PAF has implemented several measures regarding COVID-19, which we ask you to read carefully. Some of those come as rules, others as collective responsibilities.

As part of an ever-changing community we expect visitors to show responsibility not only toward PAF but also regarding the population of the surrounding village of St. Erme. We would like to avoid becoming a cluster of a new outbreak.

Find hereunder the most important measures, but please check with others after your arrival about the current situation in the house, also regarding collective efforts like kitchen organization or the quick daily poffice-meetings.

We ask for a minimum stay of 4 nights – This aims to lower the circulation of people and also makes it easier to distribute the needs of PAF in times of COVID.

Please minimize your risk in advance – Please get tested before your arrival. But as test results do not account for the potential exposure from recent contacts, we highly encourage you to minimize any exposure risk in advance of your visit.

Measures in the building – Wearing face masks in communal spaces, social distancing from others, and the use of hand sanitiser are all obligatory. Essential communal areas like the kitchen, bathrooms, dining rooms are disinfected daily in a collective endeavour, for which we ask you to sign up once a week.

COVID-19 Symptoms – In case you experience symptoms during your stay, or a recent close contact of yours has tested positive, please let people know as soon as possible! PAF will provide a protocol, including the possibility of isolation and quarantine. You can always reach out through or +33 7 88 43 86 32.