Professional-Not-Yet Professionals

Artists (performance, media, visual,music,literature) theorists, new media activists can use PAF individually or as a group.

In principal PAF doesn’t make a distinction between professionals or not-yet professionals.
We don't use the concept of teaching. There are no instructors, there is exchange. PAF as we call it, (PerformingArtsForum) is a place for residencies of professionals and not-yet professionals (in the field of performing arts, theory and new media/internet) who work there for a shorter or longer time on their political, artistic and/or theoretical projects. PAF is for people who can motorize their own knowledge production. Knowledge transfer can be developed on the spot by exchange of information in whatever way (discussions, debates, lectures, classes, presentations) between the participants present in PAF at that moment on a strict volunteer basis.
Not-yet professionals pay, like professionals for the use of rooms and for studio space.