Winter Update Meeting 2018 *** 26/12/2018 - 3/1/2019

PAF warmly invites you to this year’s WUM: a week of meeting and updating each other about our projects and practices, experiences, ideas and knowledge, and sharing other people’s works that we found most striking in 2018.

WUM 2018 will also be a space where discussions about the future of PAF can coincide with ways of embodying and transmitting the spirit and needs of PAF, such as: passing on practical knowledge, performing actions together like a “trace erase” in the building, trying out modes of attention and methods of caring for the space and each other, etc. Elbow grease, kitchen grease, and any other experiments that put the body and the mind on the line are welcome.

The kitchen will be collectively organized. If you feel inspired to head a kitchen team and cook a specific meal for 100+ people, please let us know in your reservation so we can coordinate in advance. The price for food and drinks will be 10€ per day.

Accommodation is 18€ per night (if staying 5 or more nights) + 12€ membership mandatory due to insurance reasons and valid for one year.

For those reserving for December 31st, we ask a minimum reservation of three nights (20€ per night).

WUM will coincide with the yearly meeting of the 50 SCI-The Building shareholders, which will be held on the afternoons of December 29th and 30th.

WUM is often busy and full so please book in ASAP.