Repair Week 3, 15th - 21st May

Once again you have a chance to join in the fun, the glory, and the bonding that is: PAF Repair Week! Yes, surfing on the good vibes of the two previous events, we are happy to invite you to volunteer for PAF Repair Week 3 from May 15th to May 21st!

This year there will be some simple masonry work of repairing cracks in stone walls, lots of plastering and painting to renovate rooms, plenty of junk-disposal and clearing of spaces, and a thousand other tasks around the house. As usual we would like to send a special call out to people who are skilled bicycle mechanics and would be willing to lead a team and share their knowledge in the eternal battle against PAF bicycle entropy. And remember that working in the kitchen to feed the team is an equally valuable contribution! In exchange for your efforts, PAF will cover the cost of your stay (nights of 15th -21st) and provide food for 3 collectively cooked meals per day (plus proletariat aperitif of beer and potato chips). We learned a valuable lesson at the end of Repair Week 2: people put in so much extra work and developed such close bonds that it felt too abrupt when we all departed on the day after the work was finished, so this year we are introducing a new feature of Repair Week: The Weekend! An additional day and night will now be included to give the Repair Week Hero*ines time to rest and enjoy the satisfaction of their work and new friendships.

The projected schedule is:

Sunday 15th : arrival and group dinner, work discussion

Monday 16th - Friday 20th : 5-6 hours of work per day

Friday Night: well-earned celebration

Saturday 21st : day of rest

Sunday 22nd : farewell breakfast and departures

PAF Repair Week 3 is sure to be as fun and rewarding as ever, so please
register soon with an email to
For more details, questions, or suggestions, you can contact Jean-Félix at

We’re all looking forward to it!

Repair Week 3