Central America Now

Central America Now: Urban cities maps in the contemporary artistic practices cartography
By Bayardo Blandino

Summary essay

The presentation of Central America NOW video within a recent exhibition, has served me to investigate how the english term “NOW “can get to affect us by making us have a vague idea of our present in our minds, a sense of surprise of the recent and daily events, of what precedes us and real time events, taking into account, that our countries coexist in a daily basis with an english language over-exposure.

future archive at SU 07

future archive at SU 2007

The future archive is a project that issues a series of responses to the problem of how to perform the future. It engages interview- conversations that take place between 2010 and 2500, whereby two or more people performatively inhabite a proposed version of futurity, in which contemporary society is remembered. In every interview, a different future is at stake.



New! PAF classifieds is a site for apartment swaps, ride-sharing, and object exchange. It’s aimed to enable people to travel for less and/or not to pay two rents when coming to PAF. Give it a spin!

Here you can download basic info about PAF.

doing and acting

if you "do" do you act and if you "act" are you doing?

My Name Is The Same

Assorted images, feelings, smells and sounds.
How it all shapes itself as i recall them, cementing them as being the true facts. But it all cements strongly the more i recall those memories, so it's not that the memory in itself is true, it's more that because i visit them they become firebranded in my memory as being what really happened.
If i'm the sum of everything i've done, every place i've been, everyone i've met or went by, then my recollection (or lack of it) re-builts/re-shapes me. We invent ourselves as we go - Bless! - the same way our cells are entirely replaced every 7 years or so (except for brain and heart cells) meaning our body is not the same matter it was 20 years ago, changing along with us. My body is not the same but i remain quintessencially myself even as i reclaim my past memories, changing them the more i do so.

fantastic project

Just wanted to say that I am new to all of this, but I think it is a fantastic project. I think every artist in the world dreams of such a place, and appearantly that dream has come true!
I would very much like to visit Paf in August for the 'university', but I have a filmshoot in Brussels all August, so I hate it that it won't be possible.
But in october I will make my own theatreproduction, so I will be visiting Paf soon enough.
Great project!


so im here

talk to ya soon

how about volunteering?

PAF desperately looks for volunteers, able to work independantly and efficiently.
Volunteers or stagiaires who are not users of PAF but who do work on the level of management, organization, administration, public-relation, foodprocessing, garden, house-maintenance or whatever are offered free staying and food.
They are an equal part of the community and treated as such.
Ask for information when you want to develop a function in the arts.

Ok, this could be the way how I can get involved with PAF. But maybe it is also good to think about some kind of Solidarity Fund for the people coming from SEE? I would also like to know how can I apply for volunteering in PAF and under which circumstances?

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