
Christian Töpfner, 17/11-18/11
Leo Negre (6 people), 17/11-19/11
Amy Huntington, 17/11-20/11
Giulia Tognon, 20/11-3/12
Jacqueline van der spek (4 people), 20/11-22/11 (DAI)
Jacqueline van der spek (80 people), 22/11-29/11 (DAI)
Nele De Paepe, 29/11-25/12
Leah Lapiower, 29/11-11/12
Alice Nouvet (2 people), 29/11-10/12
Jacqueline van der spek (2 people), 29/11-1/12 (DAI)
Auridas Gajauskas, 29/11-23/12
Manon Kersten, 29/11-3/12
Maeve Llewellyn-Ihssen, 29/11-24/12
Dominique Rivard, 29/11-7/12
Lyor Askenazi, 30/11-3/12
fanny guillet, 30/11-5/12
philippe nothomb, 30/11-5/12
Claire Paulian, 30/11-3/12
Heta Rundgren, 30/11-2/12
Robin Engelhard, 30/11-23/12
Phanette Barral, 30/11-5/12
Christian Töpfner, 30/11-4/12
Lucy Miller, 1/12-6/12
Olivier Pinto Correia , 1/12-13/12
Yann Bronder (2 people), 1/12-3/12
Sebastien Hendrickx, 1/12-3/1 (WUM 23)
Jana Antonissen, 2/12-17/12
Danielle Freakley, 4/12-9/12
Herman van den Muijsenberg, 4/12-8/12
magdalene solli, 4/12-18/12
Olivier Tempéreau, 4/12-8/12
John Andrew Wilhite-Hannisdal, 4/12-13/12
Simon Pastoors, 6/12-19/12
Maelenn le Bret (2 people), 6/12-11/12
Camille Tolila Mercier, 7/12-13/12
Charlotte Wanda Kachelmann, 7/12-10/12
Simon Labbe, 7/12-9/12
Bo Vloors, 7/12-23/12
Britte van Meurs, 8/12-16/12
Deborah Ruffato, 8/12-24/1 (WUM 23)
Simon Labbe (5 people), 8/12-8/12
Danielle Freakley, 9/12-14/12
Leif Czakai, 10/12-17/12
gemma+molly (2 people), 11/12-17/12
Philippe Beloul, 12/12-19/12
Vickie Chérie, 13/12-19/12
Salomé Mooij, 13/12-20/12
aurelia le huche (2 people), 13/12-18/12
Inès Ryckeboer, 14/12-19/12
Christian Töpfner, 14/12-16/12
Guillaume Ollendorff, 14/12-24/12
Adriano Wilfert Jensen, 14/12-16/12
Omri Shapira, 16/12-26/12
Richard Whitehead, 16/12-20/12
Maggie Walker, 16/12-29/12 (WUM 23)
Yann Bronder, 17/12-21/12
Inigo Wilkins, 17/12-10/1 (WUM 23)
Tristan Boniver, 18/12-4/1 (WUM 23)
lisa verbelen, 18/12-23/12
Maarten Loix, 18/12-22/12
nataska roublov, 18/12-23/12
Harm Peter Smilde, 19/12-23/12
Marcel Schock, 19/12-24/12
Emma Van Meijeren, 20/12-27/12
Lucia Nijdam, 21/12-24/12
Nisaar Ulama, 22/12-15/1 (WUM 23)
Eric Niubo, 22/12-25/12
Christian Töpfner, 22/12-8/1 (WUM 23)
Hanna Tungland, 22/12-27/12
Sviatlana Viarbitskaya, 23/12-6/1 (WUM 23)
Katya Ev, 23/12-7/1 (WUM 23)
Maru Mushtrieva, 23/12-2/1 (WUM 23)
Saoirse Chapman (2 people), 23/12-27/12
Emma Daniel (2 people), 24/12-28/12
Jen Brodie, 24/12-3/1 (WUM 23)
Feli Suehs, 24/12-4/1 (WUM 23)
Nany Triângulos, 24/12-4/1 (WUM 23)
Nina Janela, 24/12-4/1 (WUM 23)
Lola Rodrigues, 24/12-4/1 (WUM 23)
Edie Brusco, 24/12-4/1 (WUM 23)
Gadutra , 24/12-4/1 (WUM 23)
Zaya Ijigaya, 24/12-4/1 (WUM 23)
Lui L'abbate, 24/12-4/1 (WUM 23)
Tom Lye, 24/12-5/1 (WUM 23)
Kate Tungusova, 24/12-4/1 (WUM 23)
Frida Laux, 26/12-3/1 (WUM 23)
June Allen, 26/12-4/1 (WUM 23)
Berno Odo Polzer, 26/12-5/1 (WUM 23)
Lyor Askenazi, 26/12-7/1 (WUM 23)
Marijn Ottenhof (2 people), 26/12-3/1 (WUM 23)
Perrine Bailleux, 26/12-29/12 (WUM 23)
Virginie Durand, 26/12-2/1 (WUM 23)
Glow Riosa, 26/12-4/1 (WUM 23)
D. E. Lucas, 26/12-3/1 (WUM 23)
Dimitri van den Wittenboer, 26/12-3/1 (WUM 23)
Dries Van de Velde, 26/12-5/1 (WUM 23)
Carina Premer, 27/12-2/1 (WUM 23)
Adriano Wilfert Jensen (2 people), 27/12-6/1 (WUM 23)
Daniela Bershan, 27/12-3/1 (WUM 23)
Lisa Dohmstreich, 27/12-3/1 (WUM 23)
Liisi Voll, 27/12-5/1 (WUM 23)
Valentina Desideri, 27/12-10/1 (WUM 23)
Valerio Del Baglivo, 27/12-3/1 (WUM 23)
Jenny Ames, 27/12-4/1 (WUM 23)
Filipa Cesar (2 people), 27/12-3/1 (WUM 23)
Jana Antonissen (2 people), 27/12-3/1 (WUM 23)
Sepideh Ardalani, 27/12-6/1 (WUM 23)
Jacqueline Grassmann (4 people), 27/12-2/1 (WUM 23)
Stefan Govaart, 27/12-7/1 (WUM 23)
Lente Leyssens, 27/12-2/1 (WUM 23)
Norbert Pape, 27/12-8/1 (WUM 23)
Bojana Cvejic (2 people), 27/12-2/1 (WUM 23)
magdalene solli, 27/12-3/1 (WUM 23)
Stefa Govaart, 27/12-3/1
Andrea Rodrigo Rivero (2 people), 27/12-3/1 (WUM 23)
pontus pettersson, 27/12-3/1 (WUM 23)
Siri Hjorton Wagner, 27/12-3/1 (WUM 23)
Patrick Riechert, 27/12-4/1 (WUM 23)
Mira Maria Studer, 27/12-4/1 (WUM 23)
Kenza Sandra Boda, 27/12-4/1 (WUM 23)
Maarten Van den Bussche, 27/12-4/1 (WUM 23)
Nicolas Siepen (2 people), 27/12-3/1 (WUM 23)
Ellen Anthoni, 27/12-2/1 (WUM 23)
Giulia Tognon, 27/12-3/1 (WUM 23)
Constantin Jopeck, 27/12-3/1 (WUM 23)
sara leghissa, 28/12-3/1 (WUM 23)
Sandra Cane, 28/12-3/1 (WUM 23)
Alma Lindborg, 28/12-2/1 (WUM 23)
Kat Schneider, 28/12-3/1 (WUM 23)
Minho Newcomb, 28/12-5/1 (WUM 23)
Emma Kim Hagdahl, 28/12-4/1 (WUM 23)
Vitto Ferrara , 28/12-3/1 (WUM 23)
Elia-Rosa Guirous-Amasse (2 people), 28/12-3/1 (WUM 23)
Lisa Berkert Wallard, 28/12-2/1 (WUM 23)
Patrick Hofweber, 28/12-4/1 (WUM 23)
Clément De Boever, 29/12-2/1 (WUM 23)
Carina Erdmann, 29/12-6/1 (WUM 23)
Eric Olivera, 29/12-3/1 (WUM 23)
Christophe Meierhans (2 people), 29/12-4/1 (WUM 23)
Jo Osbornia , 29/12-1/1 (WUM 23)
Fede Morini (2 people), 29/12-3/1 (WUM 23)
Roni Katz, 29/12-3/1 (WUM 23)
Veza Fernandez (2 people), 29/12-3/1 (WUM 23)
Martina Cavalot, 29/12-2/1 (WUM 23)
Anumai Raska, 30/12-30/1 (WUM 23)
Melanie Weill (2 people), 30/12-1/1 (WUM 23)
Robin Vanbesien, 30/12-2/1 (WUM 23)
Alexandre Dujoncquoy, 30/12-4/1 (WUM 23)
Marie-Alix Isdahl, 30/12-1/1 (WUM 23)
Liisbeth Horn, 30/12-31/1 (WUM 23)
Anna Passarini, 31/12-3/1 (WUM 23)

Permanent ceasefire NOW!

Permanent ceasefire NOW!

End the occupation of Palestine NOW!

As we bear witness to yet another iteration of the colonial violence that has built, and continues to sustain Europe, we invite all to act in solidarity with the Palestinian people, as well as the Israelis who suffer from, and oppose the brutality of occupation.

What is urgently needed now is to name this ongoing genocide. Moreover, we need to articulate the entanglement of the many struggles for social and climate justice on which our collective survival depends.

PAF makes itself available for all organising, discussion, recovery, and unlearning that we hope can serve a global solidarity movement for the liberation of Palestine and the demilitarisation of our world systems. In this process, we commit to fight all forms of discrimination, including Islamophobia, Anti-Arabism, and Antisemitism.

map laon-reims

Professional-Not-Yet Professionals

Artists (performance, media, visual,music,literature) theorists, new media activists can use PAF individually or as a group.

In principal PAF doesn’t make a distinction between professionals or not-yet professionals.
We don't use the concept of teaching. There are no instructors, there is exchange. PAF as we call it, (PerformingArtsForum) is a place for residencies of professionals and not-yet professionals (in the field of performing arts, theory and new media/internet) who work there for a shorter or longer time on their political, artistic and/or theoretical projects. PAF is for people who can motorize their own knowledge production. Knowledge transfer can be developed on the spot by exchange of information in whatever way (discussions, debates, lectures, classes, presentations) between the participants present in PAF at that moment on a strict volunteer basis.
Not-yet professionals pay, like professionals for the use of rooms and for studio space.

Maps - St Erme and wider

Click the url hereunder, click then the little blocks on the left side to get a wider or smaller view:

PAF about its organizational and structural principles (2006)

A conference on Selforganisation in september 2006 in Belgrade formulated a series of questions to be answered by different organisations who tend to implement a certain level of selforganisation.
Kroot Juurak and Alice Chauchat answered for PAF.


Name/title of organization: PAF (Performing Arts Forum)

Legal status:

What is the format/legal status of your organization?
The building is privately owned; there is no official organization for the participants; we are setting up a legal association to arrange money and setting the house to security standards. We will thus make separate answers for the next questions, on the one hand about PAF the non-formal organization, and on the other hand about the legal association.
The association is a non-profit association (French law 1901) involving 6-8 people that take care of the financial maintenance of the house and are responsible for PAF remaining an open structure available to everybody for self-motivated artistic residencies.

Geo-political territory:
Where is your organization based? Saint-Erme, France
Is it local, regional, or international organization? International

Organizational structure:

What are the rules of/in your organization?
- Anybody can use the house for artistic processes on the condition of paying a participation to the costs (rental costs)
- Everyone is responsible for their own activities
- Everyone makes things possible for others

How do you produce these rules?
These rules are the fundament of the whole PAF project, and entail that no other rule should be made

Do you aim at creating a non- or less-organized organization? If yes, how do you do?
Yes; in order to organize as little as possible, we follow the principle: the one who does decides

Is there a core group? Is the core group flexible?
The users who engage on a more regular basis take more responsibilities than others; this group is not set though, and varies depending on each person's availability and decision.
The legal association (6-8 persons) is responsible for financial matters; these members are renewed every 3 years.

Do you consider the structure of your organization utopian model? If yes, how?
Yes; in opposition to the pragmatic model of representative democracy in which some persons are entitled to represent others, PAF relies on participative democracy as the promise of a structure based on desire rather than contracts

Decision making:
How is the decision-making process organized? How do you produce these rules?
- everybody's informed about decisions to be made via the mailing list
- anyone can make decisions, power is distributed by commitment.
- ultimately, those who involve decide

What are the practices of openness, transparency, sharing in your organization? Are these important?
Openness is important for people to be able to exchange with others
Transparency is important so that power stays fluid and responsibilities can be shared

Economic situation:

How do you ensure sustainability for your project?
In order to maintain the building:
- rents paid by users ( 7 nights- 70 euros, 5 nights- 75, 10 nights- 100 euros. One month 250 euro. Persons benefiting from a grant pay the double amount)
- with donations (friends of paf: association collecting donations)
- with subsidies (private and public)

Are you funded from project to project or permanently?
At the moment there is no reliable or sufficient funding for the project.

How do you deal with money: how do you write the applications; how do you re-distribute money?
Applications are written by those who commit. Money is used to ensure that PAF can continue, by renovating the house, setting it up to security standards and equipping it with more work facilities.

Is it possible that the founders don’t remain at the core of your organization? Is this desirable?
PAF was founded with the idea to be an organization that includes change in its basic structure.
Jan Ritsema started with inviting 30 people, then 100 came in the next 8 months and out of these different individuals and organizations engage on different levels, taking different responsibilities. This expanding process implies that different people can take over the responsibility of maintaining PAF, as long as its principles remain unchanged.


In which field of art/culture/society do you work?
Contemporary art and theory

Is your organization platform of projects, organizations/groups, or individuals?
It is a platform for individuals and groups to carry out projects.

What do you produce: relationships or products?
We produce conditions for both relationships and products as there can be no products without relationships.

Do you want self-organization to support your art or do you want it to change society?
We assume that art is not personal and is a potentially changing force in society. We are developing a social model that also questions our relationship to art and to each other, so that art can change.

Outside relationships/ representation:
How do you decide on who is in / who is out?
People decide for themselves.

Do you accept memberships? Who can apply?
There is no membership.

Do you inform people about your organization models? If yes, whom and how?
The model and organization of PAF is spread mainly through word-of-mouth by people that have been there, e-mail PDF files and also through the web-site.

Who represents your organization?
PAF is represented by the people who decide to do so and organize contexts for doing it

Is your organization based on principles of representation?
No; it is based on participation and interest

Are you interested in networking/exchange with other self-organizations in Europe?

Answers by Kroot Juurak and Alice Chauchat, oktober 2006


A media space is available for free, with WIFI internet connection, dvd's, burners, video's, monitors, possibilities to stream our own radio and meetings.

A selection of 5000 quality movies and documentaries are available on hard disks.
A selection of 1000 contemporary classical music compositions on hard disks
A selection of 500 dance and theatre works on cd or harddisks

We have the ambition to create a well equipped library/media stock: Books/cd’s/dvd’s/video’s/software

We ask everybody who visits PAF to bring their most interesting books, dvd's, videos and cd's with them as well as videos or books of their work, in order to copy them on the harddisks for the biblio/mediatheque.


Here you find some url's where you might ask for a grant to cover and stay your residency.

The prices PAF publishes are for people who have no grant.
We tend to ask the double amount when you manage to get a grant.
So double your staying costs when applying for a grant. You pay of course according to the portion of the grant you received.

European Cultural Foundation - STEP beyond mobility program:

The Roberto Cimetta Fund - mobility of professionals in the field of contemporary performing arts and visual arts within the Mediterranean area:

Aventis Foundation - We want to support artists who cross boundaries, eliminate prejudices, create original works and seek new horizons:

The Austrian Exchange Service (ÖAD)- grants database contains grant options for students and researchers both for the incoming (to Austria) and the outgoing (from Austria to ...) group:

IETM Mobility Web. on-the-move is a website dedicated to information about professional mobility in the areas of theatre, dance, music and other:

FILM production

It is possible to use PAF to make, shoot and produce films.
Arrangement to be discussed.

Freie Theater Article (2008)

gift Juli-September 08
PerformingArtsForum – PAF By Jan Ritsema

Paf does not do a lot about networking.
People come by spreading the word. By word of mouth.
People fi nd PAF more than that we look for them.
We are not well organised.
Even the socalled „paffers“ are not organised.
PAF is organised through the principles of self-organisation
and self-education, which is basically no-organisation,
or better to speak an ever changing organisation,
or even better to speak an ever-changing WAY of organising.
And it is this that we like:
a high level of liquidity in professional and social contacts.
No contracts.
You stay as long as it makes sense for you,
even when you announced to stay much longer.
Things should work for the residents.
The residents should not work for the residence.
Mostly the residents are the traffi c and the tools to make a residency work.
No territorialization.
No appropriation.
No propriation.
It works as long as it works.
And it has as little rules as possible.
There are three main rules:
1. don‘t leave traces
2. make it possible for others
3. the doer decides
and three no‘s
1. no kids
2. no animals
3. no partners (who come for some kind of holiday)
PAF is a working place
not a social place,
let alone a relaxing/holiday place
PAF has almost no staff.
Staff is dangerous,
as they will set rules and occupy little territories.
The maintenance of a network needs a staff member.
PAF is a liquid organization,
better to say some kind of gas organization
it evaporates all the time
a temporary autonomous zone
Networks would fix and clue.
Networks establish highways and preferences.
Are tools for inclusion and by this for exclusion.
Networks knit webs finally.
PAF is a no-code area.
But PAF at the same time doesn‘t want to be usurped,
lived out, used, consumed.
It needs maintenance and care.
But it does not organize this.
It‘s up to the users how long an area like PAF will exist.
It works as long as it works.

Additional Information about PAF:

PAF is a place for the professional and not-yet professional practitioners and activists in the field of performing arts, visual art, new media and internet, theory and cultural production, who seek to research and determine their own conditions of work. PAF is for people who can motorize their own artistic production and knowledge production not only responding to the opportunities given by the institutional market.

Initiated and run by artists, theoreticians and practitioners themselves, PAF is a user-created, user-innovative informal institution. Neither a production-house and venue, nor a research-center, it is a platform for everyone who wants to expand possibilities and interests in his/her own working practice.

Contact & Information:
Jan Ritsema / PAF 15, rue Haute, F-02820 St Erme Outre et Ramecourt
T/F +33 323801846, mobile: +33 637031645
skype: janritsema

[SOURCE : Freie Theater ]

PAF Morocco @ Les Figuiettes

PAF is happy to announce PAF Morocco @ Les Figuiettes.

Les Figuiettes is a large house built and designed patiently over the years by its owners, Cecile and Nordine, who now want to make it available to artists as PAF. We will run a pilot period in 2014/2015 to evaluate whether PAF Morocco will become a permanent annex to PAF or whether this is a temporary project.

The terms, conditions and structures of PAF Morocco will be in essence the same as you know them from PAF. Yet as this is another location with its specific characteristics, culture and economies, there are some organisational aspects and possibilities that differ from PAF in St. Erme. We hope that you will join PAF in this new adventure and are looking forward to be seeing you in Morocco soon.


Monday 28th of April 2014 – Friday 4th of July 2014
Monday 1st of September 2014 – Friday 17th of October 2014
Monday 3rd of November 2014 – Friday 19th of December 2014
Monday 5th of January 2015 – Friday 13th of February 2015
Monday 2nd of March 2015 - Friday 17th of April 2015
Monday 4th of May 2015 – Friday 3rd of July 2015


Prices in 2014 are 17 euro (18 EUR in 2015) per night from 5 nights and 19 euro under 5 nights (20 EUR in 2014). 450 euro for one month. (490 EUR in 2015) Plus for everybody a membership fee of 12 EUR, valuable for 12 months and a paper to sign that PAF Morocco is not liable for any damage done to you. You will need an extra membership for PAF Morocco as this is another location and administration. You can pay this the day of your arrival together with the fee for the rooms to Mohammed Said who will welcome you.
Mohamed Said deals with all organisation at PAF @ Figuiettes: He welcomes you, collects the payments on the day of your arrival and the copy of your passport. We need to ask you to bring a b/w copy of your passport when you arrive. This is part of the Moroccan law that we cannot do anything about. Mohammed is maintaining the house, can call a taxi for you and answer your questions. He speaks French, Spanish, Arabic and Moroccan. His number is
PAF has no staff however we have several partners in Morocco, one of them is Abdelaziz who can pick you up with his taxi from the airport for 260 DH (25 EUR) and bring you to PAF @ Figuiettes, approximately a 45 minute ride from Tanger airport. Abdelaziz’ car can transport up to 4 people at the same time. For larger groups we can help you to organize several rides from the airport so you can all arrive at the Figuiettes together. Just as PAF in St. Erme the Figuiettes is located in the countryside and the house is remote and isolated. The next city is Asilah (about 20 minutes drive) where you have a market and can do your shop- ping. Abdelaziz can bring you there for 60 DH (5 EUR) one way. You can arrange this via Mohammen Said.


PAF @ Figuiettes is located in the village of Dmina (Larache Province) and is far out in the beautiful Moroc- can countryside. Expect an isolated working retreat. You can see the Atlantic ocean from the terrace as the surrounding hills with farmland and animals.
The house has 9 private rooms that can also be shared, so for the moment a maximum of 18 people can stay at PAF@Figuiettes at the same time. Almost all rooms have private bathrooms and showers and all rooms are very spacious so can at least partly be used to work in. They have either a double bed or two single beds, a table, a closet, chairs and some other handy furniture.
There is ONE large communal space on the second floor of the main house as a 200 m2 roof terrace (that can be partly covered in the summer) and that can be used for working (think dining room at PAF). In addi- tion there are various other large outdoor spaces (like a small open air theatre, other terraces, etc.) available. There is no dance studio at the moment, whereas we are looking into the possibilities to be able to provide one in the future.

At the moment PAF @ Figuiettes provides internet via 3G-keys (to plug into the USB port of your computer) which is fine for emails, text-based research but does not allow video-Skype or downloading films/music. In the future we are looking into getting a satellite connection but at the moment this is financially not feasi- ble. There are several internet cafes in Asilah and also several Cafes (like Cafe Meknes) that have free and quite o.k. speed WIFI that you can use when you order something to drink there.

Please be aware that the working situation is different than in PAF (which has a lot of studio space). At PAF@ Figuiettes the rooms are a lot more spacious and there is plenty of communal and outdoor space available. But there are no studios in the classical sense yet and only one common inside space that can be shared. The house is flexible: you can move things around and find places to make a (temporary) working space and mess. When it is full one has to remain flexible in sharing the available common spaces if necessary.


PAF @ Figuiettes provides tea, coffee, salt, sugar, olive oil, daily fresh baked bread and mineral (drinking) water. When you boil the tap water to make coffee, tea or cooking from it - it is o.k. We will make sure there is always a sufficient supply of drinking water at the house.
In the village there are many local farmers that produce top quality produce. In order to stimulate the local economy in the village PAF@ Figuettes is offering you the possibility to order food baskets (so you do not have to go to Asilah to shop).

Prices for the food baskets are:
Small food basket - 60 dh (5 EUR): 50 g of butter, 4 eggs, 2 kilos of several fresh garden vegetables
Big food basket - 200 dh (18 EUR): 50 g of butter, 6 eggs, 3 kilos of several fresh garden vegetables + 1 home made jam + 4 home made yogurts + 1 herbal tea bag + 2 kilos of starchy food (home made bread, pasta, rice, couscous...)

Also if you wish you can ask Zora to cook for you. She cooks delicious vegetarian Moroccan meals at the house and brings all ingredients for 50 dh/ person/meal. You can order and pay the produce baskets with Mohammend Said and also arrange with him whether or not you want Zora to cook for you.

Mohammed Said, Zora, Abdelaziz and Rhabier (that runs the vegetable garden) are partners that live in and around PAF Figuiettes and are involved in the project. They are not staff, should not be treated as such and do not have to be paid or tipped. Mohammed Said and Rhabier speak French and Spanish. Abdelaziz and Zora speak Moroccan and universal. It is easy to communicate with them, if there are language barriers you can always ask Mohammed to help you translate.
The culture in Morocco is centred around hospitality so do not feel strange if Zora is making a tea or a cof- fee for you every once in a while. This is her way of welcoming you and just like at PAF if you do not feel like social interaction please do not feel obliged.

Every Thursday from 08:00 - 15:00 there is a market half way between Dmina and Asilah opposite the alu- minium factory. You can walk there, it is about 3,5 km from the house. In Asilah there are two daily markets where you can buy most of your needs. There is also a market in the Medina which is very touristic just as all restaurants and cafes surrounding it. We advise you to avoid this area for shopping and food.
To the beach it is a 30 minute downhill and 40 minute uphill walk, like the steep little road just outside PAF that leeds to the forest (only then 2 km long). Once you arrive there are beautiful sand beaches. If you walk straigh down from the Figuiettes you will arrive at a little village with 20 houses, a mosque, many sheep and no road leading to (except the path you arrive on). Please do not sunbathe next to the mosque. Naked or half-naked sunning is not appreciated nor advised.

At the Figuiettes PAF provides bedcover, sheets, pillow cover and towels for you.


PAF@ Figuettes is about 40 km south of Tanger right at the Atlantic coast. The easiest and cheapest way to get there is to fly to Tanger. Easyjet and Ryanair fly there from several locations as other, more pricy airlines. Cities nearby the Figuiette are Asilah (10 km), Larache (about 40 km south) and Tanger (40 km North).
Rabat is about 200 km away.


- Don’t leave traces
- Make it possible for others - The do-er decides
(Think them interrelated)


- no partners (unless the partner has a project to work on)
- no animals
- no kids
PAF wants to be a production place not a social or leisure one


1. Reversibility: The things in PAF ( whether they are objects, subjects or institutions/organisations) are there for you and you are there for the things as well. I.e. PAF or the coffee machine, the other or a corridor is there for you as much as you are there for PAF or the coffee machine, for the other or the corridor.
2. Exchange. Of whatever Knowledge, Machines, Expertise, Spaces, Times, Things
3. Liquidity. You are kindly invited to make fluid what is fixed, whether this concerns your mental (I am like this) or your material property.
Also in Dmina PAF’s relation to the village is fragile. Inhabitants of the area have a traditional life, the people from the village tolerate us. A nice and positive relation is necessary. We established this and we do a lot of effort to keep it as such. Therefore we organize the partnerships and food baskets to keep a nice relation to everybody.

Please recognize that you are in a different cultural context and cover up yourself once you leave the house. Women do not have to cover their head but men and women alike should not be walking in shorts or sexy outfits in the village or city. Please refrain from arty interventions or site specific events in the vil- lage. Please do not take fotos from the villagers. Art only in the PAF@ Figuiettes compound.
The mutual use of the available spaces is discussed and negotiated between the colleagues when you are in PAF @ Figuiettes. The principles and rules are the guidelines for this.