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PAF Morocco @ Les Figuiettes

PAF is happy to announce PAF Morocco @ Les Figuiettes.

Les Figuiettes is a large house built and designed patiently over the years by its owners, Cecile and Nordine, who now want to make it available to artists as PAF. We will run a pilot period in 2014/2015 to evaluate whether PAF Morocco will become a permanent annex to PAF or whether this is a temporary project.

List of guests PAF in 2013

Harry Hütt, Tallinn, 1/1-31/1(wum)
Dmitry Paranyuskin, Moscou, 1-9/1
Diego Agullo, Madrid, 1-9/1
Audrey LeBlanc, Paris, 2-5/1
Paula Caspao, Paris, 3-6/01(wum)
Stephanie Barbier, Paris,3-6/1
Sophie Wolfson Keeling, Sydney, 3/1-10/2(d)
Alex Jackson Wyatt, Sydney, 3/1-7/1(d)
Roos Pollman, Amsterdam, 3-27/1
Betty Tchomanga, Paris,7-11/1
Muriette Nuquet, Paris,7-8/1

SCHOOL FOR STUDY: 6-10 May 2013

'Organisation Studies: the 2013 residential seminars'
Hosted at the Performing Arts Forum
St Erme, France

May 6-10, 2013

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