To help PAF to invest in the building, one can take a time share. In principal this means that one pays in advance the use of a room for 12 weeks in the upcoming year. In case of a 50 euro room, this means 600 euros.

Questions (means to be discussed, adstructed, additioned):
Lets say the timesharers have x weeks a year to use, not to be transported to the next year.
Lets say the timesharers can use maximum 20% of their time in PAF high season periods ( Xmas, summeruniversity, may be summer)
Lets say the timesharers are allowed to sublet, or to have another make use of their timeshare as long as this is not a potential client of PAF, unless he or she is poor. Lets say the timeshare is first of all for personal use, what to say of 60% to be used personal use.
Lets say the timesharers can be two persons, a couple or friends. A room nonetheless is always for ONE person. If used by two, the two users pay each 75% of the original weekrent, of 50 is 37,50. Reason: a part of the charge is realised in the use of the site as a whole.
Lets say the timesharers can chose for different quality rooms, when 50 euro a week we speak about the smaller rooms, when 80 about the somehow bigger, less audible rooms and 100 about some kind of apartment (2 rooms).
The timesharers pay for the use of studios the normal charges.
Lets say the timesharers pay, when they make use more than their timeshare (12 or whatever more weeks), the normal price, with a discount of 10% thanks to fidelity and commitment.
The timesharers pay for the use of studios the normal charges.

Bankaccount Jan Ritsema
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Bankaccountnumber: 6166396165000
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