[CANCELLED/POSTPONED]Human Strike / Claire Fontaine – A prelude to Spring Meeting ** 11-13 April 2022

PAF will host a two-day seminar with Claire Fontaine. Originally planned for April 11-13, the seminar will be postponed to a later date this year.

In line with Spring Meeting's focus on desubjectivization in art (Spring Meeting takes place at PAF, April 15-20), the seminar with Claire Fontaine will focus on her investment in the defunctionalization of the function of the single author. CF's insistence on being a “ready-made artist,” her concept of “human strike,” and her historical studies of Italian feminist and workerist struggle pose the problem of the atomized individual, the separation between production and reproduction, and what Ernesto De Martino called the `’crisis of presence.`’ Claire Fontaine is currently working on the concept of parrhesia.

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