PAF is based in St Erme, 150km north-east of Paris, France, between Reims and Laon.

The Sensing Salon: Experiments in Entangled Existence *** 11-16 June 2023 @ PAF

The Sensing Salon studies tools of the healing arts towards expanding existing ideas of art and aesthetics. By experimenting with knowing at the connection between thinking and feeling, in this studio we share tools and practices that make it possible to return healing to its place among the daily restorative activities, such as eating, sleeping, resting, etc.


The Mattress is an ongoing experiment intended to throw off the status quo of a dominant white presence at PAF—that is, to change the course of an otherwise Eurocentripetal spiral.

ELSEWHERE & OTHERWISE 10: PLAYING MULTITUDES guts / metabolising / futures

******* all bodies possible and welcome *******

once a year we live together…

…and it has been 10 years, wow! A moment, to take a breath, look at our amalgamations, allow ourselves to play with what is here, feel into what the collective mood is, understand the various forms of collaborative powers that have been built, grieve, celebrate and metabolise them into possible futures.

spring* meeting 2023: WE WORK WITH THE MATERIAL THAT RESISTS US, 17–22 May 2023

For this years spring* meeting, taking place 17 – 22 May 2023, we turn our attention to the form art takes and the techniques and techne within and between works of art. In this way we extend our ongoing conversation around the subject(s) of art with a turn towards the object in its making, impossible or otherwise.

PAF Repair Week 4 from 7th - 14th of May

We are happy to invite you to volunteer for the fun, the sweat, the glory, and the bonding that will be:

PAF Repair Week 4!
From May 7th to 14th, 2023

For anyone who hasn’t yet heard of Repair Week, it’s the somewhat-annual event when a team of 30-35 volunteers jumps into the many renovation and remodeling projects of PAF.

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